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Collecting Evidence

I intimated to the woefully unattractive private investigator that I would be very grateful if he could get me a current picture of the woman my ex lover was involved with. There were many pictures of her on

the internet but it was always the same one. I found this suspect. The

photo seemed dated, posed and anything natural had been retouched out.

But still I needed to know what made her so irresistible? Why did Will

prefer her to me? Her…


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Roberto Bolano

I like Roberto Bolano.

I think that is partially expected, because any college student obsessed with literature and art should love Roberto Bolano. I think. His work leaks out the type of desperation that young people thrive on. His writing is so painted and dirty it almost seems too obvious but it's not. His words are loaded but they don't seem false or contrived, and I'm envious.

I mean really, he called The Savage…


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Women in Revolt: A Review

In 1970, famed pop artist, dabbler, and amateur film producer Andy Warhol embarked upon his latest project. Entitled Women in Revolt, it was a deliberate counter-attack on radical feminist Valerie Solanas, Warhol’s would-be-assassin, whose assault with a handgun nearly killed its intended target. A parody of the hot button issue of its time, Women’s Liberation, the film gets in a few digs at its expense. Members of the movement endlessly rake men over the coals,…


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Learning about Life and Writing.

I was thinking today of all the things I've learned about writing in the last few years, and where I'm going to take all of that knowledge in the next two to three years (five if a PhD is involved). Here are just a few short lessons I've learned.

1. The world doesn't stop just because you can't think of what to write.

How many times a day do writers say "I have writers block, but something will hit me eventually." I know I make this excuse all the time, especially in the…


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Why Writing Matters

I recently wrote a post, Practical Art, featuring my husband's custom furniture. I admitted to being jealous that he has something beautiful and useful to show for his creative efforts, while what I gain from my writing is mostly intangible. The benefits of writing are personal, but I can't discount that they do spill over into my relationships. And in response to that post, I received positive feedback about how important it is to follow our passions and share them with the… Continue

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Monday Muse Reads 'Curses and Wishes'

For today's post, Monday Muse review Carl Adamshick's award-winning poetry collection "Curses and Wishes".

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The Courage to be Angry

Our household has been a difficult place to be lately.  Like most parents, I am struggling to keep boredom at bay, without sacrificing every moment of my day to my children.

But, the summertime boredom blues is not what is making this summer so hard.  My daughter, Hunter, is in the process of turning our family inside out.



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Partner on the Path: Amber West

Here's an interview with our own SheWrites Volunteer Coordinator, Amber West:

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Out of the darkness

I know after Topher was born I was seriously depressed.  Who wouldn't be? He was two months old and almost died twice!  Spent half a month in the hospital most of it in pediatric intensive care.  He had two emergency transports by ambulance from one hospital to another.  So many IVs they had trouble getting them in.  One IV infiltrated and his arm swelled up so bad that his poor little fingers looked like sausages that were gonna explode. 

I felt horrible.  I know it wasn't my…


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Ravencraft’s Romance Realm ~ Grand Opening ~ July 25 – 29, 2011

It starts tomorrow!! Visit every day for the next five days…be a winner!

We have five days of fun and prizes planned for everyone, but even more for our followers. Here’s what’s up…


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My Life in Interviews

Sunday, July 24, 2011


         For some reason, I find myself thinking today about job interviews I’ve been on.  Job interviews are the first dates of the business/academic world, when everything hinges on first…


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A Trip of A Liftetime

In life it is not where we have been that matters but where we are going.My Sixth Birthday Party

There's nothing like the travel channel or looking through…


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About Us

Gazing into your eyes

It’s easy for me to believe

You’d never leave me

But I’ve already know

You’re a night wanderer

Keeping to the shadows

Keep away from me

You’re no good for me

I’m no good for you

But somehow

Neither one of us cares

I’m starring into a mirror

Wondering how things got this far

I go to work

I play the game

I pretend to know the rules

Thank God no one… Continue

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A Fantastic Writer, Pam Jenoff, Offers a Look as to Why You Can't Go Back!

A book came across my desk this past week that I felt so unbelievably ‘moved’ by that this week’s blog has to focus on this material. As anyone who knows me knows, I am not a big fan of romance novels. In fact, from the contemporary to the ‘bodice rippers,’ I find most of them incredible boring. Of course, authors do tend to - certainly in the ‘bodice ripper’ category - write about the exact same people…


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Livin' the Dream

Sometimes I forget that I am livin’ the dream.  When I get a call from my friend while I am making dinner before I rush out to take Eva to art telling me that Ethan has just squeezed an egg full of vinegar and yolk into his eye (don’t ask), it is easy to momentarily forget about the dream I am living.  I do get stressed out about all of the things I need to do or places I need to be and I forget that all of those things are ‘happy’ stressors.  I live a…


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Segment 23: When a Third World Came West

            We were eating at a breakfast place at the shore where a man in Spanish shouted to walk-in customers when he found an empty table that had been left by a family or an elderly couple with their half-eaten eggs, bacon, and cereal on the table.  We’d sat down over a half hour ago and Sam was almost finished with his bacon that he’d mixed in with his grits, not speaking to me because the waiter had been more friendly to me than Sam.  Afterwards I walked along in my blue overalls and…


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Over preparing for vacation/ROW80 check in

So I made the mistake of telling my colleagues at work that I’m packing this weekend for my upcoming vacation. Yes, packing is a normal thing to do before your vacation, but I did mine 4 days in advance. My colleague’s response was “you’re packing all week?” I’d have to say that it was a male colleague who said this so maybe the other ladies out there will agree that there are perfectly logical reasons for packing 5 days in advance.

Read the reasons at…


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No One Chooses To Be A Psychopath

No One Chooses To Be A Psychopath

    This is not the sort of thing I normally post about, but recent events and the reactions to them have gotten me thinking. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the news, especially when you can’t get away from it. All you have to do is turn on your computer and there it is. It seems there is a new tragedy around every corner and more often than not people jump at the chance to villainize the perpetrator. It’s as though by doing…


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