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Can a Tweet Change the World?

Can a tweet change the world? Can a blog? A book? A line of poetry? In the era of insta-communications, with keyboards clicking, touchpads texting around the clock, what is the role of writers in evoking viral change, stoking the flames of ideas into online dialogues and…


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Resolution for this year: Write about your motherhood journey

If you made a resolution to start writing in 2012 – about yourself, your kids, your journey as a mother – SheWrites is offering a special online writing class that will connect you with an inspiring group of women and get you writing.

In September, SheWrites started the first-ever Writing for Moms class where a group of 10 women from across North America got together online to share their stories and learn to become better writers. It was quite an awesome experience. The diversity of…


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Write for the sake of writing by Fiona Robyn

"Happiness is possible when you are capable of doing the things and being the things you want to do and to be. When we walk for the sake of walking, when we sit for the sake of sitting, when we drink for the sake of drinking tea, we don’t do it for something or someone else. Awakening means to see that…


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Looking Back, Looking Forward

"A writer is somebody for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people."

~ Thomas Mann

If that's so, then I'm definitely a writer. There are times when writing isn't just difficult for me - it's pure hell.

But other times it's heaven, and that's why I stand here in January of 2012, once again repeating the mantra from past New Year's resolutions: finish my book... finish my…


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Fact and Fiction by Faye L. Booth

The relationship between fact and fiction is a complex one, and on either side feelings can run high. Biographers and historians often bemoan sensationalism in historical fiction; while historical novelists respond with suspicions of snobbery. Personally, while for many years I've enjoyed novels featuring or based on…


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Join the Global Writers Monthly Chat

The plan was to return to Peru after six weeks in the US. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I’ll apparently be here for double that time. It’s killing me. I long to be around friends I’ve made there in Peru, to be back in travel mode. Most of all, I miss the writing schedule established during the six months spent in Lima last year. Living with your newly retired father who doesn’t at all understand your writerly wackiness does not an easy writing schedule make.




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Turning Pages by Megan Taylor

When the lovely Fiona Robyn invited me here to talk about my writing, suggesting that I might discuss ‘looking back and looking forwards... about what you've learnt about writing during 2011 and how you'll use it during 2012’, I wasn’t sure how to begin.

Tumbling into 2012 (is it a helpless, headfirst reckless…


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How to survive terrifying and crippling self-doubt by Fiona Robyn

As writers, we are all occasionally struck by the sudden fear that we are truly awful. We produce abominable work. We make dreadful decisions. We let ourselves and other people down.

This is certainly true for me as a writer (and in my general life). Sometimes I wonder how I’ve ever managed to…


Added by Satya Robyn on January 4, 2012 at 2:00pm — 13 Comments

January at the Writing Smithy by Jenn Ashworth

January is always special  - a season of reflections, fresh starts, new beginnings and time to evaluate the previous year. For Sarah Hymas and I it is particularly special because it marks exactly one year since we launched our literature…


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Everyone needs an editor!

If you decide to independently publish, it's critical to have multiple sets of eyes review your work before pulling the trigger. I strongly recommend hiring a professional creative editor and a professional copy editor. If you don't have the budget for either, solicit input from friends, coworkers, or anyone else willing to help for nothing more than your gratitude and a signed copy of your book. (Be sure to include them in the…


Added by Maria Murnane on January 3, 2012 at 9:22pm — 47 Comments

Preparing for the pram in the hall by Betty Herbert

As ever, I am starting this year with good intentions.

Less time-wasting on Twitter, more writing, better blogging. I have a paperback launch in January, and a new book to pitch. I want to read more widely, and more often. I’d like to take more walks to help me think.

Same ol’, same ol’, then?…


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2011: The Year I Embraced Routines

Secretly, I’ve always been an organized person. But it wasn’t until this year that I abandoned my ambivalence towards routines. I feared they would sap the spontaneous, the “creative,” so I literally kept these habits in my well-labeled closets, away from my writing. But I have a three year old boy now, and I realized that if I didn’t embrace my organized side, bringing it to my whole life, including my writing, there would be no time to be creative. 

It recently struck me…


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Around She Writes, January 3, 2011

Here is what you might have missed around She Writes this past week


Top Content


Unpublished Writers: Just a Few Days Left and It’s Only Offered Every Two Years!

Added by Meg Waite…


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Happy 2012! New Social Media & Tech Services on She Writes

Happy New Year! It's a great time to try something new.

I'm psyched to launch social media and tech goodies on She Writes--with you!


As creatives and business professionals, most of us work, share, learn, and converse online, but we struggle to find time to do it all. I developed these goodies to help streamline, inspire, and heighten your online presence and real-life career. I will also be writing a weekly tech…


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Becoming Fierce on the Page by Sage Cohen

My life and my writing changed irrevocably in 2011 when my marriage ended. In the year between my husband moving out and the divorce going through, life as I knew it went up in smoke. I quickly came to understand how my fanatical optimism had sold me on the potential of a relationship that would never come to fruition.…


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Being a poet by Sally Read

Next year sees the publication of my third collection of poetry with Bloodaxe Books, The Day Hospital. The poems are all monologues, in the voices of elderly psychiatric patients, most of them immigrants, four of them the grown-old children of parents killed in Nazi-occupied Europe. I used to be a…


Added by Satya Robyn on January 2, 2012 at 9:00am — 2 Comments

Becoming A Writer by Orna Ross

A writer is a person who writes.

A writer is a person whose writing is worth reading.

A writer is a person in service to the ineffable creative spirit in us all that can - sometimes - be contained and expressed and passed on by the right words in the right order.

So which are you?

If you…


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Looking Back, Looking Forwards by Fiona Robyn

At the beginning of every year, I like to choose a word to live by. 

This word represents something I'd like more of, something I aspire to, or a philosophy I'd like to become more intimate with. 

For 2011, my word was '…


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Unpublished Writers: Just a Few Days Left and It’s Only Offered Every Two Years!

For anyone who posted a title and first line on this thread, I've put the list together for my agent. Please make sure I didn't miss anyone by looking HERE and confirming what I need confirmed there. (I'm trying to make this easy for my agent, which I hope will inure to everyone's…


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Join our January Mindful Writing Challenge

Deliciousness. Vivid colours. Sharp smells. Fresh insight.

This is how we experience the world when we pause for long enough to engage with it.

Sliminess, too. Unease. The familiar sad pang of acknowledging impermanence. All this is part of life.

If we're not careful, we skip past so much. We…


Added by Satya Robyn on December 29, 2011 at 1:00pm — 4 Comments

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