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Just Try It

Just try it…being nice first. Just try a smile or listen and say “I understand” instead  of just  talking over somebody else.

Do a favor for someone without being asked to do it. And don’t expect anything in return.

See and feel how different it feels from being indifferent or even cold to another.…


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Money Monday #2

Welcome to Money Monday Article #2!

Has this thought ever crossed your mind:  how to make money fast?

Have you ever googled it?  Have you ever been in a position of desperation where you needed to learn how to make money fast?

What would it be like to NEVER worry about money again?

Because I can promise you, when you're not worrying about money, money shows up FAST.

And when you…


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Money Monday #1

Happy Money Monday Article #1

Did you know that if you change your beliefs about money, your relationship with money will change?

The target of the next 21 Monday's is to abolish, eliminate, and eradicate as many limiting beliefs around money that you have.  I'm going to be conjuring up beliefs by asking one question each week about this infamous object that we all adore!

(Hey, I do... I don't know about you... my…


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Roses and Writer's Block

Mid-June in Wisconsin means roses, love and everything in abundance. But, what's a writer to do if she has a case of something she doesn't exactly believe in, writer's block?

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On Abundance and Generosity

Today, I am halfway into my third journey through The Artist's Way. This past week's topic was abundance.

As someone who tries to practice gratitude and kindness, this idea of abundance for myself was interesting to explore. Where do I find abundance in my life and how does that encourage me to be generous? How does that affect my work as a writer?

Read more about it…


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Embracing Abundance: Harvest

Today's post comes from a friend of mine, G.G. Vandagriff.  She is the award-winning author of twelve books.  She would love for you to visit and subscribe to her interactive blog for readers, authors, and prospective authors:…


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How to Get What You Want

Excerpted from 5/31/11 Blog Radio Talk Show A Fine Time for Healing ,  How to Attract What You Want in Life: Gratitude and Abundance

We cannot possibly realize the immense power that comes from our thoughts. What we focus…


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The Myth of Scarcity, The Reality of Abundance

One of the most famous passages in the entire biblical canon begins this way.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

And yet, wanting more, desiring more, being fearful that what we have will soon leave us, these anxieties are responsible for so much evil in the world. The myth of scarcity influences our decisions in so many ways. The reality is that we live in a world packed full of abundance, both for… Continue

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