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Wilcox's Day Off

And what to do?!

I want to go running, and start an oil painting, and clean up a little, and write and read. And and and and and!

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Will Traditional Publishing Retain Its Dominance by Mandating That Its Authors Keep Their Distance from Self-Published Authors?

Imagine my dismay this week to discover that one of the Big Five houses has a policy that bars its authors from endorsing print-on-demand books. Sadly, it’s not surprising. Traditional publishing actively works to position itself against nontraditional publishing yet has no issue whatsoever with scooping up…


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Good Morning!


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. layers .

learning designers, two yesterday,

alongside history of weaving,

scouring the wool or fulling?

we have many questions. we

have the excitement about the

wool museum, pleasure for the chair

given secretly.

i was at work.

it is a gift, we say this over.

i think of middle mill, the field

and flowers.

we all think of many things, best

to write some down carefully.



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Crafting magazine covers that make people yell out wow!

A lot of professionals offering magazine designing services accept the fact that they spend a lot of time for designing covers. This is quite reasonable as it is the cover that gets noticed at the first sight. Here are some operative tips to create awe-inspiring magazine covers that make people yell out wow!

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Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy-Jig

Got in after midnight. A day to myself tomorrow. 

I dreamed a handsome stranger in the last row of a movie theater smiled at me. I smiled back. I have no idea what movie was playing.

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Building an audience

When building your readership, I guess the typical route would be to start with your family and friends. But what if your friends and family members are the last people you would want to share your writing with? I started a culinary blog in 2013. I had planned to write freely with no inhibition. I’d write on things that I would never tell anybody in real life. My blog was going to be my little haven…


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Hang In There!

Hang in there! Sure, sometimes the road to our goal is not all smooth sailing- there often are many bumps and detours along the way. There are times when we stop to ask ourselves “Is this really worth it?” and then we just kind of stand there, scratching our heads and thinking that, well, maybe it’s time to…


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Re-Learning Character Development

My latest book taught me so many things about writing, but the thing I was surprised by the most was the character development.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written a story with these characters.  It’s not even the fifth or ninth time.  Their first story sparked an idea in my brain almost ten years ago and, while the story, their world, and the relationships have changed, many…


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Thought for the Day

Posted Thought for the Day, a quoted line from a Wislawa Szymborska poem:

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Good Morning!

Good morning everyone. Last night, my niece got engaged…


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. gathering seeds .

warm day, dry . we need to post

the letters. wander down among

the houses. well kept, small front


this is new look, how long has

it been there. i know about this,

look, i am right.

it is a good scooter. i will

watch you and

gather grass seeds, as i did

when i was small.

i am still not very big.



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Five States in Five Days

This bit of writing, an exclusive to, is nowhere near as ambitious as the thirty-one posts of the Ten Pounds in Ten Days blog I wrote this spring about a trip to Italy in which I went alone while my traveling companion had brain surgery. No, this is the opposite of that: one post, ten pictures, a few stories, and boom, home safe.…


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Do You Believe It?

Do you believe it- that each day brings you a fresh start? Do you believe that you have a chance to try again, or do you believe that whatever happened yesterday is now permanently carved into your existence and if it was something that you’re less than pleased with that you’re stuck with it no matter…


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A Writer's Subconscioius Mind

I've been a freelancer for 37 years. Over time, I've learned to trust my mind. It took e years to realize this, but I finally "got it." As I was writing I would ask myself questions. "How should I develop this point? What else can I say? These questions came to mind quickly and disappeared just as quickly.

A few hours or days later, the answers to my questions appeared in my mind. Apparently my subconscious mind had been working on these questions even since I asked them.



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Saturday Short

Posted Saturday Short. I'm sharing John Siddique's 'Avebury', inspired by Derek Jarman's 'Journey to Avebury':

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Good Morning!

Positive Thinking with Optimist Forever

Good morning everyone. It's been raining very heavily since yesterday. On a day like this, it's a great time…


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there is a mist, a cloth, hanging,

while i have seen so much. i forgot

to ask about your trip. i had driven

the mountain to see you, parked

nicely, kissed your cheek, talked

about the issues, seen the art work.

this morning is like autumn, though

still in july, softness lowering.

i am so sorry, i forgot to ask

about your trip.



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You Are Creating

You are creating your own future…with every thought and action, each moment of every day.

But so many times we forget that, thinking instead that our lot in life is thrust upon us by some outside circumstance that we had nothing to do with.

If you think about those situations that caused you…


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Understanding the Basics of Writing Your Grant Proposal

Whether a business, institution, or organization continuously applies for grants or only has use for occasional funding, knowing the keys to grant writing may increase the likelihood of getting one. Grant administrators can be very specific with regards to the projects they choose to fund, so it's important to plan ahead and allow enough time to put together a stunning application that will be appealing upon review.…


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