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Status of Book Reviews

Hi, Everyone! Authors! Friends! Blog Subscribers!…


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I believe that days of yore were better than the days of now. Yore had gypsies, itinerant peddlers that came to one’s door with all manner of interesting stolen goods; there were hobos who had special symbols that they painted on one’s gateposts and stiles.


Today, nothing doing. We have just one gypsy. Granted, it’s Johnny Depp, and he’s the hottest man ever invented, but he’s about it. The door to door peddlers are long gone, the last one selling Fuller brushes—no stolen…


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Note Re: Status of My Book Reviews!!


Hi, Everyone! Authors! Friends! Blog Subscribers!

It is my best guess that as you are reading this, you may be wondering "Hey, Patricia! Where's that book review you promised…


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My Review of "Amazing Grace" by Carol Cline


Please visit my blog and read my latest boook review!

The book is "Amazing Grace - As Christ Walks By" written by Carol Cline.



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Wounding Words: Yun Kouga's Platonic Manga

Review:  Loveless by Yun Kouga 

by Lyn Jensen

This manga review is updated and revised from one this author published in LA Alternative, Feb. 24-Mar. 2, 2006 edition.


Welcome to the world of an abused, mentally disturbed and sexually confused 12-year-old boy…

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She Writes Video Moment #2: Doodling

        This recent TedTalks by Sunni Brown gets at a key piece of the creative life: the need for doodling. Granted, "doodle" is a silly word (it rhymes with "noodle" so yes, fun incarnate.) But "serious" writers and artists devoting "serious" "disciplined" time to a daily writing and creative practice, might not want to admit to doodling, daydreaming, or playing around.

        Sunni Brown reveals how scribbling enhances memory, while hinting at what this oft-maligned activity means…


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Keeping the She Writes Community Safe

Hello Fellow She Writers,


The She Writes community, as you all know, is a wonderful place to connect with other writers, learn more about the craft, and talk about what you're working on.


Part of keeping this community a fabulous place to be is preventing the evil four letter word: SPAM.…


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Not easy but worth it: 6 plus points to going indie…

Nobody said the life of a writer would be easy but it must be a shock to every indie author’s system to finish the final page of their novel and realize that the work has only just begun! Never have there been so many decisions to be made in such a…


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An Unscheduled Trip

Early summer. 

The grass is green. 

The birds are singing. 

The earth smells sweet. 

And the irrigation canal is empty.


It was time to bring the heifers, and their…


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The Writer's Connection

My reading list has multiplied faster than a litter of reggaetoning

bunnies. Once the word was out that I’d been on the hunt for good Latino

mysteries, I’d somehow connected with a bunch of readers and a crazy number of

writers.  When I started blogging and trying to figure out what I wanted to

focus on, I came up with three things. They were spirituality,…


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Article: How to slow down

I want to be a snail. Or snail-like, at least. I want to move through my days at a steady place, taking time to enjoy the scenery. I want to taste every mouthful of leek and potato soup, which I cooked myself, slowly, after growing the leeks and potatoes myself, slowly. I want to do things properly, in less time. I want my body to feel open and relaxed. I want to engage with every single second.


Some days I manage this, and some days I don’t. Most of us have lives…


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Short Story, Part Four

Part Four

You are not their father.  My kids have a father.  At least that’s what I was told.  Adults make plans and children fail to understand them.  God laughs.  Kids tend to live in the present, with much less of an eye to the future.  When you are among them, you might as well be a parent, regardless of how you might choose to qualify your role.  No one found this more initially terrifying than me.  But it was a responsibility I seem to have adopted more smoothly than I…


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"I lay curled up like a broken comma"



Last night, that sentence came to me as I lay awake, worrying about something. I thought it was pretty cool. I thought I might take it and run with it, turn it into an as-yet unwritten story.


The problem is that an image isn't a story idea.  I have nothing to place it in. No context, no problem set.  In…


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All Art Friday

Today's new edition of All Art Friday puts the spotlight on VoxPhotographs blog; an interview with Charles Matson Lume, who explores the possibilities of light, reflection, and projection; LA sculptor Mineko Grimmer's sound installations; and Phyllida Barlow's exhibit "Rig". The round-up covers exhibitions of work by Carolee Schneeman, Andy Warhol, Ann Bromberg, and pioneering women artists of New Mexico.…


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Pepe Le Pew

For the last few nights, Indigo (our 10 month old Aussie) has been on the nocturnal prowl, barking at anything that moves…sometimes all night.  I imagine she is trying to protect her territory from raccoons, possums, coyotes, and skunks.

With the summer drought and winter in the air, these…


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Destiny Booze ~ Thriller/Suspense Erotica Romance Author

The Curse of a Mind is one heck of a spine-chilling thriller mixed with spicy romance parts ~ Yummy combo. Destiny gives the scoop on herself and her book today at:


She’s also offering a giveaway to some lucky commenter.


See you…


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I Hail From Sunny South Africa


I hail from sunny South AfricaCape Town to be exact. I am blessed to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, in my biased opinion the most beautiful but that’s a debate for another day.



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Where Do I Go Now That They’re All Dead?

What does the future look like for retail stores? Are the predictions right?

It was tough when Borders closed it's doors. Aside from the fact that I really liked the book store, it also sent a loud message to the public about the future of retail in general. A large chain out of business just like that.

Ok so maybe not, but it seemed that way to a lot of people.

You could certainly analyze all…


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Imagine the Pefect Writer's Conference!

Imagine for a moment – five days in New Orleans – a city with so much creative energy you can practically feel it breathing beside you, like William Faulkner must have felt when lived there and wrote Soldier’s Pay.

Then imagine 16 of the nation’s best and brightest agents and editors… AND a guaranteed sit down with one of EACH to discuss YOUR work… (and more if you like!)

Imagine dozens of authors sharing their considerable insights, from…


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