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How To Make Learning Math + Science + Reading = FUN

A few months age, The Wall Street Journal's  Friday Journal (November 5, 2010) splashed the headline: "The Turf War for Tots:  In TV's battle for the hearts and minds of preschoolers,… Continue

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Pretty in Pink: Peggy Orenstein Dissects the Girlie-girl culture By Judy Bolton-Fasman

For the past two decades, Peggy Orenstein has had her finger on the pulse of contemporary girl culture. The author of three acclaimed books on girlhood as well as a poignant memoir about her arduous journey to motherhood, Orenstein takes on mass marketing and the Disney machine in her latest book, “Cinderella Ate My Daughter: Dispatches From the Front Lines of the New Girlie-Girl Culture.”

Orenstein, who lives in Berkeley, Calif., sends her dispatches from places as varied as toy… Continue

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A SUBMISSION MOVEMENT: Send Out One Dozen Submissions This Month


I'd like to start a writerly movement of sorts. I want every woman writer I know to send out ONE DOZEN SUBMISSIONS THIS MONTH. That gives us two weeks to polish up some work and get our writing into editors' hands. Send out twelve poems or stories, or send out one piece a dozen times. If your work gets rejected, so be…


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Does Goodness Always Prevail?

Many of the morals and principles that we live by throughout our life were ingrained in us by our parents when we were young.  Among other things, parents are largely responsible for building the character of their children.  They are our role models.  Children are sponges—they absorb all that they see, hear, and feel. …


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Dancing with Words

I find myself often dancing with words in the liminal space between borders. As a performance poet, I memorize my poems, dress up and act them out theatrically. I have performed bilingual poems to a mostly English speaking audience, performed poetry in galleries and community centers, created events with artists, musicians, and healers as well as poets. And my favorite project: an art installation developed from writing workshops for youth in crisis, some of them homeless, some of them with…


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216th Good Thing about Unemployment

You could care less who moved the cheese.

All of my good things are…


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The Shape (and sound and smell and taste) of Things

A lot of people ask me if I miss drinking and I’m never quite sure how to answer; it’s so complicated. I enjoyed drinking for many reasons. Reasons separate from those that ultimately caused me to stop.

People often assume that those who have a drinking problem like the feeling of being drunk. Perhaps some do; after about the age of 20, I was not one of them. I liked the initial softening of hard edges, the relaxation that washed over me. But I could rarely hold myself at that…


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State of Siege

I recently had occasion to see a new documentary, "State of Siege", about Mississippi's history during the Civil Rights Movement. The content is perhaps surprising and certainly enlightening. My feature about it is here:

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Being Silent Never Makes Change

African American women are just supposed to keep quiet about this kind of thing; [they are told] that they should not speak publicly against a successful African American man, and that this is just not good for the community to have this kind of dirty laundry, if you will, aired publicly.” ~ Anucha Browne Sanders

While it is important to speak up when you are exposed to sexual or other forms of harassment, as with any decision that has career and personal implications, you…


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An Interview with Adlai Stevenson III, Part Three: Religion in American Life

While in the midst of a discussion about the vast unchecked growth of the military, the subject of religion entered our interview. While on the subject, I mentioned that I am a Quaker, and opposed to the very existence of a military. We then began to chat briefly about the connection between church membership and political allegiance. Senator… Continue

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Another Slave is Born

Did you know there are over 5 billion cell phone users in the United States?  Neither did I.  I can remember the days when we didn’t have cell phones.  No texting.  No internet at our fingertips.  Hell, no internet.  Communicating was a little slower, and it was more difficult to find your husband in the mall, but we survived.



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Around She Writes - February 16, 2011

Here is what you might have missed around She Writes this past week ---


So What's Your 6-Word Memoir on Love & Heartbreak? Are you participating in the…


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The Simple Life

There are so many issues surrounding our world today; financial doom and gloom together with poorly conducted council affairs, but there comes a time when one feels watching the news is simply depressing.



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The Simple Life

There are so many issues surrounding our world today; financial doom and gloom together with poorly conducted council affairs, but there comes a time when one feels watching the news is simply depressing.



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Notes From The Road

My mother and I were eating arugula salads today in a bookstore in New Haven called Atticus Books. The Foremost Good Fortune wasn’t on the shelves of the New Non-Fiction. We went up the register. My mother asked where my book was. Then the manager looked my book up. “Wait,” she said. “We just got twelve in!” So she ran to the stock room. She brought back an armload, and I signed six of them and then she said, “This is so exciting, I can’t wait to put them on the shelf.” It was kind of… Continue

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Amy Chua's Hubris- Where the Tiger Mother Fails

SuperMommy and her Super Sisters as small…

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Why should I give up my seat for you just because you're pregnant?

You could only ask this question if you were a man. It's OK, I get it. You have never been pregnant and you never will be. If your wife or girlfriend falls pregnant you may write cheerful emails to people saying 'we're pregnant' or reminisce about a time… Continue

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