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Why Quote Something If It Can Be Done: Misquoting Gertrude Stein?

Post # 11.

I stand accused of having done her wrong. A commentator with an interesting name commented on my blog post # 4, where I quoted "A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose."

Comment by Alice Toklas 1 day ago:

"You have joined the legions of those who misquote this FAMOUS quote. The actual line is "Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose." I am glad it has given you inspiration (I guess that's what you're saying...??) but your… Continue

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Writer Molly O’Neill may be best known for her food writing in the New York Times, where she worked for many years. She has also written a memoir (Mostly True: A Memoir of Family, Food, and Baseball) and stories for The New Yorker and Saveur, and edited the… Continue

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A few days ago Robbers Nest Press released Waltzing Jimmy Jackboy. I wrote the novel and created the publishing company to publish it. Why did I create my own press? I almost didn’t. For a little money and a tiny marketing budget, I nearly signed a contract to give up all rights to the novel to a small press. But then the part of me that is a Wharton MBA realized… Continue

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Why Do Something If It Can Be Done: Quoting Gertrude Stein # 4

Post # 4, day 4.

This is about how writing is written (How Writing is Written – one of the 600 titles of Stein’s oeuvre) and how writing is read.

Do you remember what you felt and thought when you first heard the line “A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose”? How old were you? Where were you when the first rose of modernism was handed to you? I was a school girl in Germany, 15 or 16 years old. I was absolutely clueless why my older friends… Continue

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Data Diving and Number Crunching

I’m Sandy Fradkin and I recently joined the She Writes team as the Web Analytics Consultant. What is web analytics? Think CSI but for web sites. I collect and analyze data to understand how users interact with sites. In this case, I analyze and report on what people are doing at SheWrites.com and then I make suggestions about how to improve the site. Just like in forensics, I’m looking for behavioral patterns in general: what links… Continue

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Does Content Want to Be Free?

It was a shock to hear my favorite tabloid being hawked for nothing on the streets of London this week. The Evening Standard is the first quality newspaper in London to become officially and (presumably permanently) free.

“The Evening Standard is now free; Keep on walking,” shouted one purveyor to rush hour commuters dashing for the Tube, who would no longer have to pause for even a second to dig out 50 pence (80 cents) from their pocket.

According to media… Continue

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(This post originally ran in October of 2009)

Five Questions for...KATHA POLLITT

asked by NANCY K. MILLER, author of the forthcoming"What They Saved: Pieces of A Jewish Past."

Writing itself is a feminist act, isn't it?

Q: It would…


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Co-Creating a Monster

How many authors does it take to create a monster? Random House recently published a new edition of the novel Frankenstein with a surprising change: Mary Shelley is no longer identified as the novel’s sole author. Instead, the cover reads “Mary Shelley (with Percy Shelley).” Why is Percy now getting marquee billing? It’s a significant moment in the long-running struggle to determine the true author (or authors) of what is considered one of the most important novels ever written. And it… Continue

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It's My Pub Date!!

“It’s My Pub Date” By Monica Holloway

Today, my memoir COWBOY & WILLS hits bookstores.

I’m writing this with two fingers. Five days ago, I managed to shut my hand in my car door—my right hand—my book-signing hand, and break it. The car was somehow able to lock and I dangled by my right hand while trying to pick the keys up off the pavement with my left. Two ladies, who worked at the donut shop across the street, witnessed the scene and came running with a metal bucket… Continue

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