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The Difference Is Time

Hope springs eternal in the human breast ~ A. Pope

Alexander Pope just didn’t understand women. How can one have anything springing when the boobs drag along the ground if let free and wild? My hope was dashed when my breast reached a great size for about 4 days and then naughty Newton’s creation, gravity took over.

I was never a Hot One. I was back in the pack trying to see how I could salvage myself. Just as I thought I was making it to the breakout zone, I hit the… Continue

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A felony was committed in our garage last Sunday night. This is a moral tale, and I encourage those of you reading this to share it with any youths in your spheres that you feel may be heading for lives of lawlessness. This is a tale of the id conquering the ego. This is a tale of youth gone terribly wrong. This is a tale of crime not paying.

My spouse has spent the better part of his adult life choosing pastimes that take him so far off the beaten path that I have often wondered why… Continue

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Linda Johnson Rice on her new CEO Desiree Rogers: 'I'll let Desiree be Desiree and all that goes with that'

Johnson Publishing executives talk about the next chapter for Ebony mag in this NYT story. Click to see the great pictures.

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Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

Today's new edition of Web finds features the fun site Cake Britain; Telling Their Stories, offering photographic documentation of New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina; the poetry site How Pedestrian; How Publishing Really Works; the Learning Network at The New York Times; and Henry Jun Wah Lee's marvelous "Joshua Tree Under the Milky Way", a time-lapse video of the Perseids meteor shower.…


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Is writing a catalyst for doom?

There are many spiritual elements to writing the book In Wake of a Following, and with them, comes fear. I worry that stirring up memories from the 1950s Virgin Mary sightings will release a measure of bad karma. My investigation is a lot like descending into a dank, unlit basement. Deep down, I’m troubled. With each bad thing that happens to my loved ones – my sister’s cancer, financial stress, a recent car crash – I wonder. Is my writing obsession a catalyst of doom?

I… Continue

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Walking the Tightrope

You know me, I am inundated with suspicious beliefs, some silly, some not so. But one I have always believed in is not putting new shoes on the table. Something my dad used to say and something I took as a suspicion I should take notice of. So what did the Farmer do this week? You guessed it; he put my newly delivered shoes on the kitchen table and left me in a state of panic!

Please go to my… Continue

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The 3 S's: Share, Save, Spend

Share, Save, Spend.

This was the focus at church this past weekend. I am not going to get all preachy on you or lay any religious guilt across your already burdened shoulders. It is just that this struck a chord within me and I felt like sharing. Hey, my blog, my rules. :)

We had a speaker, Mr. Nathan Dungan, rather than the usual pastor sermon. He is the founder of Share, Save, Spend, "a Minneapolis based organization that… Continue

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Hamlet, Harry, and Heatclif Expelled: Call to Action

October 2 marks the final day of Banned Books Week 2010. Mention book banning and many think of the usual suspects: totalitarian regimes burning George Orwell’s1984 in distant lands long ago. Or old school censorship of rebels like J. D. Salinger or D. H. Lawrence. Most remember the ruckus in the '50s and '60s over Catcher in the Rye and the British ban until 1960 on printing Lady… Continue

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I'm part of Seth Kushner's CulturePOP Season 2!

Read more at Graphic NYC - I'm so so excited to be part of this, it'll be late November, just after I turn 35, when Best Bondage Erotica 2011 will be out. I'm gonna do lots of other great stuff around the book, including a… Continue

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Orgasmic: Erotic Stories for Women now available on Kindle

Click through below to buy Orgasmic: Erotic Stories for Women on Kindle, or click here to watch the book trailer and read the table of contents and introduction.

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Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

By Pamela Fagan Hutchins

Copyright 2010 Pamela Fagan Hutchins All Rights Reserved

For more like this:

WARNING: If you are looking for funny Pamelot, she took the day off to commemorate a serious anniversary.

Caption of picture:Some things have to come first:

Sami, Eric, Michelle, and… Continue

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The Best Laid Plans of Cardinals and Men

The Best Laid Plans of Cardinals and Men

By Pamela Fagan Hutchins

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Copyright 2010 Pamela Fagan Hutchins, All Rights Reserved

Caption: Rest in Peace my fine-

feathered friend

I am a planner. I plan and schedule and plot, much to the delight of my engineer/cyclist husband, who loves to live by a… Continue

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He Who Laughs Last

He Who Laughs Last

Posted by Pamela on August 31, 2010 • Copyright Pamela Fagan Hutchins 2010 All Rights Reserved 22 Comments

Most of you probably remember the hilarious scene in Caddyshack where a floater causes mass exodus of the swimming pool, then the pool boy fishes it out with his net and eats it, because it’s only a Baby Ruth?

Well, this story is a lot like Caddyshack. For… Continue

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Say My Name, Say My Name

Say My Name, Say My Name

By Pamela Fagan Hutchins

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Copyright 2010 Pamela Fagan Hutchins All Rights Reserved

Caption:Dear iPhone: The desktop is loyal.

What's your problem? Watch it or I'll

sell you on ebay and buy a 'droid.

Yours, Pamelot

My husband traveled to Tulsa this week. I… Continue

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Member News Week Ending October 2, 2010

Patricia Anne McGoldrick had a guest post on Women on Writing's The Muffin titled Friday Speak Out!: Bookmaking--Commonplace!. In addition, her poem, Before Petroleum has been accepted for an upcoming anthology about Oil and Water.

An agent has asked to see… Continue

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Next on The Lit Coach's Guide to The Writer's Life

Join us Monday as Literary Agent Claire Gerus stops The Lit Coach's Guide to The Writer's Life to discuss how writers can best present themselves to her agency. I'll be talking about why setting clear goals is so important to your publishing success BEFORE you approach the industry and how to impress an agent or editor with your action plan to get there! GOALS will be our focus this month.

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The Tease

WOW! Women On Writing


Dear Densie,

Congratulations!You’ve successfully made it through First Round Judging in the WOW! Summer 2010 Flash Fiction Contest. Your entry has officially been given the thumbs-up, and you’re well on your way!In the sections below, you’ll find information on first round judging, your contest schedule, the new flash fiction contest, some classes you may be interested in, and information about your guest…

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Quote Drive: What’s Your Favorite Quote by a Woman?

Deborah Siegel harnesses the wisdom of the She Writes quote borg. Got quote? Post it here!

You’ve heard of a coat drive, right? Well today here on She Writes, Kamy and I would like to introduce The Quote Drive (Kamy's ingenious phrase). Just as coats provide warmth in wind and gale, words from women—and in particular, women writers—can both comfort and heat up our soul. But I’m quitting with… Continue

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Harvesting October Memories

Every year, the beginning of October forces me to recall the exact dates of two important events in my life, and every year I need to resort to salvaged agenda books and newspaper clippings. Normally I am very good with remembering numbers and details, but I seem to always block these two out.

On October 2, 1957, my father was electrocuted while working on a utility pole.

69,000 volts. He was twenty-six, and I was four. The photo made the front page of The Harrisburg Patriot—… Continue

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We are dimished by every broken heart

As many of you know, both my brothers died by suicide, and so, whenever I turn on the news and hear a report of another life being lost to despair and hopelessness, the little shard of ice in my chest which never quite melts, twists a little.

This week, Tyler Clementi, a student at Rutgers University, jumped off the George Washington bridge after his roommate and a another student secretly videoed a sexual encounter between Tyler and another man and then posted it on the internet.… Continue

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