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China Holds Massive Parade to Celebrate 70th Anniversary of Victory women's osito jacket pink Against Japan

Thursday, September 3 Business Insider Lucy England

1. Apple is reportedly planning to release its long rumoured super sized iPad on September 9. The iPad Pro,…


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Children celebrate Aboriginal culture

The students were exposed to a variety of learning experiences including listening to talk by Erica McGuire, regional consultant in Aboriginal education for the Wheatbelt Education Region.

Activities included learning about the symbols Aboriginals use to communicate, cooking involving bush tucker, dreamtime stories and the different types of painting found in Aboriginal art work.

Students spoke about what they enjoyed about the day…


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north face jackets in nepal

Not all Canadian jackets are puffy. Some, like Smythe jackets, are chic and tailored. This Toronto label, designed by Andrea Lenczner and Christie Smythe, focuses on jackets. The classic silhouettes, like the pea coat and equestrian blazer, are recognizable for tailoring, bright colours and nostalgic heritage fabrics, such as buffalo checks, frontier plaids, large scale herringbones and ticking stripes. The duo say their designs suit all aspects of Canadian lifestyles in the city, a…


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. into town .

there is plenty of time to walk from town,

to give an opinion whenever requested.


there is time to talk, and receive gifts. make


time to buy some ready. it has been said before

that these are falling days. look at the wild seeds

and know that as splendid as you are, that


you are  one of many.


there is still time.






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Good Evening!

Be you- because you shine just the way you are. You do! Stop and think about that for a moment. Look at all you do well. Stop comparing yourself to other people; each of us has own own unique talents, but so many times we downplay what we do well and almost over-play the talents of others.

You can…


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Hysterical: Anna Freud's Story—18 Months after Publication

In 1973 when I was 20, I drove cross-country in a beautiful, orange (borrowed) karmann ghia coupe with my friend Beth to see her father, who was a major entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles. We stuffed our marijuana inside our bras when we crossed the border into Arizona because, in those years anyway, Arizona state agriculture agents searched incoming cars for vegetable matter. Though we stayed in Malibu in a…

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Good Morning!

Happy Thanksgiving and remember that this is a day to be grateful. We all have something to be grateful for, after all, you're reading this which means you woke up today. Let's concentrate on the good things today and I am grateful for all of you who isit this page each day.

Make it a great…


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Gooble, gooble....

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from The Gang @ The Halli Casser-Jayne Show!

We deliver great ‪#‎reads‬ for the ‪#‎Thanksgiving‬ week right here…


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"Swaragini" story of Two Sisters and a Popular Hindi TV Show is available in New Zealand

Crave a little bit of drama in your daily lives? Watch two sisters take on a mission to unite two families who are sworn enemies. It might be an oft-repeated theme but the packaging is bright and invigorating to the soul. Swaragini on Colors TV released early this March and quickly captured the attention of the viewers with interesting twists and turns in its storyline.



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21'6 in paradisium

no items match my search.

yet i was not looking for anything,



i have most that i need,

and want and am given


by those who love me.


given more by those

who don’t.


i am smaller now.





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Long time Comin

I'm a hand girl. I love a man with a strong pair of them, God's Grace embodied them as he lifted me from the ruins of my life, I use them as a conduit for creation and pleasure so that they seemingly hum with electrical current. So, there is no surprise that the imagery used to rattle the ratchets and loosen my grip on shit that no longer serves me, is that of hands. Two hands, letting  go. I see it loud and clear so that there is no mistaking the intended meaning of the message.…


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Good Evening!

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your day. Make it a safe and happy one and remember to be grateful for all your many blessings.Make it the best Thanksgiving ever.

#optimisticallyyours #LOA #crystalhealing #counselingwithdebbie #positivethinking #lifeoaching…


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Feel the FEAR and do it anyway

Neuroscience research tells us that 90% of the thoughts that run through our minds daily are negative. Ahem. And wait for it… they are aimed at ourselves.

FEAR is one of the main reasons why we have so many negative thoughts running through our minds.



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Art for Advent

Posted preview of Art for Advent series:

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Good Morning!

Good morning on this lovely Wed. It feels to me like a day of reflection; re-connecting with my inner self. Take some quiet time today (even a few minutes) to connect with your inner self because it always gives you the best advice.

Make it a great day!

#optimisticallyyours #LOA…


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Exploring Strengths and Weaknesses of Assignments

As far as the significance of assignments in academic education is concerned, teachers have used assignment writing as a phenomenon through which they could attain their own objectives. This is due to the fact that assignment writing does offer a lot of advantages to educators and students as well. At the same time, there are some demerits or disadvantages of assignments that should be considered as well.


First of all, strengths of assignments should be…


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,. place .

it is often the way, that we drift,


part company . return again

to our root.


not always where we think

it is, want it to be.


yet it is home.





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Grammergency #26: A Hyphenation How-To, Part One

One of my absolute favorite sections of The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) is section 7.77, entitled “To Hyphenate or Not to Hyphenate.” It’s a quandary that almost every writer encounters at some point, yet very few people are clear on all the many rules surrounding the shortest dash on their computer keyboard. That’s why I’m here—to help you make sense of where to place this punctuation mark on your page and when it's best for you to leave white space…


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Good Evening!

You have to start it first. We all want people to be kind to us, to listen when we speak, to understand and to smile. We all want that- but someone has to take the first step and that needs to be us.

We need to be kind first- to lend a helping hand when we can. We need to listen when someone speaks. To…


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What I Learned From My Indiegogo Campaign

Background: I recently ran an Indiegogo Campaign to help fund my debut novel, Grigory's Gadget. Since I've decided to self-publish, the cost of professional editing, cover design, etc. is my burden, rather than a publisher's. For the editors and designers I've decided to work with (Writership and Deranged Doctor Design) that burden summed up to about…


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