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The secret life of a writer

There seems to be a fine line between writing fiction and writing fact. On one hand, writing fiction gives a writer a sense of creativity to freely express the flow of the world that jumps onto the paper (or computer screen), and on the other hand, the stories from the past want to show their ugly faces and take over the creativity process.

When the fiction writer closes her eyes and lets her fingers move to the music of the video's that play in her mind, how will the reader know if…


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Finally, a way to drink books:

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SS for 3-Minute Fiction Contest about an American president (can be a fictional one)


  • Did I already post this or not? I'm very new at this.
  • I need to cut 57 words.

    Also, should I change the title to "Shehechayanu?"
    Please excuse poor formatting.




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Some edits to Chapters 1 & 2

Chapter 1

She was calm, her mind was clear and she felt like she wasn’t even present there. She wasn’t scared or worried. She knew it was coming.  In fact, she lived through this many times before and even though it was terrifying from time to time, it always ended well. 

She was in her house –not a very solid structure made of thin wood and carton and rather old. Huge storm was coming their way and despite it happening during day it was getting darker and darker outside. It…


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Chapter 2

My name is Anna. I am 30 years old, lean and tall golden blonde. My hair is long any my eyes are bright green. I was born and grew up in Norway, so I am more used to colder weather. How did I end up in the Deep South? After graduating from the Medical School of the University of Bergen with a degree in Medical Biology I was offered a teaching job in Alabama. It sounded like an adventure, so, I decided to try. English was a challenge at first, as well as a very different culture. It took me a…


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List of Words that Sparkle! Jazz up your Writing / Pitch / Synopsis (List of blah words to search for too!)

Adjectives and adverbs can make or break a manuscript, pitch or synopsis. 

"Sparkle" words transform a piece of writing from boring to breathtaking, and give the reader more details.

Read more:…

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She Writes Flash Fiction Freewrites by Meg Pokrass




Enjoy! Post your freewrites if you'd like. Constructive feedback within the…


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I Followed Beckett To My Dream

            When I first began to work on IF I BRING YOU ROSES, I was overwhelmed by the enormity of my ambition.  I recall how I stood in the middle of my office surrounded by all the books that I loved. How could I ever hope to achieve what Anton Chekhov, Jane Austen, F. Scott Fitzgerald had? I was a mere mortal.  I couldn’t think of how to start so I prayed—for guidance to research and learn all that I needed to know to tell my story and—for the talent to…


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My First Assignment: Characters and the World They Live In

As I have been blogging about very loudly lately (can one blog loudly?), I am trying to get back into the swing of writing after years away from the daily habit of doing the work.  As some of you know, I don't feel, when I've written a blogpost, that I've…


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The Skill of Adaptation: Your She Writes Interns on the Final Harry Potter Film

We don’t know what your plans are for tonight, but Isabel and I (the two She Writes interns) have had the tickets booked for a month- we’re both going to say goodbye to Harry Potter, and more symbolically, to the period in our lives in which we can still read children’s fiction as children. Okay, so that time has probably passed for both of us; but we’re willing to extend the fantasy a little longer and savor this final glimmer of childhood.

Despite our enthusiasm, we aren’t…


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Family Stories Enrich Your Story

Countdown to Publication: Week Three


            We took my mother to visit her sister in Bangor, Michigan this past weekend and we were talking about the old days at the kitchen table when my mother mentioned how years ago when she visited Spain, she had…


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Women Doing Literary Things: "Pink Hearts and Motoboards" by Rosy Thornton

Rosy Thornton is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Her academic interests include landlord and tenant and housing law, real property and trusts, as well as feminist approaches to law; she has written and published in those fields. She has also published four novels: More Than Love Letters (2007), Hearts and Minds (2008), Crossed Wires (2009) and The Tapestry of Love (2010).…


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She Writes Radio: This is NOT "Feminine Tosh": Writing Meaningful Fiction

Available now on She Writes Radio, Carleen Brice, Ellen Sussman, and guest host Meg Waite Clayton discussing the steps to publishing a book, from finding an agent to the writing process. Listen to the whole show here!


And be sure to listen in tomorrow on She Writes Radio for 'Recalibrating Writing/Life Balance in a Digital World'

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5 Questions for... Rebecca Lynn

Rebecca Lynn, author of the soon-to-be published Descendents Saga, talks to She Writes intern Isabel Farhi about self-publishing, internet publishing, and her genre choices


You have written books of all different genres, from urban fantasy to high fantasy to…


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Women Doing Literary Things: Tina Biswas

A House for Ms. Biswas by Tina Biswas


Tina Biswas was born in England to Bengali parents in 1978. She read Politics, Philosophy & Economics at New College, Oxford. Her first novel, Dancing With The Two Headed Tigress, is a comedy of manners, set in England, Ireland, and India. Her second, The Red Road, deals with the Naxalite Uprisings in the…


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Five Questions for...Hotel No Tell Author Daphne Uviller

Daphne Uviller, author of Hotel No Tell, her second novel featuring Zephyr Zuckerman, talks to SW's Founding Partner …


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Women Doing Literary Things: Lilian Nattel

Speaking of Soup and Typewriters By Lilian Nattel 

Lilian Nattel is the author of two internationally acclaimed novels The River Midnight (Knopf Canada, 1999) and The Singing Fire (Knopf Canada, 2004). Her third novel will…


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Five Questions for Siri Hustvedt

SIRI HUSTVEDT is the author of five novels, including…


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