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A Letter to a Younger Sister from Her Older Sister



My Sister,


I’m in awe. Sweet staccato sounds emanate from your fingers as you wave them so magically above your violin. Your face is scrunched in the same concentration you used to have when you would try to remember what show you…


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Two Paths Diverged by Judy Bolton- Fasman

If Wes Moore’s memoir had not actually happened, it would be a neat parable of two radically different lives that diverged from the same starting point. Moore is the author of a book I can’t stop thinking about called “The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates.”

Around the time that the author became Johns Hopkins University’s first Rhodes Scholar in 13 years and the university’s first African- American Rhodes scholar, another Wes Moore – a contemporary – was wanted for the murder… Continue

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A Conversation with children’s author Anna Pinette


Childsplay101 meet Mrs. Anna Pinette, a woman native to a small village known as Ste. Rose du Lac, Manitoba. Anna has lived in Ste. Rose du Lac her entire life other than the time she spent training at the University of Manitoba to become a teacher. At a very young age, Anna immersed herself in books. She was defined as the studious kind who loved school, especially Language Arts. 


Throughout Anna’s adult…


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It Could Be America

 As we watch from the comfort of our homes with our families we need to think. Think about this same type event happening in your community. We need to ask ourselves these questions.

What would be the first thing you would do? Who would you try to get in touch with?

How would you feel if you could not reach that special someone? Can you imagine not having any clothes to wear except the ones you have on? Can you imagine being thirsty and not having anything to drink, not even…


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Inspiring Women: Cynthia Eden (Women's History Appreciation Month)

To follow up on my last post made in honor of International Women's History Day and Women's Appreciation Month, I'm sharing another story from a celebrated author inspired by other celebrated authors. I had the opportunity to ask the quick, energetic, prolific and super-creative Cynthia Eden about the women who inspire her in her own writing. Here's what she said:


"When I think of famous women who have inspired me, I immediately picture Clara Barton. In my mind, I can see her…


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St. Patrick's Day is almost upon us... I decided to dig through my old pix of Ireland and see what I could find for the wearing o' the green.…


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Self-Editing at the Story Level

Today Larry Brooks is guest posting on my site, explaining exactly what a professional writer accomplishes on their own and what they look for in a story editor.


And why.


Join us for Self-Editing at the Story Level

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A Ghost in My Quilt

After a whirlwind 24-hours in New York City to promote my book and attend an award ceremony, I arrived at my sister Sarah’s farmhouse in Northern Vermont ready to relax and enjoy the deep piles of New England snow.

Straight out of a…


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Sojourn With A Stranger Release March 26th!

Sojourn With A Stranger

A Paranormal/Historical

Keta Diablo


I'm pleased to announce my latest release (March 26th)!  Here's the blurb about the…


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Sister to Sister

Let me help you with all your pain. Let me help carry your burdens, let me ease your pain my sister. Do I have the strong shoulders needed to help you, I do. My love for you, my precious sis, is so deep like that of the ocean, with its dark places but yet so open, so inviting.

My precious sister, you are such a strong and beautiful woman, like that of the world with all her mystery and beauty. Like the wind as it blows, like the rain as it cleans, like the day as it… Continue

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“Mummy, the cat’s gone!”

You are staking the foxgloves and are on the point of giving the whole border a feeding of manure water.

“Are you sure, little lamb, have you looked all over?”

“Then climb into the car.”

Round and round you circle – Bainum, Grandview, Observation, Sischo, Croyden, Medley, Tuna, Bowers, Horseshoe, Basin.

“Have you seen a lovely little cat with a little attitude and a…

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Intentional Insights - Healing the PTSD of Paranormal Probing

This week's inquiry is a comment from my last article Paranormal Investigating - Troubleshooting the Middle World.  Kelley, you said "Should you find residuals from the encounter with these spirits – things like paranoia, troublesome thought or behavior patterns that disrupt your daily life – these are indications that your PTSD switch for paranormal experiences has been flipped on and you… Continue

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Poetry and Communication in the Digital Age

In a few weeks, I'm supposed to take part in a panel discussion titled "Poetry and Communication in the Digital Age." The fact that I've been asked to participate in this forum strikes me as slightly comical, though of course on the surface it makes sense. Here I am chattering away to you on this blog. I do all of my writing on a laptop. Given the increasing cost of postage, I appreciate journals' move toward online submissions. I occasionally promote my writing and teaching on group sites such… Continue

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Getting Past the Sally Field Moment: Personal Reflections on selling over 10,000 copies of Maids of Misfortune

You see, I had planned to make a big deal of it when I passed the 10,000 mark, you know, balloons, go out to dinner, celebrate. Then today, when I needed a break from writing, that thing writers do to procrastinate, I added up my sales to date and discovered I had passed the mark some days ago. I confess I had my sixty seconds when I thought, OMG, 10,000 people like me/ahem I mean 10,000 people like my book, but pretty quickly I realized this number had a much deeper meaning to…


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How Much Is Too Much?

“Less is more” ~Robert Browning

“More is more” ~Unknown

When it comes to certain things in life – especially those we seek out for their pleasurable qualities – how do you know how much is the right amount?

Whether it’s booze, shopping, TV, sleep, food, exercise, sex, work…even relaxing or keeping busy, how much is too much and when do you know you’ve crossed the…


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Old High School Hurts

The other morning, I awoke to a cold, rainy day. I got the kids off to school and made the long commute to my office via the staircase. I sat at my desk, my coffee in my hands and my feet propped up, listening to the rain. It was a few minutes before 7:00a and it was still dark outside. I knew any motivation I might have to get dressed and go to the gym was slowly fading away. I needed to do something to cheer me up a little, and to keep me from commuting back to my bedroom and crawling…


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The Decline and Near Fall of the Mainstream Media Empire


Finally confirming a trend that many have long noted, the Los Angeles Times on Monday concluded that yes, more people now get…


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'More Like You Than Not'

Today's post is about the forthcoming release of "Wretches & Jabberers", a new documentary about Tracy Thresher and Larry Bissonnette, two middle-age Vermonters, advocates for persons with disabilities, world travelers, both of whom have autism. The film is the story of their global adventure to change stereotypical attitudes about disability, communication, and intelligence.


I've included the official trailer and links to related information about the film and…


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