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Thought for Day

I've posted for Thought for the Day a line from John Betjeman's poem 'Loneliness'.

Blessings on this Easter Sunday.

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Going down down

they found me

fragmented and


and loving my

darkness they

carried me below

with them.

I wrappd myself in

vinyl and lace and

steel heels.

I wound myself around

so tight

my night started to

seep through

so they could

all enjoy

the glaring black,

the blaring

bright, the

gritted grin.

I lit their way

down and down

with my

paler than pale

slick skin,

my melting…


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What's in a Butch's Purse? Humor and help for those being persecuted!

What's in a Butch's Purse and Other Humorous Essays is now available for pre-order (print edition) for $7.50 including shipping and/or instant download as an iBook or as ePub format for $2.99. I am donating 100% of the proceeds I earn to help the LBGTI population in Uganda to escape persecution or…


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If You Have An Author As A Friend, Be Prepared...

If you have a friend who’s an author, be prepared:


She will expect you to read her new novel, even when you say you the last novel you read was last summer—that one about billionaire sex or vampires, though you don’t want to admit this to your friend, who has written a serious literary novel.

She will say that you don’t have to read it and really mean—she wants you to buy her novel.


She will…


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Saturday Short

Today's short is a teaser for "A Life With Asperger's", an animated documentary directed by Jaime Ekkens.

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Five things that stop you writing

Is it procrastination-ville where you live? These are some of the top things that stop me writing:

5. Family members and pets! There is always someone demanding my attention in some way if I am writing. I can’t lock myself away in another room (the cats try to break the door down), so I try to occupy them with a nice warm fire or computer games (for the OH, not the cats), before I start.

4. TV! The call of trashy TV or Big Bang Theory is hard to resist. “I’ll just watch one…


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Online writing workshop starts next week

Start writing again or re-commit to a writing project with

Jumpstart Your Writing: an online workshop to re-invigorate your creative process

8 Sunday nights, 6:30 – 8:00 EDT

April 27 – June 22


This online workshop will give you exercises, feedback and community to re-invigorate your creative process, whether you’d like to start writing for the first time, begin a new project, continue your work with a fresh eye, or delve back…


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I do not remember my Grandfather, my mother’s father, as much as I would like. Of my two sisters, I’m probably the only child old enough to retain any trace of him. He died when I was nearly seven. I have…


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Query Burn Out

Last year I finished the manuscript for my first novel. Through the process of writing it  I had several readers and hired an editor. Things didn't work out with the editor so I trudged onward on my own. I also workshopped the book several times in professional writer's groups.

I read the…


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Maitreya could guide South Africa Judge Masipa in Oscar Pistorius Trial

I ask Maitreya’s grace on the Oscar Pistorius trial in South Africa. It’s a wretched situation of karma for the country. The whole trial brings us closer to the issues of guns and temper, and accidental death or murder and how our humanity may respond to these situations.


It’s difficult for a successful white athlete to be the point man to help his country, all South African families, and Her Honor Milady Judge Thokosile Masipa to see the correct response to the story…


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Yulia Tymoshenko, Vitali Klitschko Ukraine

I have the South African election day, May 7th, onmy calendar. I have May 25th marked on my calendar for the Ukraine elections.

I'm thinking that the boxer Vitali Klitschko and the chocolate billionaire Petro Poroshenko would be better served in a career line that involved international service. I know South africa for instance needs sports leagues for young people, and I know as a woman that when I exercise and feel physically fit, I have much higher self-esteem. If Mr. Klitschko…


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Cover Reveal: The Alchemy of Shards The Alchemy of Shards. This is the new book cover for my latest release, which should be available for purchase this Spring. (From Devoured): “Barefoot, I moved…

Cover Reveal: The Alchemy of Shards

The Alchemy of Shards.

This is the new book cover for my latest release, which should be available for purchase this Spring.

The Alchemy of Shards2 (2)

(From Devoured): “Barefoot, I moved through the woods like a hurricane. They were at my heels, sticks and stones in their hands. Promises to…


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FoodFic Look at "The Night Circus"

I love carnival food. Who doesn’t? My favorite is the fries; they have that inexplicable something* that is somehow conjured up by every unique traveling show, yet can be found nowhere else on Earth.
Maybe it’s magic.
Now don’t tell me you don’t believe; real magic…

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O is for Ottawa Ontario

 This will be the biggest stretch I’ve made, sorry.  Would you believe there is only one country that begins with the letter “O?” Can you guess it? I’ll give you a second…. Oman. I knew this because several of my awesome students are from there. I did not, however, know it was the only one. So I shall write to you about Canada, specifically, kind of, Ottawa Ontario, for which I feel I should receive bonus…


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All Art Friday

I've posted a new edition of All Art Friday.

Today's spotlights: Yale University Press's new release on Miro; Art Everywhere; the uCurate app from The Phillips Collection; French coal miner-turned-painter Augustin Lesage; Britta Berg's fiber art; Valeria Nascimento's ceramics; and Eric Standley's cut-paper sculptures.

The roundup highlights exhibitions at Smith College Museum of Art ('The Eye Is a Door'), Ballroom Marfa (Teresa Hubbard's and Alexander Birchler's…


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Daphne's Dilemma

Recently one of the book reviews I wrote All The Birds, Singing resulted in a comment asking to hear more of my own story.

So over the last two days I share a short story, which is true, called Daphne's Dilemma.

It happened when I was 11 or 12 year's old, a child confronting life, birth and death. I would love you to read it and let me know what you…


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SW Blog Post Virgin

I have wanted so long to get back to writing.  For years, writing was my constant companion, the invisible lover I couldn't wait to return to.  I remember writing long into hundreds of humid Georgia nights, drinking tea and smoking Camel Wides.  (I miss smoking too but I want to return to good habits.)  I remember hardly ever being without a pen and paper nearby and writing on napkins, paper plates, cigarette boxes, receipts - anything that would hold my thoughts until I could tuck them away…


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Editing and Writing and Reading

My book continues to move forward. I got edits back on Chapter 11, 12 and 13 yesterday. Finished with those edits, and am now working on Chapter 14. It's due Saturday. I'm also reading about the publishing world trying to learn about the industry. 

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Reality Check: Learn To Be Alone

I've been the New Girl a handful of times.

Second grade, eighth grade, freshman year of high school, freshman year of college, in addition to moving to an unknown city at 20 years old--then returning a year later.

All in all, a feeling of social rejection regardless of the situation…


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Chicks Versus Dicks

"Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”—that is the age-old phrase that best explains the seemingly endless battle of the sexes. And while we technically aren’t from different universes, this mantra indicates a truth that we have learned to accept: we differ in more ways than not.

They say opposites attract though, right?


The differences between sexes are some of the first things noticeable at birth because of our telling…


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