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Toddler Talk

You can overhear weird things in a laundromat. For instance, parents making weird threats to their kids--things you know they have no intention of carrying out. Like "I'm going to beat you right here." That's nonsense. I've never seen a parent beat a kid in a crowded laundromat. Even one that had just insisted they were going to. When my kids were little I probably made threats I had no intention of carrying out--nothing too harsh, but still. . . . Sometimes a parent will say…


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~ On the trail of Abundance ~ > My top three "Tears of Gratitude" moments this Thanksgiving season


The bright and vibrant Thanksgiving season often invites me to exhale and gauge where I am along my writing, book publication, and spiritual journey. This time around, my…


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Our Common Future

This morning as I was contemplating on last night’s late-viewing of a YouTube videoed talk by Donna Haraway; in particular, on the relevance of her arguments about the bio-power inherent in dog-breeding to the planning of my class on the social construction of nature, plus the writing of a well overdue paper on teaching and the decolonization of westernized universities, it dawned on me: With the advent of the Internet, this material moment yields numerous, glorious intersections of…


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[What's Next?] Moving and Shaking

Since my last post, I have had the opportunity to sit and discuss my book with my final beta reader. I’ve always loved the process of workshopping and talking about ways to improve writing. Some people sort of dread it, and I definitely get that. I think spending time in college as a creative writing major just made me…


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Of Mice And Men And Mermaids: The Challenge Of Siblings And Special Needs

"Mom will you sing 'Morningtown Train' tonight?" she asks as we eat dinner.

"Oh, Boo, you know I can't. That song is too long and David climbs all over me and ruins it for us," I say.

Anna nods, dejectedly.

"How about...'Goodnight, My Someone'?" she asks, hopefully.

"Okay," I relent. "But only the first verse. You two need to get to bed."

I will stand next to the bed and sing. Stand, when I used to sit. I used to hold her long and stroke her hair and sing…


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Writing, Caregiving and Alzheimer's Disease by author Barry Tutor


Like most, I knew about Alzheimer’s disease. It causes old people to forget. When my…


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Fashionable Winter Clothing Shopping Guide

Winter clothing is a necessary part of everyone’s wardrobe and a shopping craze is on as soon as the winter approaches. However, while shopping the feature that concerns us the most is fashion. To be very precise, fashion is not just about wearing what is trendy or in demand but it also mean wearing something that makes you feel comfortable. Choosing an…


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New Artist Watch Feature at Escape Into Life

Dorothy Grostern's evocative and expressive works on paper are spotlighted in my new Artist Watch feature at Escape Into Life:

Direct Link:…


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Intensive Counseling

Thinking of trying some personal or business counseling? Do you feel it’s time for a change?

Let me help you along the way. Together we can work to help you find answers to life’s issues & to help you meet the goals you set for yourself (or create new ones)

We can work through any…


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Good Morning!

Good morning everyone! It's still dark outside and cold for Florida but it feels great.And I hope you feel the same; that you feel great and that this new day will be all you would like it to be. Go forward today with a smile on your face and...

Make it a great…


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[TIPS OF THE TRADE]: Are you sure you want to write a page-turner?

At Book Expo America a couple of years ago, I was one of a long…


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BTS eMag Announces 2015 Author & Reader Convention in New Orleans

November 19, 2014 (NEW ORLEANS, LA) – BTS eMag, the publisher of BTS Book Reviews Magazine, announced today that they, with Vickie Dold of ARC Conventions, will be hosting the 2nd annual Author & Reader Convention in New Orleans. The event will take place July 30 through August…


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3 Things Everybody Needs to Know About Hair Solons

Whether this is your first time or you are a regular, going to a hair salon NYC can lead to anxiety. By knowing these secrets, you can be better acquainted with your hair and what a salon can do for you. By going into a salon with realistic expectations and a bit of knowledge, you can have a much more pleasant experience and maybe even be confident enough to ask your stylist questions that can lead to a better lifelong relationship with your…


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I See You, See Me

I see you, coiled up against the hard wall with your minimal belongings lying beside you; a slightly battered back-pack stuffed to the brim with left-over treasures, unrecalled, as you look up at passersby with such resignation in tired grey-blue eyes. I see you wonder how it could be you, seated upon abject pavement with a small polystyrene cup in hand—always the non-recyclable alms-bearer—as we walk on, glibly, going about our random supermarket affairs: buying boxed and plastic wrapped…


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Just Saying & Waiting

I am sitting here, in the reception of a local gynecologist, thinking I have been way too long out of the glamour-mag circuit. Why? Well, as I wait for my annual health-check, which I loathe for reasons to be told some other day, I pick up a 6/11/14 copy of Bunte—what looks like a German mimetic People magazine—and I see that clearly our celebrities, nowadays, look like cookie-cutter clichés: strike a butt-pose, shake out that Eve weave, put up them fierce eyes with…


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Realistic Character Portrayals in Romance Novel Writing

The second part of the popular, multicultural romance novel, Loving a Country Man, has just been released by Stone Cottage Books.


According to Author Cassandra Black, “The first part of Loving a Country Man, which takes place in a rural Colorado mountain town, was written as a stand-alone book. But readers wanted more of Raven and Dallas, so I happily penned part 2!”


Realistic Portrayal




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Social Media for Older Writers

Okay. I didn't know what to call myself or others in my circle. I have to admit that I feel helpless when I go to writing conferences where younger (20-30s) writers are so adept at self-promotion and the art of sharing with the world. 

I wonder if there is anyway to find a simple and effective way to communicate particularly geared to seasoned writers without agents. 

I get Facebook and blogs, but its tumblr and twitter I can't get a handle on. I get the sense that it is a…


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Joan Didion Documentary

A preliminary peek at the documentary about writer Joan Didion:

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Embracing New Traditions After Divorce: Celebrating Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

It was 2010, and Thanksgiving was fast approaching. For the first time in all my life, I was going to be spending Thanksgiving alone.…

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[REALITY CHECK] What Are Your Favorite Writing References?

While some of us are hot and sweaty and in the middle of NaNoWriMo-ing, laser-focused on their plot and word count, there are those of us who are easily distracted. We find our eyes wandering away from the keyboard or notepad.


The other day as my eyes wandered away for the Nth time, they rested…


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