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Let It Slide

Let it slide…the little “barbs” of life; the little “hiccups” that occur along the way.

So somebody doesn’t like your new handbag…so what? Or perhaps you overheard part of a conversation at work that goes something like this “Oh, I can’t believe she’s going out tonight with Mike? He’s not for her; they won’t…


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[SWP News] New Titles Available Soon!

Are you more afraid of success than failure? Do you undervalue your worth? Are you unaware of the limitations that keep you from flourishing in your life, work, and relationships? 

A major reason why people don’t thrive is because we’re focusing on the wrong things―on keeping up rather than waking up…


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The agony...the ecstasy...

Imagine the thrill of that first published book: your name on the cover, your words filling each page. Who needs a major publisher to promote and distribute, when you are brimming with enthusiasm and have put aside a small sum for travel expenses? My novel, The Bone Weaver, semi-self-published by a small indie press, was going to sell; I would make that happen. And there would be bookstore readings and signings, flashbulbs (we're talking 2001, so no cell phone shots) and fans…


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Four ways to cultivate patience

 Some say that life is a developmental journey of the soul.  This description of one's life purpose resounds with me. In fact, I believe we're all placed on this earth with specific character development assignments. For some it might be learning to brake before acting out in anger, for others mastery of their life curriculum may entail becoming more self-controlled, while still others are here to learn empathy or compassion.

I used to think that some people in life just get off easy,…


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Posted 'Passage', a poem about possibilities:

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Cuba Revisited

It’s been nearly seven months since I returned from my adventure in Cuba. Sometimes it seems like a lifetime ago. The thrill and excitement of the trip have worn away now that I am not talking and writing about it as much as I had been. I wonder how it is we keep it with us.

I liken this after effect to the excitement pre leaving.  There’s so much to do to get ready, planning and packing and organizing, that those months leading up to the trip are filled with anticipation and are…


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[REALITY CHECK] Attention to Detail, or The Importance of a Misplaced Penny by Patricia Robertson

Have you ever read a book and got annoyed or disgusted by some anachronistic error that totally broke the spell of the book, or some bit of incorrect detail that snapped your suspension of disbelief?

I have, and I don't like it. Some readers and fans love pointing out mistakes--like Trekkies, for…


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How to Grow and Care for Peonies

The peony is among the longest-used flowers in Eastern cultures and Europe. The Chinese call it the "king of the flowers" or the "flower of riches and honour".  It’s big and mesmerizing blooms are the reason the Chinese think it symbolises prosperity and honour. The Japanese say peony is a symbol of masculinity and bravery.  Also, people used to say that mischievous nymphs hide…


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Good Morning!

Good morning everyone! it is a cold crisp morning here…


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[THE WRITER'S LIFE] The Thing About Writing

He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.

Bernard Shaw Man and Superman 

As a non-traditional teacher, the quote above has always dogged my teaching experience. I even go so far as to refer to myself as an “educator” rather than a “teacher” so as not to mislead anyone that I am properly…


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What are the advantages of having a custom built wardrobe?

There are so many different benefits when it comes to having a custom built wardrobe added to the home. They add style as well as elegance to a bedroom. Also, this is a great way to maximize the space of a room whether there is a lot of it or not so much. A custom built piece ensures that it is properly fitted into a space and the end result will be professional looking and of high quality. There are countless different styles as well as designs that a person can choose from with the…


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failure perches on my shoulder

right next to the chip.

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Realiztic pragmatism

I'm not much fun. I want to be... Every single day. I try and I fucking try, but failure comes with trying. Every moment of everyday I get closer to wanting something that invites me in. Entices me as far as my eyes can see. It goes beyond the fucking dream-setting I do every single day. It goes beyond stylistic responses to nonsense over the course of my life... It's just irresponsibility. The fear of increasing the pain that every day haunts me. Daunts me. Plagues my thoughts and haunts my… Continue

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. siopy hughes .

that is the welsh spelling, guess the english

is hughes shop, where they have many items

of use, substance, for some an entertainment.

various style pins, in various size boxes, folded

cotton handkerchieves, with a separate room

for night and underwear, where the lady will

serve the ladies.

she feels the cod, and he wears winter mittens.

windows are colour coordinated, the clothes



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How Your Body Is a Gateway to Your Creative Expression

I read a stunning submission this week from one of my students that had all the elements of good storytelling minus one thing: body sensations. I found myself desperately wanting her to describe the sensations that must have been coming up for her as she wrote about what for her was a…


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Time To Share What's Broken

I’m scrawling the graffiti of shame across the walls of my past. Slashes of red cover me as I bleed onto the page as Hemingway directs us to; my face glows bright as I reveal intimate details of childhood sexual abuse hidden deep inside for decades. Because it’s time. 

Time for me to share. Time for me to know. Time to talk about it. 



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Newest Activities

Hello all, this is another busy week for me. I have three new guest authors on my blogs. Please take time to stop by and say "hi". You might find a new favorite author.…


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Ya Gotta Keep Going...

Ya gotta keep going…or else you really won’t get there.

Look, we all mess up. We all do the wrong thing, say the wrong thing and act in ways that we sometimes question ourselves. We all sometimes go in the wrong direction, and then, when we get there,well we wonder how the heck that happened! We all make…


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Book Giveaway and Interview with Historical and Regency Romance Author Regina Scott

Book Giveaway Jan 26 – Feb 2: You have a chance to win a Historical Romance, The Bride Ship. Leave a comment about this interview with your e-mail. Book: U.S. and Canada only.


The Bride Ship is the first in a new series that chronicles the real-life story of a group of women who left the East Coast after the Civil War to start new lives in frontier Washington Territory. Though my heroine, Allegra Banks Howard, and her friends are fictional, the challenges…


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[SWP: BEHIND THE BOOK]: Shelter Us, Part 2

In Part 1 of Behind the Book, I told of my journey from lawyer, through motherhood and on to novelist, and how I declared 2008 “my year of the novel”! I shared all kinds of wonderful, warm, and triumphal bits about Shelter Us and its publication with She Writes Press in June 2015, seven years past my ridiculous deadline.

Now it’s time to share the warts, wrinkles, and wrong…


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