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To write or not to write a book proposal

I am currently writing a memoir and feel I have a solid first draft although I'll need at least another year to fine tune and rewrite. But, what is stymieing me is the book proposal. After researching what goes into a non-fiction book proposal, it feels like a much higher mountain to climb than just writing the damn book. If anyone has any helpful advice, I'd really appreciate it. My new thought is that it would be far more advantageous for me to spend my time writing a book proposal instead…


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Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? #adoption #memoir

This stylised memoir, set in the working-class north of England, is the book Jeanette Winterson wasn't ready to write back in 1985 when at 25 years of age, she wrote the novel Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, a book that plunged the reader into her universe, one that provided the author the…


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Notes From A 2016 NaNo Rebel

I am a NaNo rebel. That…


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My Book Wasn't my "Baby"; It Was My Potluck Salad

I published a book last weekIt's called Brain Changer: A Mother's Guide to Cognitive Science

When I say I published it, I mean that I did everything.…


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[Body, Mind & Spirit] Tips for Reading Excerpts from Your Novel or Memoir

A few months ago, soon after I’d finished writing my memoir, Raw: A Midlife Quest for Health & Happiness, I had the opportunity to share five minutes of my work at a reading. While…


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The Magic of Memoir 2016

The Magic of Memoir 2016

When I first saw the announcement about the 2016 Magic of Memoir Conference hosted by Brooke Warner and Linda Joy Myers, I had an immediate two-fold reaction. I want to go to this/I can’t possibly go to this.

I made note of the early-bird registration date and let the idea simmer. I’d wait to see how things at home unfolded and where the energy settled.

I wanted to meet the women who played such an integral part in the…


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Things I did Right, Things I did Wrong. My memoir process.

Things I Did Wrong — Things I Did Right. My Memoir Process.

Things I Did Wrong:

I showed too many people my early drafts. This resulted in me changing the whole memoir from past tense to present tense and back again (and there’s no Replace All function for tense).

I didn’t trust my own voice. I made edits based on what my early readers thought would improve my memoir.  Almost every one of these changes ended up sounding clunky and…


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Why Literary Writers Aren’t Getting Traditional Publishing Deals

This week I had lunch with an agent friend who expressed her frustration that the best manuscripts she’s representing simply aren’t selling to traditional publishers. It’s a storyline so familiar to me that I used it as the…

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October has been a whirlwind of bookstore launches, after-parties, interviews, reviews, and appreciation via email, phone and old-fashioned note cards from family, friends, and strangers, and best of all, oceans of love. As wonderful as this experience has been, there was one small public moment and one big private one that were most powerful for me, distilling it on both a macro and a micro scale.

After signing extra copies of Dying in Dubai for my home bookstore, Oblong Books…


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Book Excerpt: When Johnny Doesn't Come Marching Home by Marian Small

First-time author Marian Small’s WHEN JOHNNY DOESN’T COME MARCHING HOME does for World War I what Tom Brokaw’s THE GREATEST GENERATION did for World War II.


Written as a memoir of her father,…


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From Journal to Memoir

Today, I'm honored to share this piece from Lisa Tener's How to Write a Book Blog where she features my work in an interview by my rock star editor, Stuart Horwitz.

For anyone who enjoys writing and/or reading memoir, I look forward to your comments!

All the Best, Linda

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Lesson Learned: Cut the Celebrities from my Memoir

In the early pages of my memoir I was eager to deliver a clear picture of the young woman I was in the late 1960’s, when I was eager to meet the man of my dreams. I understood the importance of establishing a character arc, so I tried to show readers what the young me thought she wanted from life, in order to contrast with the more self-actualized person I was at the end my book.


I had lots of fun writing about the hapless campaign my best friend and I, both teachers…


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           It’s two weeks until my book launch and I feel tremendous anticipation about what is certainly a defining moment in my life—very much like the two other days in my past when my public identity changed: my wedding day at the bus stop where Jerry and I met, when I became a wife, and the day, almost exactly three years later, when I gave birth to our son, Oliver, and became a mother. The launch on October 1st in our old hometown, Montclair, New Jersey, marks the moment…


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My Memoir's Published! The Emotional Roller Coaster of Month One

“An emotional roller coaster!” That’s how one reader described my memoir, The Sportscaster’s Daughter. The same could be said of the book’s first month of publication.

The official publication date was August 23, but it seems that only the likes of JK Rowling can keep those boxes sealed until the release date (friends advised me Amazon preorders had shipped the week before). So my local book club had an early, impromptu gathering. I advised them: they were only invited if they…


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Thought for the Day

Today's quote is from Hisham Matar:

Yesterday, Saturday Short presented the trailer for the documentary 'Gifts of Grief':

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Present and Past at Pre-Launch

When my good friend and Vassar classmate, Robyn Travers, offered to pitch an Author Talk for me at the Jacob Sears Memorial Library, her local Cape Cod branch, neither of us realized that its event coordinator was Janet Robertson, another Vassar ’73 grad. They both did an incredible job publicizing the August 23rd event, which—with my publisher’s blessing, since it was 6 weeks before my official Oct 1 launch—included a reading and signing. There’s nothing better than the power of…


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Choose Your Title Carefully

When I started writing my memoir, I gave it the working title “Five Years and Ten Months.” It was actually more than a temporary title; I was committed to it. In the first chapter I had depicted the ambivalence I felt on my wedding day towards marrying a man who had just hit me two days before. The chapter ended with the words “. . . and he slipped on the ring that I wore for the next five years and ten months.”


In an early workshop, I got feedback that the title was…


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Book Review by Michael Knox-Smith of Bangles: My True Story of Escape, Adventure and Forgiveness

Bangles: My True Story of Escape, Adventure and Forgiveness by Marsha Marie is a personal tale of living outside the “safety” of America and of adopting another country as home. A sort of variation of “An Englishman Abroad” where the heroine of the book takes us though her trails and tribulations via series of books all starting with “Bangles.”

The tale begins with Marsha in an abusive relationship with her first husband. One that ends with her losing custody of her children. She…


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[SWP: Behind the Book] Every Book Has a Story

When I was in 4th grade, I got a D in math. I felt like a failure. To me, math knowledge equated with "smarts." And, naturally, "smarts" equated with success. At 9 years old, I was doomed to a life without success.

Three years later my seventh grade English teacher read one of my essays to the class. She cried a little at one part. At 12 years old, I knew I was destined to write a book.

Through medical school (I did actually prove those "smarts," after all, and became an…


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The Comma Queen's Ruler

Many readers don’t realize what goes into the editing of a book. Let me clue you in.  DYING IN DUBAI has gone through numerous drafts—at least 14 by my latest count: some, which I edited myself, and some, which an outside editor reviewed. 

The first editors to comment were developmental editors. Their job is to look broadly at character, plot, story arc, themes.  Like novels, memoirs must satisfy in all of these categories. When I handed in my drafts, I was nervous about what…


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