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Good Evening

Get the facts first… before you start reacting. Calm down. Think.

Let me give you my own personal example. This morning I was running around trying to get ready for a meeting when the electricity went out. Now, normally I’m pretty calm but it was just one of those days.



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New Book from Organization Expert Jane Stoller Helps Readers Lead Happier and Healthier Lives

July 21, 2016 (Zurich, Switzerland) – Jane Stoller announced today that her book, Organizing for Your Lifestyle, is now available for sale on Amazon. Organizing for Your Lifestyle is a fun,…


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Thursday's Three on Art

Today's Thursday's Three column offers a trio of published or forthcoming art titles:


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Good Morning!

Good morning on this sunny Thursday. You know, so many times we complain about all the things we don't have- but what about all the things we do have? Do we stop to think about those? Or do we dwell on those things enough before we start complaining again?

Today, let's take some time to be thankful for all we…


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5 Definite Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

Everyone keeps telling you: writing skills are crucial for success in any profession. Who cares if you don’t intend to become a writer? If you’re an office worker, for example, you’ll have to write several daily emails to your boss, collaborators, and clients. You’ll only leave a positive impression through flawless written expression. The slightest misspelling or grammatical error could make you look silly.

If you’re in any business, you’ll probably have…


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#‎ThrowbackThursday @ The Halli Casser-Jayne Show:

#‎FDR #‎Churchill #‎Roosevelt #‎war #‎PearlHarbor it's #‎history! Listen to your newest #‎podcast with all this interesting stories!

And of course also present #‎politics you will find in this hour: All about #‎election2016 with Lisa Schiffren Suzanna Andrews Sheila Weller in our segment: FOUR BROADS TALKING™

How can you listen? It's easy, only click this link FREE wherever you are online national and international #‎onlineradio…


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I've always wanted to write a historical fiction book. A while back I got the idea to write something that was local history. Specifically, about the Bald Knobbers, a vigilante group here in Missouri that existed in the 1880's. They were mostly Union soldiers that had transplanted here after the Civil War, and many scholars call the actions that happened in this area an extension of the Civil War, since most of the crime that they were trying to eradicate came from the Confederate soldiers…


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~ bully

did you not know my name

when you called me.




did you not know my name

when you left.


i know your name, how to spell it,

and will remember it



it is a welsh dresser, sir.






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Happy Birthday, Website/Blog! 5 things you've taught me

My blog and website turned a year old on July 12. Since I forgot to celebrate, here’s a belated happy birthday to!

I started blogging as a way to build that all-important author platform, which to me sounds very brick and mortar-ish but has more to do with growing an…


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Good Evening

Keep it in perspective…events as they happen in your life. If you have something that is challenging then tackle it piece-by-piece- decide what action you need to take and when you are going to take that action. Then you need to let it go- release it to the Universe. Do the very best you can do to take care of the…


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[THE WRITER'S LIFE] Writers Gonna Write

You have read this (essay, article, rant, post, blog) before: Girls may just wanna have fun, but writers just wanna write. It’s an easy lament to poke holes in, easy as teachers complaining about their jobs (You get summers off! You don’t work all day!!). In the case of writers, we get things like, “You get to work at Starbucks without the apron!” or “I wish I could sit at home all day in my pajamas to do my job.” An author I know recently posted on Facebook that she had just finished her…


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Wednesday Artist: Book Sculptor James Allen

Wednesday Artist takes a brief look at James Allen, an "excavator" of vintage books:

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Good Morning!

good morning on this sunny Wednesday. You know, I was thinking as I walked the dog that we have to be our biggest cheerleaders. We have to believe that we can succeed deep within ourselves, because if we don't, then any encouragement we get from others won't mean a thing to us. It will be nice to hear but we need to…


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4 Therapeutic Benefits of Gardening

In a consumerist and overwhelming world, it seems like we lost our connection with nature.  With our busy schedules and fast-moving lives, stress can easily build up and affect both our mental and physical health. Reconnecting with the environment can help our troubled minds.

Horticulture therapy incorporates the benefits gardening and plant-based activities as a treatment of addiction, depression and anxiety. Whether it is the visual aesthetics of a plant that induce feelings of…


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A Writing Reality Check

It is 4 am. The full moon is half-hidden by incoming rain clouds, and the hot tea I quietly brewed in the kitchen is soothing. I just updated my Writing Journal (a long-ago suggestion from Brooke Warner) with an entry about a writer girlfriend who called me on FaceTime yesterday. It was a much needed connection, and a wonderful surprise as I sat at my desk in the late afternoon trying to clear all the piles off my desk so that today—July 20th, 2016—I could once again get back to my…


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TODAY 3 pm ET on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show:


‪#‎History‬‪#‎politics‬, …


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so we gets up early having dreamed of you,

and planned all the good work.


takes to the garden before the heat sets in hot.


done half when we hits a rock, bent our blade.


all things may come right in time, if you

loves the ones you think you don’t.


yet then, what do i know really, except the metal



the washing is on nicely, while i takes the…


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Are You a Procrastinator?


People often ask me what they can do about procrastination. The good news is there is something you can do. Let me share my secrets with you. It might not address your underlying issues for avoiding…


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Good Evening!

You have that chance… to be happy each day. It is a decision that you make for yourself, to decide to be happy. It is a decision to look for the things that make you happy and putting your attention onto these things and keeping it there. It is a decision to see what things aren’t so “happy” and then look for…


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8 Inspirational Memoirs for the Soul

Catching Homelessness: A Nurse's Story of Falling Through The Safety Net, by Josephine Ensign

August 9, 2016

At the beginning of the homelessness epidemic in the 1980s, Josephine Ensign was a young, white, Southern, Christian wife, mother, and nurse running a new medical clinic…


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