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Waiting for the Fruit

In 2008, as my agent started sending my memoir out to editors, Lehman Brothers closed up shop and so the Great Recession began. Homeowners, wannabe homeowners and the middle- and…


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Prostitute at the Well

For the past few weeks I’ve been querying Literary Agents in hopes that one will take the bait and represent my new novel, The River Keeper. To date I have sent out 47 proposals and out of those I have only received two personal messages back. I took one agent’s suggestion to heart and revised several chapters per her input. I do believe the changes improved the book and I am thankful to that agent.


The second personal message sort of hit me in the gut. It read like…


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5 Questions for...Diane Lefer

Diane Lefer is the author of The Fiery Alphabet, her tenth small press book to be published. It was released on September 5th by Loose Leaves Publishing after making the rounds of publishers since 1986. She Writer Dorothy Bendel, author of…


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Steps to Find the Right Book Agent to Represent You

Steps to Find the Right Book Agent to Represent You

If you are writing a book, you would need to publish it somewhere. And for that, you need a publisher. If you are new in the industry, you surely wouldn’t have too many contacts and your network must be small, so you need a literary agent to get to the publisher.  Literary agents act as middlemen between book authors and publishers and simplify the whole process. They make it easier for both the parties to find each other.  It…


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Let's Go Fishing (Hooking an agent)

I can’t believe it’s June already. Last year by this time I’d probably caught thirty or forty fish out of the New River. Finally this past Saturday I had the opportunity to spend the day floating down the New. I only snagged five Bass, but one of them was the biggest I’ve ever caught. I know you’re all wondering how many my husband, Jerry caught because he always beats me. Well, I can’t lie. He reeled in twenty! Yes, that’s what I said, twenty. But it wasn’t my fault; someone had to keep the…


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The Many Paths to Publishing—Which One’s Right for You?

So many choices…so few guidelines or clear answers. How’s an author to choose?

With the proliferation of publishing options—traditional publishing, self-publishing, partner publishing, package publishing, e-books, p-books, and so on‑-many authors find themselves stymied by which route is best for them and…


Added by April Eberhardt on May 16, 2013 at 2:00pm — 6 Comments

The Search For a Literary Agent

A few days ago I finished the second re-write of my third novel, The River Keeper. Now for the final read through. I love this part. To be able to simply read the story without fixing plot holes and grammar. On August 22, 2011 the first words were written. It took me one year and eight months to write and edit this novel. How do these famous authors spit out three and four new books a year?


I know these people are rich and have house cleaners and nanny’s to pick their…


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How Rejections Can Help You

Today I sat in on the agent panel at the San Miguel de Allende Writers’ Conference with agents April Eberhardt, Penny Nelson,…


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A Kick In The Pants

I didn't start out 2013 motivated.

I was beginning to grown tired of my novel.  I was dedicating so much time and energy to it and it got to a point where I began to doubt my work.  I doubted that the words on the page were good enough.

Twitter was abuzz with people getting agents and winning contests and I was revising - again. 

Then 2 things happened to snap me out of my funk:

1.  I found two great CP's

2.  I finally won a…


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Single White Female Seeks Literary Agent/How Finding an Agent is like Finding a Date


This week, I sent my revised book proposal to an interested agent. Fingers crossed.


For those of you who haven't yet begun the book-selling process, here’s how it begins:


You need an agent.  Literary agents are the baleen to the publishing industry's whale. The Brita to the publishing industry's drinking water. The pan to the publishing industry's gold, according…


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Hittin' 40

Can you feel, chills up the spine?  Man...time flew past and I'm still chillin' in South Dallas, writing, designing and...oh snap.  I've got like 13 nieces and nephews.  The oldest nearly ready to graduate high school.  I call them, my crumbsnatchers.  Since I relocated to Sunny D, (from SoCal) in 1995, my goal was to become a full-time novelist /actor.  

Well that didn't turn out as planned.  However, I did get a chance to write and produce my first music demo, act in a few…


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Crazy? Who me?

Three agents are currently “reading” my manuscript.  Two women and one man. And though I am a happily married heterosexual female, I can’t help but think of these three as potential mates. Landing an agent is really a lot like dating. And no matter how self-confident you are, at some point all your insecurities come into play. You start to wonder: Am I good enough?  Will he or she like me? Does this manuscript make me look fat? Ok, maybe that last one is a bit much, but you get the idea.…


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No One Cares (as much as you do)

I once took an amazing, month-long class on how to move your career forward.  It was in LA and most of the participants were in the entertainment industry.  Needless to say, the subject of agents came up.  Everyone wanted an agent - c'mon, who wouldn't?  Someone to champion you, get you in the door, build your career...  I want one, too.  But without knocking agents, the instructors quickly brought us to our senses.  We are in charge of our careers, not agents.  We are 100% responsible for…


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Ten Lessons Learned by Author/Agent Natalie Essary


Hi She Writers!  Today I have a bonanza, so keep checking back.  Thanks, Natalie, for these words of wisdom!


1. Write what you know. Writers get sick of hearing this, but successful authors keep repeating it, because it's true. I spent (wasted) a lot of…


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Bella Stander on "What Not to Do at a Book Festival or Writers Conference"

(picture, courtesy of VABook Fest)


Greetings Shewriters - Get out your highlighters for some sound advice!


Bella Stander is the proprietor of Book Promotion 101 and publisher of Bella Terra Publishing. For the past dozen years she’s worked with the Virginia Festival of the Book, where she…


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Beware of the Big, Bad, She-Wolf Agent

Recently on my quest to find an agent an interesting thing happened. On January 13, I emailed a query to a certain literary agency; I’ll call the Big Bad Wolf Literary Agency. On January 30, I received an email back from them saying, they’d love to read my entire manuscript.


Wow! Was I excited? I wasn’t crazy about the fact that they wanted me to mail them a hard copy, but I burned The Color of My Heart onto a CD and hurried it down to my buddies at the local copying…


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How Long Does it Take? (to find an agent, sell the book, get published?)

Recently, a thread in an online writer’s community popped up, beginning with someone (who hadn’t begun querying) asking why folks sent query letters to so many agents.

Did they have that many “dream…


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Why It Doesn't Matter, Ultimately, If I Never Publish

After nine years of working on my manuscript about my childhood in a bizarre, apocalyptic cult (tentatively titled The Angels Never Came), after the manuscript has won a nomination in an unpublished manuscript contest (2010 Doris Bakwin Award), after I have started a website for it (, I finally feel…


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Time Out For Writers: Faculty and Agent - Jane Dystel, President of Dystel & Goderich Literary Managment

The 20th Annual ANWA Writers Conference: Time Out for Writers will be held Thursday - Saturday February 23rd, through Saturday February 24th, 2012. The venue is the Hilton Hotel Mesa on 1011 W. Holmes in Mesa, Arizona 85210.


Hotel Reservations:… Continue

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