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NanoWrimo Day 30 10:41 am

Okay so here it is day 30. Total word count for the month of November not counting all the blog posts and other things that I wrote, but for Palace of Three Crosses: 58051. Not to shabby.

How do I feel? This is definately a mixed bag: Relieved-the month is over. I met and exceeded the challenge. Exhausted- I just want to sleep for a month, but of course considering that it is the month of December, with Advent and Christmas, my daughter finally moving here from Pennsylvania and all… Continue

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When what you want to write isn't what you should

Please read my piece on how sometimes what you want to write about is not what you NEED to write about in the San Francisco Book Review.’t-want-to-write-about-becomes-what-you-should/

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What She’s Reading Now – Newser Edition

Deborah Siegel shares highlights from her RSS feeds, inbox, and more. What's in YOUR feed, She Writers?

I have yet to finish the novel that’s been sitting on my nightstand for the past four months (Katheryn Stockett’s The Help). I’m two months behind in What to Expect: The Toddler Years. But last month my twins turned one and the milestone created slightly more bandwidth in my brain for online reading. Yes I’m starting to read again, and… Continue

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The Seduction of Creation

Words kiss the page like eager lovers. Scenes slip as easily from your mind as silk stockings from a courtesan. Characters whisper clever and crafty dialogue in your ear as you sleep.

Ah, the delicious satisfaction of having a book in creation. When anything is possible and rejection seems as distant as economic recovery.

The truth is that all those writers out there holding onto that great American novel, the one they’ve been toting around for decades, have one… Continue

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Ego: Crash, Boom! Marketing a Two-Year-Old Book

Cross-posted from Surrender, Dorothy

So I just ordered yet another book on how to market your book after a very frank e-mail exchange with my publisher. I admit it -- I put the link and cover on my blog, I self-financed a six-city book tour, I tweeted and facebooked and know that most of the people who know me have indeed actually bought or at least read… Continue

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Titles and Tips for Revision from an Editor (Now Agent!) Who Knows

Literary agent Lea Beresford takes us inside her process as she helps Passion Project winner Monique Fields title her book and restructure her sample chapters. Pay attention, She Writers: Do NOT save your best line for page 52!

Last week, Amanda Johnson Moon brought up some wonderful points in her post (… Continue

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Quality over Quantity.....

Sitting in church a few Sundays ago my son and I were approached by an elderly man. He leaned in really close to me and said “I know you that you are praying every day that your son will be healed. I will pray too.” The man leaned in and hugged my son and moved on to his seat. His words caught me off guard. I spent the entire church service repeating them over and over in my head.

My son was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy on December 7, 2000. It is a day of personal panic… Continue

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Painter Agnes Martin

Today's post is a brief feature, with resources, including a video interview, on the painter Agnes Martin.

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Does Rudeness in Society Bug You?

Whoopi Goldberg

You’re driving the speed limit, but the car behind you is riding your bumper. As soon as he gets a clear space he drives beside you and calls you the B-word. You’re trying to get to a meeting or a luncheon, and a woman, man, or teenager is distracted because he or she is on the phone without realization or care that he or she is holding up traffic. You’ve bought $200 worth of groceries, but the clerk who barely notices you,… Continue

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Virtual Art Class and Other Epiphanies

"Oh c'mon not another template again!" I find myself screaming to my head when I saw the email in my inbox about another balanced scorecard template. When will this ever end? Last week I saw another one that had weights on the four aspects of the scorecard and I remember thinking, "Why on earth are we going to put weights on them? What is the purpose of calling them balanced if one aspect is more important than the other?"…

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feng shui

I must avoid Norwood Books at the Norwood Mall because I always mess up my meagre budget with unplanned books. That is how I came home with Alice Walker’s, Now is the Time to Open Your Heart, one of the longest book titles in the world.

I put aside Manil Suri’s book, The Death of Vishnu for another day and dived into Alice Walker. I applied some brakes when I came to the part about feng shui, and clearing the clutter in your life. I don’t know what feng shui is but I’m at home with… Continue

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Facing November 30

To all who are still working, I wish you closing day graces. It's the last writing day for the Poetic Asides chapbook challenge, for NaNoWriMo, and for all other major group writings this month.

So, I totally flaked on NaNoWriMo---maybe two weeks ago. And, now I've finished with beating myself up about it. I don't plan to try it soon, (NaNo, not novel writing). In fact I have plans to… Continue

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Memoirs of the Future

Over a decade ago when I signed a contract to write “Memoirs of a Spiritual Outsider”, there was this clause about electronic rights. At the time I worked as an event planner at the Authors Guild, a literary organization of “good lawyers” who helped authors to not sign away their lives. While going over the legalese line by line, one barracuda of a lawyer said in her loveliest voice, “You’re going to want to hang onto those. You have no idea how life will change.” Of course I did what she said… Continue

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I can remember lying about my age for at least 7 years in my 20s. I had my grandmother completely convinced that I was 21 when I was 27. Bless her heart. It seems like I fretted for 10 years over turning 30. I can’t believe I’ll be 35 in a month.

With 35 years came more wrinkles than I ever imagined I would have. During my 20s I meticulously applied anti-aging cream and moisturizers. I wore sunglasses to prevent the squinting I was told increased the furrows that currently rest on my… Continue

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Topped off my Nanowrimo at 100K

EXACTLY! How weird is that? But I must say, at least 20K of it I can very easily cut in the first quick edit. Why? because I was writing some scenes just to write, but then changed direction and that scene became useless, but I kept it because you are not supposed to "edit," just keep writing. Not to say I did not do small edits, but I did not take out major chunks.

I LOVE the writing process! I am in a love/hate relationship with the editing process. On one hand, I get to relive my… Continue

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Beyond Our Gates

Behind the Gate...

This Thanksgiving weekend, we traveled north to visit my father-in-law, hoping the five grandchildren (three kids and two doggies) could bring a smile to his face. They did. Every holiday since…


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Early Tuesday Morning Work Blues

This morning I receive a complaint from one of our executives saying that our Logistics Department is in need of a lot of work. He drops by my cube in utter frustration and flops down on my chair leaning into the backseat with a weight I cannot begin to imagine carrying.

He's 42 years old. His wife works in the same company. They've been in this family run corporation for more than 15 years.

I look at the guy thinking which MBA solutions I have up my sleeve when it comes… Continue

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Celebrate 1st Annual Digital Sisterhood Month in Dec. 2010

Hi She Writes Family!

Join me in celebrating the first annual Digital Sisterhood Month beginning on December 1. I created Digital Sisterhood Month to give women in social media an opportunity to celebrate their connections, conversations, communities, collaborative partnerships, and… Continue

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Dlanom joj je pokrivao čelo.

Svakog dana su šetali,

Samo se ramenima dodirivali.

Sila gravitacije je slaba

Njihovi polovi bili su jači.

U krevetu, velikom baš,

Njena noga je uvijek išla ulijevo.

I jedva dodirivala njegove zglobove.

Čak i mekani trepet dlaka

Bio je dovoljan da osjeti.

Za stolom uredno postavljenim,

Sa escajgom, bijelim stoljnjakom,

Ručali su ćuteći.

Smišljali kada je najbolje da posegnu… Continue

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