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Obsessive Compulsive Spartanism

My mother had completely lost it. She was marking down prices as if it was Black Friday and she was a bouncing yellow smiley face. Only problem was she didn’t look happy at all with her clenched teeth and her grimacing face.

This rummage sale wasn’t about making friends or earning extra cash, it was about getting rid of crap, eliminating clutter and reclaiming the garage. 

Although the prices were already slashed, if a customer reconsidered and put an item back on the…


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:: naked ::

 look  at this place,

where i scratch and scrape,

where i ask

and apologise,

and wear away my eyes.


the ground comes up to meet me,

and nothing covers me

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:: cold is not a season :: wind sounded, candled room, i sit writing, waiting.   the visitor.   cold is not a season, love is not the weather, i am not perfect.   waiting, writing.   scatching, scra…

wind sounded, candled room,

i sit writing, waiting.


the visitor.


cold is not a season,

love is not the weather,

i am not perfect.


waiting, writing.


scatching, scraping


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The Fine Bamboo Fly Rod: A Book Review and Holiday Offer

Kirkfield, Stuart – The Fine Bamboo Fly Rod: A Master’s Secrets of Restoration and Repair – Colorado Springs, 1999, Cork & Cane Press, 2nd Edition, Hardcover, Dust Jacket, Brand-New – Signed.

When I write a post…


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Just say no to random capitalization!

I blogged a few weeks ago about a particular grammar pet peeve of mine, and today I have a new one: capitalizing words that shouldn't be capitalized. Unfortunately, I see this a lot. Here are some typical examples of mistakes authors often make, both in their books and their marketing communications:

  • He's the Vice President of a big company.
  • I'm going to give a…

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Discussion forums for this week

Hi everyone! I just wanted to remind you all to take advantage of the SheWriMo discussion forums this week! Today's Forum is live, and links to discussions for the rest of the week can be found on the… Continue

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One of the main issues I face is sleeping.  Past menopause, however since that time my brain doesn't shut down.And now with this challenge I find that my mind is writing long after I have left the computer.  Sometimes I make myself stop early and other times I just have to get that thought in...don't want to lose it.  Write it on paper you say...oh I do...but I still can't turn it off.  I am sure that is how I got this bug...I can't rest.  I have so much I want the characters to experience,…


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Sun. Nov. 20 | Interview with J.P. Dancing Bear

Please join us live on Sunday, November 20, 2011 from 7-7:30 pm EST as we interview J. P. Dancing…


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Warranties, Guarantees and Thoughts of Frank Wall

When you purchase an item it often has a warranty. New cars, five years or 60,000 thousand miles, high definition televisions a year or two, even something as small as an electric mixer has some kind of guarantee that it will work for a certain amount of time. Some homes even come with warranties. The roof is guaranteed not to leak and the electric, plumbing and septic system is supposed to be in tip-top shape. But sometimes there just are no guarantees.


We have no warranties…


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Birder's Tales (Poem)

"Birder's Tales" is a series of three-line poems inspired by a friend's blogpost.

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Childless After Years of Infertility - Am I Alone?

Here I am, having decided to blog and throw all these personal, intimate, details out to the wind.  I'm wondering though, am I alone?  It certainly feels like the loneliest place I've ever been, like nothing else I've experienced.  And when I try to meet others like me and to connect, I only find those still continuing in their journey with treatment and hopeful, not those like me who've come to the end.  

I've been reading up on being childless and child-free, and I am definitely the…


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Heels down! Heels down!

I have no idea how it happened. All I know is that I didn’t come off the horse. Read more about my experience on a speeding horse.…


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Day Seven in NaNoWriMo Camp

Phew!  Barely made my goal today, but truthfully it was not my fault.  My muse did such a good job of inspiring me yesterday with her vivid imaging and emotions that I simply could not land solidly in front of my computer today.  So thorough was her inspiration that I could see this amazing story come to life as if it were a movie.

Last night I fell asleep with this amazing drama still all around me, its color temperature still on my skin, ethereal breezes wafting beneath my nose, and…


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Write, Write as Fast as You Can



I watched the beginning of the New York City Marathon yesterday morning.  At the exact moment it began, yours truly was on the DREADmill (refer to earlier post Trot Forrest Trot) just trying to sweat…


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Set a GOAL! Report PROGRESS!

I've just set up a new Discussion at The Submission Mission:

It's a place to state your specific, reasonable goal and to report your progress on that…


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The Slut Walk Protest

Last Saturday, I took my daughter on the Slut Walk.  The SlutWalk protest marches began on April 3, 2011,[1] in … Continue

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One Week Down, Three to Go

Well, the first week of NaNoWriMo is behind me. The first couple days, as I successfully wrote my target word count (about 1700), walked my dog, did some freelance work, made it to work on time, continued to plan my wedding, AND made progress on the anthology I’m editing, I thought, “Hey, nothing to this! I’m going to be just fine!”

By the end of the week, I remembered, “Oh yeah — I have to keep up this pace all month long.”

So far, I’ve…


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Kids in the Kitchen

Check out my blog: Kids in the Kitchen

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book review of Famine Ghost from Irish American News



“The Great Famine was one of the most important events in Irish history.


            However none of my older relatives from Ireland ever mentioned it. Yet their parents and neighbors must have lived through it. Neither did I learn about it during all the years of parochial education.

            Finally, when a young man, I learned about The Famine.  I keep seven books about The Famine on my bookshelf, and I will…


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