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When a Memoir May Not Really be One

Recent headlines for book reviews in the Chicago Tribune caught my attention. “Springsteen’s Father Looms Large in Born to Run Autobiography.” A few months later another headline claimed, “Anna Kendrick’s memoir: A simple song, pitch-perfect.” And then a small blurb said Caitlyn Jenner has an upcoming memoir due out in April. I noticed how these books claimed autobiography and memoir labels, but I questioned if they really were what they purported to be.

As I consider reviews,…


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Notes From A 2016 NaNo Rebel

I am a NaNo rebel. That…


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A Few Words about Jargon

In the great sea of online information about how small businesses, nonprofits, and freelancers can use social media to reach more customers, I’ve noticed a troubling thing: most of the information is geared towards people who already know the lingo.


Those who make it their business to write…


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20 Apps for Writers Who Want to Get Serious

Technology can often be seen as an interruption to the creative process. Shy of the keyboard needed to type your next masterpiece, many think tech devices and apps will just get in the way. That doesn’t have to be the case though. These apps for writers will make your job easier and also keep you on task so that your writing can flourish.…


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Have You Created Your Amazon Author Page Yet?

Did you know that you automatically have an Amazon Author Page if you have a book for sale on Amazon.com? To find yours, do a search on the site for your book's title, then click on your name, which appears directly under the title. If you haven't touched your Author Page yet, you'll see just a list of your book(s), but you have the option of adding things like the following for your current (and future!) fans to enjoy:

  • Your bio—Tell your readers something interesting about…

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5 Differences Between Traditional and Self-Publishing

Debating whether to go the traditional or self-publishing route to make your book publishing dreams come true? Every author was in your shoes at one point or another, unsure of which publishing path was the right one. We are here to share with you the five key differences that will help you make an…


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My Book Wasn't my "Baby"; It Was My Potluck Salad

I published a book last weekIt's called Brain Changer: A Mother's Guide to Cognitive Science

When I say I published it, I mean that I did everything.…


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What’s the Difference between She Writes Press and CreateSpace?

This post was updated in November 2016 to reflect updates in our model:

This question—how are you different from CreateSpace?—has been posed to me by a number of authors who’ve submitted to…


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Behind the Book: Motherlines: Love, Longing, and Liberation





When my third marriage ended in 1978, I immediately salvaged my family name and began a journal. I never kept journals during the marriages. Like silence and speech, marriage and private thought could not coexist—not because I feared someone would read my words without permission, but because I feared hearing my own voice.

Many writers have relied on journals and letters to help them to experiment with…


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Forget Amazon Rankings and Just Write!

Book sales are very important to an author. It’s a nice feeling to see a book into which you’ve poured heart, soul and an incredible amount of time, produce healthy sales. The problem is that not all places that put up sales and author rankings are equal or tell the whole truth. A good example of this problem is Amazon.

I know an author who measures his…


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Marketing Tip: Connect With Book Bloggers

When I speak with indie authors about their marketing efforts, one thing I hear quite often is that they have no idea how to find people who will review their books. For many this is a huge source of frustration, not to mention disappointment, which is completely understandable given all the time and effort they spent writing the book.

If you're in that boat, one great way to secure reviews is to reach out to book bloggers. Book bloggers love reviewing books, and most of them…


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[SWP: Behind the Book] Why She Writes Press has Been the Perfect Publisher for Me

Psychologist Henry Murray, founder of “personology,” is quoted as saying  “All men are in some ways like all other men, in some ways like some other men, and in some ways like no other men.” The same is true of women. And the…


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How to Write a Compelling Summary of Your Book

Wondering how to write your book synopsis for the back cover and Amazon pages? Don’t worry, many aspiring authors find themselves in a near nervous breakdown when reaching this part of the writing process. Most writers agree on one point: it’s easier to write too much than it is to condense your entire masterpiece. Summarizing your book, however, is the most important sentences about you’re book you’ll ever write and is your solo opportunity to sell your book to a reader. We’ve…


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[Body, Mind & Spirit] Tips for Reading Excerpts from Your Novel or Memoir

A few months ago, soon after I’d finished writing my memoir, Raw: A Midlife Quest for Health & Happiness, I had the opportunity to share five minutes of my work at a reading. While…


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Confessions of a Book Editor

When I got into book publishing I was an inexperienced 23-year-old whose previous work experience was waitressing and a couple of cherry college internships that had nothing to do with publishing. I worked my way up the ranks, learning publishing and how to edit…


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Thanksgiving, NaNoWriMo Edition


Things I’m thankful for this NaNoWriMo:

--NaNoWriMo itself, of course--these “30 Days and Nights of Literary Abandon” give us such wonderful permission to play, to dive headlong into our writerly dreams, to leave the editor at the door, to let the words fly.

--The support of family and friends who understand how important this…

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You've Published Your Blog Post, Now What? -- A Handy Checklist

I write a lot about blogging because I see it as one of the best ways to demonstrate your value to potential clients. Blogging takes effort. After you click publish, you want to make sure folks see it – and you want to extend its life beyond the hour and day that it is…


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[SWP: Behind the Book] The Mermaid and Me

Keep Her began in a place where many of us writers go to think, to write, and to caffeinate – that ubiquitous coffee shop,  Starbucks. If you stop and look up from your own latte or laptop, there’s always a lot going on there, teens doing homework, people on their first date, prospective hires being interviewed, chess matches, even mini book groups. And then – there is The Mermaid. Everyone knows her. She’s got that enigmatic Mona Lisa…


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My Magic in "The Magic of Memoir"

My memoir writing journal unfolded without an analytical thought granted to the actual writing process. I had been a journaler, starting when I was fifteen when my mother showed me a pink book with shiny darker pink letters “My Journal” were engraved on the cover. She handed me the book telling me, “It’s yours.” I eyed the clasp as I took it from her, acknowledging my words could be sealed, closed within its pages with a click of its fastening.

My earliest recollection of my writing…


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