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How not to be a spoonrest -- Book proposals

One of my co-agent buddies, YA novelist Megan Curd, asked me what goes into a proposal as she's used to a synopsis so I thought I'd elucidate in case anyone else was curious. I am by no means an expert on proposals so I'm dragging y'all along on this as my learning curve morphs into a workable proposal. Each agent has her preference as to how they are formatted but it's good to have the basics down before diving into the query process unprepared to send a… Continue

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Dead Metaphors, Macabre Morphemes - Slaying the English Language

I never thought I would encounter a metaphor that died within my own lifetime...
Dead Metaphors, Macabre Morphemes - Slaying the English Language

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Shooting Stars

When I was little I watched shows like Star TrekThe Brady BunchThe Partridge Family, and Happy Days.  With the exception of flying through space at warp speed, and a family band touring on a psychedelic bus, these shows were about normal families, doing normal…


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Getting a Look: The SF Mirrors Project

Today's post is about Akin Bilgic's San Francisco Mirrors Project, a public art project launched via Kickstarter comprising collections of words intended to be "messages of inspiration, encouragement, and hope":

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Friday of Anger: The Birth of a Revolution (Part 2)

The revolt’s first Friday was decisive. The preceding 3 days had shown that what had started on January 25 was not a mere demonstration. It spread like wildfire across the country. Police oppression cleared Tahrir square for normal use again, kept the streets flowing, but it was like a lid over boiling water. They knew – and we knew – that what had started was not going to stop and the protesters were not going anywhere. January 28 was intended to be our point of no return. Each…


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scribbling your mark.........



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50 Things That Are Right About Me

50 Things that are Right About Me

Here’s a good self-esteem booster I found on the blog of a fellow writer. Here’s the link to her blog:

Just list 50 things that are right about you, and it will help you realize there is nothing wrong with you.

1. I love to quilt with my Mama

2. I love… Continue

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Where can I share...

I'd love to know if there is a place to share some of my writing. Taking Psychology classes has my mind in full blown "let's write" mode.  I have done very little reading for pleasure, but when I do get the chance, I often turn to Kris Radish.  Her writing inspires me to remain true to myself no matter how challenging that feels at times.  I love the way she connects women in her books.  I devour her words and then I'm always hungry for more!!  

When I do get to reading, then I get to…


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My Imagined Autumn

Fall has fallen.

Mother Tree.


Continue here:

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The Silent and the Lost

Here's another review - this book was wonderful!


If you don't read my review, do read the book - beautiful!



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New Book Review on My Blog!!

Hello, She Writes Friends!


You are welcome to visit my blog, and read my latest review:

Comments are always…


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A Real-Life Kiss-Off from "Mike the Magician"

I am not that into astrology, so imagine my surprise when I met this guy online who appeared normal but turned out to be WAYYY too into his psychic friends.  Let me explain.   “Mike” and I had hit if off electronically, exchanged some flirty e-mails, and were heading down the path to eventually meeting in person.  Apparently, my astrological sign was a deal breaker.  When he…


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At first it was a mystery to me, but that’s what the vanity license plate reads in the middle of the eight bumper stickers on the back of my autistic adult son’s little Toyota.  He’s 24 and he’s been driving himself to work for nearly two years now, pulling trash at county parks for minimum wage.  There’ve been two tickets for going ten miles over the speed limit, but other than a broken rearview mirror and the unexplained yellow paint on the side of his gray car, no…


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Why Do Something If It Can Be Done: Quoting Gertrude Stein # 77

27, rue de Fleurus September 2011

Usually the glass door only allows a glance into the far-away courtyard, well locked away by a modern door code – not like in my old Paris days, when all you had to do was push the door button and sneak past the concierge.

But magically, a Monsieur distingué came out just at that moment and politely held the door… Continue

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Preschool: Should I Stay or Should I Go?


My son started preschool last Wednesday. It wasn’t pretty. We entered the school and because I was concerned about him wetting his pants (my last two blogs were about my struggle with potty training), the first thing I did was show him the bathroom.  Next we went…


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Around She Writes, September 27, 2011

Hello again!  Today marks the one year anniversary of preparing weekly updates for She Writes, albeit not always for the general readership. For a while I worked behind the scenes like any good writer! J Wow – time passes quickly.  She Writes offers insight, opportunities and outstanding information not…


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Mom's Broken Mouth

"Mommy used to smile a lot.  She loved to laugh and sing and lecture us about e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. But now, she is different.  She speaks less and hides her mouth when she smiles, although her eyes give her away so I know she is happy."


I took a tragic fall off my bicycle last April and…


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Picnic at Hanging Rock: A Review

Director Peter Weir's 1975 film Picnic at Hanging Rock explores the contradictions of Australian culture, circa 1900. On an expansive, still largely unsettled island, the British have tried to import their haughty, tight-corseted ways into a provincial land of open spaces and wild animals. Never is this distinction more clear then at…


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Why I Came to She Writes

My husband was diagnosed with brain cancer in early July.  My life has changed in ways I could not have imagined.  I want to write about the experience and how I feel.


Have you ever lived with the spectre of cancer?  Have you ever been touched by cancer.  I guess I have lived a charmed life because this is my first experience with it.


July, August and September now are almost over.  David's tumor is deep inside of his right frontal lobe and is inoperable. …


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It is sad that just coming up with a title had me stumped but it also proved that I am where I need to be ~ where I have longed to be for a while now: with a group of supportive women.   I had forgotten what a difference it makes ...and hadn't realized how long it had been since I had been in this type of environment.   The last time had me smack-dab in a critique group ~ something I…


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