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I'm uncomfortable with Facebook.  I understand not being on Facebook qualifies as Neanderthal, yet I truly believe we give up a large piece of our privacy once we officially enter the site.  Have you ever tried to "unFacebook?"  It's like signing a petition or putting your name on the roster of some meeting you have attended. The information is indelible. How do you feel about this deep down?

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Need Motivation to Write? Go Back to School!

“That’s an interesting idea,” my friend the agent said.

Interesting, yes, and admittedly unusual. I had just explained to him that I decided to do a master of fine arts in creative writing program, primarily to force myself to finish the memoir I’ve been trying to write for three years. Over those years, I finished a first chapter and pieces of several other chapters, but hadn’t been able to find much traction, despite the urgings of another agent friend in New York who said he’d be…


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Review first posted at:

A blog on multiculturalism in children's literature

Trilingual Picture Book Review:…


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Book Review: Evolution of Fashion vs. Dress Design

What makes fashion so provocative?  Where did princess Ardala get her horned headdress in the Buck Rogers TV series?  Where did the sisters of Paul Atreides's mom get their steeple hats?

Please check out my 25 second video at the bottom of my blog.




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Lost Poems

I wrote two poems that I saved to my main computer.  Recently, during a hard drive back-up process, those poems were lost.


I am NOT a happy camper.  :(


Just found out that everything else we thought was lost when the back-up drive supposedly went kaput was just fine and dandy.  But those two poems?  Gone.  


Words can't describe my frustration and anger.  Grr!!!


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Mystery short story in new issue of Kings River Life & much more

Today's new issue of Kings River Life has a mystery short story by author Serita Stevens-a former Edgar award nominee story called "The Unborn"
Lorie Ham

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In Pursuit of Culture.

In Pursuit of Culture.

“Darling,” said Brynhildr , “it’s appalling. What are we doing about culture? You’ve become positively stunted. You must come with me to one of my lectures. We can’t have you boring our guests anymore with your old theater anecdotes.”

Troll squirmed on the canvas chair, covered in welts and calamine lotion, cursing the poison oak. Lurking in the wild woods of Topanga where the…

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How a Novel Gets Published: Book Tour Plans, Websites, and Press Releases

This week's pre-publication taks: finalize press release materials and tour details. I had a lovely chat with Lisa Barnes from Random House about book tour cities and travel details, among other things. We finalized a lovely press release and cover letter for The Four Ms. Bradwells (really, when I read…


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Top Self-Help Author Competition

I've just entered Hampton Roads' "Top Self-Help Author" competition and would love to have your help.  Part of the judging is based on my ability to get people to vote for me and the book.  They say, "Once a book is written, you're 5% done," so they really want to know that an author has a "platform" or can handle social media and internet marketing.  It is definitely a new world.


My book is Dragon Country ... an adventure in transforming your life ... there is a…


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The Truth Behind Educational Management

As chair of the English department for my school in [well, I better omit that, but its in the DC/Metro area], I was asked to give an opinion on why the students performed poorly on their lowest six skill indicators, questions designed to test a specific skill, (three for seventh grade and three for eighth grade).  The other instructors and I were shocked when we realized the students performed poorly on only two of those six questions.  Analysis of the remaining questions…


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Book Giveaway

I have three signed copies of A Sceptical Medium to give away. The book is written by Lorraine Holloway-White, the lovely medium who gave me an incredibly accurate reading last week, if you haven't read my post about it, you can do so HERE. I want to share her work with you because, apart from her deserving our recognition, the book is so well written. Lorraine talks about her…


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Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

This week's new edition of Saturday Sharing highlights Le Pavillon des Lettres, Libraries Across Africa, Daughters for Life Foundation, Cyborg Clayworks, The Creative Penn, and Sudan Open Archive: a little something for everyone.

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Just Another Observation


The war of words is one of the hallmarks of politics. Chicago is no exception.   Most of us don’t like it but we’ve come to expect it and we’ve learned to live with it.  Even candidates, who start the war and fight to wound and win, are careful about how far they go.   This may have more to do with the fear of alienating voters than concern for their opponents but it doesn’t matter.   The point is they generally refrain from speaking AK-47 words.


Can’t say the…


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Self-Publishing Success, Yes! Exception, No: Why the charge of Exceptionalism is part of the same old debate

In April 2009, after my historical mystery, the Maids of Misfortune, had been out for 4 months and I had sold 158 books, I asked on my blog, The Front Parlor, whether I could call myself a “real author.” This was in response to the frequently stated opinion of those against self-publishing that people who took that route were only going to sell to family and friends and weren’t real authors. In fact, a year ago almost all…


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I am terrified of being a single mother

"You are a single mom trying to make it work. It's obvious you love your kid...My mom had me at 21; she raised me pretty much and made do with like 20k a year. She was a savage....and we survived. You remind me of her. The reality is, you're still a baby, but we all are. You're finding out who you are, but you have a kid too. So you're extra savage for pulling that off. So give yourself some credit...You are pure bad-ass. You took the hard road, and you didn't have to. That…


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5 Things NOT to do during Super Bowl while he’s watching the big game…

by Evelyn Q. Darling

Romance Reporter At Large

It has come to the attention of this reporter that several of you out there, both romance readers and writers alike, are so involved in your reading and/or writing of romance novels that you may not be aware the bastion of male sweat and tight ends will soon be upon us.

Super… Continue

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A Taste Of Summer On A Wintry Day

I know that many of you have the winter blues and, although I am jealous of your snowy landscapes, I can understand that living with snow is not as romantic as it may sound. I lived in the Mid-west for one winter and, looking back, it turned out to be a pretty mild one. Snow and ice were so alien to me that I remember the first time that I had ice on my wind-shield I tried to scrape it off with my bare hands. Bad idea. But I was clueless at the time.

Living here in the central…


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Pink and Blue Diaries: When Is Social Media a Writing Nutrient, and When Is It Doritos? Take the Social Media Cleanse Challenge with Me and Find Out!

Deborah Siegel gives up the green juice and kicks off a social media cleanse.  


It’s a myth that a writer’s cave is dark, quiet, and Internet free.  When writers are doing research, for…


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Setting up a blog tour

Hello to all my vampy fans out there!


So lately I have been having a high volume of people contacting me for information about marketing and promoting. I am seriously contemplating writing a short novella on the subject or something. It’s surprising for me to learn that people are recommending me to others. Anyways, a question I get a lot is:


How do I set up a blog tour?


I can tell you right now, it is pretty easy peasy. I don’t really think…


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