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Stephanie Lahart Quotes

Added by Stephanie Lahart on September 17, 2014 at 10:00pm — 1 Comment

Stephanie Lahart Quotes

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So How Lomg Are You Going To Stand There?

How long are you going to stand there…at the edge, waiting for the courage to move forward? How long are you going to think about it, and then re-think about it? Why are you letting doubt keep its icy grip around your neck? Can’t you feel it choking you?

And can’t you hear that little voice inside of you…


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[The Art of Submission] What We Can Control

This weekend I submitted four stories to over twenty different journals. The stories were ready to go out. They had either been rejected and needed to be resubmitted or had been finished recently and had to be sent out. I watched my Submittable list…


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40 Reasons I'm Happy at 40!

Bday Cake


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Don’t Judge a Book by Its Genre

Have you heard this one? A witch and a vampire walk into a bar and have a drink. They fall in love, but are forbidden to have a relationship. A conflict ensues and they spend the next three books trying to overcome prejudice, political malice, and murderous…


Added by Evette Davis on September 17, 2014 at 8:00am — 11 Comments

The 3 E’s of Reading: Easy, Efficient, and Effective

Reading helps writers with their writing, but finding time to read can be a challenge.

Before I decided to become a writer, I spent a lot of time reading. Nowadays, my time is divided among the many aspects of being a writer. The manuscript, the blog, honing the craft, social media, learning about the publishing…


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Poetry Film Competitions and Festivals

Technology has transformed the ability of poets to disseminate their words orally and aurally. Many journals feature audio versions of poems on their websites. Podcasts allow writers to reach ears around the world through their MP3 player earbuds. Recent years have seen the proliferation of video “trailers” for poetry collections. Expanding on the trailer should be an easy next step as writers can either collaborate with experienced filmmakers, or take advantage…

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Meets Expectations Excerpt

When other people think you’re smart they tend to believe whatever you tell them. If you say one time, I read this one thing, in this one article, and so forth. They will listen, and typically nod and agree with whatever you say, even if it’s a lie. Once, I was at this party, and everyone was talking about how babies always smell so good, especially newborns. I told them that I’d read an article a while ago, or maybe I’d said it was a documentary, well, whichever false evidence I conjured, I…


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Signs Of Aging

There are many signs of aging and ways to treat them. We will talk about these below.

Thinning Hair

As you age, you may notice hair loss or your hair thinning. Hair loss in women is usually caused by pregnancy or medication and is usually temporary. The thinning of hair in women is a telltale sign of aging. If you find that you have thinning hair, it may be due to something more serious and you should get it checked out immediately. Most likely, it is a normal part of…


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Saved by Poetry: Essay a TweetSpeak Poetry

My essay for the TweetSpeak Poetry column "Journey Into Poetry" appears today.

Direct Link:

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Intensive Counseling


Thinking of trying some personal counseling?

Let me help you along the way. Together we can work to help you find answers to life’s little (or big) problems; and to help you meet the goals you set for yourself (or…


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Good Morning!

Good morning everyone! It's a rainy day out there and the grass seems to be grateful for the soaking it is getting. it is as if everything is being washed clean.

And so the Universe does the same with us, "washes us clean" everyday with a fresh new day and a new start. it doesn't matter what happened…


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Dining Tables And The Modern Home

Without a doubt, when it comes to tables in your home a dining table is an absolute must and with good reason too. For a start having a dining table is a great way for the family to spend some time together over dinner giving the family the opportunity to talk about things such as…


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Holiday Hotspots and Handy Hints

Summer may be almost over, but that doesn’t have to mean the end of the holiday season. Grab a break before the kids go back to school, or if you are looking for an adults’ only break, there are plenty of getaways that will make the approach of winter a whole lot more tolerable.

One of the fantastic things about getting away at this time of year is that the summer throngs will have dispersed, leaving you with plenty of room to roam. We’ve picked out favourite holiday destinations to…


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. wonderland .

wonderland is packed away, quietly.

nobody said nothing, i worked alone.

blaenau, lines of washing, very white.

then he told me of the boot dump,

the myths were true, soles of soldiers,

burned on the crimea pass.

we need to find the stone.



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Queen Letizia keeps on working even on her birthday

Even though Queen Letizia was celebrating her birthday on September 15th, she still carried out her royal duties and presented an award.

It is no secret that the Queen is a former journalist and it came as no surprise how happy she was when she had to give the award for parliamentary journalism named after…


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Kickstarting my way to Authordom

Self-publishing is a hard road. For someone just starting out, one of the biggest drawbacks can be the cost of producing the level of quality you want for you book. After taking my collection of short stories Rain on a Summer's Afternoon through the self-publishing process with absolutely zero…


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So How Long Will You Hang On?

So how long will you hold onto it…that grudge. Maybe you’ve been holding onto it for so long that it’s part of you; but not a good part; instead one that makes you angry and sad.

Maybe you don’t even remember why you’re mad. Maybe the person you’re mad at isn’t even with us anymore.

So what is it doing…


Added by Deborah Ailman on September 16, 2014 at 1:08pm — No Comments

"Myself" Is Not a Substitute for "I"

In last week's post, I explained when to use the pronouns "I" vs. "me." Today, I'd like to discuss when to use the pronoun "myself," which I've been hearing used incorrectly quite a bit.…


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