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Welcome Lynn Cahoon, Author of Return of the Fae

In RETURN OF THE FAE, Book 2 of The Council series, Parris and Ty take off on a road trip to Cincinnati, Ohio to the stay at The Riverglen, the only magical specialty hotel in the downtown area.  Even though the hotel is warded against a guest using their magic to keep warring…

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Why Right Construction Health And Safety Training Is Important

Health and safety must be a major thought regardless of what industry you work in, but there are a few sectors, which come with more dangers than others, for example construction industry. This industry can indeed be placed in the high-risk group for the sheer nature of work performed out, and that means the significance of the right construction training must never be undervalued.


A construction working site can be a risky place as …


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Adorn Your Kitchen with Elegant Silestone Countertops

Quartz is the newest fad which is creating a lot of hype in magazines, blogs, and trade shows. It is the second most abundant mineral found in the Earth’s crust and it’s made up of silicon and oxygen tetrahedral framework. However, the quartz used for making countertops is an engineered material that has roughly 93 percent naturally occurring quartz mixed with 7 percent polymer resins. When it…


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How Patience and Persistence Pays Off In The Garden and Publishing

Gardening is the quintessential lesson in patience. We learn that we have no choice but to wait for plants to grow in their own sweet time; no matter how much we try to hurry them along. Nature will never allow herself to be rushed to fit our demand.…


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What I Know Could Fill...

There's a rumor that writers have to pay to have their books placed at the front of a brick-and-mortar bookstore. Maybe this is true in some cases, at some places, and certainly I assumed…


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How to Pack Big Style into Small Spaces

It’s all part of the modern condition, more and more of us want to live on our own driving property prices up and the amount of square footage you can get for your money down. It might take a pinch more imagination and a dash of careful design, but living in a small house or flat doesn’t mean that you can’t live in style!

Optical Illusions

We all know that the eye and with it people’s perceptions can be fooled. There are a couple of surprisingly simple techniques…


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Have You Ever Been Pregnant?

Akashic Books (a terrific indie press out of Brooklyn, NY) just published a new short of mine as part of their web series dedicated to flash fiction. This story is about being 44 and having a first baby... check it out...

"Little Bear's Apgar Score" is now live on Akashic's website, and can be found here:…


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The Captain and The Countess - Special Offer $0.90 £0.77p


Rosemary Morris’s most recent novel The Captain and the Countess is available as an e-book for 77p from and for $0.99 from until the 17th August.


5* Review of The Captain and The Countess on

I've really become a fan of Rosemary Morris's books because I feel she sets…


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Is Your Old Scheduling and Planning Solution Working for You

Every manufacturing business comes to a point where it needs to figure out how to balance all of its operations more effectively than they have been. There’s always a transitional period as your business grows. You need an advanced planning and scheduling scheme in place. Its purpose is to keep up with demands, create increasing profits, avoid downtime, and make sure that it all goes smoothly.…


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Welcome Lori L. Otto, Author of the Emi Lost and Found Series

So, today on But What Are They Eating? we are going to change things up a bit:
But What Aren’t They Eating?
In my Emi Lost & Found series,…

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Go In Faith, And You Will Prosper by Prophet Owusu Afriyie

Title: Go In Faith, and You Will Prosper

Author: Prophet Owusu Afriyie

Publisher: iUniverse

Pages: 88

Genre: Fiction

Format: Ebook

Purchase at …


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[SWP: BEHIND THE BOOK] A penance. A blessing. A deadline.

In anticipation of writing this blog post for BEHIND THE BOOK, I immediately sat down and wrote a whole craft essay instead. More of a memoir, actually. About waitressing. It really did apply, at least to much of this process. I wrote about being “in the weeds,” an old restaurant workers’ term for being too busy to…


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Countdown to Publication - 7 more days!

Song of the Earth will be available in just another week.   Hard copy and Kindle available on Amazon first.  

Photo: Hey like oh my god look what just arrived. My proof of Song of the Earth. It will be out real soon. So excited. It's real.

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Having Your Moving Work Done with the Help of Movers

There comes a point in everyone’s life, when you are to move from your current home to another residential place. This is surely a hectic time in one’s life considering that you are required to pack and plan for the transportation of your belongings. This means that in many cases, people are looking to opt for their cars to move out their belongings, but this requires substantial expense on the fuel and this is also going to take more time for finally completing the ordeal. This means that…


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FoodFic Look at "Shards and Ashes"

Asking me as a writer to choose one short story from an anthology to blog about it almost as difficult as asking me as a parent to name my favorite child! So let me begin by saying that since this collection brings together the work of pretty much every big writer in YA today, every piece…

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5 Reasons I’m Unqualified To Teach My Preschooler About Her Private Parts

I recently read a blog post about how important it is to teach toddlers about their body parts. Apparently, simply knowing the correct words for male and female genitals deters predators who know that these children will be more able to report being touched inappropriately.

Cut to me sweating profusely.  My daughter is almost four, and unless ‘front hiney’ and ‘back hiney’ are the…


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Signing Books at Barnes and Noble

Signing books at Barnes and Noble in Bakersfield on Saturday was not a champagne affair, it was business. The friendly staff prepared a book table for me and told me I could sit behind the table, stand and do a meet and greet (my style) or…


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My New E-Book! Enduring Bonds: Estrangement proofing our kids

Enduring Bonds Front page

I am really excited to announce that I have finished my e-book, Enduring Bonds: Estrangement proofing our kids.

What’s it about?

This e-book will include readers in a personal journey of understanding and learning about how to navigate family estrangement in their family, with their children. The book is organized into sections, which were topics that have been identified over and again by the people who have shared their stories and…


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Theme of the Week: Motherhood – Should I send my estranged mother a card for Mother’s Day?


“Hearing him talk about his mother, about his intact family, makes my chest hurt for a second, like someone pierced it with a needle.” 

― Veronica Roth

The thing about Mother’s Day is everyone’s relationship with their mother is in our face. Our nose is rubbed in “intact relationships” and it can hurt to know that we don’t have that. When we…


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Theme of the Week: Motherhood – Aunties of the heart, our “other” mothers

“Women without children are also the best of mothers, often, with the patience, interest, and saving grace that the constant relationship with children cannot always sustain. Women who are not mothering their own children have the clarity and focus to see deeply into the character of children webbed by family. A child is fortunate who feels witnessed as a person, outside relationships with parents by another adult.” ― Louise Erdrich



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