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The Documentary 'Troublemakers'

Posted the trailer for a new documentary, 'Troublemakers: The Story of Land Art', by curator and art historian James Crump:

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[TIPS OF THE TRADE]: What makes you smile -- and why it matters

It all began with a clarinet.

I played the clarinet when I was a girl, but after the audition for college orchestra went badly, I put the instrument away in a closet (a series of closets, actually), and didn’t touch it again for three decades.…


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Good Morning!

Good morning and it's a lovely Wednesday. How is your…


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. not knwing the answers .

can be a difficulty, having

to say that we do not know.

that we have to count, check,

count again.

that we get distracted, disturbed,

by other matters, come back,


it is not some thing we can google,

so we have lists, lines and rulers.

when all is done, we sign and date

the work away.

then start again.



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Most Productive Day Ever

Not about writing. Nothing like that. But I was up on the roof by 8:30 a.m. cleaning a gutter and getting pine needles off my roof. I have this gargantuan pine tree right next to my bedroom window. It's ancient. I love it. I've heard pine trees described as majestic or imposing, but it's location, and the way my cat sits there staring at it so fascinated, this pine tree is--sexy, I suppose, full of shadows.

i also got a big red rock to use as a step off the porch. Planted some…


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Ten Signs You Have Reached the Age of Comfort

If you find yourself becoming more and more demanding, adamant, and unrelenting about what is necessary to make you comfortable, content, and down-right happy, then you my friend, have reached one of life’s milestones. Call it middle-age, call it a revelation that comes with age, or call it reaching the age of entitlement, but when it does happen, check your driver’s license – that section that says: DOB – because you are getting -  older. 
What I’m referring to, of…

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When connectedness hurts

Do you catch others' emotions or moods like some people catch the common cold?

When you’re socializing in a group of people or even just shopping by yourself in a public place, have you ever experienced your energy bottom out for no reason?

When with friends do you feel that other people’s feelings, emotions, and experiences are more vivid than yours at times?

Have you ever felt completely ONE with a loved one (or complete stranger) either…


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How Quick Are You? (To Judge)

So how quick are you-to judge others when you really don’t know anything about them? How quick are you to look someone up and down and think you have them “pegged” And how often do you do it?

You know the old saying is true about walking a mile in someone’s shoes. You really don’t know what another person…


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The Last Mile

I took the first step towards writing my book in April 2012, by taking a writing workshop and producing version 1.0 of my book outline.

That outline has since been tweaked and discarded. A writing coach, a new outline, nine chapters, and three years later, I have found the words to express in full and in detail, Integrated Investing: How to Invest with Head, Heart, Body, and Soul. I am 90% there. I am writing the introduction chapter, a closing chapter, and re-reading and self-editing…


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[SWP News] New Titles this Fall!

If sexual shenanigans disqualified candidates for Congress, the U.S. would have no government. But what if the candidate was a pro-choice Republican supported by feminist groups—and a college rapist whose secret could be exposed by a leading women’s rights advocate?

Again and Again tells the…


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[REALITY CHECK] - What NOT to Do With a Podcast Guest - Catharine Bramkamp

Last week, Catharine Bramkamp talked about…


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'The World's Problem' (Poem)

Posted 'The World's Problem', a poem about the loss of 800 lives smuggled onto a boat that capsized in the Mediterranean Sea:

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Factors Affecting CNA Shortages, and Remedial Measures

CNAs are frontline care worker, trained in activities of daily livings and basic nursing cares. Their expertise in direct patient cares has also increased their demands in various healthcare settings.

Certified Nurse Aides (CNAs) are the backbone of nursing homes, assisted living centres, adult care units, and hospice settings. They deliver personal care, and basic nursing cares for elderly residents, chronically ill and severely injured old and young people. Their hands-on care…


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Top Ten Authors I Really Want to Meet

Funny story, last week I wrote and scheduled the Top Ten Tuesday post thinking that I had done a good job getting ahead of the game. Turns out that I had written for the next weeks prompt! So I just did a switcheroo and this week’s Top Ten Tuesday is...

Top Ten Authors I REALLY Want to Meet

Now if you called me, texted me, or told me to my face that there was going to be an author in…


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Good Morning!

Good morning everyone and it's a brand new day. Today…


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. waterfall .

talk about chucking it down,

we wondered what the noise


heard gwil running in , no time

to stop for logs. the cat came


rushed to the window, to take


talk about chucking it down.



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What Indie Authors Can Do about the Book Industry’s Discrimination Problem

As a country, we grapple with more than our share of discrimination challenges—where people of color, LGBTQ folks, and people with disabilities (to call out only a few of the bigger groups) feel its blow every single day. And while it’s frustrating at best, and often devastating, at…


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Take Every Opportunity

Take every opportunity…to be kind. Don’t let anything pass. Don’t say something like “I’ll be kind tomorrow, I just don’t feel like it today. Being kind not only helps another, but it helps you too. It helps you feel better about yourself. It helps you feel better about the things going on in your life. When you…


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Cheap Romance Reads: Just $1.99!

FYI, just dropped the price of all of these to $1.99. You can get them on Amazon; Barnes & Noble; and All Romance Ebooks at the following links.‪#‎MulticulturalRomance‬ …


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That's why they call me:

a. Neurotic
b. Cautious around machinery and small pets
c. Hell bent on a good time
d. Sympathetic to lovers of vinyl records
e. Miss Communication
f. Lady Fret du Jour
g. Patient to an Eartbquake Fault

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