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Decisions, Decisions -- Why Did You Have To Make It So Hard? (In a Good Way)

Last night, Kamy, Debbie, Amanda, and I were on the phone for hours (yes, hours) debating the merits of each and every entry. We were incredibly moved by what you shared with us—your lives, your brilliant writing, and your shining enthusiasm. We wanted to call you, laugh and cry with you, email you, even hug you.

THANK YOU for entering this contest, and for reminding us why She Writes exists.

We narrowed down the list to eighteen finalists, each of whom has a… Continue

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Forever 21

This morning finds me unsettled, jumpy, worried about things that I know are up to the fates and ultimately out of my control and that I only have the power to be proactive about. I try very hard not to succumb to the worry, the what-if's in this life, because there is already so much of that surrounding me.

With this state came a reminder this morning, via Facebook, that today is Kristin's birthday.

Kristin, who will forever remain 21.…


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I’ll begin with a quote by the poet Mark Doty:

Only animals

make me believe in God now

so little between spirit and skin

any gesture so entirely themselves.

In 2003, I placed this excerpt before the third section of my MFA poetry manuscript. The third section contained mostly poems about animals and my deep connection to them. “So little between spirit and skin,” Doty writes, and I know this in my bones. Right now, as my cat Selkie is suffering from some… Continue

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Tayari Jones warns against letting what “needs to be done” get in the way of what else needs to be done—your book.

It's time to introduce a new term-- Workcrastinaton. If you're like me, you think that procrastination involves Law & Order marathons and Twitter, and these are insidious forms of procrastination, for sure. But there is another, more sneaky, incarnation--… Continue

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Learn Something New

We often chug along in the same deep tracks day to day, hauling our burdens along with us, blind to the view because it’s so familiar. Jump the rails this week by learning something new. Try your hand at a new skill, take a class, read something outside of your normal repertoire…acquire some information that will take you down a new path and improve your life, your mental state, or at the very least, create some wonder.

Check out… Continue

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Growing Up: Time only flies when you throw your watch!

When I was 16, I wanted to be 18. At 18, I wanted to be 21. To me each age meant I was grown; what I never considered was the growth I needed between them — because maturing is a process that brings along two friends: responsibility and challenges.

Every professional or personal challenge I experienced and every lesson I learned was typically about me recognizing and managing the lines in my life: learning when to cross them, when to draw them and when to read between… Continue

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And They Call It "Puppy Love"

I've been feeling a bit blue lately, nothing really big, just an accumulation of realizations and feelings as I come up on a year post marriage. Sometimes I can shake the blues on my own, and sometimes I know it's important to just let them be, process them and work through them so I can move on. I have tried various anesthetics in the form of people,activities,… Continue

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Don't Make Your Family Into A Punch Line


Originally uploaded by taylor_forry

At the last minute, I changed the names of one of the characters in The Silver… Continue

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6:24 a.m. (Poem)

My post, "6:24 a.m.", is a poem for today's Blog Carnival, the one-word prompt for which is "children".

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She walks around carrying a memory in her pocket. It weighs like a child steadily growing every day. It's worth however, is questionable. Is it comparable to the world or to a penny? Sometimes, it's more precious than the most valuable gem.

But, all that glitters is not gold.

It's a pair of hands that covers her eyes and watch her walk the streets blindly of the world. Rip off the blindfold and throw away that burden into the ocean. Watch it wash away. Watch it fly off your… Continue

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Time for the Sharin' & Carin' portion of it all...

I've been writin' since I was knee high ta a grasshopper, and about as bouncy.

I still bounce pretty high.

But most importantly I’m still writin'.

I write because I believe it’s what the Powers that Be want me ta do with my life. It's my passion. The written word is how I express those things that I just can't get out any other way. Hurt, dispair, loss, bein' lost, and sometimes - just sometimes - that… Continue

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Just the Facts

New blog post up on a fabulous new tool I learned for reducing stress instantly.

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The Drug of Good Writing: the Weronika Janczuk interview

On Tuesday, August 3, Independent Editor, author, and A. Victoria Mixon, Editor commenter Weronika Janczuk made a big announcement: she had become a literary agent.

Actually, I didn’t even see it on her blog. I saw it on PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY. So this is a pretty darn big announcement!

And I know the very first thing that pops into all your heads is: “And will she be representing ME?”

So I went straight on over to her blog and asked her. And… Continue

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What Rima's Win Might Mean for Muslim Women

Tonight is the Miss Universe pageant and competing for the U.S.A. is Rima Fakih, a Lebanese-American Muslim who–along with her fellow contestants–will be giving millions of fasting Muslims a feast of flesh from fabulous Las Vegas. Already the sex appeal in this competition has been vamped… Continue

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Guest political bloggers wanted

If you are a political writer and would like to be a guest writer on please contact me at

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Killer Boots: Getting Clear about Workshopping with Suzy, Chelsea, Diana and Chuck

My latest blog is up on The Lit Coach's Guide to The Writer's Life featuring NYT bestselling authors Chelsea Cain (Sweetheart; Heartsick) and Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club, Choke); along with author Suzy Vitello Soule and multi-media maven, Diana Page Jordan.

Join this successful Portland writing group and I as we talk shop about writing, workshopping and even boots.

Erin Reel, The Lit Coach, is a former… Continue

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Five Questions for...Sue Ann Jaffarian

This week, Rachel Kramer Bussel--senior editor at Penthouse Variations, host of In The Flesh Reading Series, columnist, and editor of over 30 erotic anthologies, most recently, Orgasmic and Fast Girls--asks… Continue

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When The News Hits Too Close to Home

There are times when some stories, particularly those regarding kids with special needs, hit a little too close to home.

This is one of them.

As some of you know, I work in the child abuse field. While I've seen and heard things that are not to be believed, my actual work has me more removed from the day-to-day horrors that my colleagues deal with 24/7. (Literally, 24/7. My colleagues have been roused out of bed at 3 a.m. with calls from police about a case and the need to… Continue

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Monday Muse: Florida's Poet Laureate

Today's Monday Muse offers a profile of Florida's Poet Laureate Edmund Skellings, who is known for his innovative use of technology.

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Intentional Insights: The Spiritual Gestation of a Parent

Hi Kelley. I am five months pregnant and at a crossroads. I am wearied and diminished by the father's seeming inability to commit to family life and take responsibility. I know that I can't take his "'no future as a couple" mantra, or endure the times when he backtracks and uses hope to toy with me. Is he just terrified but likely to ease into fatherhood and a proper relationship with me, or is he a controlling Peter Pan figure best avoided for my own well being and the child's ? Thanks,… Continue

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