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Saturday Short

Posted Saturday Short, a Minnesota Original feature on book carver Julia Strand.

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[Body, Mind & Spirit] Answering The Call To Write

I did not choose to be a writer; writing chose me. It took a long time to realize this. For years I believed I’d chosen this occupation. I sensed it might be hard. At times I worried I would not succeed, or that I might not be smart enough, or have anything interesting to say. I spent days, months, and years doubting…


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Wednesday Wonder: Charting Culture

Posted Wednesday Wonder, the ambitious data visualization "Charting Culture' that maps 2,600 years of cultural history:

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Pool Rescue on Writing Now


I promised that here on Writing Now I would talk about my writing life and today I have a story to share. I was at one of those ugly places. You know, where you know where you want to go with your writing but are clueless as to how to get there? In frustration, I turned…


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Wednesday Wonder: Paris, Reimagined

Posted a film by the team of Claire and Max that reimagines the architecture of Paris:

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New book launch!

I'm inviting you over to the Amazon page for my new book, "When the Shoe Fits...Essays of Love, Life and Second Chances," which launched on August 1.  It's got some GREAT reviews, and  a book club "Discussion Guide" in the back of the book. Come on over and read the preview!  It's available both as a Kindle…


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The Waiting Game or The Scraps of Things

Musical Youth, the manuscript of mine that placed second for the Burt Award in 2014 and is soon to be published, was fresh in my mind, recently, as I dug through my e-folder filled with scraps of things – unfinished things, ideas for things. If nothing fresher is present-please, I sometimes go, during my writing time, to this folder and rip and stitch these unfinished things. On this occasion, I opened a doc entitled The Guitar Lessons. Here’s part of the synopsis:

“… a girl who ……


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Thought for the Day

Posted Thought for the Day: Martin Heidegger

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'12 Minutes About Peace'

Posted the trailer for '12 Minutes About Peace', a collection of one-minute animated shorts on the theme of peace, created to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I.

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7 Shortest Writing Masterpieces You've Probably Missed

I've killed my grandmother today”.

This phrase was used by Theodore Roosevelt to attract the attention of his distracted interlocutor.…


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Tell Me a Story, I'm Listening (Poem)

Posted new poem, in fragments, and an invitation to create your own found poetry from them:

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7 Writing Prompts to Help Beat Writer's Block

Writer's block can wreak havoc on your creative abilities, and whenever it hits me I struggle to get my mojo back. It completely stops me from writing a word; even conjuring up images in my head becomes difficult. And sometimes this feeling can take months to disappear.…


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New Artist Watch Feature at EIL

Please join me today for the second of this month's new Artist Watch features at Escape Into Life. I'm delighted to present the award-winning work of photographer and mixed-media artist Pamela H. Viola:

Direct Link: …


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Interview with Ariel Malka, Part 2

Join me today at TweetSpeak Poetry, where you will find Part 2 of my interview with innovative software designer and programmer Ariel Malka.

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Monday Muse: Mahmoud Darwish Film

Posted Monday Muse, a look at a new documentary about Palestinian national poet Mahmoud Darwish: 'Write Down, I Am an Arab':

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Interview with Curious Autodidact Ariel Malka

Please join me  today at TweetSpeak Poetry for Part 1of my two-part interview with the ever-inspired and inspiring Ariel Malka, the innovative, self-taught software designer and programmer exploring the fascinating realm of interactivity in digital space.

Direct Link: …


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Thought for the Day

Wendell Berry provides Thought for the Day:

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Remember Faith


Remember when you walked with Me in faith and fear was not a part of your life? Well, let Me take…


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