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Not Another New Year's Post (I'll Cry at the Chinese Buffet If I Want To)

Not Another New Year's Post (I'll Cry at the Chinese Buffet If I Want To) or read here:


While everyone else on planet earth blogs about New Year's resolutions and ushering in the new year, I tell a different tale tonight. A tale of woe, heartache, and pain told in my usual "laugh at myself" style. My life is awesome. I laugh a lot. I'm overall happy as a person.…


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:: utility bell ::

i suppose i should take the tree down,

it is so pretty,

the candles, the perfume.

i suppose i should get back to work,

with a vengeance, and all  my energy.

i learned so much over these feast days,

of people, families, my life, their lives,

i must remember this.

i suppose i should put it all away,

and stop dreaming,

but it is so pretty,

the colours, the shine.

I will pack it…


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Brief Portrait of a Woman

I met Carol when I returned to Atlanta, to college, in August of 1990.  By then I was convinced that Bob Marley was a prophet, and that Bab-y-lon would soon fall.  When it did fall, I would be safe because I'd seen it coming and had covertly stacked up walls of protection:  critical essays, vegetarianism, cotton fabrics and research, lots of research.

Along with my two comrades, I rented a two-bedroom house.  Comrade number one, my promised fiance'; and comrade number two; one…


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Mystery, vampires and more in new KRL issue

The last issue of Kings River Life in 2011 is up and filled with mystery fun. We have an article on some of the Sherlock Holmes books that have come out in 2011

And a whole big group of mystery book reviews for your 2012 reading list including Ian Rankin's latest…


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Running Towards What We Fear

Here is a link to my blog post:


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The Challenge of Writing Historical Fiction

“The historian, if honest, gives us a photograph; the storyteller gives us a painting.” (Leon Garfield) The photograph shows us the historical facts. The storyteller takes these facts and creates a story surrounding a fictional family. I have learned so much about our country and the revolution by reading historical fiction. When writing this genre, you must be accurate when it comes to history. Writing historical fiction or historical romance can be a challenge but a lot of fun. First, you…


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Hitting Bottom

I gave up on my debut novel sometime over the summer. I'd written, re-written, queried agents, gotten requests for fulls, but no offers of representation, only scant comments alluding to how nicely it was written (Then, why don't you want it? Arrrghhh!) and brief, sometimes confusing, allusions to what wasn't…

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Interview with Tessa Afshar author of Pearl in the Sand

Recently I have had the honor to do a written interview with one of my favorite authors Tessa Afshar, Author of PEARL IN THE SAND. Once I received the answers to my questions I will say I was inspired. The purpose of this interview is of course to get to know the author but also to inspire new authors or aspiring authors to not give up. Why do I say this? As you will see from the interview this is Tessa's first novel (a very beautifuly written novel that you must read), she persisted and did…


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Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

Today's final edition of Saturday Sharing for 2011 offers an animation of a John Siddique poem and video features on choreographer Bill T. Jones, plus links to Eric Fischer's beautiful maps of Twitter's language communities, Wave Book's Erasures poetry project, the Library of Congress's wonderful new ViewShare platform, and two sites where you can pin poems to Google maps. Enjoy and Happy New Year!…


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Are You Prepared For The Possibility of Adventure?

Today, I am renewing my passport. I can't believe that it has been ten years since I made a New Years Eve promise to myself. Things were a lot different then. I hadn't yet published my first book. I was living on a tight budget. I did all my writing in a closet. Not a converted closet, but an actual closet with clothes in it, and also a small desk. But still, I decided to get myself a…


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:: leaving ::

if there is any

affection, show it.

but, it is my neck

sir, and

i shall say it

to keep us

out of troublle.

well, someone

has to

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My Best Sex Writing 2012 book trailer

I'm so grateful for the chance to have had this Best Sex Writing 2012 book trailer shot in a professional studio for free. Bigtime grateful. Enjoy!

Order Best Sex Writing 2012:…


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I vividly remember the smell of blood

I vividly remember the smell of blood. Deep. Rich. Muddy. Thick. Red. Blood. The scent overwhelmed as I stepped in to the doorway. The odor was raw and acrid; a pungent fleshy coppery stench that burned my nostrils. The walls seemed to pulsate like a fleeting heartbeat.

Each second floated by like a feather, slow motionless time. God pushed the pause button on me. The sparkling white bathtub was bone dry, except for the bright cinnamon red ribbons of satiny blood crisscrossing it. She…


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One Thing at a Time

I often read two books at a time: one on my kindle, one in hard copy—their different tones competing for space in my head. I almost always work on more than one freelance project in a given week, and really, most of the time, I’m gnawing on multiple pieces of my own fiction. To be really honest, I often have my phone, my kindle and my laptop all spread out on the couch before me…


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2012 recipient of the Victoria A. Hudson Emerging Writer Scholarship is...

The 2012 recipient of the Victoria A. Hudson Emerging Writer Scholarship at the San Francisco Writers Conference is Poet Anna-Marie McLemore of Sacramento, California. Ms. McLemore is a grand slam winner, whose fiction and non-fiction entries were also blind selected for top honors in the annual writing contest. Ms. McLemore is a 2011 Lambda Literary Fellow in fiction. Her work has appeared in numerous Cleis Press anthologies.

Runners up included fiction writer Katrina Anne Willis, of…


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Indoor Skating

Check out my blog: Indoor Skating

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We’ve all lived through another holiday. Almost. But I never really consider New Year’s Eve a real holiday. Nobody gets gifts. But Christmas (which is what we celebrate in our family—but everyone, no matter what religion, has the same issues, so I’ll stick with what I know) is fraught. Once again, family, alcohol, budgets, gift exchanges and table manners somehow get jumbled together, and what comes out is just plain ugly at times. So here is one more advice column. I speak to all of you…


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Literary fiction author Karen Glick on nationwide virtual book tour

Pump Up Your Book is pleased to announce Karen Glick's Questions in the Silence Virtual Book Tour 2012beginning on January 3 and ending on January 27 2012. Karen will be on hand during her worldwide tour promoting her book and giving us candid interviews and guest posts where we learn more about the author, she will have her first Twitterview and AuthorVid, both implemented by Pump Up Your Book, as well as giving her fans an opportunity to talk to her live via Pump Up Your…


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Silver Sparrow one of O Magazine's "Favorite Things"

Sixteen-year-old Dana Lynn Yarboro lives with her mother in 1980s Atlanta, not far from her father, who visits at least once a week. But in Tayari Jones's Silver Sparrow (Algonquin), this is not your typical single-parent household: Dana's dad and mom are married, after all. The thing is, they're a "secret family" because he's also married to another woman and has another…

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