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CONVERSATION WITH THE AUTHOR Proliferative Ashes – For Paul Celan

Proliferative Ashes is a poem about loss and love; it is a poem about language, and about the loss of language.


When I started studying Celan, I felt a connection with this lover of words, of poetry, and of people. I came to learn that, as a…


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Welcome Tonya Kappes, Author of Spies and Spells

There is just something about going to a diner in a small town. . .
I grew up in a small rural Kentucky town. It’s one of those thing when someone asks me where I’m from, I’m going to say the county name instead of the city. That’s just the way a small town…

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Top 5 Ways Authors Can Promote Their Books

My latest and fourth book, Passed and Present: Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive, publishes nationwide this week -- five years after Parentless Parents. In the time between book launches, the marketing landscape has shifted to such a degree that I’ve overhauled my entire PR and branding…


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Selling the book proposal: Conciseness

This past week, I received partial edits for my book proposal. Throughout, there were a disconcerting amount of strikethroughs.…


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How to write during School Holidays

Now that I've transitioned from my 4 hour daily commute as a financial software consultant to working from home as a Paranormal Romance writer (aka wannabe author) I am absolutely loving my life.  I never thought it would happen and each morning I marvel at how I enjoy my days now.

For the past 6 weeks my days start a bit earlier than I'm use to due to our new Xmas addition of a puppy named Strawberry for Mr 5yo.

I wake (ummm, am constantly jumped on by the…


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FoodFic Look at DAKOTA

Charlotte Brevik knows how to make a girl feel at home. The retired-nurse/sheriff’s wife fills Lola Wicks with chicken and dumplings swamped in peppery gravy, homemade bread, and creamy casserole of butterbeans she grew and canned herself. A hearty meal…


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Controlling Chaos

Lately I’ve discovered that I’ve been placing a tremendous amount of stress upon myself by overloading my goal setting for my writing career. Things such as research time, story development, meeting daily word counts, editing completions, reaching out to agents daily, and meeting deadlines are just some of the things consuming me. I also have a full time - and very stressful – day job. I know I’m not alone. I hear many people complain about the very same thing. What I don't hear are many…


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Thanks and Love to the Men Who Have Broken my Heart.

This meditation on love, heartbreak, and gratitude was written originally about ten years ago; it was edited and updated for Thanksgiving this year.

I'm convinced that love, a right-brain function, drives much of our…


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Who’s Pointing at Whom?

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves.”

– Carl Jung

What does this mean? It means that everything that irritates you about other people, including loved ones, your partner, family…


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Good Evening!

Adjust a little- of things are not going as planned. Don’t bang your head against the wall and say something like “why me?” That’s really not going to do anything for you.

Instead, take a look at the situation. What could you do a little differently? How can you adjust to make…


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Review of Anne Tammel's "Endless: A Literary Passion" | by Rehan Qayoom

Review of Anne Tammel's "Endless: A Literary Passion" |  by Rehan Qayoom…

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Welcome Guido Henkel, Author of HUNTED

Food plays such an elemental part of our lives that I am often surprised how little of it is shown in fiction, and even in movies or TV shows. I mean, after all, didn’t we just have breakfast, and then lunch, and now we’re eating again? There are days when it feels that our…


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Dancing for Fun by Mark L. & Helena Greathouse Book Feature


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Writing: The Enemy of Mindfulness?

I meditate, but only for 10-minute stints, and I don't do it every day.  I’m a very sporadic and inconsistent yogi. I've never been to an ashram and probably never will.


Yet, I claim to live a (sorta) mindful life.   I can sit in traffic or get horribly lost and…


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Asked for an Introductory Post

I was asked to start a blog about my writing experience. To be honest, I probably will not be writing a detailed and consistent blog. I'm really busy with writing, though I might post some of my thoughts or experiences.

I began writing in German at age six. I would sit down next to my mom and tell her a story. I would just make it up on the spot. I once thought up a three-minute rhyme and couldn't remember it when I started to write it down. That was my one foray into poetry. While I…


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Welcome Back Luke Murphy, Author of Kiss & Tell

I remember when I first started writing—the moment I decided to get serious about writing, to write with a purpose. When I first decided that I wanted to write with the intention of seeking publication, I bought a couple of books on the craft of writing to help improve my style.



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How to Write a Book Review

As most of you know, I’ve recently launched my second novel, MISTS OF BAYOU RHYNE. Yes, thank you, thank you. :) And as most of you know, one of the hardest – but oh so important – things to get is a review. I’ve been told over and over again how much a reader has enjoyed my book, how they can’t wait for the next, and how they wish they could share it with everyone they know. Well, you my dear reader,…


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Feng Shui + Charlotte nightingale Cover Reveal

Carter Oosterhouse and Pam

An HGTV show called Red, Hot and Green remodeled my bathroom when I lived in L.A. The big “reveal” was exciting and horrifying all at the same time. What if it was ugly? What if I didn’t like it? How would I mask my disappointment in front of the cameras, and more importantly, in front of the smokin’ hot host of the show, Carter Oosterhouse? (See photo to the…


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