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Book Excerpt: I, Angus by Mike Hartner

Title: I, Angus

Author: Mike Hartner

Publisher: Eternity 4 Popsicle Publishing

Pages: 260

Genre: Historical Fiction

During a time of civil strife and purging the North has lost more men to Wars then it ever did to Nature.


Angus has grown up…


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Interview: Joan Schweighardt Author of ‘The Last Wife of Attila the Hun’

Joan Schweighardt is the author of six books and several essays and travel articles. She makes her living as a freelancer, writing, editing and ghostwriting for private and corporate clients. She’s here today to talk about her latest historical novel, The Last Wife of Attila the Hun.

Congratulations on the release of your latest book,…


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Book Review: ‘Luck Is Just the Beginning’ by Celeste Leon

Based on a true story, Celeste Leon’s beautifully written debut novel is the story of a young man in 1940s Puerto Rico who wins the lottery, only to realize that, as the title states, luck is just the beginning.

Young Ramon is able to see visions, a gift he inherited from his mother. When he sees a number flash across the sky, he decides to buy a complete lottery…


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In a Primogeniture it is the legitimate firstborn son's birthright to inherit over older sister. Also elder illegitimate sons, younger sons and collateral relatives.  

Absolute primogenture has been in place in Sweden since 1980, the Netherlands 1983, Norway 1990, Belgium 1991,  in Denmark 2009,  in Luxembourg 2011, the USA and Commonwealth Realms since 2015.

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I wonder where you draw the line between historical fiction and more contemporary war stories? Would it be WWI? That's one war that interests me and in comparison to WWII I think it has been less used for fiction. 

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War of 1812

Besides the Revolutionar War and the Civil War. I kind of lean towards researching the war of 1812. All I know about this war is that it was fought between the British and colonists and lasted for three years. That's a possible restriction not saying it is any less interesting though. 

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First thirteen colonies (later states)

New England colonies

  1. Province of Massachusetts Bay, later Massachusetts and Maine, crown colony
  2. Province of New Hampshire, later New Hampshire, crown colony
  3. Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, later Rhode Island, crown colony
  4. Connecticut Colony, later Connecticut, crown colony



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European monarchies

I am not ashamed to admit that I'm fascinated with the European monarchies. That does not mean I am a supporter of monarchies over republics. I support democracy, equality and feminism. 

European monarchies

  • The House of Windsor and Elizabeth II of Great Britain
  • The House of Orange and Willem Alexander of the Netherlands
  • The House of Liechtenstein and Prince Hans-Adam II
  • House of Grimaldi and Albert II of…

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Most used main plots

Curious to know what you think the most common main plots for historical fiction is ?

Obviously I assume it would revolve around war and liberation. I'm meaning more specifically though.Like a special time period or war. 

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British or American history

Even though I'm a European, I must say that I'm extremely interested in both British and American history. If you would ask me to choose one oor the other, I wouldn't be able to. 

I'm very inspired by both, especially the wars(being born and raised into a European country who hasn't been invloved in direct for over 200 years or so.) I can't help it if I'm fascinated by wars in particular. 

Maybe I'm weird I don't know.

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Needed termonology

Thinking about including the following terms in my historicalfiction.





Black Brigade

Lord Dunmore's Ethiopian regiment

Would that be doable ? 

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I sort of know what theme my plot will have and (at this point) also some of my subplots...

I would like to make a cast of at least thirteen characters. Is it doable or not?  Can't really say why I'd like thirteen.. there's thought behind the number though...

If you don't know by now my current project is an historical romance story.Of course there would be one or two main characters. Possibly three but no more. 



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Procrastination in it's finest form

If I only could decide what all my characters should be named (surname and personal name) for both male and females. But I can't. I still struggle with it.

I haven't decided if I will use historical figures, obscure historical figures or fictional historical figures. Until that is decided I will be slightly indecisive...  

Correction, as of this week I'm trying to come up with…


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Historical fiction and historical figures

Is the success of historical fiction predetermined by the existance of (well-known) historical figures or not?

What if I don't want to make George III a part of my story ? If I decide to have none will my fiction be a failure? Apprehensive about including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson or even Henry Knox...

What if I want to possibly tell my story from more obscure historical figures...?

Should I abandon that idea and opt for using original…


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Reading versus writing

Hand on heart- be honest!

Do you enjoy reading fiction in the same genre that you write in ?

I have to admit I personally love writing historical fiction but I don't read as much historical fiction that I could or probably should...

Although some historical figures really interests me -more than others I might add. 

Should I feel guilty or not for this...

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Literary Gems to Read in 2016

From my Mirth & Meaning blog posted December 15, 2015.

Last year I offered a list of 10 wonderful fiction titles to recommend. The books weren’t new from 2014, just memorable and worthwhile books, some written by lesser known authors who deserved greater visibility. I was happy to…


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Interview with Graciela Limón – Author of ‘The Intriguing Life of Ximena Godoy’

Graciela Limón was born in East Los Angeles where her parents settled after immigration from Mexico.  Limón attended public and Catholic schools in the neighborhood and went on to gain an undergraduate (B.A.) degree, followed by an M.A. (Mexico) and Ph.D. (UCLA). All of her studies and research have been in Latin American and U.S. Latina/o Literature.  She…


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Meet Eleanor Parker Sapia, author of 'A Decent Woman'

Puerto Rican author Eleanor Parker Sapia is touring the blogosphere to promote her debut historical novel, A Decent Woman. She’s here today to talk about the inspiration behind her story, as well as her writing process. Let’s give her a warm…


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'Myth Rider' ~ Cover art and design

Available soon through…

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Between the Lines: Cecelia Holland

After a bit of a hiatus, SF in SF reappeared at the exquisite Book Club of California on Sutter Street. I was in the mood to get my SF on, so I went over to listen to the inexhaustible Kim Stanley Robinson, author of 2312 the Red Mars series and Cecelia Holland, an equally…


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