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A Touch of Humor. This Week's Laugh!

Envy the Rich? Wait Until You See Their Wallpaper!


Growing up in the Litchfield Hills I was an avid audience to a great many humorous moments. I was part of a wonderful family, living in horrific winter weather that made me feel like I was constantly starring in Kramer vs. Kramer, in a small unheard-of New England town. This community was filled with…


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If It's Flaccid, Run! Or...Maybe Not...   May December romances are usually between older men and younger women. Men want women who can breed, and young women want security (read: big...huge....walle…

If It's Flaccid, Run! Or...Maybe Not...


May December romances are usually between older men and younger women. Men want women who can breed, and young women want security (read: big...huge....wallet).


Maybe it's not such a bad idea, age difference in relationships. My daughters make me cry with their dating…


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Laughing Into the Camera

It occurred to me the other day that my three major writings, a full-length play called “My Lady’s Hand”, a novel “Riversong”, and my current manuscript titled, “Duet For Three Hands” are all about the same thing.  A devastating tragedy occurs, leaving my main characters hopeless, lost, terribly sad and with no choice but to start again, which they do.

One doesn’t have to spend too much time with a therapist to understand why.

It was the mid-nineties.  My mother was fifty, at…


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The Martian Chronicles, by Ray Bradbury

The other day I walked past the house where we lived until I was five and was surprised all over again. No matter how many times I've visited it as an adult, I always forget that it is green now, not the white I remember. And the back yard that stretched an unimaginable distance now seems no more than a patch of grass with a few bushes around the edges. Even the tree that once held the bees that stung all of us during a memorable picnic lunch is gone. I remember my mother hanging sheets in…


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The Right to Write, or Whose Story is This Anyway?

As I work on my newest project, an essay (and eventually a book) that tells the story of my grandmother's 17-year forced exile to Siberia, I worry about cannibalizing others' memories. What is a biographer's or memoirist's responsibility is to those whose lives intersect with her work? To read more and to comment on this question, come visit:

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A Day In the Life of The Topanga Magician

Having dropped his children at their school, the most famous magician in the world was having long, long thoughts about what to do with himself over his third cup of coffee at The Water Lily – a public debauch that sent many of his neighbors running to Mimosa when they saw his truck parked outside.

Hours later the magician sat in the parking lot in front of the post office, looking for a playmate. The last thing…

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Re-Inventing The Wheel In Relationships





Funny how we would always expect to be taught or learn from others in a job, but the same often doesn't apply in…


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Back to School

No, I’m not talking about Rodney Dangerfield’s movie Back to School, but I did love that flick. It was so funny. I am however heading back to school next month, but only for three days. The nice folks down in Carteret County have invited me to share with their middle and high school students a little about my novel, Guardian Spirit. I am so honored to be able to share my story with young people. I sometimes wonder if I would have been more determined to become a published…


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There sometimes is no way to truly accept something but by learning it the hard way. I have been there and know while I would have much preferred to have these brilliant facts of life simply slip into my being without experiencing the sometimes awkward and often painful acknowledgment of their truths, I am at least relieved to know I have learned these at last.



     It is far easier to hold a grudge but far more painful…


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Monday Muse: Reading "Applies to Oranges'

Today's post is a review of a new and wonderful collection of poetry by Maureen Thorson.

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Eternal Bondage - A poem.

Check out my poem about mental illness - at least my experience of it. It's called Eternal Bondage.

Love you to leave feedback regarding its technicality. I know little about such things in relation of my poetry. I'm a stream of consciousness writer. Though I have written 'formed' poetry' too. I'm self taught (and you can tell no doubt ;C). Any hints would be warmyly appreciated.

Also, if this is relevant to anyone, the poem is presented as my input to the link up I host every Monday… Continue

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It's just the kind of girl I am

JoJo's So called life


please follow me via google. I only need one more to make it up to 80!! hooray! x

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The Mountains Bow Down Review and Giveaway

Not only did the latest installment of my favorite mystery series teach me what a phillumenist is (I'll wait while you look it up), it also spurred me to rearrange my destination wish list (for all those "someday" trips) by bumping an Alaskan cruise up to 4th place. (Israel's still number one.) Plus the story provided a grand adventure with an exciting climax!

However, when…


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The History of Royal Hawaiian Jewelry


When I first moved to Hawaii, I was quite impressed with the amount and quality of jewelry that many of the older Hawaiian women wore. It was not uncommon to see four or five solid gold bracelets and three or more golden necklaces adorning their arms and necks. I was curious as to why these pretty women had to wear so…


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Update on the Libyan woman who alleged rape remains missing

We watch with horror events unfolding in libya. A woman who was beaten and carted away by plainclothes security officials after she told journalists she had been brutally gang-raped by Gaddafi 's militiamen remained missing Sunday even as she became a worldwide symbol of defiance against the regime.

A government official said Iman Obeidi was safe, free and with her family but provided no proof to back up his statement. The Libyan official, Musa Ibrahim, described the woman as a single…


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Radical Eve

Hello wonderful She Writes friends I just added a new post to my Radical RevLa blog. I invite you all to come take a look at our Radical Women of the bible first installment of the series. Please enjoy our take on Eve.

Eve in her own right was a…


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Remembering my voice

“When I dare to be powerful – to use my strength in the service of my vision – then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” – Audre Lorde


Owning my voice and knowing my unique place in the world is something I’ve struggled with for many years. I know this is something that many of us deal with and I believe part of the problem has to do with living into pre-defined roles and expectations set by society, culture, our families, and even ourselves. …


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It's Just the kind of girl I am

JoJo's So Called Life


I'd like to make it up to 80 followers on google so please if you like my blog follow me. x

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Never Never Never Give Up - Elle Newmark

Publishing news on the Web is mainly a copycat, me-too proposition, fertilized with very little original news-gathering.  Thus, though newsletters and websites about publishing and the ebook phenomenon abound, the stories tend to merely repeat what another site or newsletter has already said (change a few words and publish it as your own story). That's why the names of self-published novelists Amanda Hocking and JA Konrath are currently popping up all over the Web as examples of…


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