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My home is underwater

So I guess I'm supposed to be cordial to the guy who lives up above who leaked water for five days into my home and flooded the place, but I'd rather swim through my flood searching for all these:  FYI:IGNORE THE CHEAPER OVERHEAD OF A CONDO FOR A HOUSE...Disclaimer: If any of these photographs are yours and you would like them taken down please let me know… Continue

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Healing the Emotional Pain of a Broken Heart

An excerpt from A Fine Time for Healing upcoming Aug. 25,2011 show, “ How to Heal a Broken Heart: Life After a Breakup

If you’ve ever been in love, chances are that you have suffered the devastating feelings of at least one relationship break up.  Immediately…


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Short story, review, giveaway & more in KRL issue

New issue of Kings River Life is up and there's a fun mystery short story by Gail Farrelly

And an interview with mystery/noir author Ed Lynskey, a review of his book "Lake Charles" and an ebook giveaway

Happy… Continue

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Titanic and Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears, Polar Bears and Titanic, oh my.

What do teddy bears have in common with the Titanic? Let's start with polar bears.

And a little boy who was a passenger on the Titanic.

In my novel, Katie O'Reilly, my hero, Captain Lord Jack Blackthorn, is watching Katie from the Promenade deck arriving on the tender, Ireland, to board the Titanic. He's fascinated when he sees her save… Continue

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Saturday Sharing

Today's new edition of Saturday Sharing provides links to the PBS Arts series "Off Book"; the ONandOnScreen site offering "a conversation between moving words and moving images"; poets who write about medicinal plants and herbs; The Found Poetry Review; NASA's "ART: 50 Years of Exploration" (a video); and the POV documentary "The Donkey Library".…


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Pump Up Your Book December 2011 Virtual Book Publicity Holiday Tour Special

Pump Up Your Book is happy to announce a very cost-saving special for December to help you promote your book during the holidays. Because we want to give back to the community and we know how everyone is strapped buying presents and getting ready for the holidays, we are offering a 2 week special only applicable during the month of December. If you are an author with a new release or a book that was published years ago and you want to give it new life, click… Continue

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She opens her eyes while it is still dark, knowing that morning is close and her time, if she wants it, is now. She eases from the bed slowly without waking her husband, who is still deep in the throws of slumber. Her feet hit the painted wood floor and the boards groan as they accept her weight. She creeps, gently as a she can, out of the room and down the steps.

Her eyes adjust to the darkness and she begins her routine. Find the filter, open the can, pause and savor the smell. She… Continue

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First Blog

Not my first ever, just my first here. Having finally found enough time, and subsequent energy, to be even slightly active at SheWrites, I find myself (the very next day) with some more time on my hands so thought I extend myself further with a whole blog post.

Also, this is something to do while I wait for my photogallery to load on my wordpress site. My computer can be a bit slow and loading up a few photos fairly takes its breath away!

I thought I'd be upfront and say that I…


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Playground Paradise

When my kids were little, trips to the playground were a must. Their energy expenditure was critical to my ability to make it through the day sanely, and I’m sure that they benefited from not only the fresh air and exercise, but from the time to play and explore. After they were dressed, the stroller was packed with snacks, dig toys and a beach towel, we would head off on foot to one of the many kid…


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Rusty Metal Bee

Rusty metal bee

always in my petunia pot.


and never noticed.


Always present air,

-a reliable existence.

Breezes pass through crooked pipes.

that no longer mingle.

Yet small legs and hands…


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The Time Is Now



Yes, the time is now. Many people are experiencing great hardship (emotionally and financially). It seems like a crazy world right now with all of the natural disasters and extreme weather. With these kinds of conditions, living a happy life can seem almost impossible.

But what if..…


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Between a Laugh and a Tear

Today I moved into college.

I’m a sophomore now, so there was nothing particularly amazing about the experience. Mostly I was excited to get away from the ticking time bomb that is my parents’ house and see my friends.

I want this year to go well. Last semester was absolutely terrible, and I will write about it in another post. Everything was set to go splendidly.

But of course, of course, it had to start off badly.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned…


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What do you see?


A pessimist sees only the dark clouds and mopes;

A philosopher sees both sides and shrugs;…


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Get a free copy of Sister to Sister; A Mentor's Handbook

I'm excited to announce to you the debut of my new ebook! After many hours of labor, the passion of my heart has made it's way to the page. Allow me to share with you Sister to Sister; A Mentor's…


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Get a free copy of Sister to Sister; A Mentor's Handbook

I'm excited to announce to you the debut of my new ebook! After many hours of labor, the passion of my heart has made it's way to the page. Allow me to share with you Sister to Sister; A Mentor's…


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I was minding my own business, trying to increase my circles on Google+, when my husband walked into the room with a shocked expression on his face. It was obvious that something was bothering him. I normally don’t care about the kinds of things that bother my husband, because he plays the accordion, and thus we are living in two different worlds. But the expression on his face was very alarming, and so I was forced…


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Books to Read?

I'm mulling over my late summer and fall reading possibilities:

 Books about writing--My So-called Freelance Life, Get Known Before the Book Deal, Emus Loose in Egnar, Never Eat Alone, and on social networking (I'm on Linkedin, Now What) and anything about blogging.

 The graphic novel, Fun Home by Alison Bechdel

 Biographes of David Bowie, Joey Ramone, Sal Mineo, Mickey Mantle, Calamity Jane

 Surviving Against the Odds:  Village…


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Wylie the Word-Grabber


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5 Keys to Writing That Will Keep Your Readers Coming Back for More by Jacqueline Snider

These 5 keys can be used in any genre of writing. Whether you are writing for fiction or non-fiction readers, professionals reading your reports or websites, magazine readers perusing your articles or followers reading your blogs, you can craft compelling text over and over again with these 5 keys as your guide.


Key #1: Use Clear, Concise Language


Clear, concise language allows you to say more with fewer words. I cannot emphasize enough…


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Sauda’s Mind: Kabul Petrification

The colourless gas was intoxicating; lulling her into an eternal sleep as its odour crept unsuspecting into her consciousness. It was nothing, but an odd smell to be ignored just like all her other ailments that had recently become debilitating. And she wondered just how she had gotten into this cold unfriendly world, which engulfed her with asphyxiating familial and other obligatory relations.


Did she love her family? Yes, that was a certainty that somehow also entrapped…


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