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Book Excerpt: To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis

Title: To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis

Author: Andra Watkins

Publisher: Word Hermit Press

Pages: 300

Language: English

Genre: Historical fiction/Paranormal/Suspense

Format: Paperback,…


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Some Lessons I've Learned Since I Started Self-Publishing

This entire self-publishing journey I’ve been on since 2012 has been frustrating, cathartic, satisfying. When I first started, I had no clue what I was doing–I just jumped in and hoped for the best. Now you can take classes and learn the ‘right’ way to do it. I kind of like learning by…


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[NETWORKING FOR INTROVERTS] Should You Get a PhD in Creative Writing? The Pros and Cons

While networking at AWP in February, I attended a panel titled "What's a PhD in Creative Writing Worth?" Following are answers from four writers with PhDs in Creative Writing from various universities:


Will Donnelly

MFA from…


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Is This a True Story?

When you sit down to write, how much is truth and how much fiction? If you’re writing a personal story, should you call it a memoir or a novel?

Or, to put it differently, what constitutes truth in creative writing?

I gave this matter some thought after completing a…


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[SWP: BEHIND THE BOOK] One Month from Publication and I’ve Figured Out What's Important

As of this writing, I am one month from the publication of my first novel, The Rooms Are Filled. My To Do list grows ever longer, several planned events loom over me like a Most Embarrassing Moment waiting to happen, and I’ve started acting like a hyper version of myself.…


Added by Jessica Vealitzek on March 29, 2014 at 9:30am — 34 Comments

God's Daughter - a review

God’s Daughter by Heather Day Gilbert is a must read for historical fiction fans, those interested in Viking lore and culture, or just anyone looking for an emotionally charged and gripping read. It is written from the perspective of a Viking woman named Gudrid sometime around 1000 AD when these fierce warriors were exploring the northern seas. Most of the tale is told from a first person, present…


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Author Fan Letters

With Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. constantly available to us, I sometimes wonder if we are missing an opportunity to communicate deeper, important messages. I have decided to kick off my new "Author Fan Letter" series on my blog, with a letter to one of my favorite Southern fiction writers, Lee Smith, because I have more to say than can be said in 140…


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Monday Muse: New Interview with Billy Coffey

Monday Muse reads Billy Coffey's new novel, "The Devil Walks in Mattingly", and interviews the author.

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[SWP: BEHIND THE BOOK] Winning a War through Self-Publishing

When I first launched into the idea of writing a book, it was with the intentions of creating a travel/food journal with recipes gleaned from my interviews with families in both Italy and France. But my life changed with my first interview, an interview…


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EXCERPT: DESCENT (Birthrite Series, 1)

Excerpt from the first book in my series, due out in May of 2014.


PART 1: …


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Anonymity and Misogyny online and How It's Pushing Us Out

As young, emerging writers, it is vital for us to take chances, putting ourselves out there for the world to see our work. The internet provides potential for us to do so, with online contests, boards, and blogs that connect us with an international community of sayers and doers. On that hopeful note, I entered a tournament-style short story contest called “…


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Inga's Zigzags is out on a Kindle, Paperback out May 14, 2014

I'm happy to announce that I did it!

My debut novel, Inga's Zigzags, has been beautifully designed, and shall hit the marketplace on May 14, 2014.

The Kindle version has been released on March 1, 2014. 

Cover Design: TM/R Design; Interior Design: Yelena…


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My food porn roundup at

Here's my roundup of 12 erotic scenes using food for, from a femdom feeding to a kinky artichoke to "wilted" spinach, pomegranates, peanut butter and a very special Dove Bar - I thought it would be gauche to include my work, but I've written about hamburgers, French fries and cupcakes, and am working on a story to submit to More Smut for Chocoholics!…


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How to Sound Like Yourself

I have always been fascinated to read great writers' words about the writing process in order to try and understand if there is a key, a trick, a secret that produces great literature.

Craft and inspiration are important, but how does one find one’s particular…


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Sufficient Ransom Review

All my hard work on Sufficient Ransom is starting to pay off!

"The role of religion in tragic circumstances is given a well-crafted twist in this intriguing thriller."

~ ForeWord Clarion Reviews

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What Do We Read? #readwomen2014

Recently there has been discussion in the media, on twitter and on various blogs about how books written by women are represented with respect to published reviews and the #readwomen2014 campaign launched as a result.

The annual survey carried out by VIDA - The…


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A Mirror's Contemplation

A work of fiction.


Trading sips of a long-necked beer in brown glass, which we passed back and forth between us, Stephanie and I entered the bathroom to change. We set the bottle on top of the closed toilet seat, a surface just flat enough for our purposes. A day of sunbathing, people watching, and mostly meaningless flirtation would eventually culminate in a party that night. We were both giddy and feeling playful.

The two of us were nineteen. Still a year…


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Thought for the Day

Annie Proulx provides the Thought for the Day:

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I am very excited about the first reviews coming in for "Black Hawk Day Rewind"!

"Black hawk day rewind is a book thoroughly researched and the result is a melting pot of hi-tech and science on one hand and suspense, thrills and action driven plot on the other. I really enjoyed reading this book and I fully reccomend it."

-J.Morgan -

"This is a real page-turner. If you like spy…


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She Writes Press News: Announcing TRESPASSERS by Andrea Miles

Trespassers is a novel of deep emotion, not only taking an unflinching look at what happens to a family during sexual and verbal abuse but also dealing with its aftermath. Melanie, haunted but determined to exorcise her past, must choose between revenge and forgiveness. The first may destroy her own marriage, but she is not convinced the latter will bring her the peace of mind she so desperately yearns for. Her husband, Julius--a cop, and thus experienced in dealing with crime and…


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