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Looking for writers

with adoption stories. They can be single Moms or if you know single men who have adopted. Please check out and email me if you know someone or if you are interested. We are a website for modern families. Please check out our website.

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The Supply Closet at Work is Probably the Safest Place to Hide From a Bear. Especially if There's an Ex-Nun Inside.

Last night I received a very awesome text message from a friend regarding her and another person, which required my immediate attention, but it was kind of late so I decided to save it for the following day (which would be today) to give me something to do at work. I was looking forward to responding in a verbal fashion, but unfortunately I failed to remember that there is an ex-nun temporarily working in the room in which I usually make phone calls, and I would feel weird discussing my… Continue

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Leather Windows

I facilitate a weekly Writing Practicum, where a core group of dedicated writers workshop their projects.

One of our members is a very talented writer who specializes in BDSM erotica. The rest of the group -- including me -- are, to put it mildly, "vanillas." We are simply not equipped to intelligently comment on the parts of her writing that make it fall into either the BDSM or erotica genre. We don't read it. And we certainly don't "get it."

We're very good at discussing… Continue

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Andrea Smith at the National Women's Studies Association Conference

Andrea Smith was one of the keynote speakers last night at the National Women's Studies Association Conference, and jeez, was she amazing. In a way, I'm glad she doesn't teach at the College of Charleston, because she's so dynamic, smart, compelling, and energetic--and seems so much like a person I'd love to hang out with--that I fear she'd throw off my whole vibe, my… Continue

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Friday Wisdom: The Worth of a Woman

This is today's post from my blog, The Sophia Project

Women hold up half the sky. - Chinese Proverb

I want to say something to you today, and I want to make sure you hear it.


You are magnificent.

You are a miracle. The odds of your being born just as you are… Continue

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Just now I am deep in research for my next book, which involves reading a lot of fairy tales. One is "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Anderson. It is, in parts, rather treacly, but the central metaphor is a powerful metaphor for addiction. In this tale a demon creates a mirror that distorts the world -- turning every beautiful thing ugly, magnifying every flaw to horrific proportion.

The distorted lens -- illustration from THE SNOW QUEEN… Continue

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Siberian Postcard

Pictured on my blog at is one of my most cherished possessions. It's a 1947 postcard sent from my grandmother in Siberia, addressed to her husband and children. Come visit!

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A Snippet from the Non Fiction NOW Conference: Truth, that Old Chestnut Again

I just came back from the Iowa NonFiction NOW conference—a rather exhilarating experience—and found a post on the lovely blog "Sixth in Line" with a UTube video by Dinty Moore that rehashes that old contentious chestnut, truth or non-truth in non-fiction, in a hilarious manner. That chestnut was of course one of the dominant themes at the conference, so my immediate instinct was to post this reply on Elisabeth's blog. I will post conference notes and reflections on this blog in due… Continue

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My 10 New Ground Rules for Writing in Public about the Kids

Struggling with how much to divulge, Deborah Siegel harnessed the She Writerly hive mind and came up with rules to write and live by—for now.

Last week, over 50 of you responded Friday’s post, “Do We Overshare When We Write about Our Kids?”, and a bunch more when the post was reposted on the homepage at BlogHer (… Continue

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I tried to sign up for a Second Life but I was denied one.

I can't wait for your comments on this post.

xoxo, Gina

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DAy 12 NanoWrimo 10:00 a.m.

Here I am again. I have reached that story lift off point. The ideas are flying off my fingers almost faster than I can type them. I am thousands of words beyond my goal. What has contributed to this wonderful feeling. I can think of a couple of things.

1. Even though most of my writing has been done in the seclusion of my office, I have not been writing in isolation. I have done numerous word wars with writing buddies via the internet.

2. My family has been supportive. I… Continue

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Woe Betide Ye Facebook Users

A couple of weeks ago, I put an article on my site about swear words and whether they still have the power to shock. (Is It The Only Word We Have Left? unless you're of a delicate disposition.) A few days later, I sent an update to fans of the site's facebook page, telling them that the online Fine Line Shop was now open with writing lessons to download.

Rather proving the… Continue

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Discomfort Food

On visits home, my daughter likes me to cook some old favorites. Meatballs and spaghetti. Mac ‘n’ cheese (not the prepackaged variety). Pancakes from scratch, with fresh blueberries. Sometimes the occasional special meal for a working girl on a budget is much appreciated. This time it was lamb chops. So my husband picked up a rack, and we grilled. My daughter is a grown woman, and yet the realization that those tasty lollipops rubbed in oil and balsamic vinegar, sugar and rosemary came from a… Continue

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We Walked As One

I watch you standing in front of the crowd. I watch you dab your eyes. Your husband is a pillar of strength beside you. Friends are speaking – lovely words, funny words, remembering words. I look to the sky - which has decided to dress in pink for the occasion. My body feels like a live wire that, at the merest of touches, will ignite some fierce emotion that I will no longer be able to control.

I watch your face as your husband unveils the bench. It is beautiful and simple. It is… Continue

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A Feminist Creation Story

Author's Note:

This is a loving parody, not to be taken too seriously. I myself identify as Feminist, but I wanted to try my hand at satire. It is Friday, after all. Apologies are due to God, Moses, or whomever compiled the original text of Genesis.


In the beginning, God had a good idea. This idea was brought to life specifically so that all might be more equal and that basic prejudices might be… Continue

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All Art Friday

Today's new edition of All Art Friday features a round-up of exhibitions, plus two related videos (one is an artist talk by Karen LaMonte), and a select list of five art photography books of note.

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Battle Fatigues

Parenting around our house in the last few years has been a nightmare. With a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), normal parenting skills are useless. Time outs, sending the child to their room to “think about” their behavior, and yelling have no effect on a child with RAD. It takes more. It takes a commitment not only from Mom and Dad, but the entire support system put in place to help heal the RADish.

In the beginning, parenting a RADish is overwhelming. The battle scars… Continue

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Lipgloss and Trampolines

When I was a kid of about ten, living in suburban Brisbane, Australia, every afternoon after school I played cricket with the three boys next door, my little brother loitering hopefully on the edges, waiting for a stray ball to roll his way. We all rode our bikes down the hill at the top of our street, and at dusk came the clarion call of “Tony, Michael, Mark!” from next door. Tony, Michael and Mark would languidly make their way up their back s and the rest of us would disband, too, tearing… Continue

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An Illuminated Past

Nov. 12, 2010

Just Kids creates a frame around all the work of Patti Smith, the writer of this elegant memoir about her life with Robert Mapplethorpe, the photographer who died of AIDS in 1989, as well as the work of Mapplethorpe himself. Both artists were each other's muses, visionaries whose work, however different it was from one another, challenged established mores and shone with a unique brightness, and darkness. Their work was more than edgy. It was new. Mapplethorpe… Continue

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On Second Chances and Role Models: A Tribute to my Father on Veterans Day

This is a reposting of a blog post I made this past spring, it seemed fitting on Veterans Day:

I just returned from the melancholy task of moving my father into the "memory care" wing of an assisted living facility. My Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about eight years ago, and caring for him has been increasingly difficult for my step-mother. Two weeks ago they both got very ill, my father ending up in the hospital with pneumonia, and the crisis made it clear that something had to… Continue

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