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Telling Your Story in Your Character's Voice

His Masters Voice
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I have been reading a lot lately on "Voice". What do I mean by this? Do I…


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Project 365 - Through my lens...Light in darkness

These are some pics that I took a couple of days ago.…


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Write Time of Day

There is no rule on how to write. Sometimes it comes easily and perfectly; sometimes it's like drilling rock and then blasting it out with charges.

Ernest Hemingway

Writing is the…


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I've watched you grow, change formation again

Through each patented, evolving season.

Surrealness of beauty, colours unseen,

Majesty far above reason.


The seed has spoken, a world is birthed,

Perfect production, tornado speed.

In awe of your sceptal cornucopia,

Timelines intertwine, engage.


The Earth is a teacher, we are students,

Priviledged to touch but a moment.

Fair wisdom like trees, descend as…


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Inspiring book spines and high standards

Apart from the records my dad played on Saturday afternoons, one vivid and early memory that sticks with me is the background 'wallpaper' of my parents' bookshelves.  I remember when learning to read, browsing the spines of the books, noticing the colours, their thickness, which ones stood out and which ones I suddenly noticed for the first time. I was particularly intrigued by a book I assumed was some sort of thriller or mystery (judging by the need to use only the author's surname on the…


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There Is No Second Place

What do you do?  It's a common question for someone to ask what your work is.  In a way it's how western society defines people, how we box and package them. Let me say right now that it's one that has always annoyed me.  I'm so much more than what I do. 

But that's not reality so onward to the point.  Why is it so hard to say I am a writer?

Read more over at my blog, click here to…


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Breaking up Old Beliefs

Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your character. Your character becomes your destiny.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Stop. Take a break and think…


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Hi, Jennifer!

Congratulations on the upcoming release of your new memoir! I know you worked hard and waited a long time for this!!


Regarding this blog, I nearly did die when I noticed the shelf my buttocks had created over the past two years! Alas, I didn't keel over, but I did join WW online, where I can move at my own pace, without the perky points pushers pressing me... That's not fair, really, the leader of the group I did join for a short while was very nice, and…


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Puede Ser

Puede ser que esté en el lugar

de todo el mundo

o caminar

escuchando una melodía

de mi origen,


puede ser


que líbelulas me encuentren

siendo paloma

y un beso alado

un soplo,un aire, un viento

tan cercano

tan ductilmente  mio

y tan oscuro.


Tan rápido en lo profundo

un nudo

ataste a mi cabello

y  tan veloz el suspiro

que puede ser…


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Bleaching the Mastiff

Bleaching the Mastiff: Grappling with Buddhism

What is this thing about cleaning? I ask myself in a high nasal Seinfeld twinge. My husband just flew to Maryland, a job he’ll be commuting to and from for a year and the first thing I do when I get home is grab the all purpose cleaner and a sponge and go straight to the doorway, spray some of the lemony chemical and wipe up long stringy, dried loogies on the storm door glass, all the while, thinking of what others think… Continue

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Completely Terrified

That is what I am today.

My FIRST EVER WRITER'S CONFERENCE is looming before me in three days. I signed up for this back in November so I have had plenty of time to prepare. I have been working on my book for nearly seven years yet all of a sudden? I feel like a five year old accidently being sent to high school. I don't belong here. I am ill-prepared. I have no business being here among these professionals.

The pitch session. With 50 agents. Just the thought of it sends me…


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Donate your Books!

Hello all my fabulous followers!

I want to tell you about someone who contacted me recently. Her name is Lora Wiedenheft. She lives in Middletown Ohio and sent me this e-mail on goodreads:

Hi my name is Lora Wiedenheft.

I am a reviewer and a fight illiteracy advocate .I wanted to know if I can get on your mailing list to send books for review any YA books. and we can use either a finished or ARC copy of Vampyre Kisses .. I want to do reviews… Continue

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Getting back into it.

So, I'm finally really working on a novel again.  I dropped it about a year ago, because I felt like I was spinning my wheels.  Friday night I decided to open it up and read what I had, and the inspiration hit.  I've working on it like a mad fiend.  Saturday night I read all 114 pages out loud to get an idea of flow, and to aid in editing. 


What I'm worried about right now is maintaining this streak as long as I can.  It's over halfway done. I've sent the first couple of…


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On Being a "Both/And" Person

The minute I walked into Kate Mills's Inglewood house on a hot morning last July, I knew we were going to "get" each other.

photo by Christy Chassereau Bryan for HER Nashville

First of all, she had a high-quality bagel from…


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Sarah Palin and the Tiger Mom

What do Sarah Palin and Amy Chau have in common? More than either of them would imagine. I try to answer that question here. Thanks for taking a look.



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Here is an article I wrote that was published on…

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If Your Recession Dreams Could Talk...

Since the beginning of recorded history cave drawings show us humans dream about things that we grapple with in our waking lives. While our Neanderthal brothers and sisters dreamed of being driven from their caves by a slobbering T-rex, many modern humans dream about getting chased from their homes by a sinister lending institution. 


Since the recession began, 8.5 million jobs have been lost, an unemployment rate of 9.4%, (12.4% in my home…


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New York to Havana - Cuba 1/10/11

The first leg of my journey back to Cuba after an absence of more than ten years begins with a relatively glitch free departure from JFK, though my over stuffed duffel prompts a ´this bag is heavy´ from the baggage porter and a fee of over $100. I´m sure I will return from this trip pounds lighter in ´things´ but hopefully filled with new impressions, insight, ¨calor humano¨as the Cubans call the unique blend of warmth and affection they offer, and lots of material for my book Unfolding A… Continue

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I write, therefore I knit

The day I released my dog from her suffering, I took up knitting again. My daughter had been wanting a scarf patterned with Griffyndor stripes since Harry Potter enchantment overtook her, and my decision to start knitting that day somehow felt life-affirming. I could not settle my thoughts enough to write about the grief, or even try to imagine the hold it would have on me. No point in that anyway. Grief demands that you be with it. The word itself carries a weight, made a little…


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Catching the Brain Improvising via fMRI

Musician and head-and-neck surgeon Charles Limb is doing fascinating research into how our brains create and perceive music. My post introduces him and offers a TED Talk in which he explains what is doing and what the implications of his research are.

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