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Making a Book Trailer – A Brief How-to with the Costs for a Movie Trailer-Look

There still seems to be much debate about the value of book trailers. I, for one, love them and think they are very useful to be able to add a link in blog posts and emails and to embed on my website and blog. I know some teachers and school librarians use them to encourage children to read, and they are becoming far more widespread. An author-made book trailer can’t compete, of course, with a big-budget trailer produced by a professional at a publishing company, but I think we can still…


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Every now and then I write about how I feel and what I'm going through at the moment. Though I keep names out of it to protect people's privacy, I've come to realize that writing is very therapeutic. Sometimes it allows me to notice things that I may not have noticed before, and sometimes it just makes me feel better after I release the emotions off my chest. So below I have a link to my blog about my latest entry called, "CHALLENGING RELATIONSHIPS hold secret blessings". If anyone would…


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Listen To Africa- Poem/Poster Published By The Syracuse Cultural Workers



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The Joy of Autumn Mischief

Living in Oregon is much different from my growing up days in Tennessee.  In Tennessee, there were four distinct seasons -- winter, spring, summer, and fall.  Fall being one of my two favorites, or as a lot of people call it, autumn.  One of my favorite memories is the yard cleanup my dad always did in his garden, flower beds, and the front yard.  The front yard was blessed with an enormous, at least to me at…


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Chapter Four, The Prophesy of Ilverzah

Here is chapter four of my middle school fantasy novel, The Prophesy of Ilverzah.  To read the first three chapters, you can go to my blog, Books & Other Creative Adventures and click on the "My Writing" tab.  I really appreciate your feedback and comments.


Chapter Four



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Book Review: Triangles by Ellen Hopkins


Triangles is about three women whose lives intersect cleverly, written in poetry, with a play on triangles and parallel and intersecting lives.  Each of the three women is dealing with a midlife crisis:  there is stay at home mom Holly who, outwardly, is living the perfect life with a big…


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Mystery conference & vampire reviews in new issue of KRL!

New issue of Kings River Life is up and we have a great article on Bourchercon by Sandra Murphy

and a review of Charlaine Harris' "Sookie Stackhouse Companion" and an anthology that she edited with Toni L.P. Kelner, "Home Improvement: The Undead Edition"… Continue

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Total Sum

The Total Sum

Take the total sum of your existence

Take the total sum of your life experiences

Measure them against a blue sky…


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My Review of 'The House' by Anjuelle Floyd

Dealing with the imminent death of someone you have spent the majority of your adult life with, knowing you would rather be anywhere, but with that person and having to sort through varied emotions could be mind boggling. I know I… Continue

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Rip Van Winkle Parties at Girls Write Now: After the Countdown to Publication

The pub date of September 1 came and went minus fanfare. Understatement: absolutely nothing happened. I wasn’t devastated because I hadn’t expected anything. At least I hadn’t admitted to myself that I had the slightest anticipation of—I don’t even know what, something. Still, faced with the nothing of the day, I did feel a bit downcast, since I had not succeeded in fooling myself. (Yes, I confess that I was hoping for a miracle, even though I don’t believe in them.) But a few short weeks…


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When I think about things that I have failed at, cooking is always high up on the list. My children grew up nutritiously, and I have been known to put together what my husband has called “a helluvasupper,” but certain things have always eluded me. I have written about these things. But I have a new confession: I would probably be executed for my macaroni attempts.


Macaroni. Or as most others call it, “Macaroni and cheese.” My family always felt the “and cheese” part was…


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Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

Today's edition of Saturday Sharing is all about expanding your knowledge, especially  through online public domain sites, such as Open Shakespeare, The Public Domain Review, the Encyclopedia of Life, and the New York Public Library's Digital Gallery.

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2011 Nobel Prize for Peace is for Our Daughters



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Moment to Moment

We steal if we touch tomorrow. It is God's. ~ Henry Ward Beecher

Life is a journey, a path we take to self discovery and higher learning.  Our dreams, wishes, and goals place us on this path and keep us moving forward.  Everyone…


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Secret Gardens and the Imagination

This week I find myself rereading an old-time classic out loud.  I am being reacquainted with Frances Hodgson Burnett’s 'The Secret Garden’ as I read it aloud to my 9 year daughter while camping out for 10 days with her in the paediatric ward of the hospital. 

My French is being elevated to yet another level as we undertake a rapid apprenticeship in living with Type 1  diabetes, which after a rushed call to the hospital, we…


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Worried about the Writing Police?

A Philip Roth quote got me thinking about the writing police. Do you ever worry about them?

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The Blank Cookbook

The Blank Cookbook

Posted on

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This Day

Enjoy and make the most of this day.

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Rant, rant, rave. *SoC*

He holds a sign that signifies that he is a man. These are arcane times at best, times where the seeds of life are planted. Like autumn in the south, time creeps by us slowly, changes things---attitudes and minds mainly---then on any random day we revert back to our infant state, sweaty and bewildered. Ask anyone who's spent an autumn down here. In autumn the magnolia trees drop cones with delicious looking shiny red seeds in them. I've never tasted them because I…


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Summer in a Quonset Part Five

It takes a great deal of courage to meet the challenges in our lives without any discrimination of our fellow beings - how much more courage we need with it.

I believe our children were faced with an overload.

I certainly admired them for their determination and diplomacy. They were in constant contact with the human element and from my observation, carried on beautifully.

"Are you really living out there in the shed?"

"Why yes, we are. We love it…


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