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The Search For a Literary Agent

A few days ago I finished the second re-write of my third novel, The River Keeper. Now for the final read through. I love this part. To be able to simply read the story without fixing plot holes and grammar. On August 22, 2011 the first words were written. It took me one year and eight months to write and edit this novel. How do these famous authors spit out three and four new books a year?


I know these people are rich and have house cleaners and nanny’s to pick their…


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[Countdown to Publication] 21 Days until THE LAKE HOUSE Hits the Shelves

The doorbell rang just as I was sitting down to write this blog. I went downstairs and found a large box from Gallery Books on my doorstep. I ran to my neighbor’s house with the heavy item, because this moment couldn’t be done alone, and opened up the large container. A rush of emotion filled me - seven years of…


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Isabelle Esling / Unwrap Your Present Book Review

I am always looking for new and interesting books. I recently came upon French born author Isabelle Esling's second release with Hayden Kian Publishing House, "Unwrap Your Present." The books description sounded very intriguing and I immediately knew I had to purchase the book.

Before the book arrived, I decided I was going to read the book over a two week period to get the full affect of what the book had to offer. I patiently waited and five days later…


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Writing as Mystical Journey

Okay! I admit it.  I'm a nonfiction writer.  I've had 5 nonfiction books published but within all of them are stories.  Now story has taken hold of me and I am on a mystical journey towards fiction.  I am workshopping my new (in development) novel and am working with an editor on getting a chapter by chapter analysis. I see no reason that a nonfiction writer cannot write compelling fiction.

My Goddess, I never realized the challenges of fiction writing or creating a novel.  I have…


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Tax Preparation for Writers

If you haven't prepared your tax return yet, check out this great article on tax returns for artists, complete with an expense checklist for writers. This CPA's site and ebook have all the info you need (note: this is not my own accountant).

I'm a lifelong math phobe. So tax season sends me trudging into the dining room for what I've come to think of as my annual…


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Who Lieth Beneath the Sod? (Part 2)

Last weeks blog has stirred something up in me that is kin to a burning desire to find those who have vanished into the days, weeks, and years since their passing. I want to clip down the over grown foliage, mend the broken markers and fence out the cows. I have only begun my journey.


Thank you to all who sent me messages and especially to my friend Janie who emailed me some interesting links. I have barely skimmed the surface of those lives that are six feet under the sod on…


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On Saint Patrick's Day: Is it a burden or a curse to be an "Irish Writer?"

As another St. Patrick's Day approaches, I've been thinking about the issue of identity and writing. As in, can we ever separate our national, ethnic, gender or other identities from our work and books? 

In my case, I question if it's a blessing or a curse to be labeled “an Irish writer.” Is there a set of reader expectations for a book that hails from the Emerald Isle?…


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Who Are You Mad at Today?

I have been doing a great deal of Internet research on Islam for my upcoming fourth novel, Stage Daughter. Aziz, one of three main characters, is a Muslim man, so I have been undergoing a crash online course to better understand how he might think, feel, and react in different circumstances. When not worried about dark-suited CIA agents appearing at my doorstep, I have learned some rather interesting things.

Naturally, all religions have their more bizarre teachings and…


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Transformational Travel and Writing Retreats


Transformational Travel is a gift that we give ourselves!

I am delighted to be teaming up with various experts to create a variety of travel experiences…


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Welcome Guest Chloe Jacobs, Authof of Greta and The Goblin King

The heroine of Greta and the Goblin King has had to put up with a lot of changes since she ended up in Mylena: land of ice and snow…not the least of which is the slim-to-none access to food. 

She realizes pretty quick that when the world has been frozen for…

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Everything About Business Broadband Services

The top way to flourish in any business is certainly to have the ability communicate effectively and efficiently. Using business broadband technology is one way that communications can be radically improved.

You get a 24x7 high connectivity to internet through high speed…


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Second Chances--the New Edition of my Memoir Don't Call Me Mother



There are few second chances in life, but in the world of artistic creation, you can rebirth a book, revisioning it as artists do when they paint. That's what I have done with the new edition of Don't Call Me Mother—A Daughter's Journey from Abandonment to Forgiveness.



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The Question Everyone is Asking: If You're a Memoirist, Are You Doomed to Be a Narcissist?

Gosh, I'm sick of everyone accusing memoirists of being narcissists. For the last couple of weeks, there was another uproar of essays that mix up memoirists with journalists—AND narcissists--again. The topic comes forward every few months: there seems to be the opinion that somehow it is bad manners, bad writing, or narcissistic to spill personal details in memoir. But what's confusing to me is that most of the people being criticized, or doing the criticizing, were journalists. It…


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Cool Educational Toy - Yamie Chess: The Adventures of Tigermore and the Mind Angels - New York Toy Fair 2014

I just wanted to let any moms here on Shewrites and any folks looking after young children know about a new educational toy company my friends have started called Yamie Chess (, an educational learning aid for elementary and middle school math education.



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Book Giveaway: Writers, share your top 3 tips for balancing writing with a day job


This week I was lucky enough to be featured at The Writer's Place, a spiffy blog by writer Nancy Christie.

Then, today, the interview gets included in Help for Writers.

I enjoyed the entire Writers Place interview, but I was especially charmed by Nancy's last question in which…


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01/28/13 Tiferet Talk Interview with Judith Hanson Lasater

Please join us on Monday January 28th, 7 PM EST, as Tiferet Talk host Melissa Studdard speaks with writer, yoga instructor, psychologist, and physical therapist Judith Hanson Lasater about how to live your yoga and other vital topics.

Lasater, who has been teaching yoga since 1971 and is the president of the California Yoga Teachers’ Association, is a founder of both the…


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The Writers Showcase - author interview

I was interviewed for my newest release, The Briton and the Dane Concordia - if you have a chance, stop by and listen

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The Afterglow

Some people feel kind of depressed the day after Christmas, but not me. I love December 26th. It’s not that I don’t like Christmas, because I really do, it’s just that I feel like everything will be back to normal soon. I am a creature of habit and the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season tends to deter me from what I love doing and that’s writing.


So, in a few minutes I’ll begin to take down my tree. I’ll put it away with the memories of wonderful times spent…


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What's My Responsibility? An Autism Mom's Response to Newtown

As the news of this terrible shooting in Newtown, CT hit the airwaves, I felt connected in ways I didn't expect. As one who spent many years teaching kindergarten, I knew, I just knew how hard those teachers worked to make their students feel safe and loved and to shelter them from harm. I also know that those who were unable to save all their kids are going to be despairing and wondering what else they could do. 

As a mom, I held my children a little closer to my…


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Xmas Charity Project from the Galaxy Teacher Foundation

Feed the homeless, learn Ido, and get introduced to the Galaxy Teacher by donating 99 cents for ebook or $5 for paperback for the small book GOODNESS AND OTHER GALAXY TEACHER CHANNELING this December. The channeled essay GOODNESS presented in English with Ido translation is a message of hope and purpose specifically targeting the homeless community. Ido is streamlined Esperanto, the international language of peace created by linguists to…


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