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Folk Wisdom for the Modern Age

At meeting this past Sunday a Friend's message asked for help. Specifically she described a particular situation that was troubling her, namely the latest development of our militaristic society, the way that technology-based warfare can create atrocities just as easily as human hands. In so doing, she asked for specific prayers from those gathered for worship. I believe she was lamenting, in part, how human achievement can be so useful and so destructive at the same time. Many Friends rose to… Continue

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Veronika Decides to Die

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There are some books that seem to stick with you. Veronika Decides to Die, by Paolo Coelho, is one of them. I'm realizing how cliche that sounds so I had better explain. I'm talking about books that you read once but for some reason, it pops up in… Continue

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Sometimes I think I'll dig it out

like it's a splinter just under my skin

or bandaid it over, yeah

let it scab up

like a mosquito bite that's been scratched to bleeding

just want to be done, finished and over

I'm sick of this constant reminder

yeah, you keep reminding me

so I poke around the edges

push a bit to feel

and it seems it's in a bit deeper than that

yeah no chance

of stopping that itch

so if it can't be pulled… Continue

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Speaking While Upset: Moving from Destructive to Constructive in 6 Simple Steps

Why are your "talks" about difficult and painful topics still unsatisfying and unproductive even after you take time to "calm down?" How can you shift these communications from fault finding and defensiveness to listening and being heard? How do you finally move from Destructive to Constructive conversations?


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Best American series always good for inspiration

Read more about the Best American Mystery Stories 2010.

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Girl, 20, Takes Law into Her Own Hands

In a lawless area of Mexico where police officers frequently quit because of low pay and high risks, where police chiefs and mayors are regularly murdered, and where drug cartels seem to be in control, one town’s solution to these problems is more remarkable than any movie I’ve ever watched. The town of Praxedis G. Guerrero, near Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, has hired a 20-year-old woman to serve as police chief. Marisol Valles Garcia, the young woman who… Continue

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Reclaiming Self

Lately, I have really been trying to be mindful, and have a mind-body connection because I feel disconnected inside. Logically I know stress can kill, but I put so much of myself into others, most days I often run on empty.

I repeat the mantra, “I have to take care of myself first, or I can’t take care of my family.” But, somehow I still feel as if I am holding the short end of the stick. Guilt overtakes me when I get a pedicure. Many days, I’ve run a proverbial marathon before… Continue

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Hi Friends

First and foremost I would like to say how sorry I am for being away so long. I have been quite busy and it has taken me until now, with the new weekly update - that has brought me back to say hello - without excuses.

Since Maureen invited me to so much has happened. Maureen Doallas wrote a wonderful interview in June on her blog and I was so pleased, as… Continue

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Should Reading Cause Stress?

I’m not going to lie. I’ve been really, really stressed about reading during the past month and half. As fall and winter book releases have piled up on my living room table, the stack now looks a bit like the leaning tower of Pisa, lumbering over the number of calendar days in which I have to read them. It’s not unusual, I think, for lovers of books to be overwhelmed with more books than time. For me, the added pressure of that awful word – deadline – zaps a bit of the pleasure out of… Continue

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The Meaning of Being Haitian

This new poem incorporates a Carry on Tuesday prompt and is a response to a CNN post I saw this morning.

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I watched "Tales from the Script" yesterday. It's a documentary about screenplay writers and the survival game in Hollywood. Check it out!

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Dear Fancy Nancy (aka Jane O'Connor/Robin Preiss Glasser):

I love you!

Thank you for your book "Ooh La La! It's Beauty Day." My five year old daughter found the instructions for setting up her own Oh La La! Spa to be devine (that's fancy for perfect). She swapped out the directions for the honey masque for an exfoliation one I had, but it did not diminish the experience one bit (just so you know).

After placing the cucumber slices on my eyelids, she asked me to lay down on the couch, then she serenaded (that's fancy for playing a… Continue

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When I told my husband I had been asked to write an article about bullying, he was naturally confused. “You are writing about BOWLING? But you don’t know anything about bowling!”

“No! I am writing about BULLYING.”

“Really? What is the theme?”

“What are you talking about? You think there are pros and cons to bullying?”

“Well, I suppose that there is a positive side to it. If you were to ask a bully.”

“You want me to interview a bully and… Continue

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I am a Canadian author of children’s books. I live in Manitoba, Canada with my husband of forty-one years. A teacher by profession, I have specialized in the primary grades and in Special Education w…

I am a Canadian author of children’s books. I live in Manitoba, Canada with my husband of forty-one years. A teacher by profession, I have specialized in the primary grades and in Special Education within the Turtle River School Division. I am the grandmother of four.

My published works include: Petunia, the Naughty, Little Lamb and Elmer, The Hot Dog Loving Rooster. My latest publications are Bubble, Bubble, Pop! - Stories for Children of All Ages and The Rescue.

Drawing from my life… Continue

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Pregnant Pause: essay on mothering, writing and research (up on my blog)

A while ago I wrote a post on failure and returning to the first-person voice at I told how I'd worked on an essay that got rejected countless times before it found its form and its home.

That essay has now appeared in the journal Feminist Formations, in an issue about the body.

Called "Pregnant Pause: On Ona Šimaitė, Research, Writing, and Motherhood," my essay explores the riddle of being a writer… Continue

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Q&A with The Lit Coach

Today on The Lit Coach's Guide, I answer several questions submitted by writers in part one of Q&A with The Lit Coach. Topics include: finding your writing path; marketing memoir to agents; to prologue or not to prologue (when submitting to agents); and how to know if it's your query letter that's holding you back or your manuscript!

Q&A with The Lit Coach is a once monthly feature on The Lit Coach's Guide to The… Continue

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Obligatory scenes and stating the obvious - why you can't coast

Sometimes writers have to state the obvious or

put in a scene everybody is expecting. But that’s

not a licence to coast. Here’s how Stephen King’s

The Green Mile makes an obligatory scene into

something special

Stephen King’s The Green Mile is a story about the lives of guards on death row. One of the first things it does is set the scene with an execution.

Some writers might coast here – surely the material is startling enough that you don’t have to do… Continue

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Female MisBehavior Or A Matter of Voice?

In her review of Laurel Thatcher Ulrich’s wonderful book Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History, Kathryn Harrison of the New York Times wrote, “Much of what is characterized as female ‘misbehavior’ is a matter of voice—of a woman insisting she be heard: paid not only attention, but also the respect due a being as fully human and necessary as a man.”

When I read these words, something resonated deep within me. And as I began a deeper examination into the stories of women who… Continue

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