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How The Wilderness Act Helps Me Write

Fresh out of college, I visited my older sister, a ceramic artist teaching in West Virginia. She beckoned me to her yard to see her latest creation—a six-foot oblong curved shape, slightly hollow in the center. It was unlike anything I’d seen, and yet also strangely familiar. “It’s beautiful,” I said. She beamed, and walked over to another shelf, picking up a piece of wood, weathered and shined by time. “It was inspired by this,” she said, “that you gave me.” I didn’t remember this remnant…


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Planning a Book Launch: Three Months Out

Many people who are not involved in the publishing world have asked me why it takes so long between the announcement of a publishing contract and the actual book-on-the-shelves moment. As is the case with anyone unfamiliar with the inner workings of a given industry, it can seem bizarre that it takes so long to get a…


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So How Badly Do You Want It?

How badly do you want it…your goal; your dream, your desire? Really, how much?

Are you spending as much time as possible visualizing it, feeling it, thinking about it, dwelling on it, talking to others about it and getting excited that it’s on the way? Are you smiling about it, singing about it, tapping…


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Since You've Been Gone - extract

"Hal stared out of the vehicle window. They’d driven down after afternoon surgery and made good time. Even Michael could feel the frisson of excitement in Hal as he’d spied the splendour of Dover Castle on the hill top and caught his quiet “home” when he saw it. It was as if crossing the boundary, past the sign which welcomed them to “White Cliffs Country”, had released all the tension that had been building up inside of Hal and drained it away." …


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Monday Muse: 'Happiness Is God'

Posted Monday Muse, a look at Ryan Pendell's video poem based on 'Lamentations', just one of an array of terrific offerings from the nonprofit Spark and Echo Arts. The organization seeks to create or commission a work of art, music, dance, poetry, theatre, of film for every passage of the Bible.

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Facing my Fear

After I decided to publish with She Writes Press, one of my first tasks was to email other writers I know and ask them to endorse my book. At first I was delighted that ten people agreed to read my book for an endorsement. And then, when I realized I need to actually send them my manuscript and that they…


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More Precious Than Rubies by Randy Coates" alt="More Precious Than Rubies" width="194" height="300" />

Title: More Precious Than Rubies

Author: Randy Coates

Publisher: iUniverse

Pages: 174

Genre: Fantasy

Format: Ebook

Purchase at …


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Good Morning!

Good morning everyone! It's a beautiful day as the sun makes its journey lighting the day. It's signaling us to get up, get going, and enjoy this brand new week which has been brought to us with a big red bow on it and full of promise by our ever vigilant Universe.

So take the…


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The Most Splendid Characteristics of Personal Injury Solicitors

Law is one of the most competitive fields because it requires a lawyer to be loyal and devoted with his or her profession. It is not a limited field as it has many branches. Civil law requires us a lot of knowledge and factual based information if anyone of us is interested to become a civil lawyer. But one of the most challenging fields is criminal law.…


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. packaging .

packing things in paper,

becomes the work, performance,


unpacked remains ditto

the effect.

sound, smoothing,

discovery of found mementos,

blood and rags.

will there be effect,

or as a facebook posting,

to be slid over, looking

for weather and new


the paper is creased badly.



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Ya Gotta Be Nice If You Want People To Be Nice To You

Ya gotta be nice…if you want the same in return.

You can’t just stand there, screaming and yelling and condemning the choices of others (and often right in front of them) and then expect those same people to offer you a smile and some sage advice when you need it, and to give you a “thumbs up” for a job well…


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The Waiting Game or The Scraps of Things

Musical Youth, the manuscript of mine that placed second for the Burt Award in 2014 and is soon to be published, was fresh in my mind, recently, as I dug through my e-folder filled with scraps of things – unfinished things, ideas for things. If nothing fresher is present-please, I sometimes go, during my writing time, to this folder and rip and stitch these unfinished things. On this occasion, I opened a doc entitled The Guitar Lessons. Here’s part of the synopsis:

“… a girl who ……


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Thought for the Day

Posted Thought for the Day: Martin Heidegger

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Leaving Yourself Behind

It’s been said that if you’re related to a writer, you’ll see yourself on her pages sooner or later.  The idea of being not only depicted, but laid bare for strangers to consume in a spirit of pity, mirth, or even annoyance, can be distressing.  A writer must…


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Meet My Main Character

What is the name of your character?

Meet Hal Bartlett, sometime resident of Dover, Kent, now living in rural Oxfordshire with a veterinarian practice, a very opinionated business partner and a lot of marital problems.

When and where is the story set?

Hal Bartlett is the main character in Since You've Been Gone which is set fifteen years in the past. The story begins in Oxfordshire as Hal wrestles with the increasing…


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Good Morning!

Good morning everyone! It's still dark out, but the sky to the east is showing streaks of the morning light. The stars are twinkling; they look like they are smiling down at me.

So why not offer your smile today, like the stars to someone who might need it. Be the beacon of light for another…


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. the museum .

the name will be the title,

length an object.

all else is waxed and tied

as usual, making

it unusual. when i explained,

she asked why will you do


because of the chained libaries,

burning books, the secrets

you see? no, I don’t

she replied.

we worked on quietly




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Doctor's Mess

I tend to trust doctors who absentmindedly spill part of their lunches on their clothing, day after day. It makes them seem real and approachable, not snobby residents of the ivory tower. When a neurologist showed up with ketchup stains on her loose fitting pants, I knew I…


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So Are You Taking the Hint?

Is it giving you a hint…the Universe, about what you path should be? The “hint” is what you are good at and what you enjoy doing.

Think about the things you like to do; the hobby that you can’t wait to get home to; the cause that when you think about it melts your heart and you say something like “if…


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Saturday Short

Posted Saturday Short, the trailer for the film 'Song of the New Earth':

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