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5 Lessons I Learned from Book Blogging

I launched Rants Raves & Reviews in July 1997. It was the first website I ever designed. This was back before “blogging” was even a thing. I loved reading and I wanted to have a way of promoting the books I read that I thought deserved more publicity.


Over time, I changed to an e-zine (short for electronic magazine) format, rebranding the website as berniE-zine: Book Reviews & More. When my website hosting…


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Marketing Tip: Keep Your Email Signature Clean

I receive a lot of messages from readers of this blog, which I always enjoy. Lately I've noticed that more and more of you are utilizing your email signatures as an indirect way to promote your work. I think that's a great strategy and have suggested it more than once in this space, so it makes me think (hope!) that people are taking my advice.

Many of the signatures I see, however, are kind of out of control. I've seen signatures that include…


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Well-Meaning, But Annoying

Throughout your life people say things that are well meaning. When you're dating it's: when are you two getting married?; once you're married it's: when are you going to start a family? There's not a woman on earth who hasn't had to field one of these well-meaning, but annoying questions that seem designed to pressure you through every major life event. 

Once you get past that early phase of life it quiets down a bit, unless you're an author. For the author, there is an endless supply…


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Book Editing: The Last Stretch

A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit.  -  Richard Bach

I've had more than a dozen different odd jobs since my adolescence, but I have to say, being a writer has been the…


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Building a Relationship with Your Characters


Characters are one of the most important things about a book, so it's important to connect with the people you've created in your head so they seem real to your readers.

 I thought that was a good opening line *pats self on the back* so now, let's get down to it!

 Basically, if you can't connect with your characters; how can you expect your readers to? Get comfortable with them, know them, describe them and their actions.…


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New Work of Fiction ‘B. S., Incorporated’ Hilariously Exposes Life in Corporate America

April 27, 2016 (Minneapolis, MN) – Authors Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss announced today that their debut novel B. S., Incorporated will be released in May 2016, published by Wise Ink Creative…


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My review of Anne Clermont's arc LEARNING TO FALL

Anne Clermont's LEARNING TO FALL is a heart-in-the-throat tale of seeking one’s destiny. Brynn Seymour, a show jumping rider, is thrust into impossibly challenging circumstances, struggling to make the right choices and put to rest the family tragedy that alternately paralyzes and pushes her beyond her limits.

Great novels about horses are few and far between,…

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Authors John Lipscomb and Adrianne Lugo Announce Book Signing in St. Louis

April 25, 2016 (St. Louis, MO) – Authors John Lipscomb and Adrianne Lugo announced today that they will be at Left Bank Books in St. Louis, MO on May 18, 2016 at 7:00PM to do a book signing for their memoir, …


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Struggling with Writing (What I’ve Been Up To)

  I’ve been slacking off again. I’ve had a lot of tests lately and I’ve been having writing struggles since the beginning of this year. And now finals are just around the corner so I’m going to slack off with blogging some more. I’m sorry. I just can’t find the time to get around to blogging. Any free time I have goes into hanging out with my friends or writing.

So I mentioned that I’ve been having writing struggles since the beginning of this year. It’s been brutal. I started…


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Twelve Things You Can Do to Help Promote Your Book

I get that marketing is a foreign language to many authors, and even those who are familiar with it don't usually enjoy it. But if you want people who aren't your friends and family to buy your book, it's something you simply have to do.

If right now you're saying to yourself, I want to kick-start my marketing campaign, but what specifically should I do?, here are some suggestions--some broad and some granular--that should get you going:

  • Create or update your …

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Top 5 Ways Authors Can Promote Their Books

My latest and fourth book, Passed and Present: Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive, publishes nationwide this week -- five years after Parentless Parents. In the time between book launches, the marketing landscape has shifted to such a degree that I’ve overhauled my entire PR and branding…


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The Gift by Rebecca J Hubbard

All eleven-year old Pip wanted was a best friend.  When Pip gets a horse for her birthday she is delighted. She thinks that the horse she names Buck will be her best friend the moment that they meet. But she finds out that friendship does not come easily. Her father gently guides her…


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Book Publishing Secrets: A Conversation with David S. Atkinson

We’re talking to authors from all walks of life about their experiences in publishing their book.  Some have smooth paths, some rocky, but they all share a common goal – to see their name on the cover of their creation.  It’s interesting to read what path they decided to take to get there and my guest today is here to tell everyone what he/she did in order to make it all happen so that other writers will learn a little something from the experience. 


Today we are talking to…


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Cover Design - and Stuff

Today, I took a big step toward designing the cover for my forthcoming novel. Made an appointment with a designer - Mary Williams. We'll be meeting on April 12, right after I return from a long weekend visiting with the grandkids.

I also edited two chapters of my manuscript. Slow work, but good work.

Have a great evening!…


Added by Ann Heitland on March 30, 2016 at 5:44pm — 2 Comments

A Writing Playlist

   So, I didn't do what I said I was going to about keeping up with blogging while on spring break, and I did not write any posts for the future. I got wrapped up in writing and spending time with my friends so I'm just going to try to wing it for the next few weeks and blog when I can.

 But, today, I thought I'd talk about writing playlists.

 Studies have shown that listening to music increases brain function. Some disagree because they think that the lyrics in songs…


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An Encounter with Yeshua, a story to be told to the world

In “An Encounter with Yeshua” and “An Encounter with Yeshua the Sequel”, my feather unveils my testimony about our Lord and Savior, Yeshua our Messiah.

 Regardless of your religious denomination, I am inviting you to read my extraordinary encounter with Yeshua (Jesus of Nazareth). You don’t necessarily have to believe in Him. All I am asking you is to read my…


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Selling the book proposal: Conciseness

This past week, I received partial edits for my book proposal. Throughout, there were a disconcerting amount of strikethroughs.

“We’re aiming for conciseness,” my agent wrote. “We want to make every word count.”

As a writer born into a family that brandished “brang” with alarming regularity, I’ve clung to an editing checklist that prioritizes grammar. Achieving…


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Marketing Tip: A Personal Touch Goes a Long Way

I recently received an email from an author named S.J. (That is a purposefully androgynous pen name.) S.J. was doing a blog tour to help promote the launch of his/her first novel and wanted to know if I would consider letting him/her do a guest post on my personal website.

I'd never had anyone do a guest post, but S.J. mentioned that he/she had read all my books, so I wanted to help. Why wouldn't I? S.J. had supported me, so I wanted to support…


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Marketing Tip: Make It Easy for Your Readers to Contact You

There are few things I enjoy more than getting fan "mail"--in whatever form it arrives. This morning I received a wonderful tweet from a woman named Yasminda that made me smile. I replied with my email address and asked her to send me a note. When she did, I checked her address in my database and saw that she wasn't subscribed to my newsletter. I also realized she wasn't a fan of my Facebook page or my Goodreads page. I asked her if she was aware I had those things. She said she was not…


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The Stages of Writing

   Spring break has started and I plan on writing as much as possible before classes start again and tests prevent me from writing. It's been over a month since I've last written, maybe even longer, and it's only been 2 days but I'm finding it hard to get in "the groove." I keep putting my book down, telling myself that the plot is dumb and that the writing is terrible and I need to fix it. Every writer does this at some point while writing. What can you do to stop thinking about this?…


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