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Why you should build an Author Platform


Added by Dora Gonzalez on April 13, 2015 at 6:30pm — No Comments

Marketing Plan? Prudence First!

Since I began writing my (now published) book, I’ve put in thousands of search terms, done thousands of internet searches, scrolled and scrolled, scanned the descriptions of the sites that come up, hitting on thousands of them and letting go many more thousands. I’ve bookmarked and read thousands of blog pages and website pages and printed hundreds of them. I’ve filled my recycling bin with hundreds of those. The search terms have changed again and again over these…


Added by Jane Hanser on March 9, 2015 at 2:00pm — 4 Comments

Advertising, Feminism and Sexuality

There is an American misconception about feminism that a woman can't be empowered and feminine at the same time. For instance, advertisements involving, "sexy women" are often deemed sexist simply because they portray women who aren't asexual. Not that there is anything wrong with asexual people in ads, men are often portrayed this way, along with 'intelligent-looking' women. However, I believe the real…


Added by Victoria Tishman Kamerzell on August 25, 2014 at 7:00pm — No Comments

Wednesday Wonder: Telephone Assembly

Before the iPhone, there was "Tommy Telephone" explaining how to assemble the 433 separate parts of a free-standing rotary-dial telephone. A tour through the Prelinger Archives turns up a stop-motion animation, "Just Imagine", featuring the "spokescreature".

Added by Maureen E. Doallas on December 11, 2013 at 9:33am — No Comments

You Wrote A Story? How To Get People To Read It

All of us wrote essays in school. Many of us took various forms of creative writing classes. Most of us like to write and all of us would like to improve. If you want to write, there is an abundance of information available to help you.
I have never read as many blogs, stories and books giving instructions on how to compose until after releasing my memoir this summer. A few months ago, I did…

Added by Carol Graham on November 1, 2013 at 1:21pm — No Comments

The Advantages of Advertising in the Restaurant World

There are many ways of advertising when it comes to the restaurant industry, but what really works? Sometimes advertising advice doesn’t transfer over well from industry to industry, so it is important that restaurants are paying attention to the areas where they can really thrive. For example, people are much…


Added by Amanda DiSilvestro on September 26, 2012 at 1:58pm — No Comments

Bridging the gap between writer and salesperson.

The climate for writers has changed drastically over the past couple of years. As the line between publisher, distributor, editor and writer blurs writers need to have a range of skills to succeed. I look back now on my 4 years of hard sales (I was a street charity fundraiser who got people to sign direct debits to charities on the street) and I am thankful for the experience I received. Never did I think my days of being taught how to handle rejection and better position myself to handle…


Added by Nissi Mutale on July 12, 2012 at 8:30pm — 1 Comment

Manipulation of Amazon--Why are they Allowing it?

I am a writer of real books that took me years to write, that carry messages of caring about the human race, that program readers into self-empowerment, that I hope will help to change a suffering world. Recently I attended a seminar on book promotion that made me sick almost literally. One author recently put a book together--not wrote a book--with snips from other people, then had those people and others prepay to buy a copy in return for ad space on a page attached to the book, then…


Added by Sarah Paul on June 29, 2012 at 12:15pm — No Comments

Lessons Learned: How Five Online Book Promotion Strategies Worked for Me

There’s a zillion online marketing activities you can invest in to promote your book. As a branding and marketing consultant by trade and author of two books, I’ve tried many of them but know I’ve not even scratched the service yet! In my last two posts, I shared five marketing tips to help promote your book and five marketing truths you must embrace in order to promote your book effectively.


Today, I’m going to share five online promotion strategies I have tried with my…


Added by Maria Ross on May 5, 2012 at 2:00pm — 6 Comments

Five Tough-Love Book Marketing Truths You Need to Know

Building on my Five Marketing Tips post from last week, I thought I'd offer a healthy dose of my business marketing juju out to all of you.

See, I'm in business. I've been a management consultant, an advertising exec and a Corporate Marketing Director. I've crafted messaging to help sell everything from tomatoes to technology. As a branding strategist with my own firm…


Added by Maria Ross on April 19, 2012 at 2:19pm — No Comments

free stuff

i spent the better part of the last three days facebooking stoneybrook and deciding where to meet outside the bromo seltzer tower. when I got there though the doors were closed and the fat guy that usually sat in the main lobby with the cane wasn’t there to listen to the shaft and to tell me to take the elevator .

then an old guy asked us if we wanted his tickets to the convention so we said “we’ll see about it.”

he (stoneybrook) looked at the tables…


Added by Tracy Elizabeth on January 30, 2012 at 6:17pm — No Comments

Start Your Own Online Newspaper! So Easy and FREE!!!

Hey everyone! I've been busy with NANOWRIMO, so my posts have not been on schedule, sorry about that, but I am back with a quick one about starting your own online newspaper, and it is soooo easy, FREE - and kind of fun too!!!  The site I am talking about is I just started an online newspaper about, of course, book marketing and promotion!  You can find it at:…


Added by Jan Fischer Wade on November 15, 2011 at 6:30am — 5 Comments

FREE Press Release sites and How to Write One!! Grab 'em by their....

BRAS!!!! (That seemed appropriate for SheWrites!)


The first thing you need to before you can send out a release is to write it!!  eHow had the best information:


1) All press releases should begin with contact information for you, your agent, publisher or public relations firm. Be sure to include all snail mail and email addresses as well as firm, personal and cell…


Added by Jan Fischer Wade on August 16, 2011 at 6:30am — 2 Comments

free promo

Hello fiction authors! I started a blog to help my fellow writers promote their work. I don't charge. For more information, check out the Submissions section of the website. Please email me at the address listed there if you have any questions.
Lea Ryan, Editor

Added by Lea Ryan on August 15, 2011 at 6:06pm — No Comments

Buying Online ADVERTISING for Your Book: Ad Resources and Costs

Well, we all know the saying, you gotta spend money to make money.  So there comes a point in develping a marketing plan for your book that you need to decide if you will pay for advertising.  If so, how much??  And where??


One place to order advertisements to appear on other sites is BLOGADS - an ad broker of sorts - one account for as many blogs that you want to advertise on (versus dealing with…


Added by Jan Fischer Wade on August 12, 2011 at 6:30am — 4 Comments

We Won! Dos Equis Drops Sexist Ad

Dos Equis has agreed to stop running an ad that appeared to advise men on hunting women (as in hunting with spears).


Last monthI wrote about a sexist ad Dos Equis was running that advised men to “[a]pproach women like you do wild animals, with caution and a…


Added by Piper Hoffman on June 22, 2011 at 1:35pm — No Comments

Pop Chips Says: Hate Your Body

Last night I dropped in on the annual Garden Party for New York's LGBT community center, where restaurants and food manufacturers were giving away samples of their edibles.  …


Added by Kim Brittingham on June 21, 2011 at 5:52am — No Comments

Flee Dos Equis: Its Manufacturers Want to Shoot You

“Approach women like you do wild animals, with caution and a soothing voice.” I encountered this ad for Dos Equis beer on the side of a bus stop on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. So women are nonhumans to be hunted? Good to know: if a man holding a Dos Equis gets anywhere near me I will run for my life.

To ice this cake, the picture under the caption is racist. Have a…


Added by Piper Hoffman on May 2, 2011 at 4:30pm — No Comments

Why should I give up my seat for you just because you're pregnant?

You could only ask this question if you were a man. It's OK, I get it. You have never been pregnant and you never will be. If your wife or girlfriend falls pregnant you may write cheerful emails to people saying 'we're pregnant' or reminisce about a time… Continue

Added by Helen Smith on February 15, 2011 at 5:30pm — No Comments

An Interview with Adlai Stevenson III, Part Two: The Role of the Media

Midway through our interview, Senator Stevenson spoke about the ways in which the mainstream media shortchanges the American people. While criticizing sound bite culture, as so many have before, his harshest words were for a mass media who, in his opinion, oversimplifies broader issues without taking the time to provide the full context to its… Continue

Added by Kevin Camp on February 15, 2011 at 10:17am — No Comments

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