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. seeds .

have you collected seeds

of many years, packed,

labelled, dated.

have you died, and left

the table unprepared.

i have them now in boxes,

a gift, from those who love.

they will bring me work, joy,

an independent air, profound words,

from those who care.






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Satisfying Endings

     Recently I was outraged after I finished the last pages of a novel I’d loved. “What?” I railed. “How could the author abandon one of the two main characters, let her disappear so completely I’ve no idea of her fate. Give me a hint. One sentence, please!” We do get a scene of her husband after the family’s deportation, as he approaches the ancestral village, anticipating the luxury their U.S. dollars will afford. But his wife had ambitions for a career. What will become of her,…


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Good Evening!

Take them…every opportunity to learn more and to open yourself up to new things because you never know where they may lead you. So maybe you sign up for a yoga class (which is great in itself) and then you find that one of the women in your class happens to be a recruiter at the company that you want to work…


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Catching Up with Artist Watch Artists

Posted some recent news about six Artist Watch artists activities:

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Book Excerpt: Am I Going To Be Okay? Weathering the Storms of Mental Illness, Addiction and Grief by Debra Whittam

Title: Am I Going To Be Okay? Weathering the Storms of Mental Illness, Addiction and Grief

Author: Debra Whittam

Publisher: Turning Point International

Pages: 253

Genre: Memoir/Women’s Psychology/Applied Psychology

Am I Going To Be…


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Good Morning!

Good morning on this sunny Thursday. What are you focusing on? Where are you putting your energy? Are you putting it on all things positive, on things you do well, on expecting the best possible outcome in each situation as it arises? Then good for you because where you focus and how you focus means the world-so keep…


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You missed our important conversations on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show yesterday? Right, it's Thursday and our ‪#‎podcast‬ right here for you:…


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. 1810 video .

the film continues, some of the old cast,

new actors oblige, ideas on lack

of addictive ways. simple days without


singing under breath, counting,

unpacking boxes, this is the lead.

hints are posted, and may you

believe them graciously. for

many times will you be tested.

there were substitles, out of

focus, we could not read the

other language.

the film…


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Deleted passage from BANGLES ....Lucille Ball Days

My next bad hair day story happened one weekend in Dubai. I ended up coloring my hair three times in a row; only because I couldn’t get the color just-right. The result of the third coloring was okay for my hair, but something went horribly wrong with my eyebrows. (You see, anyone who knows me, knows that I have skin-tone eyebrows; some even say that they are invisible. So whenever I color my hair, I try to…


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Insights from Judging a Writing Contest

Please don’t start your story with a weather report! Sharing my Insights from Judging a Writing Contest.

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Post Christmas, excerpt from "The Questionable Letter"

Excerpt from “The Questionable Letter,” by Cheryl Grant Gillespie


       My mother’s depression was severe at Christmas time. The December I was seven was no different. Carpentry work was scarce for my dad, so my brothers and he busied themselves selling trees and wreathes to supplement the family income. We understood that the money was to go for essentials. My brothers said nothing about the very few presents we received, but I was…


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Good Evening!

It really is there- and it really is all for you- each brand new day. Each one a gift from our benevolent Universe. Each one a prized to be cherished.

Forget  about yesterday because it gone and it is done. So what if you made some mistakes- who doesn’t make them? The important thing is to make as much…


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Stakes and Sympathy

Not only do stakes connect a particular protagonist to a particular plot in fiction, they forge a connection with the reader as well. Stakes invest the action with tension. The key to generating stakes is to make your protagonists’ wants and needs BIG. Wants that stir us; needs that change…


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Wednesday Artist: Miriam Charlie

Posted Wednesday Artist, a look at Miriam Charlie of Australia.

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Good Morning!

Good morning on his lovely Wednesday. What have you done for YOU lately? Really, when was the last time you were nice to yourself? Do you think that kindness is reserved just for other people?

You are just as worthy as the next person, and you deserve the kind of support that you…


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TODAY 3 pm ET on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show:


All things great and small are the subject of The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Wednesday, June 22, 3 pm ET when joining Halli at her table is President and CEO of the nation’s largest ‪#‎animal‬ protection organization, The Humane…


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. . reading asher lev .

mostly read on the internet,

news, politics, all the rhetoric, yet


i have my favourites.


days that lack

deep concentration.


i mentioned earth &heaven.


not asher lev.


it remains the same.





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Poem for Summertime

Dancing in the meadow,

Free now of all shadow,

Am I enchanted by light!

Gone now is a long night,

From both glen and glade,

As thoughts of darkness fade,

I begin to smile, to laugh, to sing

Sadness - what? There is no such thing! :)…


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Farewell, My Father

By now, the elderly man before me could not even speak. Earlier he mumbled a few incoherent phrases, and I tried my best, but failed, to hear what he was trying to tell me - likely, important last words.

His hand fumbled erratically for something to hold onto, banging in to the nurses' table at his bedside. Afraid that he might hurt himself, and even more worried that he might be feeling lonely, instinctively I offered my hand. He held onto it tightly, and never loosened his hold of…


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The Day Progresses


I’m sitting in a heap after I pick up the mess we left. My chest heaves, and I’m trying to hold onto last night. But, as I wake up further the world shifts. I realize I will no longer be able to smell your unique smell when I wake up in the morning; Marlboros, and your Herbal Essences…


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