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Monday Muse: #readwomen2015 (3)

Posted the third in a series of periodic posts highlighting writing by women—poetry, anthologies, history, memoir, and more I'm reading for #readwomen.

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Some blogs along the way of my Book Quest Journey....

I started my "Changed by Chance" book blog about 2 years ago, well before the manuscript was finalized and not knowing how and where this journey would lead me in publishing. These are re-posts of some of my book blogs so that you can get a feel for how I came to publish with SWP.

It’s Official…I am an Author!


Yep, it’s official. I’m an author!…


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[SWP: Behind the Book] The Butterfly Groove + Thoughts on Mother's Day

Six years ago this month, I graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder’s journalism school without really knowing what my journalistic future would hold. Throughout J-school, I would be encouraged to find local stories in the community, ended up writing about all kinds of people:…


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[SWP: Behind the Book] Remembering the Small Stuff--a Challenge of Writing Memoir

Yesterday a fellow Peace Corps alum who had just started reading my memoir asked, “How did you remember so many details from the Peace Corps?”

I laughed because I needed lots of help.

We all know that details make our writing more vivid, but what do you do when you just can’t…


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Grief: The Story of a Friendship

Today, a close friend of mine would have turned 34. He died two years ago from a severe, and rare form of brain cancer. He developed a large tumor behind the optic nerve of the right eye, which as it grew and swelled in size, eventually rendered him partially blind.…


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The Week of Magical Thinking, Or How I Failed to Write a Book in 7 Days

I just completed a writing residency through the generosity of the Northwest Playwrights Alliance and Ms. Leticia Lopez, who donated the use of her cute rental home in Walla Walla, Washington (check it out here on VRBO). They asked me to write a short reflection on my week, so here it is!


I’m a wife and frazzled mother of three children, ages 11, 12, and…


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Monday Muse on 'Singing Bones'

Posted Monday Muse review of Kate Schmitt's marvelous memoir 'Singing Bones':

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[NETWORKING FOR INTROVERTS] Twitter and Pirates (the real kind)

Social media has many raisons d’être—to advertise, to entertain, to build relationships with other people—and every now and then there’s an opportunity to use it for a greater good, whether to raise money for a great cause or to help a fella out. This is one of those opportunities.



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[SWP: Behind the Book] A Chinese Artist Steps Out

The two biggest surprises that came from writing my memoir, Red Eggs and Good Luck, was announcing I was a visual artist to the world and sharing my Chinese heritage with others.

Prior to writing Red Eggs and Good Luck, I was a closet artist. My need to capture the world in images remained a secret until I met my husband, who was an artist. In his presence, I felt safe. At night, I would work alongside him as he finished his assignments. Sometimes my work turned out…


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Thought for the Day

Posted Thought for the Day, from Alexandra Fuller. Also see her conversation about her new memoir.

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National Association of Memoir Writers teleseminar March 20

I'm thrilled to be one of two memoir writers featured in National Association of Memoir Writers (NAMW) teleseminar on March 20! I'm joined by the esteemed Lorenzo Martinez, who wrote a haunting memoir of exile and finding self ("Cuba, Adios"). From the announcement by NAMW founder Linda Joy Myers (and SWP author): 

Date: March 20 at 11 AM PST 

This month we are pleased to have a conversation with two successful NAMW members who have something in common—stories…


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All Art Friday

Posted new edition of All Art Friday.

In the spotlights: Scott McCloud's 'The Sculptor'; Turner exhibition catalogue; Irish artist Catherine Owens's prints; Sally Mann's forthcoming memoir; Smithsonian Libraries' Artists' Book Collection; and the app 'Flomm!'

The roundup highlights exhibitions at MoMA/New York (group contemporary painting show), Fuller Craft Museum (innovative ceramists), N.M. Museum of Art (photography), Portland Art Museum/Oregon (Japanese…


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The Un-cool Writers' Club

She Writes friends, I thought you might enjoy this piece, which you can also view on my blog site:


            If you aspire to be a cool writer, then whatever you do,…


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Competing with Myself

My biggest challenge as a writer is that I make my living as a writer. Dream come true, right? Yes and no.

I own a writing and editing consulting firm where I specialize in medical and science writing. I also teach writing to nonwriters (scientists, physicians, and engineers) who write for their jobs. I love my work and I've built a profitable business.

I also have had some success as an …


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Write Drunk, Edit Sober, Stay Naked Vulnerability And Writing Memoir

2015 marks the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  As such I reflected a bit about writing memoir and what it means to be authentic, naked, and vulnerable on the page. This essay originally appeard on Kathy Pooler's blog Memoir Writer's Journey.  …


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New surprises after publication of The Coconut Latitudes

In this new year, as The Coconut Latitudes branches out far from its beginnings, its being “out there” in the world has continued to bring some unexpected gifts and connections; the latest (yesterday) was an out-of-the-blue message from a pen pal with whom I corresponded over fifty years ago.

The first gift was the arrival of photographs never before seen taken in the 1950s in the Dominican Republic by a German family who visited my childhood home. All of a sudden I can see my…


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A Chat with Marija Bulatovic, author of ‘Fantastical: Tales of Bears, Beer and Hemophilia’

Born in Yugoslavia in the 1970s, Marija Bulatovic, along with her parents, immigrated to the U.S. in the 1990s just ahead of the 1990s Yugoslav wars and the breakup of the country.  An accomplished business professional with years of experience driving enterprise business with Fortune 500 companies, Bulatovic graduated from Colgate University. Marija Bulatovic lives in…


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[Path to Publication] Top Resources for a Deal with a Top Publisher

I always say that the thing that played the biggest part in my signing with one of the Big Five publishers was luck. Given how many incredibly talented writers and moving stories exist out there (and in here, on She Writes itself), I deeply believe that luck, more than anything, ignited the whole process of my deal with G.P. Putnam’s Sons (which I wrote about earlier,…


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It's ALL about the WHY.

If you dream of writing a book, whether it’s a true story, a make-believe story or something in the middle, the day you put your fingers to the keyboard and begin is an adventure. A grand adventure that may well span many years. For me it took 7 years from the first evening I sat down and started on Chapter 1 until I held the finished 191 page memoir in my hands. Fifty+ years living in the first place, to have something important to share after all!…


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Published my Memoir

It is published at Kindle BooksSmashwords, and at CreateSpace.  I decided to write a book about my experiences working at a big box store after I could not get a job as an English teacher anymore. My two children and my husband have all published books, and it was about time that I did…


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