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Bang, Brady, and Stonecipher in Berlin

There are several English-language bookstores in Berlin, and a few of them host occasional readings by visiting or resident writers whose works or translations are published in English. I am fortunate to live within walking distance of Saint George's English Book Shop, in the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood.
On Thursday, March 26, Saint George’s hosted a reading by three poets – Mary Jo Bang, Andrea Brady, and Donna Stonecipher. While I've seen Donna read in Berlin on previous…

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Monday Muse: Poet-to-Poet Project

Monday Muse introduces the Academy of American Poets' Poet-to-Poet Project for youths in grades 3-12.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Let’s get one fact straight: Until the 1970s, St. Patrick's Day in Ireland was a minor religious holiday. A priest would acknowledge the feast day, and families would celebrate with a big meal, but that was about it. The March holiday signals the start of spring for many. Hopefully anyway!



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Language Barriers


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How to Make Your Writing More Dashing

"Dash it all!" This thought sometimes springs to mind when I am reading or editing something. I can't blame the writers – I believe that a majority of English speakers overuse hyphens because they're easier, although many simply do not know the difference between hyphens, en dashes, and em dashes.

As an American editor living in the UK, I had to make an adjustment in…


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Campaign Against Word Abuse

There are certain words in the English language that, through no fault of their own, are constantly misused and abused. They are innocent bystanders that get caught in the crossfire between a deadline and the rush to get things done quickly without proper revisions. Who will stand up for these downtrodden victims of our modern haste? Will you?

Words that are misused due to typing errors or confusion over the differences in their meanings: Complement/compliment, accept/except,…


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Culturally Sensitive Editing

As an American editor working in the UK, I come across linguistic puzzles on a daily basis. The wacky spelling differences between US and UK English, reconciling a preference for compound words with a hyphen-happy approach, the many grammatical rules have been smoothed over for American consumption – most of these are par for the course (or go with the territory). What stumps me are the cultural variations of colloquialisms, catchphrases, and vocabulary.

For many purists,…


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10 Things I'm Loving Doing in the Midst of Busy Life

1. Watching “Covert Affairs” on USA Network.

Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly, Cheaper By the Dozen) as Annie Walker, a CIA operative with kick-ass shoes and a big, brave heart; Christopher Gorham (“Ugly Betty”) as her hot, sweet, and smart as heck colleague; exotic locations befitting the creators of the Bourne movies …. What’s not to like?

2. Reading every issue…

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This New Day

This morning I woke feeling a bit off kilter. After eight days of being in a very intensive and regimented program of scoring AP English Literature essays, I suddenly had six undefined hours ahead of me before I needed to be at the airport, and my morning felt oddly stiff, like donning a new pair of shoes. I attempted to lay in bed but dawn called me out and up and lead me to wander beside the Ohio River, which snakes along the backside of Louisville, Kentucky.



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The Best Writing Advice I Ever Received

I had her for only one class, Expository Writing, and I don’t remember much about her. She wore lipstick that shimmered. Her face was shiny-clean, framed by curly red hair and scarves. She smiled often, but she was not bubbly.

In the past, the names of my two or three favorite former teachers rolled of my tongue like unspooling thread. They were teachers whose enthusiasm for learning was contagious, making them obvious contenders for the deserved Favorite Teacher title.



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The Man in the Truck: Segment 25

We were in English class one day when my teacher asked us to recite a lyrical ballad in the front of the class which we could sing as a song if we wanted to, or as a poem site-read from heart.  I flipped through the text pages until I got to a Medieval Scottish one titled "Get Up and Bar the Door", a 45 –line poem next to a black and white drawing of a husband, and a wife with a turban wrapped around her head.  I read the story twice: about a couple during Christmas time whose door keeps…


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Words Make The world Go Round

The statement ‘Words make the World Go Round’ is really a no brainer. When I was at school, words and english, correct english was a necessary evil. Not all of us thought that words were a doorway to a magical world that you could create yourself, a world limited only by your imagination. 

I can’t remember thinking to my self “I want to be a writer”. I just wrote. About anything and everything. I think before writing became all-important to me I drew and most of all I read…


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Dead Metaphors, Macabre Morphemes - Slaying the English Language

I never thought I would encounter a metaphor that died within my own lifetime...
Dead Metaphors, Macabre Morphemes - Slaying the English Language

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Raising Heroes

A 'Cute' of puppies


For over 35 years, we have raised Old English Sheepdogs.

I love them.

To me, they are the perfect breed.

Happy, loyal, smart, easily trained, friendly, protective, gentle.

All of the best qualities of DOG writ large.



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Invigorating Instruction

Do you believe in the power of a liberal arts education or in studying trades?  Please visit my blog and join the conversation.  I bring in William Chace's article "The Decline of the English Department" and discuss the power of studying English Literature.  Please add your voice and perspective...

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September skies

A lot worse things can happen in September than an eight-year old starting boarding school in the English countryside with two tennis courts, an oak-panelled hall, ballet three times a week and two Exeats a term. I had no idea why my mother cried in the taxi on our way there. 'Courage', she said. 'It's just this divorce and everyone says it'll be great, great fun'. I wouldn’t miss the whisky…

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Five Questions: A Conversation Between Wendy Call and Midge Raymond

In June, Wendy Call’s narrative nonfiction book No Word for Welcome was published by University of Nebraska Press and in April, Midge Raymond’s award-winning short story collection…


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the Grand Prix: Where my mind wandered off

Blog Directory…


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Take 10 for the English Language

Today's post features one of 10 new segments on the English language, part of a cleverly written series from the Open University.

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Book Promo 101

After promoting the first edition of Forgetting English, I thought I learned a lot. Then the publisher closed, the book was reissued by Press 53, and now I find myself going through yet another around of promotion and learning even more. 

In addition, I've recently co-founded a boutique…


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