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Thought for the Day

Posted Thought for the Day, quoting Rebecca Solnit.

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Good Morning!

Good morning on this quiet Sunday. I just came in from walking the dog and she met a new friend- a new dog on the block. She was so happy to meet him and he was happy to meet her. No judgement. No fear. Just joy.

Make it a great day!…


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We @ The Halli Casser-Jayne Show hope, you will stop by for a Sunday full of entertainment:

Movies you watch TVShows you adore A look at Creative Artist Agency, click our PODCAST here

And for a fun read: Halli's Musing and her NEWEST edition: INSIDE THE HOPPER…


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. the writers .

not thinking it comes good,

just write, share and eventually

correct, edit,delete


you like, comment.


on reading others ( pause ) regret these

simple ways


i am not clever, everyone is a writer.


she said so.




men on a beach


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Good Evening!

Be that ray…be that ray of sunshine today.

Smile more. Say hello more. Say something positive about your day. You attract what you put out there so do you really want all that negative stuff coming back and hitting you right between the eyes? I know I don’t…

If you can be that beam of light then…


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Writing Novel #2 is Not Easy

My first novel, Appetite, was published in May, and I’m on page 83 of my second novel. It’s growing slowly, mostly because I am busy marketing novel number one. Marketing requires a different kind of writing than fiction does, more didactic and less poetic. I find it hard to switch back and forth—to jump from magazine articles, social media posts, questions-and-answers for interviewers, etc., into my new characters’ inner lives. But I can do it. And I confess it’s not only the…


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Saturday Short

Posted Saturday Short, a look at the trailer for 'Hidden Figures', about African-American women's achievements during the early days of the Space Race.

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August 13, 2016------ Interview with The Crazy Mind at

Marsha ‘Yasmine’ Marie has been a writer, human rights activist, English department head, English instructor, American accent trainer, communication lab designer, voice-over talent, blogger, administrative assistant and mom. Born in Ohio, raised in Arizona, and then lived and taught in Asia. She has now returned to Arizona and lives…


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Good Morning!

Good morning on this lovely Saturday. I woke up to a cat fight. But you know, two minutes later everyone was friends again.

We should be more like them. We may have disagreements, but we don't have to make a choice of revenge or holding onto that anger. We can choose to let it go.

Make it a great…


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Happy Saturday from The Halli Casser-Jayne Show!

Let's start the day with Halli's Musing and her NEWEST edition: INSIDE THE HOPPER


Just click here to get an fun overview of the important NEWS…


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a table for 25

yet i am pretty sure more came, it looked a lot.


we had moved earlier on a prompt from the owner,

curled up in the corner with chips. tasted like mum


on saturdays with crispy bits.


that was a long time ago. we waited for the bus



45 minutes.






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Book Marketing: What Traditional Publishers Expect from Authors Beyond Writing the Book

Getting a book contract is exciting beyond belief. I finally got a hard copy of the book. I said to my sister  one morning as I stuffed a copy into envelopes to mail off to those who contributed:

“I’m doing ‘authorly stuff;’ it makes me feel even more like a real writer.”

In case you don’t know, I’ve self-published over 90 ebooks (fiction and non-fiction).…


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Good Evening

You matter in this world. You are just as important as the next person.

So many times, we push the things we’d like to do aside and tell ourselves things like “Oh, that’s too good for me” or “Nah, I really can’t do that” and then we stand there and watch other people do it.

Are they better…


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All Art Friday

Posted new edition of All Art Friday.

In the spotlights: Brenda Mallory, Louise Fishman, Mark Bradford, London's 'Sculpture in the City' program, Stacy Polson, Dr. Seuss, and Umezaki's performances at The Getty.

The roundup highlights exhibitions at Tides Institute & Museum of Art (Steven Trefonides), Loveland Museum (Robert Mangold), Amon Carter Museum (Gabriel Dawe installation), Minneapolis Institute of Art (Anthony Marchetti), and Heard Museum (Helen…


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Welcome Daniele Lanzarotta, Author of Shattered Souls

I will never understand those vampires who feed off animals or bags of donated blood. Let’s face it… if you are a vampire like those Cullens, who drink from animals, you are bound to get hair in your mouth while eating. Who can enjoy a meal like that? And those bags…


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#‎Fridayfeeling‬ for a good ‪#‎podcast‬? Listen to The Halli Casser-Jayne Show and enjoy your weekend:…


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Good Morning!

Good morning on this quiet Friday, the end of the work week for many. But whatever this day means for you step out into it in confidence, knowing that you can make this day your own. Go for it.

Make it a great day!…


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Hi! My name is...

Marie! And it's so nice to meet you! I know we're both writers, but let me introduce myself.

I don't have a long history as a writer, in fact, it's probably been just over a year now, that I began blogging seriously. I began with a lovely, little site called, "The Business of…


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Total Hip Replacement Surgery and Recovery

This surgical treatment requires the surgeon to remove the damaged hip joint components (femoral head and acetabulum) with artificial implant devices made from ceramic, plastic, metal or a combination of these. These artificial prosthetics in the hip joint not only help to relieve the pain but also to restore normal functioning in the hip joint.

It is most important to observe and follow all instruction given by the doctor/physician regarding the recovery and after-care for a…


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What I've Been Up To

Apologies, fellow writers, for being away for so long! :) I'm starting my second graduate program in a few weeks, finishing up the details of the first one, and looking forward to the challenge and the fun of the health sciences. UCSF is my dream school - if we can have several dream schools :) - and so I am back to some intense studying and serious research work nowadays! :)

Of course, I'm still reading and writing a lot ... It is just that I will be reading about economics, politics…


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