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What About The Words? The Real First Step To Getting Published.

A few weeks ago, I went to an evening of talks about Getting Published, given by women with various jobs in the publishing industry. The women were entertaining, the talks interesting, and the atmosphere comradely. Chatting to the organiser in the bar afterwards, I mentioned that I noticed, though they had a great deal to say about making your work sound as appealing as possible to an agent or publisher, no one mentioned writing. "I know," she said. "I did say something about how important the… Continue

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Small publishing houses work for me because I can't seem to resist the urge to put my two cents in on how the publishing house works. I'm sure Simon & Schuster or Random House could care less about what I think on the way they run things, but I've had two publishers now who value my opinions. Let me tell you, it's a heady feeling.

When my current publisher was backed up by the onslaught of query letters, I volunteered to lend a hand. Not that I know anything about acquisitions… Continue

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6 Steps to Republish Your "Out-of-Print" Book

Last week when I blogged about my decision to republish a book that went out of print, I promised to follow up with a post outlining the various steps required to release a book in an e-version and print-on-demand (POD) format. Jayme Johnson, a publishing consultant, handled that process for me so I…


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“If you can get a job, you can get published”: One editor’s advice to manuscript submissions

Regardless of economic climate, anyone who has gone out, applied for a job, and got hired should be able to see the correlation here.

When I first started trying to get my work published, I was intimidated by the many different guidelines various places required. From subject matter to word count and…


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Book Promotion Without Guilt


If you're big on book promotion, chances are there may be days when you feel guilty about it. Worst, fellow authors may be contributing to your guilt. I've read about situations where authors get annoyed with other authors for being heavy promoters.

However, what is the one thing I notice about the heavy promoters? They're successful at what they do. Their books sell, and they get a steady stream…


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Community Branding

Upfront, let me tell you I love this guy: Joe Konrath, self-publishing wizard, in-your-face blogger of all things useful to the writer in the age of e-books.  Read his column.

But read this first.

He writes here about how he does a lot of publicity and rarely sees any spike in his book sales from it.  The reason?  He has become…


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Writer's Self Promotion

Self Promotion

The topic of promoting oneself brings to mind several aspects and related personalities of the past. There must be a huge ego thing with politicians for their self promotions which is not denied and which is a way of life for them. It could also be true for rock stars and others in the entertainment business. In the writing and publishing business, just look at the giants from the large presses and literature world. Where are the centers? They are: New York City,…


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Cover Your Eyes and Press ‘Submit’

Regretsy: I turned five marked-up drafts into a fun photo shoot! How's that for DIY?

Submitting your writing is kind of like applying to all the best colleges and then waiting on pins and needles for six or more…


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What It Means to Have Style

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” –Kurt Vonnegut

When it comes to an author’s writing, style can only mean one of two things—one can…


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Editors Can Change the Face of Self-Publishing

Last week, the Huffington Post published this article about why indie (i.e.: self-published) authors still aren’t taken seriously, despite runaway successes like …


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Writing Memoir? Make Your Argument and Include Transcendence

It’s our sixth day together, meaning it's time for the last two points of my ten-point Memoir Manifesto. Ready to wrap things up, She Writers? I suspect you are. You’ve got work to do.

Make your argument

Every piece of non-fiction is an argument. Maybe your argument is simply, "life is better when you garden,"…


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If Men Shared Half the Childcare, Would Women Achieve Equality?

Sarah Glazer Looks at Motherhood in the Norwegian Paradise and is Envious

 How often do you call up a male economist to find out he’s too busy feeding his 11-month old and his kindergartener to come to the phone for an interview? I’m not just talking about helping out. This economist is in the 3rd month of his 6-month parental leave while his wife is back at work.

 Ok it’s a trick question. This economist lives in the Nordic Nirvana of Norway. He and his wife were…


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Writing Memoir? Use the Algorithm and Act Like Galileo in Walmart

Earlier in the week, a She Writes reader made an astute comment on one of my posts.

“Much of what you say I've heard before," wrote Julie Farrar.  "I don't mean that in a negative way.  It is just universal writing wisdom -- if you want to write, then just write.”

Julie is absolutely correct in this comment. The first six points of my Memoir…


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Epistolophilia: A Few Thoughts on the Occasion of a Book's Birth

The day before yesterday I received a note from my publisher saying that copies of my book had arrived in the warehouse, and that I could begin announcing its publication. Though my official date of publication is March 1, 2012, the baby’s come early. It’s a strange and great feeling to know that my book is now ready for readers.

The process of…


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Keywords For Authors by Stephanie Barko, Literary Publicist

Although it may be true that incoming links reign for pulling traffic to an author’s website, a writer still needs to have desirable content to get those links.  So what is it, exactly, that makes content desirable?  Is it subject matter?  Writing style?  Graphics?  Formatting? 

It is none of these.

The most desirable content is that which draws traffic for its author.

Think of it this way.  If offering content…


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Writing Memoir? Pack Light, and Ask Yourself: "What is this About?"

It’s Day Four in my guest editing week at SheWrites, and it’s time to let you in on a little secret. The topics we cover today are the least favorites of my students. Nobody likes these, which suggests that these are the most important of all ten points on my Memoir Manifesto.

So let’s master them, shall we?



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Writing Memoir? Write What You Know From the Small Moments of Life

On Monday, I began my week as the visiting editor at SheWrites by publishing my Memoir Manifesto, a ten point list of what I like to think of as suggestions for memoir writers, though given the word “manifesto,” these might sound more like demands. You decide.

No matter what you call them, these points were hard-won, coming out of writing four books, countless magazine pieces, and more than a dozen National Public Radio essays, all of which include a large dose of memoir.



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The importance of staying organized

Book marketing is a lot like sales, and as any successful salesperson will tell you, it's often a numbers game. In other words, the more people you contact, the better chance you have of getting a response. However, before you fire off a bunch of emails, I strongly recommend creating a system to track your efforts. It will keep you organized, and it will also keep you from inadvertently…


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How to Write Memoir? 1. Forget Writing Prompts and Exercises 2. Stake Out Your Territory

NO MORE WRITING EXERCISES. I mean it. If you are going to learn to write memoir, you need to learn to write with intent. To do so, the first step is to chuck out any writing prompts or exercises you are using, and write for real.

When you practiced with prompts, something always flowed, though all of it remains in some notebook. Much like playing tennis with a pro who hits every shot right to you, those exercises convinced you that you had this writing thing nailed. But then you found…


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Want to Write Memoir? Let Me Introduce Myself and My Manifesto. Maybe We can Help.

There is an old saying that most men would rather have you hear their story than grant their wish. I’m fairly sure that can be said of all of us, especially when I see how much memoir is being written these days. I’m also fairly sure that those writers who struggle when writing memoir do so because while they desire to tell their stories, they try to tell too much too fast.

Maybe I can help.

I’ve been teaching memoir writing for about 15 years, at last count to more than one…


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