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Why Not?

Why not be good to yourself…while you’re busy being good to others this holiday season?

Don’t deny yourself; don’t say “Oh no, I’ve got to spend all the money I have set aside on my relatives or friends or co-workers. Don’t pass by that book that just came out that you’d love to add to your collection. Go…


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I'll Take You ... and You: A Sexy, Erotic, Adult Novella

Just uploaded newest release -- the most erotic to date -- "I'll Take You ... and You." Following is a preview (get it here:…

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Thought for the Day

Posted Thought for the Day, a quote from Jack Gilbert's poem 'The Answer':

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Merry Christmas!

I would like to take the time to Share the Gift of Christmas with you. This is a season of love and kindness, a time to show others that we care about them more than they realize. Why do we want to do better at Christmas time? I believe it stems from the Birth of the Savior. "He is the Gift" given to us from a loving Heavenly Father.

Russell M. Nelson said, "Christmas is a time of reflection on what we can become because of God’s sacred gift. As we discover the gift, we learn of the…


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Good Morning!

Good day everyone! The sky is clear as a bell this morning and a few meteors were streaking the sky from the meteor shower last night. They seemed to say "Celebrate! celebrate being you!" And as I looked up at that sky I felt as if the Universe was telling me I was telling me I was…


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[SWP: Behind the Book] The Outskirts of Hope

In 1967, when I was ten years old, my father quit his pediatric practice in Boston to help found a clinic in a small, all-black town in the impoverished Mississippi Delta. My mother, although stunned by his decision, put up a brave front and assured my two brothers and…


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, play list .

interupt the day, checking.

it is all there to find, old favourites,

new, they pray for those in

peril each morning, later

from the other room streams

the sound of glass.

one battery is spent, the other

depleting rapidly. during

the run up to christmas i shall

replace and back up.

meanwhile. plugged in the

piano plays. classic fm.

i shall nip to currys after

lunch at maenan abbey.



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Memory and Addiction

I was just reading about how addicted rats will start taking cocaine again in experiments when their hippocampi are activated. Just the memory of the pleasurable drug experience gets them going again. We can't give people a "forgetting" medication though because it interferes with motivation for more adaptive kinds of pleasure-seeking. This all sort of reminds me of that one movie I liked, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, in which everyone was getting a scientific treatment…


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So Where's Your Focus?

Where’s your focus? What are your thoughts dwelling upon?

Are you focusing on things that go wrong; sitting there fretting about it? Or do you shift your focus on  what is going right in your life?  On what makes you feel good? On what things you’re doing well? On everyone who has helped you or that you…


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Flying in Fiction

It amazes me that after all of these years spent writing in a variety of genres (novels, short stories, poetry, memoir, essays), I’m still learning about process and other writing-related things. Recently, I’ve been working on what I expect will become another novel. It draws on some of my childhood experiences growing up on the Canadian prairies. Of course, it’s no surprise to anyone that writers use such events in their fiction (and non-fiction), but I find that I get bogged down if I stay…


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[Breakfast with the Muse] Six Ways to Give the Gift of Writing

This is the season of giving. Unfortunately, that can also mean it’s the season of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, of trudging through malls with long lists of gifts to buy, of searching anxiously for the perfect sweater or set of napkin rings, and using credit we won’t pay off until March.

But for writers, there…


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Saturday Short

Today's short is the beautiful "Meditation" from the opera Thais. It is performed by Joshua Bell.

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[SWP News] New titles available for pre-order!

In her professional life, Shary Hauer was a confident, successful, high-caliber executive coach who advised big-time corporate leaders around the globe—but her personal life was an entirely different matter. When it came to love, she was insecure, clingy, desperate,…


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First film script.

After numerous attempts at prose, I decided to go in a different direction after studying with a former Hollywood screenwriter. Together with various books on film writing techniques, I believe, hope, I have the necessary skills to format the script I am currently developing.

Using a Reader Service, they suggested I deepen and darken the love story and develop the characters' storylines, which I am now doing. I have now included a more intricated plot, with new ideas of how to make… Continue

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Good Morning!

Good morning all, it's a crisp day and the sky is absolutely beautiful; clear as a bell. Just looking at it reminds me of how wonderful and powerful our universe is and that we are a part of that makes us wonderful and powerful as well!

Make it a great…


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Flooring For The Living Room


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. train coal .

has big lumps, i seem to remember.

i have those and small stuff too.

mother had nutty slack, mixed

with water and other stuff to keep

it going.


can you still get that these days, i had best

google, anthracite was good i feel, and those


briquettes that i thought were for

richer folk.


steady fire last eve is still alight this morning.

the joy of a cosy life, one could say

it is a gift, even…


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Just Take One

It starts with a step…even a small one-to get you moving.

Sitting around, lamenting your fate in life will do nothing for you; it will just make you feel worse. What you want to do is feel better.

Think about what’s bothering you. Pick one thing. Now what one thing could you do right now to make…


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6 Reasons You Need to Create an Author Page on Facebook...

...And no I don't mean a Facebook profile.  I mean a Facebook PAGE that can be promoted to certain demographics to attain a large and impressive reach of people interested in the same exact things you are.

Every so often I will stumble upon an author on…


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Welcome Lauren Clark, Author of Pie Girls

As I was getting close to finishing my novel, Pie Girls, I planned an entire weekend taste-testing the very best recipes to include in my novel.  The Pie Girls storyline centers on Searcy Roberts, a Southern belle who has her life upended when her husband leaves her for another man.…

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