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Kids, Chores & Popcorn Friday

There was a little throwdown at Popcorn Friday at the elementary school last week. Somehow, with five moms and one dad huddled around a popcorn maker and 400 brown bags of kernels popped, the subject of being so busy they don’t even have time to clean the house came up.

And one mom pointed out that Stephanie – the brunette holding a shaker of Ranch flavoring in her hand - did not mop her kitchen floor.

A little sigh of relief went through the group.

Then came the…


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Freckles the Purple Spekled Frog

Freckles looked down and seen what looked like a soft red carpet. He took one

giant leap down and couldn’t wait to land on the soft red carpet. His sore feet landed and

Freckles slipped down to the cold ground. These strawberries are slippery but yummy.

As he cleaned himself up he studied the tangled vines. He remembered reading about

monkeys swinging from vine to vine. Oh what a fun place this would be to live. It also

has food and shade. But when he tried…


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Baby's First Year: A Mother's Reflection

My baby boy just celebrated his first bithday - a momentous event in a mother's life. Perhaps even more so than for Baby himself. The following is something I wrote on my blog: I wanted to share it with you here and would love to get feedback about your experiences as a mother and your reflections on the first year of motherhood. 


They said it would go by fast – and They were right. The first year with Baby gives new meaning to the phrase “time flies.”…


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There’s Something Happening Here by Judy Bolton- Fasman

My daughter Anna will be entering college next fall. I’m both excited and terrified for her and her friends. Who’s to assure us parents that our children won’t encounter a campus security officer like Lieutenant John Pike of the University of California at Davis?

By now many of us have seen the picture of Lt. Pike dressed in riot gear, looking more like a parody of law enforcement as he mindlessly douses a line of innocent kids with pepper spray. He’s as nonchalant as if he…


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"Always do what you are afraid to do."

Ralph Waldo Emerson



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Getting more involved & an update

Hello ladies of She Writes! I've been quietly lurking around She Writes since June 2010, although I know I haven't been using it enough. (I wish there was a way to have my RSS feed post blog entries from my site onto She Writes automatically. Is there?)

My first novel, The Silence of Trees, was published in October 2010 by Wolfsword Press (a small nonprofit press), but it's been doing…


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And Now I Get My Life Back

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Freckles the Purple Freckled Frog

The next day Freckles sailed his lily pad out to see if he could find the right place

for him. He waved goodbye to his family and started off on his adventure.

He came across a deer and a wood duck. They all had lunch together and told

Freckles about the story of the Great Purple Flower Hanging Basket. But you must pass

through the Field of Giant Yellow Sunflowers then the Tangled Vines of Red

Strawberries to get to the Great Purple Flower Hanging Basket…


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Young Adult Novelists -- The Contest You Have Been Waiting For!

Well some things are more important than a sabbatical -- or at least that's how I feel about supporting She Writes' philanthropic partner, Girls Write Now.  (If you want to be blown away, spend a little time on their site and read about…


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Unlike Santa This Woman Provides a Treasure Trove of Toys for Children Year Round

Angela Addington is a database geek. It comes in handy as she matches a storehouse of toys with deserving children. She’s the founder of Hannah's Treasure Chest, a charitable organization that collects gentle-used items then channels them through community service organizations to children who would otherwise go…


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Habit #1 in Action: Proactivity is the first step to Success

Habit #1 in Action: Read My Lips

Last Year's Song: Walking On Sunshine…

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Author Alert: How to design a book cover

Hello friends,


Authors: Here is my latest blog post on designing book covers on your own using cheap tools. I hope you will find it helpful. While you are there, tell me in the comment section, which one of the two covers you like the most. Here is the link: …


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My Book Trailer




Are you looking for a great book for your daughter this holiday season?  Please take a moment to view my book trailer.  I wrote the book to encourage language learning in young children.  The book is written in three languages: English/ French /Spanish with all three texts on each page.

Check out the trailer…


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What does pre-Christmas season and waiting have to do with writing???

What can writers learn from the Christian's Advent season?

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My latest at Open Salon: Why I Love Greenpoint, Brooklyn indie bookstore WORD

"Why I Love Greenpoint, Brooklyn indie bookstore WORD! It's not just for the pencils, I promise:…


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Falling In Love With My Husband- Again

 As a young girl I often heard my Mom say things to my Dad, or to no one in particular, such as: "What happened to all the bananas, I just bought a bunch yesterday and they are all gone!" My Dad was a big guy, and yes, he did eat a lot of bananas!  Or when my Dad, who loved to entertain and cook Italian food for…

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This She Writes Village

Dear She Writers,

I have to say, in just 20 minutes of She Writes time, I can safely say that in terms of it supporting my work and creativity, it knocks the socks off of Facebook. Since I work from home, social networking has become a lifeline to civilization (often in the same sweatpants, but that's for…


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Gabrielle Bisset is packing a guest post of ‘what comes first?’

Gabrielle makes some interesting points in her post – What Comes First…plot or character? She also has a giveaway contest you can enter for her Destiny Redeemed e-book. It’s all happening here:


Be ready for some fun! See you there,

Kay Dee Royal…


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CLyfford Still Gets His Own Museum

For those who might have missed the news, the Clyfford Still Museum opened in Denver, Colorado, November 18. I've posted a video preview of the museum and an excerpt from a new one-hour documentary about the abstract artist.


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