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My ASU DNRS Writer's Conference Experience!!!

Please come visit!!  I am blogging about it here;

Great authors, great experience!!  This is my first of hopefully many conferences and it going famously!! 


Read More! 

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BOOK REVIEW: "The Well-fed Writer" by Peter Bowerman

BOOK REVIEW: The Well-fed Writer by Peter Bowerman

By Lyn Jensen

The Well-fed Writer: Financial Self-Sufficiency as a Commercial Freelancer in Six Months or Less including updated content of both original Well-Fed Writer titles. (2010 ed. Fanove Publishing, Atlanta, Georgia)

When looking for a few dozen jolts of inspiration to get busy with growing your freelance writing business, turn to Peter Bowerman’s The Well-fed Writer, the most…


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Breaking Bad to Shucking Corn


My birthdays are never typically. And never planned; or I should say if there was a “said” plan it goes awry so what is the point.

To start things off this year, I had the great pleasure of meeting one of the most talented actors working today and who also stars on my favorite show Breaking Bad. Genius level talent- check, charming- check, incredibly kind and gracious-check, handsome-check. I could go on but I might come off looking odd. Oh wait. I forgot, someone told me…


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7 Year Old Outwits Tooth Fairy


I need to start out by saying I had no idea my husband kept a Blair Witch cigar box in a secret desk drawer in his office. In this empty cigar box, where one might find say, actual cigars, or old-school, something like pencils, his has various remnants of the Things. For example, Thing One and Thing Two have now lost a number of baby teeth. (They are 7.) Not only are they in the box, but tucked inside baggies, dated and named per which Thing. There was also a baggie of blonde hair.…


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Who will take home the Edgar?

Will Harlan Coben take home the Edgar for Best Novel for Caught?  See the latest Literary Lunchbox rankings… Continue

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The C-Word

I was eating dinner with a gallery owner here in Portland, Maine, named Lyla—burritos at a place called El Rayo—when the topic of breast cancer came up. It often does these days. Partly because I was diagnosed not so many years ago, and mostly because the c-word has been very big all fall. You’d have to be living in a hole underground not to notice all the pink ribbons. Or the Laura Linney t.v. series. Or the NFL’s pink helmets.


I’d just ordered my first margarita when Lyla…


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She Writer Blogger Ball Redux - Welcome Post

Hello and welcome! I'm an aspiring actress living in London (but I am not English although I spell like one). My blog is called "As the Actress Said to the Bishop..."and is meant as a (I hope) humourous take on my daily life and experiences.

Today's latest entry is about the fine line between failure and success as well as some musings about it being my birthday n'all..

Hope you enjoy it. If you do, I would be…


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What Keeps Me up at Night?

WordPress Post A Week 2011 topic suggestion #56: 

What keeps me up at night?

Ummm…it might be easier to list the things that don’t keep me up at night:

  • Tornadoes – it’s a good thing the hubby is a light sleeper
  • The dog barking
  • Wondering who got kicked off American Idol – our family is Idoled out.
  • Wondering if my husband will like the dusty…

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In response to Ami Mattison's question: Is writing poetry healing for you?

Following is my rather lengthy response to Ami Mattison's multi-part question, Is writing poetry healing for you? My answer seemed way too long to put in the response section. So I wrote a short answer to link back here. Also, I include the link to the definition 1st to save space, 2nd because it took me a minute to find the word. I had it done to me for…


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Rants and Raves For The Week

This week seemed crazy and slow at the same time. Not sure how that is possible but it was. One day I heard crickets and the next, a grenade exploded.  I can't explain it. Instead, I'll just rant and rave about it. (Shrapnel has a lingering effect so if this post doesn't make sense or there are some typos, it's the PTSS.)…


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Celebrating release of picture book BABY SAYS "MOO!" with a Giveaway!

This week on our TeachingAuthors blog, we’ve been celebrating the release of my fellow TeachingAuthor JoAnn Early Macken’s latest picture book, BABY SAYS "MOO!" This adorable book is illustrated by David Walker and published by Hyperion, and has already received terrific reviews from several trade journals. In honor of the book’s release, this week JoAnn posted about five lessons she learned from writing picture books. She is also holding a contest for one lucky reader to receive an…


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The Writing Week in Review #2

It's another beautiful Friday! Here are some of the writing resources I came across this week:


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As the Actress Said to the Bishop....: Marginal Fail, Nul Point! and ringing in the changes

Hello everybody! Here's my latest blog entry about the thin line between failure and success, and getting older! Hope you check it out...xx,isabelle


Marginal Fail, Nul Point! and ringing in the changes


I might as well live in Antartica. Apart from the fact that it would probably be marginally warmer than London at the moment, it seems that - with a few notable exceptions - most of my social interactions this week have been…


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Dancing on my own

You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with. ~Wayne Dyer

We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.  ~Japanese Proverb

When I first quit drinking more than 3 years ago, I didn’t go out much. It was tough for me to imagine going to the same places and not ordering a drink. The very idea presented so many questions:

  • Would I have…

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All Art Friday

Today's new edition of All Art Friday offers a brief feature Ivorypress artbooks and a current exhibition of Anselm Kiefer; spotlights the Post-It "Life as Art" contest; and includes a round-up of exhibitions at Milwaukee Art Museum, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., the Athenaeum in Alexandria, Virginia, Jill Newhouse Gallery in New York City, and Chicago's Perimeter Gallery. Save April for the inaugural Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts.



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Poo-Poo Gumballs

My husband’s name should be the Candy Man, not Colby. Colby is a man with a penchant for all things sweet. Usually this isn’t a problem, but when it involves two little co-conspirators, then it can becomes a problem. I can’t trust Colby to go to the grocery store for me without him coming home with candy, ice cream, or baked goods. Somehow, when I send him out for broccoli, I get broccoli plus refined white sugar products.




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A blog hop and a very sad day..

A Blog Hop....


Weekend Creation Blog Hop # 6 - And a poem for my departed brother Weekend Creation Blog Hop # 6 - link your creations to my blog hop so everyone can see them.  


A very sad day... 

 It's a very sad day for me and my…


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Little Rest also brings Rewards

In a few weeks we start lambing. It's one of the busiest times of year and even though incredibly hard work, it's always particularly rewarding. A minimum of three weeks work, 24 hours a day.


PLEASE CONTINUE (some cute pictures of pet lambs)

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A Blog Hop and a Very Sad Day

A Blog Hop....


Weekend Creation Blog Hop # 6 - And a poem for my departed brother Weekend Creation Blog Hop # 6 - link your creations to my blog hop so everyone can see them.  


A very sad day... 

 It's a very sad day for me and my…


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Black and white films? Now you're talking


  I would love some new followers so connect to me via my blog, facebook or twitter-only if you like my blog though. There is no point if you don't!  JoJo xxx


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