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A Mirror's All It Takes (Poem)

Continuing with the #Trust30 online writing project, I've posted a new poem inspired by the 24th prompt on intuition:

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She Writes Radio: Recalibrating Writing/Life Balance in a Digital World

Available now on She Writes Radio... She Writes Founding partner Deborah Siegel and Dani Shapiro discussing time management and carving out time in the dark in a busy, social-media filled life. Listen to the whole show here!


Be sure to tune in on Monday for She Writes Radio with She Writes founder Kamy Wicoff and Nancy Miller

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Crafting new worlds

Driving back to the office from lunch today I began to try in earnest to build my literary fairy world. Usually all my best ideas come in the car, so I thought the buildings would erect themselves in my mind and all those brain-numbing hours of dreaming up details could be skipped. 

Not so much. 

It makes me feel more than a little insecure that I can't build imaginary places as easily as I can those that are based on the world I live in. A fairy's house would take me days to…


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Alpha Vs. Beta: The Great Man Debate

During my morning blog roll read through yesterday, I came across a comment about arrogant heroes in fiction.


The comment caused me to do a little research via Google and I was surprised by what I found.


1) Many female readers/writers say they dislike arrogance in the hero. This shocked me because of the enormously devoted readership of the Romance genre and the fact that Alpha's rule there. A little cockiness adds sex appeal. Doesn't it? It does for…


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Sales lessons learned from my husband

Reposted from Trashy's Treasures


My husband is a born salesman. He’s got the gift for gab.  He can (and will) talk to anyone about anything for days on end. Don’t get him started on Star Wars, Star Trek or NFL history.  Me—not so much. I’m the quiet and shy type. I don’t speak unless spoken to, and I don’t talk—or write—unless I have something to say. My daughter is going to be a chatty one too.  Whoo boy.…


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How to Keep Writing: Advice From My Dad

My father was an intellectual and grammarian whose profession was advertising, which left him with a certain amount of inner conflict.  He took fine umbrage at the cigarette ads, which, in the presophisticated 1960s, promised that "Winston tastes good like a cigarette should."  "It should be AS a cigarette should!" he'd thunder.


Correct English was a given in our family. My grammar is almost impeccable; I only have trouble remembering definitions of grammatical terms like…


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I recently found this YouTube video by the incredibly witty Stephen Fry.  If you haven't watched it yet, it is well worth the few minutes.

This video is clever and entertaining, and it got me thinking about words and language and writing.  I do not think that I am a language snob, but it does bother me when I encounter bad grammar in a published book.  For one thing, it slows…


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Louie, Three-Wheeling

I'm responding to a Books & Culture call to "cultivate" a poem (details in my post). My contribution is a new poem titled "Louie, Three-Wheeling", inspired by a short film about a Bostonian who  rides his three-wheeler everywhere.

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A Writer's Roots

Back in the days when I first became a fan of Patti Smith, I knew virtually nothing about her life, except maybe that she hailed from New Jersey.  I was drawn to her poetry, her style, her music. The striking photograph of her on the cover of Horses seemed to epitomize who she was, artistically.…


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23 things that have been said to me...

23 things that have been said to me in various tones of voice, at fluctuating eyebrow levels, and in all seriousness.


  1. You don’t look like you live in Harlem.
  2. You don’t look like your mother.
  3. You look just like your mother.
  4. Your mother is Jewish, so you’re…

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Roxanne Rhoads - Shares Herself & Paranormal Pleasures - Interview & Give Away

Story strumpet, tome loving tart, eccentric night owl...all words that can describe freelance writer, poet and erotic romance author Roxanne Rhoads.…


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Mike Arsuaga's - How to Write a Book Series Workshop (6/23 & 6/30)


Mike Arsuaga, Paranormal Romance Author, is at Ravencraft’s Romance Realm today giving a workshop on How To Write A Book Series. After writing his own five book…


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keywords: "Giant flesh eating bacteria, VP Biden, Tornadoes, Martha Stewart, corsets and cake balls"

Yes, it happened! The bride was beaming (definitely not beamy; there was a 5k race on wedding morning, good grief), the vineyard was amazing, and as predicted, the bride would have beat the pants off Martha Stewart in the “Apprentice Wedding Planner” show. Donald Trump would have become besotted with her, and perhaps we would now have access to a little “cottage” in the Seychelles. But here is the REAL story, as it seems to always unfold in my family.


I delivered a…


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Girls with dragon tattoos and other select professionals

It's a bit disturbing - isn't it? - that a book can be so critically misjudged by its cover.  That nice, clean-cut guy next door might be on the verge of a violent nervous breakdown.  The long-haired bass player you've dismissed as a wastoid loser just might teach special education for a living.  The soft-spoken, understated guy in ragged blue jeans could turn out to be a philanthropic billionaire.

I am finally reading, "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo."  I applauded…


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Lit News and Random Ramblings (2)


So, a lot’s happened since the last Lit News. First, I’ve been reading like a madwoman. No,

not the one you're thinking of. Another one.

Second, it’s tough to keep up the pace with reviews, so I’m thinking that several days a week I’ll post mini reviews.I’m not sure if that’ll pan out, so I guess we’ll…

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Review: Maupassant - The Necklace and Other Tales

The simple elegance of Maupassant’s short stories has led

many scholars and critics to dismiss his place with other “great” writers. Much

like Robert…


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Lesson From My Father

Countdown to Publication--Week Six

Father’s Day got me thinking about what my father taught me about writing, a lesson that I still value even though he passed away twenty-five years ago at age 54.

             He was fastidious about…


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These Teen Poets Turn Words Into Dynamite by Judy Bolton- Fasman

Until Adam goes to camp, all that’s left is a shell of a boy who plays with his Game Boy 3D and watches “Friends” DVDs with timeouts for a turn at the Play Station, sleeping and eating. Adam’s sloth didn’t bother me the first few days of his summer vacation. My boy works hard, and he deserves this respite. Besides, six weeks this summer he’s sure to go outside once in a while, swim at least once a day and take a smattering of fun courses.

But I can’t stand the late mornings and the… Continue

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The Proposal

Kelton paced back and forth, his light elfin feet didn’t so much as bend any of the virid undergrowth. He was waiting for Yastley to meet him. Elfin folk of the West were always punctual, following the clock of the sun, Yastley however was of the East, and they tended to be a more free flowing people, saying that “they’d get there when they get there and if the appointment was important enough to make, than it was important enough to wait for everyone one (namely themselves) to show… Continue

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