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Invigorating Instruction

Do you believe in the power of a liberal arts education or in studying trades?  Please visit my blog and join the conversation.  I bring in William Chace's article "The Decline of the English Department" and discuss the power of studying English Literature.  Please add your voice and perspective...

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My new book is out!

Black Peculiar is now available! You can order from Noemi Press.…


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Drive By Book Signings!

Your book is out there, on bookstore shelves.  Now what?  Feel like taking a road trip?  A great idea to sell books off of shelves is to go around to bookstores that stock your book and sign them.  Books that are autographed sell better - an autograph adds value to your printed book - customers are drawn to them.  The best time to do drive by signings is soon after your book is released. 


Here's how to go about doing your own drive by book signings:

1) Order stickers…


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RADish Hugs

Radishes really can’t hug, but then neither can RADishes.

Reactive Attachment Disorder is a disorder of relationships, so it isn’t surprising that children with RAD aren’t warm and fuzzy huggers.  I never really noticed this with my daughters.  I am a hugger, so I was always hugging them.  I…


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Left Standing (Poem)

A poem for Tuesday: "Left Standing". Audio included.

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Sable Hunter – Erotica Romance Author – Excerpts & Giveaway

Run, don’t walk…stop by and read Erotica Romance Author, Sable Hunter’s book excerpts for her newest release, Trouble. If you like it (these excerpts are pretty yummy) leave a comment and be automatically entered for her drawing on October 6, 2011.

You can find Sable Hunter’s excerpts here:…


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My Blog Requirements for our local "Patch"

After skimming through the guidelines on what not to do whilst posting a blog on the Patch, I perspired a bit, admittedly. Because I’m not bright enough to have any conspiracy theories, that’s a solid check in agreement. I have no financial conflicts, as I don’t have a pot to “wet” in, as I’m a broke, stay-at-home mom on a death-grip budget. I vow not to make any inflammatory statements, though some of my insights might inflame and ignite within my own home (I tend to share too much).…


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My local blog on the Patch


A few years ago we took the three kids to Taiwan to meet my husband’s extended family. Our eldest was a Kindergartner, second in preschool and youngest was under a year. We were celebrated there. Freakishly famous. Taiwanese people literally followed us like we had three eyes and eleven toes and after a few days of random people asking to take photos of the kids and me (my hair was about ten inches high from the humidity), the…


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10 ebook stores that aren't Amazon!

1) Smashwords - if you're not already using Smashwords, you should definitely check it out.  The site recently published its three billionth word and boasts over 70,000 books across over 28,000 authors.  With a range of free books and stories available, plus paid books retailing from $0.99 up, it's almost impossible not to find something good to read.



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Working on a booklet

I am working on a booklet, actually two. One concerns women and preventing domestic abuse and the other is a writing guide for beginners. I am in the copy editing stage now, which is pretty time consuming. I have been working on both of them for a while going back and forth between the two. I finally decided to work on one at a time, so that I can get this done. My goal is to complete the women's booklet on preventing domestic abuse by Friday and upload it as an ebook next week.


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Sell More Books – Book Marketing and Publishing For Low Profile and Debut Authors – Rethinking Book Publicity After the Digital Media Revolutions. There it is. The complete title, including subtitles. Why on earth would anyone want such a long title, anyway?  Well, for the answer, read this book! In fact, read this book for every other reason you can think of to address the myriad of questions that the title raises, because - pardon the cliché – this really is a must read for…


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Check the Road Map

Overcoming a slump. Maybe it's the summer heat, maybe it's the recent life changes I've experienced (yes, one of them is "the change" menopause) maybe it's the let down after the excitement of discovering I've successfully conquered liver disease after a year of grueling treatment. Whatever it is I'm stuck.

Like a lady wearing lead shoes, every step feels laborious. My brain seems to be on vacation somewhere. As Aerosmith once said "my get up and go musta got up and went"

But I…


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Is the Number ‘13’ a Bad Omen, or a Story Left Behind for Readers to be Enthralled By?

In a remarkable new book that has just been released, Leah Tallent & Gareth Lowery have become the most talked about characters in the world of fiction since Edward and Bella arrived on the scene.…


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The Most Dangerous Thing, by Laura Lippman

The death of Gordon “Go-Go” Halloran brings together four people who had been inseparable for a few years in the late 1970s but have since lost touch. The two girls, Gwen and Mickey, became friends with the three Halloran boys—“Crass Tim, Serious Sean, Wild Go-Go” —after barging into their kickball game. The five of them spent long summer days exploring the wild and overgrown woods nearby before stumbling into a mystery that would challenge and change them forever.

The story also…


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First Day Buzz

It’s always the first day of Fall Semester that makes me surprisingly bewildered. The once hibernating campus suddenly jolts with life, trying hard to embrace the rainbow of activities going on in the squad. The sizzling smokiness of barbequed hot dogs, lemon-zestiness of fruit punch, the pungent earthy smell of freshly carved green turf, the yellow, blue, purple, black banners of campus organizations carpeted in front of rows of desks filled with free pens, brochures, Tee shirts, and…


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How to choose POV for your novel??


Author Alert: Read my blog's guest post today, to know more about different POV styles and how to choose the best one for your novel: m/2011/09/be-my-guest-how-to-c hoose-point-of-view.html


Don't forget to comment…


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Writing Every Day and Other Myths of the Writing Life

When people ask me about my writing life, the first question is always this: “So, do you write every day?”

Ha. I do not. As a non-fiction freelancer, I spend most of my days looking for ideas and contracts. Some of that process involves writing and sometimes, I enjoy it. But - no big surprise - I prefer writing stories to pitches, queries and proposals. When I’m in the thick of writing a book, I do write most days and it’s the best feeling in the world. It’s what drives me and gets…


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He who dies with the most toys win I recently saw a bumper sticker that said “HE WHO DIES WITH THE MOST TOYS WINS.” It made me think of my father… he was a man who LOVED his toys. One of his favorit…

He who dies with the most toys win

I recently saw a bumper sticker that said “HE WHO DIES WITH THE MOST TOYS WINS.” It made me think of my father… he was a man who LOVED his toys. One of his favorite toys was a bright red Ferrari he bought during a midlife crises that seemed to last most of his adult life. I can still see him sitting in that car with a…

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McCartney's Sleeping and Ringo is in the Basement

The first person to ever encourage my story telling abilities was my younger sister Megan, with whom I shared a bedroom throughout our childhood. From early on, as soon as the lights went out, she’d ask for a story. I’d make up adventurous tales, often involving a Beatle or two. My older sisters had…


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Fantastic New Work of Fiction Delves Into the Ultimate “Bad Guy”

It has been a long time since the name Aleister Crowley has been brought up in the fiction world, but once a person reads even a ‘snippet’ of who and what Aleister Crowley was, they will head directly to Google, or their local library, to try and find out exactly what he was doing down on earth in the first place.




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