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           It’s two weeks until my book launch and I feel tremendous anticipation about what is certainly a defining moment in my life—very much like the two other days in my past when my public identity changed: my wedding day at the bus stop where Jerry and I met, when I became a wife, and the day, almost exactly three years later, when I gave birth to our son, Oliver, and became a mother. The launch on October 1st in our old hometown, Montclair, New Jersey, marks the moment…


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Book Excerpt: I Have Faith by Davin Whitehurst

Title: I Have Faith

Author: Davin Whitehurst

Publisher: Childlike Faith Publishing

Pages: 26

Genre:  Children

Are you ready to get your child excited about faith? “I Have Faith” puts your child right in the footsteps of Danny as he begins to learn about…


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Nail That Elevator Pitch

If you're an aspiring author, get ready to hear the following question approximately 10 billion times:

"What's your book about?"

As you already know if you've already written a book, pretty much everyone and anyone in your life will ask you that question, from people you know well to people you just met in the waiting room at your dentist's office. So it's really important to be able to answer it quickly.

Short and sweet. 

Make it count. 



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How to Become a Freelance Book Reviewer

There's still space available for this online workshop, which starts Monday!…


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Book Excerpt: Eastern Wisdom Western Soul by Richard Singer

Title: Eastern Wisdom Western Soul

Author: Richard Singer

Publisher: Devorss and Compan

Pages: 200

Genre: Spirituality

Spiritual enlightenment from the Far East has taught the world that true happiness and peace come from within—a wisdom…


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Choose Your Title Carefully

When I started writing my memoir, I gave it the working title “Five Years and Ten Months.” It was actually more than a temporary title; I was committed to it. In the first chapter I had depicted the ambivalence I felt on my wedding day towards marrying a man who had just hit me two days before. The chapter ended with the words “. . . and he slipped on the ring that I wore for the next five years and ten months.”


In an early workshop, I got feedback that the title was…


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The Journey Home

A new video by Castelane, The Journey Home, a memoir by Patrice M. Foster.

Official trailer for "The Journey Home" a memoir by Patrice M. Foster. A story of strength, courage and determination, Patrice M Foster’s moving journey from poverty, neglect and abuse is a tribute to the human spirit. 



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Book Excerpt: Cocktails and Mock-Tales by Julianne McLean & Mark Lynch

Title: Cocktales & Mock-Tales

Authors: Julianne McLean & Mark Lynch

Publisher: ASJ Publishing

Pages: 90

Genre: Humor

Cocktails and Mock- Tales is not just about alcoholic beverages. The book is about sensations that tickle your…


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Book review: Who Goes There?

Who Goes There?

L. R. Gray


This is a wonderful children’s book for kids 5 to 9 about how one can conquer fear with the help of God at our side. It also teaches the importance of the love of neighbour and the need to help anyone in need. It is a book that will…


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An Author’s Guide to Praise and Endorsement Best Practices

I get an inordinate number of questions about what the industry fondly calls “blurbs,” and here I attempt to cover them all with a detailed list of how authors can approach soliciting and choosing, and everything in between. In today’s book marketplace, blurbs still matter to publishers and the industry at large, in part because they’re a bit of a holdover from a bygone era and publishing is big on tradition, and in part because household names…


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How to Write a Kissing Scene


Yup, this is what we're talking about today. Kind of glad that I'm not a vlogger because I can hide behind my computer this way.

 What kind of kissing scene are we talking about here? Are we going for the hot and steamy? The gentle, lingering kiss? The gentle kiss that suddenly becomes rough and desperate? The kissing scene that you write will depend on your book, and your characters, and the situation.

 Yes, the situation is…


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[SWP: Behind the Book] Every Book Has a Story

When I was in 4th grade, I got a D in math. I felt like a failure. To me, math knowledge equated with "smarts." And, naturally, "smarts" equated with success. At 9 years old, I was doomed to a life without success.

Three years later my seventh grade English teacher read one of my essays to the class. She cried a little at one part. At 12 years old, I knew I was destined to write a book.

Through medical school (I did actually prove those "smarts," after all, and became an…


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Which Cover????

I need your help! I have completed the first draft of the next book in my Dancing through Life Series, An Irish Slip Step. Now, time to pick a cover but which one? I love them both. I guess that’s a good problem to have. I would love to have your input on which cover…


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Pricing Change at RABT Book Tours

Hello Lovely Authors!

We just wanted to post here and let you all know we have done a little bit of tweaking to our current packages and in order to stay competitive we have had several of them go down in price, some quite a bit! One is $70 cheaper!! 

What does this mean for you? 

10 Stop Tour (2 Weeks) - $40

20 Stop Tour (1 Month) - $75

30 Stop Tour (6 Weeks) - $110

40 Stop Tour (2 Months)…


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New Book from Organization Expert Jane Stoller Helps Readers Lead Happier and Healthier Lives

July 21, 2016 (Zurich, Switzerland) – Jane Stoller announced today that her book, Organizing for Your Lifestyle, is now available for sale on Amazon. Organizing for Your Lifestyle is a fun,…


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July 13, 2016 (Ottawa, Canada) – Cara MacMillan announced today that 10% of the revenue garnered from the sale of her book, It Is Only Money – And It Grows on Trees!, will be donated to Development a…

July 13, 2016 (Ottawa, Canada) – Cara MacMillan announced today that 10% of the revenue garnered from the sale of her book, It Is Only Money – And It Grows on Trees!, will be donated to…


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Is Your Website Easy on the Eyes?

A few weeks ago I received a nice email from a fan of my books. She said she's also an author and hoped I might check out her debut novel, which had recently been released. In her email signature she included a link to her website--good for her! I'm always looking for an interesting read, so I clicked on the link to have a look.

What I saw inspired me to write this post because, unfortunately, it was not pretty. Here's why: …


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How to Write a Memoir/Nonfiction Proposal

I got the deal for my memoir, The Good Shufu, through an unusually lucky process for a first-time author--one that made the prospect of writing a proposal both more and less overwhelming. One seemingly ordinary day in my life as a writer-without-a-book, an editor at Putnam (a hardcover imprint in the Penguin Random House group) saw a short piece I wrote in The…


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Mini Book Review: The Sound of the Sundial

Reading is an indulgence for me. The few pages I'm able to read in the evening before I fall asleep are a treasure.

I recently finished reading The Sound of the Sundial, by Hana Andronikova. It was translated from the Czech by David Short, and edited & adapted by Rachel Miranda Feingold.

I had the pleasure of meeting Feingold when she was in Berlin last year. She gushed…


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Writing a Plot Twist

Writing a plot twist can be tricky.

 Plot twists are meant to surprise your readers--to turn them into a completely different plot direction. But, the tricky thing is, the twist has to not only be smart but believable while keeping them interested in the story. You don't want to write a ridiculous plot twist that will make your readers go "That's unrealistic." You want them to take the plot twist seriously and to keep reading your…


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