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Officially Licensed

I have received my new business license for the city of Virginia Beach, decided on a store location, and rounded up all the figures needed to submit my proposal to Kickstarter.

You can see the video here:

If Kickstarter approves the project, it should be up in a few days. The plan is to open the doors November first.

I am looking to connect with authors of… Continue

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Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

Today's new edition of Saturday Sharing will link you to sites that allow you to take a virtual poetry tour, create your own Mondrian, read about the discovery of a new henge at Stonehenge, dream about owning one of designer Leslie Oschmann's tote bags using rescued paintings, and see the latest in "permaculture poetics". The edition also includes the "Get Ahead Fred" trailer - certain to bring a smile - and a visualization of Twitter-based "mood expressions".…


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I successfully raised two daughters. At least, in my view, they grew up just fine. They are both lovely looking, they have good table manners, they know how to run meetings, and they both have managed to snag equally adorable young men.

We had a discussion about this very thing the last time both girls were home. I have to admit that I was shocked at what they revealed: my girls think that had I had a son, he would have turned out “all wrong.”

By “all wrong,” they… Continue

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One Last Sweet Summer Read

All books published posthumously come to us shrink-wrapped in heartache, from a voice we know has already been extinguished. There is more sadness still in a subgroup of this category: books that come from manuscripts abandoned during wartime or hidden for safekeeping and discovered when the fighting is over, when the text is all that's left of the author.

A brief list of such books: The Diary of Anne Frank, Irene Nemirovsky Suite Francaise, Charlotte Salomon's… Continue

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Confessions of An Invisible Girl

I almost didn't post this because it isn't really literary. But it has to do with confidence, which is the thing that keep us going in the face of all kinds of obstacles. The story I am about to share has been tickling the edges of my mind lately, but I decided to go ahead and tell it because I keep seeing posts on twitter saying things like "the most phenomenal woman in the room isn't the prettiest or the most successful, but the most CONFIDENT."

I completely understand the intent… Continue

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Recreaddiction - Aslo on!

Reposting here - original on Bonjour Paris:

That site is rad I'm telling you, check their site for more great articles.

Sometimes I wonder how anyone survives on just two weeks of vacation per year. It seems like voluntary slavery compared to the French philosophy: minimum of five weeks. I look back on the old days like Mandela, reflecting on… Continue

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Life and Letters

Writing has become an unexpected and important part of my life. Certainly, it’s no secret that writing is one of those rarely perfect forms of communication in which each word can be carefully selected to reflect the color of emotions, respond eloquently and passionately to a hurt, and to examine thought processes that run like the ticker tape in Time Square only hidden within the recesses of the mind, but I never really expected the written word to contain the embrace of a father I hadn’t… Continue

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Does anyone know...

If there is a way in groups/discussions to see the most recent posts first? Is there a setting box I can check to read from the present back, so that today's posts are on page 1, instead of the original posts?

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Eat, Pray and Huh?????

I saw a promo for the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”. As I understand it, the premise of this book/movie is a woman “finding” herself while traversing the world. I am sure that there are millions of us “everyday” people that can directly relate to being able to leave everything behind after a rough patch to view first hand the wonders of this amazing planet.


Am I to be so in awe of her actually pshawing the demons of carbs and enjoying pasta in the place where it… Continue

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Blog interviews

It seems to be a big thing, and an easy way to give and receive interviews, just send the questions or answer them via email. Sounds good, so now I am collecting questions for authors.

• What are you working on now?

• Can you say how the idea came to you?

• How does it relate to your past work?

• What’s your process? Characters first? Plot first? Outline? Write to find out what the story is? What processes have you experimented with?

• How… Continue

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I interviewed Kristen Schaal and Rich Blomquist about their book The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex

Click through to read my interview with comedian Kristen Schaal and The Daily Show writer Rich Blomquist about their new book The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex. It's my first piece for excellent AOL blog Lemondrop, of which I'm a big fan!…


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More on The Lit Coach's Guide

Related to my earlier post, NYT bestselling shock author Chuck Palahniuk and award winning journalist and radio host Diana Page Jordan join their workshop pals NYT bestselling author Chelsea Cain and Portland's best kept secret, Suzy Vitello Soule on The Lit Coach's Guide to The Writer's Life on Monday for a special two part blogshop on the power of… Continue

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Choosing a New Name for Grandma and Grandpa

It seems that middle aged people are having just about as much trouble naming themselves as they did naming their own new babies when they were born.

For years, when your daughter or son had a new baby, you were automatically Grandma or Grandpa . Not any more! The baby boomers have trouble taking on these ancient sounding titles.…


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Main Entry: id·i·ot

Function: noun

Date: 14th century

usually offensive; a foolish or stupid person

Often, when I was doing a workshop or class on technology, I would open with a joke. I would tell the assembled technology novices that, “Most all computer problems are caused by an I-D-ten-tee error.” Some of the rapt class would nod and murmur knowingly. Then I would write it out on the whiteboard - “I-D-10-T”. And I would turn and smile…and hopefully there would be a… Continue

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Mom: Thanks for the Love, Smarts and Listening

Today is your last day on the planet as a 37-year old (nudge nudge wink wink). Tomorrow, when you turn 38, please accept this post in lieu of an actual physical gift. As we know, the material world is so fleeting. Plus, I didn’t get it together to mail you anything.

Here's a partial commemoration of your extraordinary and oh-so-ordinary gifts:

Mom and me, NYC 1988. Photo by Jim Forbes.

LOVE. You may not have been the… Continue

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On Writing Loss

In the face of a dear one's death, Deborah Siegel contemplates when the written word is, and isn't, enough.

Last week, I lost a dear family friend. David, 69, was a jovial, generous man, kind in spirit and magnanimous in heart. He was a beloved ob/gyn, though not my own, and he helped me tremendously during my recent fertility journey, taking all my questions and calls. I'd known David all my life.… Continue

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Guest on Burried Under Books Blog

Today I am the guest of the wonderful Buried Under Books blog run by Creatures and Crooks Online Bookstore. There I talk about writing what you know. Check it out
Lorie Ham

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Should Memoirs and Biographies Really Tell All?

Sarah Glazer asks two prominent biographers if they’ve ever withheld information from their readers at sources’ request—and gets some surprising answers.

When writing your memoir, who claims the greatest loyalty—your reader or those family members you portray? This is one of the many ethical and style issues addressed in… Continue

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Antidote to Arrogance

Once a week, I teach creative writing in a correctional facility for men. We meet in a classroom on the lower floor of the prison, which one gets to by negotiating the usual labyrinth of corridors, past armed 'threshold guardians' of various sorts, descending flights of stairs going down, down, down, and a number of clanging gates. The classroom has a noisy window air conditioner - a GREAT luxury in this place -- a clutter of locked cabinets and battered chairs with built-in writing shelves… Continue

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