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An Online High School Degree is Now Easy to Get

Getting the high school diploma degree online is an ideal choice for high school dropouts. Students who work and who have not acquired their degree can easily complete their secondary education devoid of attending regular classes.

To acquire the degree for better job opportunities, students are supposed to pass the test with higher marks. What should we do if we try to get high scores? Following are the five tips that you should not ignore:

  1. No shortcut is there in…

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Are You Setting the Bar High Enough?

Are you setting the bar high enough…on what you want in life? Are you asking for what you really want…or do you just ask for little things; just in case this “Law of Attraction” thing doesn’t work out for you?

Or do you “dream big” and put your heart and soul into what you want? Does it make you smile all the way down to your toes when you think of it? Do you spend most of your time thinking about it?

Then good for you, because the bigger the dream and the more you believe in…


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Undertaking Memoir

“It helps if they are dead,” say many memoirists when asked about including family members in their work. Clearly, memoir is an undertaker’s profession: how to present the person so they look as natural as they did in life? Consider, for example, preparing the late Mickey Easterling, the infamous…


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How to Design Modern & Comfortable Home interiors

I recently took a weekend trip to visit some family members at their house in London. It was the first time I had visited their house, it’s newly renovated and very white, no clutter anywhere, just a few picture frames dotted about. During my stay I found it hard to relax, watching the anxious expressions on my host’s faces every time I took a bite of food or a sip of coffee while sat on the sofa. This made me think, does having a stylish home really have to come at the cost of being able to…


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Romance Writing Tip #17: A REALLY Easy Way to Sell More Books

Increase Your Romance Book Sales

In a word ... spinoffs.

What are Romance Novel Spinoffs?

It's when you use characters from one of your novels in another. For example, in my latest…


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New Multicultural Romance: A Lover for Beth



            Beth felt a sensation, turned around and locked eyes immediately with the dark-haired stranger.


            "This is my wife Kingston and her best friend, Beth," Christian was saying, introducing the ladies to his business associates. "Honey, this is Alexandre Bellini and Zander Escatore, from Bellini and Associates."


            Beth barely remembered being seated, but when she was, she did notice that she was sitting to…


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Gather Information About Graduate Schemes And Take Steps To Choose Right Career

Choosing the right career can be a challenging task. Taking the right career decisions is very important in life. The career you select must fit with your aptitude, interests and personality. There are certain things which you should consider when you decide on a career. You may have a natural talent and some…


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Interview with Curious Autodidact Ariel Malka

Please join me  today at TweetSpeak Poetry for Part 1of my two-part interview with the ever-inspired and inspiring Ariel Malka, the innovative, self-taught software designer and programmer exploring the fascinating realm of interactivity in digital space.

Direct Link: …


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Good Morning!

Good morning all! It's a beautiful day and the sun seems to be shining more brightly. Perhaps because it is my mother's birthday in heaven.


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What do we currently know about Flubromazepam?

In the family of chemicals, the ranks are growing day after day. In the family of benzodiazepine, a new chemical substance is surfacing called Flubromazepam. This chemical, with its close relation to others in its category, also does many of the same things. It can be used to calm and stabilize the patient during certain procedures or after selected treatments.  It also has many of the same reactions to stimulants, considering it is a very strong sedative. Sedatives, as most people know,…


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The Oft-Forgotten Parts of Furnishing Your Business

Changing careers is challenging enough but when you’re transitioning from 100 percent employee to full-fledged business owner, it can become seemingly impossible. You’re not just responsible for your clients and employees, but also all the minor details that comes with outfitting an office. In an ideal world, you’ll have cash to spare to hire a decorator, but that’s simply not the reality for the vast majority of small business owners. Since your background probably isn’t in…


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Importance of Hiring Content Writing Service

For a website, content plays an important role that allows readers to attract towards the service and understand what the service is all about. With internet marketing rising up to be one of the best ways to promote any product, website or service in the online realm is by content. From social media marketing and blogging to PPC marketing, plenty of ways have come up for online marketing. Hiring content writing service is the…


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Four Issues while Selecting Travel Insurance for People with Pre Existing Medical Condition

The subject of insurance is all about seeking protection against the unknown danger. However, often during a check up for a long distance travel, there may be something creeping up, which can be a cause of worry. It will upset all the travel plans. However, one must never lose heart as there is always the alternative of approaching insurance firms which offer travel insurance for people with pre existing medical conditions. It seems unbelievable but there are people who are ready to help you…


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Don't be in a Rush

I want you to take a close look at your life. Do you find yourself rushing all of the time?

Well, Think about THIS: We go about living our lives on a daily basis, and we have what we call a “to-do list.” We have to do grocery shopping, stop by the cleaners, pick our children up from day care/school, wash the car, walk and feed the pets, go by the bank. And the list goes on and on.

Every day we do what would be considered “the norm.” We get SO busy that sometimes we forget to…


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Let me first start out by saying that fear will cripple you. It will cause you to lose out on opportunities that are right in front of your face. Fear will cause self-doubt in whatever you’re setting out to do. It will speak to you loudly, saying things like: “You’ll fail. You’re not good enough. What a silly idea, it won’t go anywhere. You’re wasting your time, it’ll never work,” etc.

Fear will cause you to miss out on your purpose in life. And if you’re not careful, fear will steal…


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2013 National Medal of Arts and Humanities awards

I'm so thrilled that President Obama will be awarding the 2013 National Medal of Arts and Humanities citations to two wonderful writers, Julia Alvarez and Maxine Hong Kingston next week. I am pleased Julia Alvarez is one of the recipients of the medal (and of course, doubly thrilled that she endorsed my memoir, "The Coconut Latitudes.")  Per the White House announcement, Alvarez is being honored for "for her extraordinary storytelling. In poetry and in prose, Ms. Alvarez explores…


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I am She

I am the one pure soul who got out and escaped with my soul and my eternal freedom, my pure dreams, and my sacred subconscious in tact. I bring to me all that I need, and I share the abundance of good things that are coming to me now from all good sources in my life with my children, with my sacred partner, and with my friends and family. I give back to Gaia and to Mother Nature, because I am Her. I am one with that divine sacred energy known as the Tao, who changes her shape and…


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Packaging in Its New Trend

Protection, storage and hygienic handling of a product play a major role in packaging. It is often regarded as the most important form of advertising that leads most consumers to be triggered to “impulse buying”. Conventionally, not much importance has ever been given to packaging design, but changes in consumer’s preferences have led to setting a new trend in product packaging.

A certain product no matter what greatness it contains in terms of quality but is in a run-of-the-mill…


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