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Mammography Monday's-Week Four!

Mammography Monday’s

Mammography is still the most effective tool in our arsenal in the fight against breast cancer. While screening mammograms will not cure breast cancer, it will position us to stay ahead of the curve in which for most of us is half the battle.

Monday October 27, 2014 (Week…


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It's All Yours!

It’s just for you…your path in life. Yes, it’s all yours.

So don’t look around you and say things like “I should have gone to the same school as Marie,” or “I should live where Doug lives; why did I choose this place? Or “I should have taken that job in Chicago, like Gail did.”

You are not Marie.…


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Another world is


I feel it

calling my name



It's chiding me

to remain


to the integrity of manifesting


post-oppositional vision of us

in it


making fluid space

for all

our many flowering weeds to bloom.


hard to see







as we are

to contemporary constrictions


us… Continue

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It's a Big Job, But It Can Be Done

Mrs. Esther Grosvenor taught the Colfax High School seniors their last English class before they graduated and embarked upon the world to conquer whatever it was they thought lay before them. While the 17 and 18 year old students in her class spent more time counting the days until graduation than they did counting their verbs and nouns, Mrs. G. (as we affectionately called her), nevertheless, persevered in her job in assigning the task of diagramming sentences and drilling the rows of…


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When I Was Unemployed And Starving, I Worked For A 1-800-Psychic Hotline

Throughout my teenage years, I spent many hours at the local occult store where I would purchase healing crystals, runes, pendulums, dream catchers and sage (lots of sage), and eventually my own deck of tarot cards.

Fortune-telling quickly became a favorite pastime among me and my friends. Anything and everything that could unlock the secrets of what our futures held—tea leaves, dream interpretation, palmistry—immediately held our attention until the next thing…


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Book Excerpt: Two Empty Thrones by C.H. MacLean

With her powers growing every day, fourteen-year-old Haylwen Rightad thinks she’s safe in the magical forest. And now that she finally has the friends she always wanted, what is there to be afraid of?

But she’s not out of the woods yet. Old enemies rip through her beloved forest, threatening to haul…


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Calculation (Poem)

Posted 'Calculation', new poem:

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Answers to Your NaNoWriMo Questions

A lot of you have been emailing me to ask for NaNoWriMo advice posts. So much has been written about this topic that I’m not sure I have much to add.

Instead, I’m going to answer some of the questions that multiple writers have asked me.

Q: What’s…


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Cuban Blog Day #23 Spend All Your Money

I was taking a taxi to the airport at noon, so I woke early and enjoyed my last few hours in Havana.  I needed to find a post office to mail the rest of my postcards. I wanted them to be postmarked from Cuba and not Mexico. Finding a place to mail them was surprisingly harder than I expected. I asked a man with a family where one was, and they ended up running around Havana with me, going in and out of various buildings looking for a place that would mail out my postcards.

We never…


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Crystallize It- New Class Starts 11/5!


“Crystallize It…Using the Power of Crystals to Help Make Your Goals a Reality”

Crystals have been a big help to me in helping me reach the goals I set for myself and they can help you too!

This four week class teaches you to use crystals and…


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[THE WRITER'S LIFE] A Rocky Relationship

I have a blog due today and I have not written it. I started a great one two weeks ago, well in advance of today’s deadline (she wrote while simultaneously patting herself on the back) but I went away for the weekend and when I returned to the piece, Writing wouldn’t talk to me. Apparently we were on a break,…


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Good Morning!

Good morning everyone! It's a new day and the sun is just starting to creep up over the horizon to say "good morning to us" It is a sign from the Universe telling us to have a good day. It is telling us to make the most of this day and appreciate what we have.But of course it's up to…


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Friv 4 School

Unfair Mario is the loved game and frequently applied by most of online game players, this is the game which always attractsyou and gives chance to spend your free time in playing it. You might be interested why it is so amazing to play and why you should try your best in winning the game.Starting from the very beginning this game is multi-level actually. There are a number of levels to be passed in order to become the…


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Technological innovations and the implications of Internet on Data

Which is the one word that comes to your mind when we it comes to “technology that helps people and businesses to come closer”? Well, in simple words put forth – it is the World Wide Web; that is the internet.

The World Wide Web is the single most entity that has reduced the greatest physical boundaries to nothing. We have seen a phenomenal increase in communication and the closing of barriers…


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Why is it important to pursue cars history check?

Checking a used car’s history can be very helpful when you want to be confident that you made a good purchase. Buying a second hand car may be easy but it can turn into a nightmare if you are not aware of its hidden problems. A used vehicle will definitely help you save a lot of money on your purchase; at the same time, it can drain out quite a bit of your money if you are ignorant of its faults. This is why cars history check is highly recommended by experts when you are planning to buy a…


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She wanted
in their lives
and so
a bewitching space
in which
her tenderness
constant concern
each and everyone
of mundane and puny existences.

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. . so we talked of death .

how there is no explaination there.

i will print one and place it wednesday.

reminded of basildon bond, now there is

an emblem, and quality paper. buy

blotting paper, to remember those times

of ink spreading. the clues wrote backwards

if we choose to hear them.

so we talked of death, i find i know nothing

very much. except this is the softest




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The Future of Book Distribution

As a representative of the hybrid publishing arena, I attend a lot of conferences and sit on a lot of panels. In the Q&A portion of these events, the question of distribution always comes up. I wrote a post called "Distribution…


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Inspirational Christian eBook 'Equanimity' Only 99 Cents For A Limited Time

October 28, 2014 (LOS ANGELES, CA) – The price of Equanimity: The Spirit Within, an inspirational Christian eBook by Samuel D. Bartoli, has been lowered to 99 cents for a limited time on Amazon and…


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Be Nice!

Be nice…okay, I know it sounds vague but what I mean is, when life presents you with situations where you may choose to scream and yell…stop for a moment and think- is this really necessary?

Let me give you an example. Yesterday i got an email from QVC (shopping channel on…


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