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Good Morning!

Good morning everyone! It's a new day so what will you do with it? If you have been angry with someone this is your day to hold out the olive branch.Make peace; don't drive a wedge between you and those you care about. Life is too short and tomorrow is promised to no one.

Make it…


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need to
what I believe -
embody it,
all is lost.

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Successful Blogger’s Focus Point

Blogging is a field that requires a deeper attention from the writer’s perspective. Writing for blogs never comes with a prescribed set of rules; however, you need to keep a few things in mind in order to blog successfully. The bloggers are those people who can either make the website a success, or a complete failure. However, when you really need to be a successful blogger there are a few things you need to keep in mind.…


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, now we descend .

we are hand writing, at the table

fire lit, radio playing. scratching

words in time, rhythm comes

naturally, birds beat the window,

cold now, little feathers hoping

for food.

we now descend into darkness,

curtain drawn into night,


mistakes crossed, all can see

the errors ,the blots,that soak

the skin, the stain within.

i am hand writing.



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The Importance Of Rotogravure Printing Machines

Rotagravure, a traditional method of printing is extensively used in the publishing industry, and more commonly known as gravure or rate among printing industry professionals. Gravure or Roto is a process of printing that involves transferring an image onto an image carrier with the help of a rotational printing press. Rotagravure discovered in the 19th century and rotogravure machines works in a brief way, in which a picture is transported onto a carrier that is filled with the ink. The…


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Gleaming up your Home with Energy Saving LED Downlights for your Home

When it comes to installing lights in your home, there are loads of facets that need attention from your end. This is because lighting solutions that you pick should not only complement your taste but also your budget as well. Now, if you are looking for a contemporary lighting alternative that saves power, is decent on your pocket, looks fantastic and is a green pick, then the single best alternative that you have is to install LED lights in your home. A number of contemporary homeowners…


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Stocking up on a Variety of sleepwear for Yourself

As far as buying clothes is concerned, being a woman surely has a lot of advantages and sleepwear is no such exception. You have an array of textures, types, colors and material to pick from and look equally gorgeous in all of them. Just because you are going the sleep in them, doesn’t really mean that you should compromise on the aesthetic appeal. Surely comfort is the prerequisite of purchasing sleepwear whether you are purchasing them from regular stores or…


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NaNoWriMo Week 4: What I'm Looking Forward To

Here it is, the last week of NaNoWriMo! Somehow this month that seems both far too long and far too short always comes to an end. My novel has about 8,000 words to go and the main dilemma is resolved. I may end up having to write some filler scenes if I get to the end before hitting 50,000. But I love knowing that I’m so close! By the time I turn in…


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Your voice is real. Let me help her speak..

I give women the gift of voice, and I give myself the gift of voice.

I believe you have a story you must tell- the story of the moments when your voice didn’t come through- in order to own fully that you do have a voice from which you can speak.

Lest you believe that you are alone in experiencing a loss of self and voice, a turning in your life when it became harder to know your insides, harder to speak, psychological research shows the opposite is…


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My Achilles Heel

What? You are afraid of...? (Click here to find out what scares me)

Yep...if you watch the video, you know one of the things that makes me fearful.  No, no, no.  I was not attacked by some mean woman who wanted what I was getting ready to buy.  I was not lost for days in the racks when I was little because I was hiding from my parents.  

Here's the deal.  We are fearful of…


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Dreams by Steven Fujita, author of Toe Up to 10K

Toe Up to 10K

Author: Steven Fujita

Publisher: BookBaby

Pages: 168

Genre: Self-Help

Format: Ebook

In June 2012, Steven Fujita went to the emergency room, and was diagnosed with…


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How to make more than thousand dollars with paid surveys

Surveys are simple questionnaires or research work done by leading companies and service providers to know the response of the masses regarding their products and services. Before launching a new product of project in the market, it is always wise to know whether common people will like it and whether it matches to their likes and preferences. It is not always possible for a research company or manufacturer to get to know the views of the mass across the world. Therefore to gain access of…


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[SWP: Behind the Book] The Sweetness: the girl on the cover

“So,” some may ask, “is that you on the book cover?” I shake my head…no. There’s no need to explain that the child adorning the cover of my novel, The Sweetness, was born years before me; and no need to say “but we are related,” and certainly no need to mention…


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Sometimes You Forget How Alone You Are - Until It Hits You In The Face

So, it's official.

Charles Manson is getting married, and I'm still single. Not just unmarried, mind you. Single. Alone. Just me, myself and I.

Yeah, yeah...I could probably find my own serial killer psychopath if I looked hard enough, I know. I'm the only one to blame for not pursuing that. It's not like they're evading me or going…


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Monday Muse: A Writer's Courage and Wisdom

Monday Muse posts a video of the wonderful speech writer Ursula K. Le Guin gave on accepting a lifetime achievement award from National Book Awards.

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Toni Morrison and Me

I tend to talk about Toni Morrison with a cautious blitheness. I mention how we share the same hometown, Lorain, Ohio, but even that’s a scary thing to do. Why would I want to invite comparisons to a Nobel and Pulitzer prizewinning author? Such a thought would send most writers under their desks, possibly holding a thick reference book over their…


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Law of Attraction- New Class Starts 12/10!



“LAW OF ATTRACTION AND YOU” helps you use the Law of Attraction to bring more of what you want into your life. Includes unlimited personal email counseling, one 30 min. phone consult & daily…


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Good Morning!

Good morning everyone! It's a new day; it's cloudy out right now and warm, but it is a day to move forward. It's a day to take a step. Don't wait any longer. If you just take even a little step you'll find the rest of it comes easier. Try it and...

Make it a great day!



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Bringing Home your First Pool Table: What to keep in mind

A game room is never complete without a pool table, having said that if you have no clue whatsoever about purchasing one, things can get rather tricky. Surely planning pool game with your group of friends can be a lot of fun, however buying a pool table is a whole new ballgame altogether. Now, nothing is worse than buying something extremely expensive and then realizing that you could have found a better deal only if you undertook a bit more research. Well, this why you need to know a thing…


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Top Tips for Jewellery Makers

Jewellery making has long been a resourceful way to unleash creativity and make one-off pieces that nobody else will have. We all have our addictions in life, whether that’s smoking, chocolate or creating hand-crafted accessories, it’s safe to say that people were meant to enjoy the great things that life has to offer. It might be that you’re a person who has a lot of free time on your hands and you’re looking to take up a new hobby,…


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