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My Weird Writing Habits

   All writers are weird. We're usually awkward and would rather sit at our desks and type away all day rather than exposing ourselves to the great outdoors. I guess we're also like vampires...

 All writers have different ways of writing, and ways of how to write. Some of us sit at our computers for hours on end every day, while others can only write so many words a day, or week, etc. Every writer is different and has their own way of doing things as they write the stories they…


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Get The Darkest Light for Free

Right now until July 31st, you can get my novel, The Darkest Light for FREE at! Get your free copy by using the promo-code, SW100 at check out!…


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Writing a Book (Writing Your First Book)

   Writing a book can be a wonderfully difficult experience.

 I have a few tips to help you get started:

 Start small. You don't have to sit down and write a full chapter in the one day that you decide to write a book. Maybe just a few words to get you started, or you can write down all the ideas you have for the book. That's where my second tip comes in.

 Have an outline. Have a relative idea of what you want to write about? Good. You should…


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Go Set a Watchman: Time To Reevaluate Our Heroes -- and Our Conscience?

As I started Go Set a Watchman, Harper’s Lee’s highly anticipated sequel that is now being labeled as a first draft of To Kill a Mockingbird, I tried to manage my expectations. Early reviews and quick takes from the chapter released online a few days before told me that Atticus Finch wasn’t quite the beloved everyman hero that we all grew up with, and that Lee’s…


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Writing Distractions

   Getting distracted while writing is really easy.

 With social media, it's difficult not to get distracted. I myself am constantly on Instagram and Twitter, or Blogger. I can't help myself. I'm always checking out what's going on, and checking in on friends. Texts and calls are another distraction.

 Put your phone on do-not-disturb and turn the Internet off on…


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Dealing with Negative Feedback

   Every writer has dealt with negative feedback.

 It doesn't matter if you write poetry, short stories, reviews of books, or books. Not everyone is going to like your work. Not everyone is going to agree with your opinions.

 Negative feedback can come from anyone. A publisher, editor, agent, even a friend. Anyone can say that they don't like your book, and that's okay because that is their opinion. They have a right to have an opinion and post it on social media,…


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Putting an End to Returns: Utopian Publishing Dream or Eventual Reality?

It’s time to blog about returns. Not because it’s a glamorous subject, but because it’s an important piece of the book publishing business that too few authors (and readers) understand.

The fact that books are returnable in the first place is cause for frustration, and it…


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Editing Your Book

 To me, there's more work put into editing than writing a book.

 When editing you correct grammar, add sentences and scenes to make your book make more sense, take scenes out, rewrite things, fix the format of the book, etc., etc...So much effort is put into editing a book. And you can't do it just once.

 I just finished editing the last novel I wrote and I'm about to start faze-two of editing it. I've changed the way I edit. I edited…


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Haystack, Meet Needle

Dang there are a lot of agents out there.

And every time I turn on my computer, I find there's more to learn. Each agency has its own vibe and within each house, the different agents all specialize in different genres. And each house has its own submission guidelines and preferences and tastes.  Oh, and…


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Random Book Lines

“Leo my man, how’s tricks?” Jon greeted him as he came up to the bar. The man knew well that Leo was under age but he wasn’t really sweating it. It wasn’t like the law was likely to visit any time soon.

“My kingdom for a burger brother man”, Leo replied with a smile. Jon was not immune to Leo’s charms either.…


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Writing About Someone You Know

  "If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die."

 I love this quote. It's so true. Writers tend to write about people they know, or take someone from an experience they had and put it in their book.

 John Green is a good example. There was a part in his book Looking for Alaska when a guy ran around campus, wearing a fox hat while shouting different things about how he was the "motherfucking fox" and no one could catch him. Someone asked John where he…


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Marketing Tip: Set Up an Author Page on Amazon

Did you know you probably have an Author Page on Amazon? Amazon automatically creates Author Pages for most authors, but if you haven't claimed yours, you aren't taking full advantage of this option. Setting it up on Amazon's Author Central site is easy, free, and a great way to connect with readers. In addition to information about your book(s), your page can include your photo and bio (where you can include your e-mail address, a link to your Facebook page or website or anything else you…


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How to Write a Book Review

As most of you know, I’ve recently launched my second novel, MISTS OF BAYOU RHYNE. Yes, thank you, thank you. :) And as most of you know, one of the hardest – but oh so important – things to get is a review. I’ve been told over and over again how much a reader has enjoyed my book, how they can’t wait for the next, and how they wish they could share it with everyone they know. Well, you my dear reader,…


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Book Launch - Every Which Way but Right!

When it comes to marketing, I sometimes feel like I’m doing things every which way but right! And when it comes to that all important book launch, I’ve got the market on doing it the wrong way.

Marketing experts stress the importance of a well-planned book launch. It starts well before you…


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Life is Beautiful: How a Lost Girl Became a True, Confident Child of God

Life is Beautiful: How a Lost Girl Became a True, Confident Child of God, by Sarah M. Johnson, takes you on a full journey of trauma, loss, and finally resilience. While on a mission’s trip in Guatemala, a small Cessna Caravan’s engine blows while carrying fourteen passengers. Unfortunately, the…


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How I Started Writing

   I wrote my first novel when I was fourteen.

 Before then, I had tried to keep journals, but I could never keep it up because I thought my life wasn't exciting enough to write down on paper. Who would want to read that? Me, when I'm older? I would fall asleep while reading about the boring life I had as a young teenager. Besides, who wants to relive their teenage years?

 I wanted to write something exciting, if I was going to write about anything.



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How to Publish Ebooks to Grow Your Business

Whether you plan to offer free how-to books as part of your content marketing outreach efforts or you want to integrate ebooks into your revenue-generation efforts, there are a number of essential tools that you can use during the publishing process:

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The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez


A boy and a girl who fall in love. Two families whose hopes collide with destiny. An extraordinary novel that offers a resonant new definition of what it means to be American. Arturo and Alma Rivera have lived their whole lives in Mexico. One day, their beautiful…


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What Indie Authors Can Do about the Book Industry’s Discrimination Problem

As a country, we grapple with more than our share of discrimination challenges—where people of color, LGBTQ folks, and people with disabilities (to call out only a few of the bigger groups) feel its blow every single day. And while it’s frustrating at best, and often devastating, at…


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Book Giveaway and Interview with a Inspirational Romance Author Diane Dean White

Book Giveaway May 11 - 18: You have a chance to win an e-book of Texting Mr. Right.


"Texting Mr. Right was a fun love story. Brandon was an awesome guy in this story. He was attracted to Megyn right away and their love grew quickly. I love how the author developed his loving personality, using a pet name for Megyn that is so charming… he calls her Beautiful. Megyn reminded me of my own daughters and her pet name for Brandon was Handsome. This story is unique…


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