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When Is Close Too Close? Writing About People We Know

* Foot note.

So, let's say there's this young guy named Thomas Williams. Daddy is a salesman, who travels as much as possible, and drinks, both at home and on the road. 

Mama, the daughter of an Episcopal priest (read someone of high social…


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The Creative Force and Depression: Did "Anne of Green Gables" Creator Commit Suicide?

Does depression necessarily co-exist with creativity or can creativity be a tonic, an antidote to depression? L.M. Montgomery, the creator of…


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New Hampshire primary

Democrats or Republicans pesidental candidates

New Hampshire ten counties

  1. Belknap County, Laconia
  2. Carroll County, Ossipee
  3. Chesire County, Keene
  4. Coos County, Lancaster
  5. Grafton County, North Haverhill
  6. Hillsborough County, Manchester and Nasau
  7. Merrimack County, Concord
  8. Rockingham County, Brentwood
  9. Strafford County, Dover
  10. Sullivan County, Newport…


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First thirteen colonies (later states)

New England colonies

  1. Province of Massachusetts Bay, later Massachusetts and Maine, crown colony
  2. Province of New Hampshire, later New Hampshire, crown colony
  3. Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, later Rhode Island, crown colony
  4. Connecticut Colony, later Connecticut, crown colony



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New Year's Writing Resolution: Appoint Yourself The CEO of Your Own Writing Career

CEO and creative writing. These may seem like oddly paired concepts, and, if you saw my grungy getup as I write this, you'd say that, at least in the fashion department, I'm an unsuitable choice to CEO anything.…


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What I Learned From Magazines This Week

In his heyday, Burt Reynolds owned $100,000 worth of custom-made toupees. 

(Vanity Fair, 12/15)

The average American looks at their phone 46 times each day.

(Time, 12/21/15)

One percent of babies worldwide are born with autism.

(Time, 12/28/15)

95% of supercenterians - people who live longer than 110 years -- are women.

(Prevention, 11/15)

Having an episode of intense anger is associated with an 8.5 times greater likelihood of having a heart…


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Happy New Year Hungry Readers!

Happy New Year Hungry Readers!

Here's my 2016 TBR list:

What book are you most excited to devour this…


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French Cinema in Close-up: La vie d'un acteur pour moi, presented at the National Arts Club, September 2015

French Cinema in Close-up: La vie d'un acteur pour moi, was presented at the National Arts Club (New York City) on September 16, 2015. Check out the video of the event!…


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Book Review: ‘April Snow’ by Lynn Steward

Title: April Snow
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Author: Lynn Steward
Publisher: Lynn Steward Publishing…

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‘filters’ is my first fiction novel. It was a pleasure to write and I hope it will be a book you enjoy reading as well. It is the story of Ashton Lancaster, a woman with an unusual gift- she has the power to read the thoughts of others. Here is the link to the book trailer:…


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Interview with Lynn Steward, Author of ‘April Snow’

Lynn Steward is a successful business woman who spent many years in New York City’s fashion industry in marketing and merchandising, including the development of the first women’s department at a famous men’s clothing store. Through extensive research, and an intimate knowledge of the period, Steward created the…


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Finished Novel


Cherry Blossom Diaries Buffalo to Washington 1942 - 1945 will be launched at The Saturn Club of Buffalo Thursday, June 18. This is a story in diary form following her days in Washington during the war years. She was twenty-one when she left Buffalo. Deborah Peters wanted to help win the war. She…


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Hello Everyone...

Hello everyone- did you know my book is now available on Kindle? Please consider purchasing a copy. Those of you from the NYC area will especially enjoy it as there are many references to the city and surrounding areas. Thank you so much:)…


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My first article for The New York Times is on libraries, Instagram and #BookfaceFriday

I'm thrilled to have this article, "Oh, Those Clever Librarians and Their #Bookface" in Sunday's New York Times Styles section. It's my first piece for them, and is about my favorite topic, books! (Yes, sorry sex and dating, my main beats, but books really are my absolute favorite thing to write about, with those a very close second.) Hope you like it, and if you know any… Continue

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Welcome EJ Fechenda, Author of The Beautiful People

When I set about creating Natalie Ross, my main character in The New Mafia Trilogy, I didn’t want her to be one of those girls who didn’t eat. She has a healthy relationship with food and part of the allure for Dominic Grabano, her love interest, is that he comes from a big Italian…

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It's Here...

Looking for a great book to read on a lovely spring day? Looking for some excitement and suspense? 'filters' is the one for you at Amazon and…


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It's NYC Baby...

If you love the sights and sounds of NYC then you’ll love reading ‘filters’ available now on Amazon and at…


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It's Here...

“filters” the new novel by Deborah Ailman, is set in the world of New York’s rich and powerful. Ashton Lancaster is a down-on-her-luck beauty with an unusual gift-she has the power to read minds. A chance meeting will propel her into the life of Andrew Desmond, one of the world’s wealthiest men…


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And A Little Greed Thrown In...

Murder, mystery and the supernatural all rolled up into one, with a touch of greed for good measure. ‘filters’ is available now on Amazon and at so pick up your copy…

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