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Vignettes From Cowabunga

In a past life I lived and sailed on a sailboat for 10 years with my husband and our two young boys aboard Cowabunga, our 42-foot "ketch" (two masts). We first moved onboard in 1980 and we set sail from Bordeaux, France, in 1982, arriving in Bodega Bay, north of San Francisco, California, in 1990.

Our boys, Sean and Brendan, were 3 years old and 5 months old when we set sail. We first moved on board when Sean was 1, and Brendan soon followed a week after his birth. The first time they…


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"Mistaken Identity" was released today!

I'm thrilled to announce that Mistaken Identity, my fourth Malone Mystery, published by Post Mortem Press, was released today.

Ann's idyllic vacation takes an unexpected turn when she discovers the body of a young woman on the beach…


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History in a Tin Box


Writing became my way of breathing life into the girl on the cover of The Sweetness, the novel inspired by my family’s complicated history. I learned about her unexpectedly, years ago, on a dark, December afternoon while visiting my elderly aunt in Brooklyn─ where she’d lived for nearly fifty years.

It was on one of these visits when she took an old cookie tin from the hall closet and placed it on the oilcloth. Hoping it contained…


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How She Writes has changed my life

Kamy Wicoff just posted a request for comments about how She Writes has changed our writing. Here's my heartfelt response: I recently unearthed a written vision statement I’d penned to myself 10 years ago – when I started writing my memoir “The Coconut Latitudes.” It was full of lofty goals including the “upwards of…


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An Exciting Time!

I'm thrilled to announce that my fourth Malone mystery, "Mistaken Identity," will be released on June 23,…


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Second Cousins Mean More Than You Know (A Mini-Memoir)

Where did I come from? Which relatives do I look like?

I was 12 when I first met any of my dad's family. Raised in an orphanage, Daddy was separated from his sister and brother around 16. But he had persevered in his search for them,…


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As a woman you need to prioritize

As someone running a small, successful and well-known business in the town where I live, I often have young and older women alike coming up to me and asking me the secret of my successful work-life balance. I feel good that these women consider me as someone who can dispense them with good advice but many times it becomes a bit overwhelming too. I feel like telling them, “It’s heart-warming that you are sharing your troubles with me, but I can assure you that I still haven’t figured out life…


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Water and Stone (Poem)

A poem in remembrance of my brother, who died May 5, 1990:

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How to Teach Your Children Money Management


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A Reading by Sholeh Wolpe

Posted a videotaped performance by poet Sholeh Wolpe, who reads from her collection 'Keeping Time With Blue Hyacinths':

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A Chat with Marija Bulatovic, author of ‘Fantastical: Tales of Bears, Beer and Hemophilia’

Born in Yugoslavia in the 1970s, Marija Bulatovic, along with her parents, immigrated to the U.S. in the 1990s just ahead of the 1990s Yugoslav wars and the breakup of the country.  An accomplished business professional with years of experience driving enterprise business with Fortune 500 companies, Bulatovic graduated from Colgate University. Marija Bulatovic lives in…


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29:56 (Poem)

Posted '29:56', a new poem about the extensive surveillance footage released by the City of Cleveland as the investigation into the death of Tamir Rice, 12, continue:

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[Body, Mind & Spirit] Not My Mother’s Christmas: Navigating the Holidays

My mother gave from her heart all year long, but tripled her efforts during the holidays. She loved everything about the season: baking, cooking, cards, caroling, shopping, wrapping, giving to charity, hosting and attending parties, and decorating. “You need a little bit of Christmas in every room,” she’d…


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Called to Thanksgiving (Poem)

I've reposted a poem I wrote for my brother: "Called to Thanksgiving".

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[SWP: Behind the Book] The Sweetness: the girl on the cover

“So,” some may ask, “is that you on the book cover?” I shake my head…no. There’s no need to explain that the child adorning the cover of my novel, The Sweetness, was born years before me; and no need to say “but we are related,” and certainly no need to mention…


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[SWP: Behind the Book] What Is Found, What Is Lost

What Is Found, What Is Lost, like most (if not all) novels, is about a number of different things: First, it gives us…


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Love Quote by author Stephanie Lahart

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Wednesday Wonder: 'Be the Inside of the Vase'

I've posted a video of Echo Morgan's extraordinary performance 'Be the Inside of the Vase':

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Family Ties (Poem)

I've posted 'Family Ties', a new poem.

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