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To Pitch or Not to Pitch: Lessons from the Jewish Book Council

Have you ever found yourself struggling to make an important decision that could be a potential game changer, but money is the one thing getting in your way? 

When I started writing my memoir, I struggled believing I could  write the damn thing. Every day, voices of self-doubt crept in but at the same time, telling my story motivated me to the finish line. Now, that the book is on the track to be published, I freak out every time I have to shell another dollar for…


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Retirement as an Open Door

Two years ago I decided to attend a Screenwriters Conference in Hollywood and, despite my reluctance to embarrass myself in public, signed up to present my screenplay at the conference “Pitch Fest.” The pitch fest was to consist of sixty to eighty tables staffed with representatives from film agencies…


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It's in the details

When it comes to my memoir writing, I am confident I can write one piece of the writing pie well. I implore the power of details. …


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Interview with Artist David Sandum, Part 2

Posted "The Life-Saving Power of Art", the concluding segment of my two-part interview with painter David Sandum.

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Interview with Artist David Sandum, Part 1

Posted Part 1 of a two-part interview with artist David Sandum: Writing Through Illness Toward Recovery.

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What you know or what you don't know

Do you prefer to write what you don't know or what you know?

For me ideally I would at least attempt to do both...

Personally I found that trying to write what I know is more challenging because I experienced it myself. 

Not that writing what you don't know would be any better. They are both challenging and restricting. If you try to write an authobiography, biography or memoir you have to really stick to what's true, while you may be allowed…


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Thoughts about The Liar's Club Memoir

I like the idea of this blog-thing. I don't know if anybody reads it, so I use it as a place for thinking out loud about anything at all. I can't make it a how-to blog because I'm too new; I don't know how-to yet. I am an emerging artist. (Yeah, I claim that.)

I’m still thinking about Mary Karr and her memoir The Liar’s Club. Yes, I know the book is not new, but I am. Can’t help comparing my book (in progress) to hers, just can’t help it, because…


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The Liar's Club and Poetry Flash

I gave myself the gift of this book, The Liar's Club by Mary Karr. I first saw her at an event in Berkeley in October. The interviewer was Brooke Warner, and that's where I heard about The Magic of Memoir, which opened the door to SheWrites. I was so impressed with both of them, and I had never heard of either before this Fall. That’s how new I am to serious writing as a career. 

It took 3 weeks to get the book because I refused to buy it from…


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Writing Memoir

Like so many others, I've always written; Julia Cameron says its the most natural and instinctive thing for human beings to do, (though I think singing comes first - even babies do it when they're only days old.) I wrote poetry and hid it when my marriage and my life were falling apart, and I believe it saved me from losing my sanity. Pouring out your secrets to an empty page can be a place of sanctuary as well…


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Slow Lessons in Kickstarter Times

There are many paths to publishing today, some more circuitous than others, and in my experience, you need to explore and discover which way is the best for you and your book. 

I hybrid-published my first…


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New Post (Memoir): Still in There

Link here => Still in There - Sometimes the silver lining in the divorce is the muscled maintenance guy who hangs your mirror. 

Please read and, if you enjoyed, don't forget to hit the "love" button. Thanks!

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Magic of Memoir

It is a journey itself to follow Brook Warner and Linda Joy Myers to Berkeley for the Magic of Memoir writing conference.  Two days by boat, plane and rail.   

It was worth it all!

The best writing talent in the world held us in their grip for two days: Linda Joy…


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Ten Years is Okay

I have been working on my memoir for at least ten years. Actually, longer than that considering I sent my first draft to a professional editor in 2005.

I deemed it ready for a professional read after wearing out the “spelling and grammar” button and knowing there was nothing left in me to express what I hadn’t already done in my…


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Author Sarah M. Johnson Book Signing in Park Rapids, MN

Sarah M. Johnson will be at Beagle and Wolf Books & Bindery in Park Rapids, MN on September 19, 2015 at 12:00PM to meet with readers and sign copies of her new book Life is Beautiful: How a Lost Girl Became a True, Confident Child of God.



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Author Sarah M. Johnson Announces Book Signing in Roseville, MN

August 24, 2015 (Roseville, MN) – Sarah M. Johnson announced today that she will be at Barnes & Noble in Roseville, MN on September 12, 2015 at 2:00PM to meet with readers and sign copies of her new book Life is Beautiful: How a Lost Girl Became a True, Confident Child of…


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Writing Memoir: Pacing

When we speak of pacing in fiction, we are talking about the interweave of narrative, description, dialogue, and conflicts and decisions. The plot pulls the story along and keeps the reader turning the pages. In some ways, how much or how little of these elements you use is subjective. Consider what you like when you read. For example, I prefer limited amount of dialogue and enjoy intricate descriptions of the characters’ inner workings, what he or she is thinking and feeling and why they…


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The Catch-22 of Memoir Writing

When I started to write The Butterfly Groove, which follows my search for answers among my mother’s mysteries from her past, a decade after losing her, I had a hope that I set too high on my list of Miracle Writer Tactics. Not only was I going to write a great book…


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Memoir: how to deal with emotional overload

When writing memoir, it is inevitable that emotions will rise to the surface as we describe both happy and sad memories. Sometimes writing memoir stirs the caldron of unresolved emotions. Rage, guilt, shame, hurt, and fear can all surge back immediately, even if we have done everything we can to heal, from therapy to moving on to a new life. While sifting through the details of the past, we may suddenly have revelations that shed new light on our motivations and personalities, and on others…


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Sarah M. Johnson Announces the Upcoming Release of Her Inspirational Christian Memoir

Minneapolis, MN (August 4, 2015) – Sarah M. Johnson announced today that her inspirational Christian memoir Life is Beautiful: How a Lost Girl Became a True, Confident Child of God will be released on August 25, 2015, published by Morgan James Faith. She also announced that there will be a Book…


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