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Launch of Stone Cottage

Yesterday was the release of my debut novel - Stone Cottage. A labour of love of love. Here is a short blurb about the book.

Victoria Anne McBride is dead, mourned and buried. Unfortunately, she doesn’t see it that way and refuses to move on. There’s something she needs to tell her husband, Will. Until she does, she will wait for his return to their home, Stone Cottage. For as long as it takes, she will wait...wait...wait.

Rebecca Wainwright is a 21st century…


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Published! HARDSCRABBLE WAY is out!

My novel HARDSCRABBLE WAY is now available on Amazon. You can visit my author page at .  I thought readers here might be interested in how I came to write this particular book. 

Delia Williams is the girl who has it all. Her life is crowded with cheerleading, keeping her up A…


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Monday Muse: Summer Writing Workshops

Posted Monday Muse roundup of summer writing workshops:

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The A Train

Words from a Vertran Homeless Man, stationed consistently on the exit stairs of the 42nd Street exit of the ACE Train. A regular, you might say.

“You all better start smiling or I’ll shoot you with my guitar.”

Carry on.

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Who I am and what I am doing about writing

I have been sending out query letters with our proposal and pages for our memoir, 150 Years of Marriage, a memoir of three love stories, two WWII veterans and their babyboomer children, to agents for some time now.  We have not gotten very many responses.  None of them positive so far.  It took months for us to write…


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3 Ways to Get Your Writing Plan Back On Track

Credit image:


I meant to post this back in March on my old IHeartAllStories Weebly blog. But March was Women’s History Month. And the blog content then focused towards women. Women writers, past and present, celebrating…


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Book Review: ‘April Snow’ by Lynn Steward

Title: April Snow
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Author: Lynn Steward
Publisher: Lynn Steward Publishing…

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How I Started Writing

   I wrote my first novel when I was fourteen.

 Before then, I had tried to keep journals, but I could never keep it up because I thought my life wasn't exciting enough to write down on paper. Who would want to read that? Me, when I'm older? I would fall asleep while reading about the boring life I had as a young teenager. Besides, who wants to relive their teenage years?

 I wanted to write something exciting, if I was going to write about anything.



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Interview with Lynn Steward, Author of ‘April Snow’

Lynn Steward is a successful business woman who spent many years in New York City’s fashion industry in marketing and merchandising, including the development of the first women’s department at a famous men’s clothing store. Through extensive research, and an intimate knowledge of the period, Steward created the…


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Monday Muse: #readwomen2015 (3)

Posted the third in a series of periodic posts highlighting writing by women—poetry, anthologies, history, memoir, and more I'm reading for #readwomen.

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The Boston Girl: A Lesson in Sympathy

There is something fascinating about hearing someone talk about a historical event that they experienced firsthand. It’s one thing to read about history or to hear a lecture about history; but to look into the eyes of someone who actually experienced a historical event is the closest you can get to traveling back in time.

I will always remember my grandpa telling the story of when he found out that JFK had been assassinated while watching his parents’ black and white TV. And my…


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Dry Drunk, Part 4

Part 3 of "Dry Drunk" is posted here. This is Part 4.

A work of fiction

Back in high school, my eccentric, but nevertheless lovable English teacher tried to diagnose me, to explain away why her star pupil had stopped making superlative grades and had plunged downward towards a confusing mediocrity. My problems had become well-known among the faculty,…


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Literary Blog Hop #Giveaway Win a Copy of 'Our Endless Numbered Days' & Support a Debut Author

I write reviews about books I think look like they could be an amazing read and Claire Fuller's debut novel Our Endless Numbered Days published in 2015 is a book that I jumped at the chance to read and am offering now in a giveaway.

Here is an extract from my review, which you can read…


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'Heaven's Return' by Rhabi Rites (@playwright42) ~ cover art and design

I've read more than once that it's 'amateur' to use only three or four colors, (primary colors at that) mainly because it's…

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To the avid reader

WDA Publishing has several good books now available on Amazon. Go and see for yourself. There is something for every avid reader.

Thanks for all the support. Remember to leave a review when you are done.

#Support #Amazon #Createspace #Buy

SAMSON – Young adult

MANSCAPES – Women’s Fiction…


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'Myth Rider' ~ Cover art and design

Available soon through…

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Sweet Sorrow by Wairimu Mwangi

#BookTour and #Interview: Sweet Sorrow by Wairimu Mwangi.

Two Families, Two generations, One tragedy.

#Giveaway A print copy and Beaded cuff could be yours.

Where did the idea come from for this book?

Sweet sorrow is a story that was inspired by the young people living in my community. I was in an all-girls boarding high school and within the four years I was in the school, an average of 15 girls had dropped out school due to teenage pregnancies. Some carried out abortions…


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Multi-faceted, passionately aloof woman, lover of foreign accents (or bad…


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Facts About the Chupacabra

Facts about the Chupacabra by JoAnne Myers

The chupacabra, meaning  "goat-sucker" is a legendary cryptic rumored to inhabit the Caribbean (chiefly Puerto Rico), Central and South America, North America (chiefly Mexico and…


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Just Six More Days...

Many of the young women who work at the Desmond Corporation would love to walk down the aisle at St. Patrick's Cathedral and become Mrs. Andrew Desmond- but will any of them succeed? Find out in six days! 'filters' 3/10!…


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