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'Napoleon in Exile', A Short Film

Today's post offers the 16-minute short 'Napoleon in Exile', about a mother preparing her autistic son for life without her:

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Sheryl J. Bize Boutte

By the mid 1960’s my parents had four school-aged daughters to support and a fifth change-of –life daughter on the way. Birthday and Christmas gifts often supplemented outgrown or worn out school clothes along with the begged for doll, bike or skates. Sometimes we got something special; something homemade, handed down or handed over that always brought a unique and precious feel to the celebration.

It was in this tradition on…


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On the Watch for Child Abuse

Wednesday started out to be one of the most emotional days of my life. My grandson entered Kindergarten and the thought of him being out of my care for the first time scared me to death. I kept thinking about his safety. I'm the type of parent that doesn't allow my children to really go with anyone. I have a small circle of family I fully trust, but anyone who knows me knows I question everything and everyone.

If the day wasn't already full…

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Saturday Short

Today's short is the lovely 'Miranda's Letter' from the British Council series 'Shakespeare Lives':

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One letter short of the empty nest

A letter to my Baby Girl:
Remember that time when I poured my heart out about you leaving for your freshman year of college? Four years ago it seemed like such a monumental change, with your sister already living in Philadelphia and you heading to a campus nine hours away. Now we’ve reached the end of this summer - possibly the last summer you’ll spend here - and it’s a much bigger adjustment than that of four years ago.…

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Poem for Drew

Posted "Twenty-Two", a poem I wrote for my son's birthday. Today, my son turns 28.

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4 Therapeutic Benefits of Gardening

In a consumerist and overwhelming world, it seems like we lost our connection with nature.  With our busy schedules and fast-moving lives, stress can easily build up and affect both our mental and physical health. Reconnecting with the environment can help our troubled minds.

Horticulture therapy incorporates the benefits gardening and plant-based activities as a treatment of addiction, depression and anxiety. Whether it is the visual aesthetics of a plant that induce feelings of…


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Thought for the Day

Thought for the Day: about forgiveness.

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There All Along (Poem)

Posted a new poem, 'There All Along', in remembrance of my late brother.

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Thought for the Day

Posted Thought for the Day, a quote by fictional character "Lucy Barton".

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Saturday Short

Posted Saturday Short: 'The Saint of Dry Creek' from Julie Zammarchi.

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Suzi Banks Baum on the Agony of an Untold Stories


This week, I'm delighted to host Suzi Banks Baum on my Weekly Wonder blog at Suzi is a writer, artist, and mom, who just launched a gorgeous new website

Read all about what she has to say about the gravity of silence, the festering of untold stories, and explore her creative writing prompt to get a glimpse into…


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Love You Too...

It’s amazing how three little words can change your life. I spent my whole life taking love for granted. It was something I didn’t have to go looking for, it was always just there. I had an enthusiastically loving mother, she would say the words every day. She would text, email, write notes and make up songs. Love oozed from her pores. As a child it mortified me. I would wipe away her cheek kisses and mumble “love you too” in a mocking tone.  When I reached my twenties and thirties I would…


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Cheer up your friends and family with the best e-cards


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Whitney McVeight's 'Birth: Origins at the End of Life'

Posted information about and trailer for 'Birth: Origins at the End of Life' by American artist Whitney McVeigh:

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SJ Francis uncovers dangerous family secrets and old betrayals #suspense #giveaway #familysaga


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Author Interview with S.J. Francis, author of Shattered Lies.....

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Author Interview – S. J. Francis, author of Shattered Lies

Posted by Maryann on November 18, 2015 |…


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Book Preview – Shattered Lies by S. J. Francis


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