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Mammography Monday's-Week Three!

Mammography Monday’s

Mammography is still the most effective tool in our arsenal in the fight against breast cancer. While screening mammograms will not cure breast cancer, it will position us to stay ahead of the curve in which for most of us is half the battle.

Monday October 20, 2014 (Week Three)

It’s Week Three and if you have not scheduled your Screening…


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Mammography Monday's-Week Two

Happy Mammography Monday!

Mammography Monday's -Week two!

Mammography Monday’s

Every Monday for the next four weeks in the Month of October I will offer a few tips to help you navigate through the process of having your mammogram.

Mammography is still the most effective tool in our arsenal in the fight against…


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Mammography Monday's

Mammography Monday’s 

Every Monday for the next four weeks in the Month of October I will offer a few tips to help you navigate through the process of having your mammogram.

Mammography is still the most effective tool in our arsenal in the fight against breast cancer. While screening mammograms will not cure breast cancer, it will position us to stay ahead of the curve in which for most of us is …


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Does Cheap Mean Awful Smell In The Perfume World

Every woman should smell fabulous. You don't have to spend big bucks to smell expensive. People that are low on the budget look for less-costly perfume shops, and end up with cheap perfumes that are not worth the penny. With so many perfumes available on the market, it's hard to find the one that will satisfy both your smell and budget.

But, if you search wisely, you will find amazing designer perfumes for affordable price. No need to buy fake perfumes, instead find a good perfume…


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Independent Women: Making the world a better place

All the women who’re independent

Throw your hands up at me

(Destiny’s Child, Independent Women, 2000)

Way back at the turn of the millennium when Destiny’s Child released Independent Women something amazing happened; the world didn’t end and it didn’t go back to the Stone Age at the hands of the dreaded millennium bug, instead it changed for the better. People became…


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[SWP: BEHIND THE BOOK] A penance. A blessing. A deadline.

In anticipation of writing this blog post for BEHIND THE BOOK, I immediately sat down and wrote a whole craft essay instead. More of a memoir, actually. About waitressing. It really did apply, at least to much of this process. I wrote about being “in the weeds,” an old restaurant workers’ term for being too busy to…


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Being a woman

Being a woman

Do you repent?
Yes I do
Because I am a woman.
You repent for being a woman?
I repent for being born a woman
In a society
Where love and trust
Are obsolete words.
Where desires find ventilation
In form of rape

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[SWP: BEHIND THE BOOK] Three Seeds of Inspiration

Sometimes inspiration comes when you least expect it. You may not understand its value at the time, but if you are lucky you plant the seed and curiously await the results. That happened to me a few years back, and planting those seeds has made all the difference.

Before I decided to write my debut…


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Writing Motherhood: Driving with teens



Catherine driving Driving Mother

by Suzi Banks Baum

One tangle of mothering teens is this:

You emerge from sleep. You hear your teen making a smoothie. She is grinding what sounds to be at least two cement blocks lugged from the garage at a pre-dawn hour and placed without liquid in the Vitamix. You decide that getting up is better than pretending to sleep. Recalling an… Continue

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Writing Strong Women

Last year, I read “The Sandoval Sisters,” an award winning historical fiction book by Sandra Ramos O’Briant and enjoyed it so much that I…


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"Listen To Your Mother" Portland

I continue to be fascinated by how many different directions my writing takes me. It's especially gratifying when the same piece of writing benefits a worthwhile cause. 

Here's the scoop: (Via my blog at

One of the many things I am grateful for at this point in life is that I haven’t lost my capacity to still get reeeeeeeally excited about different things … like participating in a show that…


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How many times have you found yourself reading a book’s synopsis or thumbing through the pages, trying to decide if that book was for you? What if, instead, you could read the first few chapters…


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Ghosts Of Christmases Past


A friend recently posted on Facebook, as part of her Christmas message, to “not look back on Christmases past”.  I can, to a degree, appreciate such a…


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[DIARY OF A MEMOIRIST] This Sex Which Is Not One

Sound familiar?

Cast your mind back to Luce Irigaray’s essay (also book title). Sometimes I think everything important about women was written in the 1970s, and it’s been downhill ever since.

“Female sexuality,” the essay begins, “has always been conceptualized on the basis of masculine parameters.”

That is the sentence that jumped into my mind when…


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FEMME: Women Healing the World, a Ten Things I Love Review

I recently saw a film called FEMME: Women Healing the World. It is a documentary by Emmanuel Itier, produced by Sharon Stone, about women who are actively working to heal the world. Influential women from all walks of life and various parts of the globe discuss important topics such as religion, politics, business, entertainment and education, in an effort to help society take a more feminine approach to the multiple crises we face in this world.…


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[Diary of a Memoirist] Difficult Women

Say a woman is “difficult,” and chances are that she will not get the job, the promotion, or the invitation to join the club. The adjective guarantees pariahdom. And yet as the New York Times Book Review launches a new feature of its redesign, “The Shortlist,” it groups four books about so-called “difficult women” framed by a collage of women’s cut-up faces and bright-red…


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[Diary of a Memoirist]: Memoirs by Men, or why bother?

Of course, not. What editor worth his salt would choose to group reviews of memoirs written by men under that title? No one. But Memoirs by Women, now that makes a lot of sense. Memoirs are by definition by men, so Memoirs by Men would be redundant. Memoirs by women, on the other hand, are, well, memoirs by women.…


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The Rules Girls Are Back -- and More Annoying Than Ever

The Rules Girls are back--and more annoying than ever, at least as far as their remarks

in New York Magazine's recent "Sex" issue goes. Even after Penn satirized them and Teller's program "BullSh&t," they continue to sound like that simply can't stop themselves from attacking other women who disagree with them. When we were all on Oprah…


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Publishing Nightmare

Blog Publishing Nightmare

When I finished my novel, Juliana’s Truth I was elated and ready to submit; let the publishing begin.  I envisioned the film version after it became an international bestseller.  I’d finally be able to pay off my (and my daughter’s) college loans. The novel began as a thesis for my M.F.A.—but that was merely the first draft; the revisions took another two years.  I was no stranger to rejection as far as manuscripts go but my tenacity was…


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Was Anne Boleyn a Feminist?

The following piece, “Was Anne Boleyn a Feminist?” is based on material from my new book, The Creation of Anne Boleyn, available at all major booksellers.…


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