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5 Principles To Make Your Business Successful

Setting up a small business looks much excited in start, but gradually when we move forward and start growing we create many difficulties for our self. Actually responsibilities get increase and sometimes we are not able to fulfill our responsibilities and cannot make creative plans for further progress of business. Simple way to tackle all complexities is to create efficient planning in ordered to grow further.

Most of us face troubles because we do not have enough resources to…


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GUEST POST: How to Write Your Memoir Fast—and without Guilt, by Linda Joy Myers, President of The National Association of Memoir Writers

NaNoWriMo connects with SheWriMo, which also connects with MemWriMo—which is all about writing a memoir fast without your inner critic chirping on your shoulder. The whole concept of “write more” is a great idea to help us writers bypass all the voices that get in our way—where do I begin, my life was boring, what will the family say?


Joining group challenges like these—no matter what your genre—creates fun and rewards at the end. Yes, at the end you’ll have 50,000 new…


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Going on 13

...When people told me to enjoy the moments of her childhood because they grow up too fast, I rolled my eyes. As I first struggled as a single mother, then with her diagnosis of her reactive attachment disorder, there were many times her childhood couldn’t end fast enough.




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DO You Really KNOW it ALL?

I receive dozens of emails a day. Some is spam but most is something I need to actually look at and respond to. On occasion I get emails from people who have written blogs or such about how to write this or that. For instance: I got one today about writing death scenes in a book. It is a short article but I think it brings up really good points. You can find that here:…


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Two books a year?

I've read a few articles recently about authors who are putting out at least two books a year.  I am just working on the third draft of my first novel which has taken me one year and nine months to write.  By the time I'm done with my third draft I will have been working on this book for just about two years.  I did write 108,000 words into another novel in the three months before I started this current one, so I know it's possible to cram a lot of writing into a short space of time but that…


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