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Very pleased to see SCOTUS doing THE RIGHT THING regarding class actions.

Hi All. Okay, folks, just to warn you: this is another longish blog post on a subject I care very much about namely citizen's abilities to take class actions against corrupts companies and organizations.

This January the Supreme Court just made a very important ruling. Thanks to my favorite SCOTUS Justice Ginsburg.

So if you weren't already aware, the availability of…


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Enticing Writers Into the Legal Landscape

I've been practicing law for almost thirty-five years and writing novels for five. These two preoccupations converged in my novel Division, about a quarter of which takes place in a near-future courtroom. (It's handy setting a legal matter in the future: you can tweak the rules more that way. . . .) Even before Division, however, I was finding ways to use my law background in my writing career. In April 2012, I wrote a series of guest blog posts for Indies Unlimited called…


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Monday Muse: Ohio Establishes State Poet Post

Post Monday Muse summary of provisions of Ohio law establishing position of state Poet Laureate.

As I have been sick and not online, I could not post the remainder of the past week's pieces. Here they are:

Thought for the Day …


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Just Try It

Just try it…being nice first. Just try a smile or listen and say “I understand” instead  of just  talking over somebody else.

Do a favor for someone without being asked to do it. And don’t expect anything in return.

See and feel how different it feels from being indifferent or even cold to another.…


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Teacher Advice Bans Sex Offenders From Teaching

New guidelines should improve the health and safety of children in the classroom and potentially reduce the number of child abuse claims involving students and teachers.

'Teacher Misconduct: The Prohibition of Teachers' was published on January 17th by the Department for Education on behalf of the National College for…


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Horseshit, elections, and drive-by idiots



I was thinking of horseshit this morning. Back in Portugal when I was a child there was plenty of horseshit on the streets from mules walking old farmers home after a long day.  Today I almost felt like I could smell it.


I am in America now, in a town made safe by politicians and law enforcement.  Children were crossing the torn up streets, blocked off on all ends by police barriers today, because tomorrow will emerge better streets, and better roads mean…


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My Go Topless Day article, about bare breasts and feminism

My latest for Medium is "On Go Topless Day, a look at topless activism and the law" (subtitle: "Should women defend our right to bare our breasts in public?") and I will once again ask that if you like it, click "recommend" at the bottom. I hope this piece leads to more writing for them, and the recommends help. The article is about today being Go Topless Day, women who've been arrested for going topless , and a look at topless…


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A Matter of Opinion (Poem)

I've posted a new poem: "A Matter of Opinion".

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Life is a gift: unwrap your present

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Casey Rose interviews Isabelle Esling about Unwrap Your Present

  1. Why did you choose "Unwrap your present" that as the title of your book?

-The idea of “ Unwrap your present” popped into my mind , because I do consider life as a gift and I wanted to share this gift with anybody interested in living a fuller…


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A Trade in Hope in Austin, Texas

Today's post looks at the issue of human trafficking and what Austin, Texas, is trying to do about it. I've included the trailer for a new film, "Trade in Hope", which includes interviews with leaders in the anti-trafficking movement, documents local community solutions, and uses allegory to promote understanding of the crime and its costs. I've also provided a list of resources for information.…


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Unwrap your Present and life will be wonderful


Have you ever considered the present to be life s most precious gift to you?

Why do you think the „present „is called „ present“?

Simply because it is truly the Universes most precious gift to you. What we call the now, the momentum is all you ever have, from your…


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Silent Night

It's hard to understand or remember the exact moment when Prince Charming began to disrespect me.  Was it the first time he told me I was stupid and my opinion was worthless?  Was it when he slapped me that first time? Or that afternoon in June when he raped me on the floor of the kitchen in his mother's home? Was it when he called me a fat pig, a dumb bitch or a stupid whore?  Or the time he told me my feelings were not valid?…

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Hayden Kian is releasing Unwrap Your Present, by Isabelle Esling


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I was a panelist at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books when an obviously perturbed woman stood up in the back of the huge UCLA auditorium and directed a question my way.


“How can you write legal procedurals when you’re not a lawyer?” she demanded.


 “I sleep with one,” I…


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Maria's Random Rants - The Problem With Desire

It’s a hard thing to want something, and I mean really want something, with all of your heart, and every bit of your being. So much so you can barely contain the elation in your voice when you talk about it, nor the flutter in your belly attesting to both extremes of excitement and apprehension. You find yourself struggling to keep the knot in your throat from rising just thinking about it, dreaming on it.

Yup, desire can do that to you.

Twenty years  of…


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A Native's View of the Alabama Immigration Law

With a draconian anti-immigration bill now the law of the land in Alabama, news reports have noted that Latinos have begun leaving the state. I recall when they first arrived,…

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How to Get What You Want

Excerpted from 5/31/11 Blog Radio Talk Show A Fine Time for Healing ,  How to Attract What You Want in Life: Gratitude and Abundance

We cannot possibly realize the immense power that comes from our thoughts. What we focus…


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Discrimination Lives: The Supreme Court Gives Wal-Mart the Win in Dukes Gender Discrimination Class Action Case

Today the Supreme Court sounded the death knell for Dukes v. Wal-Mart, the class action lawsuit accusing Wal-Mart of paying and promoting women less than similarly- or less-qualified men. To protect corporations from having to do more to prevent gender discrimination than pop a few politically correct paragraphs into the employee handbook, the Supreme Court resorted to a belabored procedural argument that incentivizes corporations to do as little as possible to prevent discrimination.…


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Supreme Court Ok's Forcing Employees Into Arbitration

Article first published as Your Job or Your Rights: How Employers Force Workers Into Arbitration on Blogcritics. Blogcritics named this article an Editors’ Pick. Also published in The #employmentlaw Daily.

Seven of Jamie Leigh Jones’s male co-workers welcomed her to her new job in Iraq by drugging and gang-raping her, according to the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She says that the rapists were so violent that afterwards she had to undergo reconstructive… Continue

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