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[BREAKFAST WITH THE MUSE] Why Animals Matter to Writers--and What We Can Do for Them

The world is waking up to animals. As people become aware of the horrors of factory farms, puppy mills, zoos, circuses, and various forms of racing, concern for animal welfare is growing. As cruel as human begins are to animals, I still have faith that most of us care about the beings with whom we share the Earth.…


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[REALITY CHECK] – Amazon’s Kindle Lending: Pennies or Progress? by Jim Brown

Could the days of making big (if not easy) money selling your ebooks through Amazon be over? 

If you have ebooks on sale through Amazon and participate in Kindle Unlimited  and/or the Kindle Owners' Lending Library, chances are you have become aware of the change with regard to your Kindle…


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Pros and Cons of Using a Pen Name

Sometimes when people find out that I'm an author, they ask if I write under my own name or if I use a pseudonym. Given how hard it is to generate awareness about my books using the name I've had my entire life, this question always makes me laugh. However, I do think for some authors a pen name isn't necessarily a bad idea, so I thought it was worth writing a blog post on the subject.


If you've…


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Grammergency #16: Authors’ Top Ten Misused Phrases

One of the things I like most about being an editor is my exposure to a wildly diverse array of books. Over the years, I’ve worked on everything from novels to prescriptive nonfiction to memoir to cookbooks, and I’ve learned something new from each manuscript I’ve touched.…


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[THE WRITER'S LIFE] Writing as Nourishment

I once wrote about writing as compared to a long, cool drink of water:


“Writing [now] is like taking a long cool drink of water after a walk down a hot dusty road--revitalizing.  I often forget to do that--take a long cool drink of water, literally. When I’m tired or stressed I look to some…


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Beyond the Book: Breathe Turned One!

I used to say I was a fish biologist undergoing metamorphosis into an author and I think it’s safe to say that thanks to She Writes Press, I’ve completed my transformation. Now that my first book has fledged and taken wing, I can simply title myself Author.

In the past year…


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5 Women’s Writing Residencies to Apply to Today

Maybe it’s all of the sunshine and warm breeze these days, but there is definitely something about summer that always makes me want to get away. I fantasize every time the weather starts to warm up about escaping to some faraway island where the only thing there is to think about is turning the page of the book I am…


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Happy 3rd Birthday, She Writes Press!

Dear She Writes Press,

You’re three this month, and what a fast three years it’s been. You are a success story already, since most new businesses fail within the first year. So congratulations on making it to toddlerhood! We’ve had a wild first three years together. First, you grew up faster than I…


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How Long Is The Life Of A Book?

I am on the mailing list for She Writes Press author Kelly Kittel, and on May 17th of this year I got a newsletter with the heading, "Breathe is One!" It was a wonderful celebration of Kelly's first year as an author (…


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Dealing with Negative Feedback

   Every writer has dealt with negative feedback.

 It doesn't matter if you write poetry, short stories, reviews of books, or books. Not everyone is going to like your work. Not everyone is going to agree with your opinions.

 Negative feedback can come from anyone. A publisher, editor, agent, even a friend. Anyone can say that they don't like your book, and that's okay because that is their opinion. They have a right to have an opinion and post it on social media,…


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Apply Now for the 2016 Writers in Residence Program at Hedgebrook! Deadline: July 28, 2015

Women writers from around the world come to Hedgebrook’s Whidbey Island retreat to take part in a multitude of programs focused on mastering their work. Applicants for the Writers in Residence program are selected based on the quality of their writing and strength of their proposals—not whether they have been published.


"We're very proud of our 27 year commitment to supporting women writers, and the extraordinary diversity of our community. More than 50% of the…


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Restocking Fees for Book Returns

I think the industry should adopt a restocking fee standard for all book returns.  This is increasingly common for electronics and other items which actually only have use if you keep them, so why not for books, which have the asymmetrical seller disadvantage of consumer use based on personal access to the book- the ability to copy, use as needed etc and then return.  With a 50% restocking fee on "paper" books and higher on e-books, most customers will be careful to only purchase books they…


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How I Found My Way to She Writes Press, Naturally - Part Two: The Convoluted Path Continues...

(This post is a continuation of Michelle's first post here.)      

Having been rejected by over 200 agents and still trying to figure out this…


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How I Found My Way to She Writes Press, Naturally - Part One: The Big Baby

            Sometime in 2013, I wrote my first novel.  Originally, I began it not because I had a burning story to tell the world or because of some inspiring experience I had had, but because I found myself, for one reason or another, with a lot of extra time on my hands (no, I wasn’t in…


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The Life of a Newbie Indie Writer

Just published my first book, At My Pace, which is a collection of essays about women who have had winding paths.  Speaking of winding paths, every day I am learning something new about the challenges of going Indie.  If you are familiar with Daniel Pink's, To Sell is Human, the indie writer must be a "mover". Every person, every occasion, every encounter is an opportunity to share with people something you feel passionate about.  In my case, I am…


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[REALITY CHECK] - Dialogue Tips For Characters From a Similar Background by Patricia Robertson

Writing the words your characters say may be easy, but it isn't always easy conveying your character's "voice." I have edited a lot of writers whose characters all sound the same, and if you get a group of them in a single scene, it can be confusing to keep track of who says what.

What your characters…


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Putting an End to Returns: Utopian Publishing Dream or Eventual Reality?

It’s time to blog about returns. Not because it’s a glamorous subject, but because it’s an important piece of the book publishing business that too few authors (and readers) understand.

The fact that books are returnable in the first place is cause for frustration, and it…


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[Body, Mind & Spirit] How To Unlock Your Truth

Last week I made my annual trip to Claremont, CA, to teach my Write Where You Are Workshop at Camp Scripps, a four-day summer camp run by and for alumnae of Scripps…


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[THE WRITER'S LIFE] Writing Fatalities

Don't hate me because I'm lucky.

But maybe a little because of this picture...

This is the view out of my window as I finish up this month's blog post. I am in an airy, cool apartment in full view of Vesuvius and the Naples harbor. After colazione this morning, I am hopping on a…


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Dialogue Tip: Make It Clear Who Is Talking

Good dialogue can bring your characters to life and engage your readers by making them feel immersed in the fantasy world you've created. On the flip side, poorly constructed dialogue can break the magical spell of the story. When I'm reading a conversation between two or more characters and lose track of who is…


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