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Late to the Fair: Why I became an Indie Author

This is an update on a blog post I wrote in August 2010 in The Front Parlor

Last week I caught up to the fact that Chris Kelly was having a blog carnival on Indie Publishing just as the deadline closed. However, after reading the blog posts of those who made it to the fair, and mulling over my reactions, I thought it would still be useful to post on this topic.

I have written previously on my blog… Continue

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Saturday Sharing

Today's new edition of Saturday Sharing features the U.S. Geological Survey's image galleries; the Provisions Learning Project, which uses the arts to showcase alternative perspectives on contemporary issues; the Translation Project and a video titled "Midnight Approaches, presenting a brief history of Persian poetry; The Pop-Up City, an online magazine; Facing History and Ourselves, which offers excellent educational resources; and Linebreak, where you'll find text and audio recordings of… Continue

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Oil and Water...and Other Things That Don't Mix - release date announced

Media Release

Oil and Water...and Other Things That Don’t Mix

Anthology to raise funds to aid the Gulf Coast clean-up

Edited by Zetta Brown and Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson Brown

Published by LL-Publications

Release Date: December 15, 2010

$14.99 (US) / £9.99 (UK/EU)

ISBN: 978-1-905091-85-0

© LL-Publications, 2010

The BP oil spill disaster in April 2010 prompted authors Zetta Brown and… Continue

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Eat. Sleep. Read. with indie bookstore Russo's Books in Bakersfield, California

Check out this cool display of me alongside my book Fast Girls: Erotica for Womenand a bunch of other authors wearing our "Eat. Sleep. Read." t-shirts at Russo's Books in Bakersfield, California, where I hope to do a reading in 2011!

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A Thrilling New Book With Mojo

When you've got time to curl up on the sofa and remain uninterrupted for awhile, pick up Kris Sedersten's new book, Mojo - a mystery-thriller with mind-griping paranormal overtones. In "good versus evil" thrillers, Mojo is one that you won't want to put down until you turn that very last page - and you might discover that you've been holding your breath for awhile.

Scottie Brown is haunted by disturbing nightmares, and even glimpses apparitions when the sun is out. Scottie feels that… Continue

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4 Reasons Best Sellers Get to Suck & You Don't

Everybody wonders.

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2010 was a great year for fiction by black women!

Originally posted on the Girlfriends Book Club blog.

First, I must send you all over to my other blog to celebrate National Buy a Book By a Black Author and Give it to Somebody Not Black Month. Author-friends are suggesting great books for gift ideas AND giving away signed books. I'll wait while you go check it out.…


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Injustice At Its Worst! Check out the news video about our story and the upcoming Anthology "Oil and Water...and Other Things That Don't Mix"

My story about this injustice is included in the upcoming Anthology...Oil and Water and Other Things That Don't Mix

Almost 4 years after they stood in front of these very same news cameras, Otay Water, City of Chula Vista, Bremco, Seymour Lewis Development et al, have done nothing but destroy us.....this can't be allowed to happen to innocent just can't....check out the… Continue

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By day, she acquires and edits books by your fellow She Writers (like Gloria Feldt, Courtney Martin, Jennifer Pozner...) at Seal Press*, a house inspired by "the simple yet radical notion that a book can change a woman’s life." By other days, she coaches writers through Warner Coaching. She's Brooke Warner, and next week, she's my guest at… Continue

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Friday Wisdom: What I Have to Give to You...

I did it to myself again.

On Monday, I smugly, securely asked you, readers of this blog (have I mentioned lately how much I love and appreciate you for reading, by the way? Because I do): What do you have to give?

I asked the question hoping it would provoke thought for you, lead you to some pretty awesome conclusions about yourself, and generally help you rock your world a little harder.

And then that little question came… Continue

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On the Dying Tradition of Letter-writing

I've been working with letters as literary artifacts for just over a decade now. As a graduate student, my attraction to letters was instant. The very first time I sat down with stack of yellowing missives, I was hooked, and never looked back.

I work with letters because I like the intimacy they afford. Piecing a story together through an unexamined correspondence is a way to tap into untold stories and to break new ground. Reading letters also gives me a glimpse into the ways in… Continue

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Secrets To Promoting

Lately I have been asking questions on twitter and making posts on different websites about problems I am facing with promoting. To my surprise, I have received very little advice or help. I am starting to wonder why. Are people just not caring about what I am asking? Am I not asking it the right way? Maybe people don’t want to take the time to help me? I doubt it’s the later but it could be a possibility.

Whenever I talk about the writing world I always tell people that it is the… Continue

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What Not To Wearing My Closet

On Black Friday, rather than braving the crowds in the mall, I watched a What Not To Wear marathon. From 9:00a to 9:00p, the women of the my house watched back-to-back-to-back episodes of Stacy London and Clinton Kelly ripping apart the lack of fashion, setting closet rules and making 12 women look beautiful. We had to wrestle the TV remote out of the hand of my father, and chase the males of the house upstairs to watch their own college football marathon, but it was all well worth… Continue

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Second Hand Books

Is there a website where people share love letters, theatre tickets, old bills/receipts and other notes they find in second hand books? This is what I found in one second hand book. The writer must have been attending a conference at the Molopo Sun Hotel outside Pretoria, South Africa or maybe slept there because it is written on the hotel’s stationery. I don’t know how old this piece of paper is but it is a light yellow now. What you see below was handwritten in a blue pen.

Old… Continue

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An Atypical (Male’s) Perspective on Successful Women in Relationships

A topic I’ve seen bouncing around in the Feminist blogosphere recently and for a long while is that of income disparities between relationship partners. The question is, in part, how pervasive are traditional attitudes regarding men’s roles in making the most money? Moreover, are men repelled when women make more money and/or have more power than they do? I have to say I’ve known some men who feel intimidated in such situations, but I also find that these attitudes, mercifully, are increasingly… Continue

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All Art Friday

Today's new edition of All Art Friday features a barn mural by well-known Washington, D.C.-area painter Bill Dunlap; offers a round-up of exhibitions in New York City, D.C., and San Francisco; highlights Random House's new "word & film" site; and introduces readers to New York University's "First Professor Cyborg", Wafaa Bilal, an artist who has had a camera implanted in the back of his head.…


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Daphne Kalotay: Triumph After Rejection

Daphne Kalotay blogs about all those nasty little short story rejections she collected on the way to publishing books, on Meg Waite Clayton's 1st Books

Daphne Kalotay's first novel, Russian Winter, sold at auction, is being published in eighteen countries, and, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, "could well… Continue

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Sweet or Sour

Sweet or Sour

Walking down Bosworth Street to the BART(subway) two young children were turned around in the back seat of their parents’ car, waving wildly, trying to see who would wave back. "Sweet or Sour” was the game my children played and I played before them.

Who will wave back? I smiled, a big, broad smile and waved at them as if they were my long lost cousins. For a minute they were taken aback, the car stopped at a stop sign, but then, even through the window glass… Continue

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Love, Deborah & Family

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When You go A-wassailing You Cheer Yourself

I'm having a great time wassailing (caroling) on my website: on my 30 days of blog wassailing tour . I get to revisit blogs and websites I love, share them with people on Twitter and Facebook and treat myself to a little Christmas spirit.

So far I've visited four blogs and two are members of SheWrites

Jesse… Continue

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