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NEW RELEASE: "Dare to Love" -- A Steamy, Contemporary Romance

Available on Amazon at Amazon Prime Members Read for Free. Following is an excerpt.


One man had the power to destroy Casey McMahon, personally and professionally: Jean Luc LeGrande,…


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Good Evening!

Every day- is a chance to be the person you were meant to be. It’s always a clean slate to start over of you believe it to be.

It doesn’t how mad you got, what you said, what you did (or didn’t do)- you don’t have to stay stuck there. You ALWAYS have the ability to choose new words, new thoughts and new…


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Talking Craft with Urban Fantasy Author Christine Amsden

Christine is the award-winning author of the Cassie Scot series, the story of the only ungifted scion of a family of powerful sorcerers. Her latest novel, Kaitlin’s Tale, follows the trials of Cassie’s best friend as she falls in love with Cassie’s arch-nemesis. Christine’s other titles include The Immortality VirusTouch…


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You asked for it, and Halli always aims to please. So back by popular demand, Halli returns to writing INSIDE THE HOPPER, her take on all things ‪#‎…


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How to Get Your Book Published in 7000 Easy Steps – A Practical Guide. Step Two: PERUSE THE INTRODUCTORY STUFF FROM THE PUBLISHER

Contract – Review this document and fret over whether you should have it looked at by a lawyer, or at least someone who maybe works in a law office.…


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The Maple Method Trading System REVIEW

The Maple Method – You are one step away from your financial freedom!

The Maple Method

The The Maple Method is a 100% FREE software that will trade on the binary options markets with just 1 click! It’s fully automated and places the winning trades for you!

The newest feature that has been added to…


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Thursday's Three on Art

Posted Thursday's Three on Art: an update about installation artist Brenda Mallory and links to interviews with Kerry James Marshall and Mark Bradford.

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Good Morning!

Good morning on this beautiful Thursday. I was watching the sprinklers this morning and I thought to myself (well I did say it to the dog too) that just as the water renews the grass positive thoughts do that for us as well. Each good thought renewing us and giving us strength to move to that next level. Think…


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HAPPY THURSDAY with ‪#‎countrymusic‬ from the best!

THE HIGHWAYMEN: FRIENDS TILL THE END premiers nationwide Friday, May 27 at 9:00 p.m. ET on PBS as part of the 30th anniversary season of THIRTEEN’s American Masters series.

If you missed The Halli Casser-Jayne Show Preview yesterday with Waylon Jennings son Terry Jennings and director Jim Brown you can listen now to our …


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How to Write an Informative Essay

When we were kids most regarding us dreamt about turning out for you to be crucial figures within the society and help make our contribution towards the history. While we grow up, we learn to realize what an important role plays training in our future, and that will we go to educational institutions and also universities. And as of this point, every single individual faces new problems connected with just about all the not enough time, skills as well as knowledge which stand on our method to…


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Who Will Twitter My Tweet?

From the Pen of Miss Brooke – Who will twitter my tweet?

My fellow writers, greetings. As every writer knows, the days of typewriter ribbons and manuscripts mailed in manila envelopes are long gone.

In this digital age most work is written, edited and published on computers and the internet.

Nowadays authors need to not only write their works but generate audiences. This may be easy for some, with the whole world on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google – the list…


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Real Writers Need a Community: yes, that means you

I’ve always called myself a shy person. The anxiety I feel in social or professional situations is in no small part why I chose freelancing in the first place. Discovering that I could just be a writer, just decide and then do it, was like uncovering a hidden gem while lamenting over the useless soil in my garden. But still, what does one do with a dirt-covered gem? It was not an easy transition.

For several years I made…


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Behind the Book Army Wife: A Story of Love and Family in the Heart of the Army

     I’ve spent most of my adult life as an Army wife- having married my husband shortly after I graduated from college when he was then a lieutenant. For the next thirty-three-years, as he rose up to the highest rank in the Army, four-star…


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Good Evening!

What is yours like? Your attitude, that is?

Are you open to new experiences and look for the best possible outcome? Do you greet the day with positive expectation and offer your smile to those you meet? Do you see mistakes as learning experiences and see them as a chance to grow?

Then good for you-…


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Hello! Introducing - Me!

Heya! i'm new here and am excited to be a part of this community! i'm a 17 year old gal from Canada who loves to write (WOW!) Science fiction!  i also do slam poetry :P  (also I try to write in purple prose as much as possible because its just really enjoyable to me and i really like to do so!

(at least i try to)

here's a little snippet of my one sci-fi book i'm trying to write, sorta hit a writers block though lately!

I'd love feedback and…


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The Courage to Write

“It is always a thrilling risk to say exactly what you mean, to express exactly what you see,” wrote the marvelous author Patricia Hampl. Each sentence we write boldly asserts, This is my viewpoint and I believe it worthy of utterance.

That takes courage, especially for women constantly defined as “other,” with its…


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Wednesday Artist: Alastair Cook & Filmpoem

Posted Wednesday Artist, about the filmmaker, videographer, and fine artist photographer Alastair Cook and his Filmpoem projects:

Here are the links to my Monday and Tuesday posts:

Monday Muse: 'Falling Lessons', a Motionpoems videopoem:…


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Getting started…


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Recipe for Editing a Novel

Unlike other authors, I don't jump with joy when it's time to edit. I loathe editing or did until very recently.  Having reviewed the results of the edit of my latest novel revealed my shortcomings at self-editing and forced me to rethink my process and craft a guideline for the work ahead.    


Recipe for Editing a Novel



1 printed copy of your finished manuscript (can be substituted with a short story, poem, op-ed, etc.)



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