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5 Top Points To Be Considered Before Selecting The Best Pet Insurance Provider

Pet insurance is playing a very important role to maintain the health of the pet in various kinds of circumstances. The number of pets is increasing at a very faster rate and health problems are also on rise due to wide number of reasons. 

It is the right time to take care of the pets and maintain their safety by adopting the right kind of pet insurance policy at the right moment. This insurance works a lot to provide you relief in terms of money and tension.



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Build Ecommerce Websites Using Open Source

Ecommerce is an increasing trend in the whole world and has been adapted by many countries in the last decade. Many companies have shifted towards online marketing and business. Online buying and selling is becoming more popular and accessible to everyone than ever before and most people are turning towards online trade. Ecommerce can be defined as online trade, buying and selling of items and products and exchange of products via internet or social media. It surely is an increasing trend…


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Writing Tip: Start Before You're Ready

I'll never forget when my older sister's childhood friend Julie had her first child. She was in her early 30s at the time, and she told my sister that even though she and her husband didn't think they were ready for the responsibility of being parents, they decided to go ahead and do it because they realized that they would probably never be ready for that responsibility, even though they knew they wanted kids. I thought--and still think--that was one of the wisest things I'd ever…


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ANNOUNCEMENT: My latest publication is (as of today) available on Amazon! Covington Writers Group Anthology 2016.

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Posted December 4, 2016 on my blog, found at

Words alone can’t express my heightened gratitude for Covington Writers Group, Kentucky. They welcomed me with open arms a year ago, January, and through this group I’ve found wonderful friends and key critique partners in the business of writing.

See my August 28 post to read more about these perks and key…


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Monday Muse: Denise Miller's 'Ligatures'

Monday Muse reviews Denise Miller's chapbook 'Ligatures':

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Good Morning!

Good morning on this sunny Monday, the first day of the work week for many. You know, so many times we worry about what other people think of us. But, I was thinking, wouldn't it work a lot better if instead of worrying what others think that we should focus on what we think of ourselves? Think about it.

Make it…


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[SWP: Behind the Book] Writing a Business Book

 Have you ever been at a cocktail party, or any kind of a party, and someone is talking to you when you notice that their eyes are roaming the room.  You can almost see their thought bubble, “Who else can I talk to?” 

When people ask me what kind of a book I’ve written, it often feels like that. I can almost see…


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Top 5 Academic Writing Tips

All beginners in scientific researches, as well as students, graduates and others are to improve their academic writing skills and to be familiar with major writing tips for success performance of their task. Nowadays teachers and senior investigators are full of the ideas how to boost your level of writing ability, so they are pleased to share some of them. Learn the most appropriate pieces of advice in order to become a true guru who will be able to carry the…


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. plas newydd .


we talked of hedges, again,

for these are not


we walked the dazzled mirror,


small and slightly curious ,

is an artist in residence, here?

glass housed and labelled

ten years ago.

this house is closed, yet

will open at 10 am.





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Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? #adoption #memoir

This stylised memoir, set in the working-class north of England, is the book Jeanette Winterson wasn't ready to write back in 1985 when at 25 years of age, she wrote the novel Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, a book that plunged the reader into her universe, one that provided the author the…


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Good Evening

We can choose…in this brand new week and on this brand new day. We can choose what we want to embrace. Do we want to embrace confidence and a gentle kindness? Do we want to embrace all the best that this day has to offer?

Or do we choose to embrace anger or fear? We can choose them but I’m afraid they will…


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Second Sunday of Advent 2016: Art for Advent

James Romaine examines 'The Belles Heures of Jeanne de France, duc de Berry' for the Second Sunday of Advent:

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Thought for the Day

The Thought for the Day comes from W.S. Merwin.

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Good Morning!

Good morning on this lovely Sunday.You know, I figure we have two choices here- we can allow things to unfold with grace or we can buck the tide. Maybe, if we lets unfold with grace then we just might get where…

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leonard wrote in medieval rhyme, a scrivener,

fond of the waltz, too.

i shall learn to. and wear a river’s disguise

water’s way.


shall we not see thee dancing?


i shall walk in the way and you may call us dancing

meandering thoughts, consequences, a pas de deux

many may see us dance, few will hear the music

. in and out of season.





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Check Out My New Children's Picture Book!

Essential Information

Author: Joanne C. Hillhouse (Antigua and Barbuda)

Illustrator: Cherise Harris (Barbados)

Publisher: Little Bell Caribbean (USA)

Genre: Fairytale, Children’s picture book



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Good Evening!

Will you make it or break it? Today, I mean. When you get up and open your eyes, will you be a grump or will you be grateful? Will you see this day as a curse or a blessing?

You, and you alone, have to the power to make this day pleasant. That power doesn’t belong to anyone else or to any situation.…


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A Fun Christmas Giveaway

Two Giveaways for the Christmas Season!


1. Book Giveaway and Interview with Romance Author Brooke Williams


Book Giveaway Dec 3 - 16: A Romantic Comedy, Backwards Christmas.

Backwards Christmas is about the fictional town of South Pole, Alaska. This town is very touristy around Christmas because they do Christmas completely backwards. Every tradition is backwards. People bring presents TO Santa. The mistletoe is painted on the ground.…


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Saturday Short

Today's Saturday Short is the trailer for the film 'Notes on Blindness', about theologian John Hull and his "world beyond sight".

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. no apology here .

i have no manners, i will not    apologise

for being. nor say sorry for what you did.

and said.

i will not make excuses and reasons    for

your action nor what i did in repair.  i am

no gentleman, certainly     neither are you.

there is no sincere apology for my   being.





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