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Literary Fiction vs. Commercial Fiction

At some point, every aspiring author asks a very simple but important question: what is the difference between literary fiction and commercial fiction? She Writes is here to demystify the two types of writing and highlight the critical differences in writing each type. Feel free to stow away this knowledge for your next writing event; you’re officially a publishing guru.


What is commercial fiction?

Commercial fiction, what most mainstream publishers are…


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5 Tips For Writing Better Dialogue

One of the greatest writing crafts to conquer is creating engaging and unforgettable dialogue between your characters. Every writer faces the dialogue struggle at some point and often battles through self-criticism until they Google or consult their writing resources with one critical question: how do I write better dialogue? In addition to practice and rewriting, it’s important to absorb a few tricks to add to your writing tool box. Here are five easy ways to write better dialogue, no…


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Scouting locations for book launch parties

Last August I met up with a friend to visit a store I wanted to describe for a scene in the novel I was writing at the time. It was dreadfully hot that day, so after I'd finished my research we made a beeline for a quiet (and air conditioned!) pub on a random side street in Manhattan. After we ordered our drinks I looked around and thought to myself, This would be a great spot to have a book launch party. I didn't even know what the place was called, and it would be months and…


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What if you could hire a literary agent by the hour?

Starting another inspiring day writing in community at a woman’s co-working space in Mill Valley, CA, I double-click the She Writes’ book contract to open it. If I want a Spring 2017 publication date, I have 72 hours to sign it. I scan it briefly. It’s the Thursday before a three-day…


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[Body, Mind & Spirit] She Writes Press? Yes!

Sometimes inner guidance sounds more like a whisper than a growl. It might stalk you from behind a flowering Camellia bush and distract you with red blossoms. It might tap you on the shoulder and then run away. It may wonder how many times or in what ways it needs to tell you the…


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My book died last week.

The funeral was this morning; it was a sombre affair, everybody dressed…


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Moving from Wordpress.com to Wordpress.org

A few months ago I made the move from a wordpress.com website to a wordpress.org website. After three years of attending WordPress meet-ups, the members of the meet-up said I was probably the most prepared person ever to do this switch. While it wasn’t a seamless transition, it was relatively easy.

WordPress.com is great for beginners who are afraid of technology and doing something to “break” their website. That was me. No coding is necessary. You pick a theme and a…


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riding the wave of a contest submission

Last fall I won the writing contest for The Magic of Memoir. This was a first time I entered a writing contest and a first win for anything that had to do with my writing. A win at anything says it all, a handshake in welcome, validation that you’re writing well, and self-confidence to keep going and…


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When to Pull the Plug on Your Book

Last spring I did something I never thought I'd do: I pulled the plug on a novel I'd been working on for more than a year. It was sad and painful and caused me a great deal of stress to make that decision, but you know what? I should have done it a lot earlier for two reasons:

1.    It wasn't an interesting story

If I've learned anything about writing novels, it's that you have to have an interesting story to tell. In my case I'd just finished a previous novel…


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Using Twitter as Content Promotion Tool

The whole purpose of using Twitter as a promotion tool is learning how to enhance your popularity. The larger you get at increasing your popularity, the more consumers you have to introduce your product to. 

There are indeed guidelines prepared by …


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Part II, The Problem with Memoirs

I can understand Genzlinger’s irritability with the memoir genre becoming over-inflated. Memoirs seem to be riding the wave of too much sharing and providing an over-supply of personal information. In Part I from a previous post, I shared Genzlinger’s guidelines to would-be memoirists from his essay, “The Problem with Memoirs,” published in The New York Times. He felt that 3 out of the 4 memoirs he had read did not need to be written. Over the years of tilling the soil of my memoir,…


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Writing Right: How to Make Your Site Content Count

Writing content for the internet is nowhere near the same as creating content for any other medium. But why? The answer is simple: People digest information differently online.

Good writing is good writing, but you still need to tell a story that entertains your target…


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Five Reasons She Writes Is The Place Every Writer Should Call Home

Why should you make She Writes your online writerly home? As the founder of She Writes and as a woman who spends a lot of her time with writers and in the world of publishing, I have seen a lot of online offerings for writers. Here are five things that set She Writes apart from the rest. 

1) Community. Most websites for writers provide information and tips, but have not created a community where you can get to know other…


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Three Writerly Resolutions For 2017

2016 was quite a year, and in many ways, it's a year I would like to forget. But what will 2017 bring? In the new world order that will be ushered in this January 20th, what can we as women writers resolve to do to meet our obligations both to the wider world and to ourselves? How can we nurture those around us while nurturing our writing, as well?

I have three resolutions for 2017 to share. Feel free to post your own in the comments, or in a post on your own blog here on the…


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New Book: Alone in Paris

Here is the cover for my upcoming book, Alone in Paris!

Alone in Paris is currently available for pre-order on Kindle and Amazon!



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Pruning Your Prose

Every year we have the stunning Japanese maple in our back yard trimmed by a gifted gardener. Each time, I’m astonished to see the graceful structure of the tree’s inner limbs, their beauty revealed after excess branches have been cut away.


One of the great joys of writing, for me, lies in revision, especially cutting words, sentences, even paragraphs, from my own breathless prose. Though there’s satisfaction in that first draft, where I face the blank page and let ideas fly,…


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A Problem with Memoirs

Recently during a Google search, “The Problem with Memoirs” popped up. Neil Genzliner wrote it for The New York Times. As a memoir writer, I never considered memoirs having a problem, but apparently Genzliner did. “A moment of silence, please, for the lost art of shutting up,” he said. This writer was successful in delivering his goal; he got my attention. I wondered why he was so miffed. He explains as he continues declaring our current age of oversharing (his observation in 2011)…


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First Person or Third Person? That Is the Question

Many novelists, especially those who are writing a first book, create protagonists who are based on themselves, so it is natural for them to write their stories in the first person. (I did this with my first four novels.) Other authors choose to write in the third person.

Here's a quick refresher on the difference between the two in case you're not sure:

First person uses I:

  •  I was glad it was coming to an…

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Behind the Book: My Peripatetic Writing Life

A while ago when I turned fifty, with my comedic bent of mind, I launched an hysterical reaction to my new age. And so my memoir, The Shelf Life of Ashes, began. Humor was a fine place to start, but over time I felt the tug to connect with the phenomenon of aging in a visceral way--to study…


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[Body, Mind & Spirit] Tips for Using Video to Promote Your Book or Business

Years ago, as a grad student at USC film school, I never imagined I’d be producing videos to promote my writing, teaching, and coaching practices. But here I am doing just that. Since completing my memoir, …


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