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National Book Publicist Charlie Barrett on 'Hollywood Book Publicist Virtual Tour' Jan. 3

Join Charlie Barrett,

national book publicist and owner of the publicity company, The Barrett

Company, as he tours the blogosphere January 3 – 25 2011 on his first

virtual blog tour with Pump Up Your Book.


Professional national book publicist…


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New Year 2011

I can't believe how this year ended.   Tornadoes blowing up all around me, the worst 2 miles away.  I heard the sirens, looked out and saw debree blowing overhead.  The house began to whistle.  My dog, Bosco, went crazy.   As I opened the basement door, he made a beeline for safety and I was right behind him.   It lasted all of two minutes.  When I turned the TV on, I witnessed the devestation that was all around me.  My house, fortunately, intact.  Sunset Hills, the neighboring community…


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2011 - Both Feet Into The New Year

The quiet lull I was enjoying only hours ago is heading into the celebration of the end of one year and the beginning of another.   New Year's Eve.  A new year, is it the beginning of new things or the
continuation of things as they were?


Read more?  Click Here


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The End of Year Report

I just got a call from my sister asking what I am doing tonight. At first I said nothing, then “wait, you mean for New Year’s Eve?” Yes. “Oh, nothing.” I realized that I do not see the New Year holiday as particularly special. I do not watch the ball drop or do a… Continue

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To all the jobs I've had before...


Thank you for making me well-rounded!


My husband of over twenty years and I were driving home from dinner the other night. We were discussing my newest employment endeavor. Of course, he always has to throw in the,…


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The Best of She Writes 2010 List - Add the Favorite Post YOU Wrote in Comments!

There are many posts from the She Writes Blog that seriously qualify for this list, and I'm as sick of year end "Top 10" lists as the next gal right about now.  But, well, I just couldn't resist.  (Yes, Tayari, I am VERY BAD at staycation!) Here's a list of some of our faves.…


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A Year in Review for Tiferet Journal

2010 has been a year of expansion for TIFERET, and I truly hope you've enjoyed some of the new programs we've offered:…


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Last chance to enter to win a mystery by Vicki Delaney!

Today is the last chance to enter to win a copy of the mystery novel "Winter Secrets" by Vicki Delaney! Check out the review and enter

Have a great new year!

Lorie Ham

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All Art Friday

My last All Art Friday for 2010 brings together exhibitions throughout the country, from a show of early R.C. Gorman work opening at the National Museum of the American Indian on January 15, to a show of illustrated botanical books at the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth on view until January 29, there's something here to catch the eye and spark your interest.…


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You CAN Take It With You!

As 2010 winds down, I know a lot of us are busy with our resolutions. I’m all for making plans for the new year, don’t get me wrong. But I want to think a little bit about the year that is passing us by. More specifically, I want to think about what things from 2010 do I want to carry with me into 2011.

My dear Spelman sister, Brigette (oh how I love her!) has a lovely New Year’s… Continue

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The Mirror of My Mind

I was seventeen the last time I cared that a new year was approaching. I was at the height of my stressful months on the final school year before college. I was too stressed to even study, and I needed to get my mind off everything. I had a wild party with my friends and we sprayed each other with everything sprayable. 


Today I find myself thinking of the year that passed and I can’t help smiling. I don’t recall any year more dramatic than…


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It Only Just Begins

At a few minutes past midnight on 1st January 2010, I kissed Amy while she slept, and said, "happy new year." As I left her bedroom, I said to the Farmer, "something significant will happen this year," but I didn't
really know what that significant event would be.


Please continue on my blog HERE

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A Fancy Forged

As I head toward my 45th birthday, I realize that unless I live to be 90, I'm beyond middle age. This has caused a steadily expanding ruckus within the depths of my psyche. It is a din I can no longer ignore, suppress, or rationalize away.

The impending arrival of 2011 is doing a number on me as well,… Continue

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Poets for Haiti: Benefit Anthology

The result of a reading last February by a group of wonderful poets following the earthquake in Haiti, the anthology "Poets for Haiti" was just released, and all sales proceeds benefit Partners in Health, which delivers health care to some of the poorest areas in the country. I purchased a copy of the anthology, which includes wonderful paintings by some of Haiti's exceptional contemporary artists; it's a beautiful collection of poetry and art.…


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Two Video Poems of John Siddique

While away, I scheduled a couple of posts, one of which is an offering of two video poems by British poet, essayist, and memoirist John Siddique. His work is very appealing, and these video poems, both commissions, are quite beautiful works.

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In Honor of Teachers

I got hooked on writing in eighth grade at Woolwich Elementary School in rural Maine in the 1970’s. I had a wonderful teacher who was also the basketball coach, and he let me write stories about girls who wanted to run away and poems about love gone wrong. It didn’t matter to him what I wrote about really, just as long as I was writing and using what he called descriptor words. All writing was sanctified to him. Once I copied the lyrics to Springsteen’s entire Born To Run album and brought…


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Leaving Beijing

Last November, not long before my husband, Tony, and I and our two boys packed up our apartment to leave Beijing for good, we flew to Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province and then on to Lijiang, where we climbed into a white mini-van and drove five days up into a mountain range that sits on the Tibetan Plateau—long and deep in the countryside that surrounds Tibet. Our van was steered by a twenty-something Chinese pool shark, who went by the Western name Sonny. He had a gold-capped front tooth…


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Excavation begins at Forty. It may take a decade before you reap the benefits.

I entered my forties as a single mom of two children in primary school. I entered my forties before Marcus Buckingham had written his life changing books on strengths and weaknesses. I had grown up in a society where, as he so aptly explains, parents are geared to honing in on the lesser grades on a child’s report card, in order to encourage the child to work hard at these to bring them up to scratch. It was a society where strengths were taken for granted, even ignored. Natural talents,…


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