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Blogging Pet Peeves

I was crawling through my Wordpress blog, trying to find something I use as a first blog post on this website. I hope you guys don't mind me recycling in this manner. I have a heck of a time thinking up enough posts for one blog, let alone two. So here's the post I figured wasn't too opinionated or untimely to act as my entry into the She Writes blogging land:…


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"Scouted" on E!

Gillian Begins Her Transformation

Finally, a modeling reality TV program that has something to do with reality. The first episode of “Scouted” aired last night on E!, offering America an inside view of how new faces are discovered and, if deemed worthy, packaged for stardom. 

The team of scouters and packagers featured a host of familiar faces for me: Page Parkes, who was such a big supporter of Tear Sheet, a powerhouse in…


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Working Title Musings

‎331/85,250. There has been a suicide. Someone else is about to turn state's evidence. A boy clings to life. A girl rages. Only two people can pull this shit storm back together and they hate each other--or think they do.

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Working Title Musings

My elevator pitch: "I wanted to create a suite of contrasting characters, make you care about them, drop them in a situation that gets them all jacked up, f#ck them over, make everything fall to pieces, then bring it on home for a happy ending."

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Christmas scenes in novels


With Christmas getting closer, I've written a blog post about using Christmas scenes when writing a novel.



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Brownie kind of day

Check out my blog: Brownie kind of day

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The Return of the Short Story

Editor's Note:

I tried, in the beginning, to write in an strict, numerical order while compiling this ongoing short story in progress. Now, I think it may be easier if I document specific anecdotes first, then link them together later as they fit. For those inclined to read these segments, perhaps one can see the creative process at work.


I remember the happy times spent together. The night-long rainstorm we meandered through, in no hurry, while…


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A Thanksgiving Addendum


I’m delighted to see an e-mail in my inbox today inviting SheWriters to post about Thanksgiving even though Thanksgiving Day was a week ago. I planned all last week to post something about the holiday because it is my favorite, but planning and preparing for the day and then enjoying family members who gathered at my house to celebrate ate up all my available time and then some. What I wanted to say was how grateful I am at Thanksgiving and every day for…


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Bursting With Creative Energy! (And the Dark Side?)

Nowadays “creativity” has become such a buzzword, it’s no longer something relegated to the fringes of society, but becoming more and more an integral aspect of surviving in a tough economic climate. Whether it’s innovating a new solution to an old, pesky problem to writing a blog post, to even traditionally analog activities like drawing–creativity is in. Tips on how to improve and increase creativity abound, from Behance to the Harvard Business Review Blog.

Behance’s 99% blog…


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Welcome Sheri McCartha, Author of Caught in Time


What if you were a time traveler and went back a thousand years into the past? How much of a concern would food be for you? What present-day foods would you miss the most? In my novel, Caught In Time, my main character, Rowyna, travels back into Alysia's Medieval past, and…


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What is your Paradigm?

Have you ever been asked that question?  It’s an odd question but one that high school debaters regularly ask their judges before a debate round.  The first time a competitor asked me about my paradigm before a round, I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about.  “My paradigm?  Uhhh . . . ”  Apparently, that response gave them all the information they needed because they said, “never mind” and continued with the debate.

Now that I have coached Speech and Debate for several…


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World AIDS Day

Sometimes it seems like an entire lifetime has passed between my first awareness of HIV and today. Today I woke up and remembered that it's December 1, and a flood of memories came crashing down on me, most strongly what my first introduction to what AIDS was. A history teacher at my little high school in Santa Fe…


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My first accepted/published short story is live on this morning!

The Title of my Short Story is "Catch The Air" by Sara Davis.  It's a dark and brutal story of vengeance, so if you're looking for butterflies and love songs, you won't find 'em there.  :)

I'm including a link to the site, it doesn't seem fair to just link to my story because there are several great stories, poems and writers on the site.  Please check it out! 

Catch The Air



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RRR Presents Elizabeth Black - New Erotic Werewolf Series!

Elizabeth gives us the skinny on her new erotica Werewolf series ~ and let me tell you…it’s a hottie. She’s also offering a free read as an introduction to her series. Interesting, sexy, and fun...Elizabeth knows how to write erotica. Visit with Elizabeth and her characters here:


Be ready for some fun! See you there,

Kay Dee…


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Elias Redstone's 'ArchiZines'

Writer Elias Redstone has curated an online exhibition, "ArchiZies", comprising journals, magazines, pamphlets, print-on-demand newsletters, and "fanzines" he's collected while traveling the world. As my post explains, the still expanding archive celebrates the publication of architectural commentary, criticism, and research. In addition to the online exhibition, a physical exhibition of a selection of Redstone's collection is on view in London:…


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Memories...or, why I write

This story is part of a series on Writing and Memories that was commissioned by Cori Howard, the instructor of the SheWrites online class, Writing for Moms. Each story in this series is written by one of the students in these classes. The next session starts in January. Click here for more…

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:: cwmorthin ::

I will take you to the slate.

Blaenau Ffestiniog,


Cwm Orthin lost and gone.

It lays all around, littered

sliding, sparkling with rain.



grey and ugly they say

but have they sat a while,

storage heaters and thrones,

they are, the slates

perfumed moss and earth.


we will wander up the rise

where mothers push the buggies,

and boys off road from Croesor

mud and…


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Kids, Chores & Popcorn Friday

There was a little throwdown at Popcorn Friday at the elementary school last week. Somehow, with five moms and one dad huddled around a popcorn maker and 400 brown bags of kernels popped, the subject of being so busy they don’t even have time to clean the house came up.

And one mom pointed out that Stephanie – the brunette holding a shaker of Ranch flavoring in her hand - did not mop her kitchen floor.

A little sigh of relief went through the group.

Then came the…


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Freckles the Purple Spekled Frog

Freckles looked down and seen what looked like a soft red carpet. He took one

giant leap down and couldn’t wait to land on the soft red carpet. His sore feet landed and

Freckles slipped down to the cold ground. These strawberries are slippery but yummy.

As he cleaned himself up he studied the tangled vines. He remembered reading about

monkeys swinging from vine to vine. Oh what a fun place this would be to live. It also

has food and shade. But when he tried…


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