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Alfa Romeo 4C – Complete Substitute For Your Ferrari

Impending on the oncoming lane is Alfa Romeo 4C. This can is considered as a perfect substitute for the people who hold a desire to invest their bucks for Ferrari. The looks of this exotic car will easily blow the heart of people and compel them to treat it as a surrogate to other luxury cars at various showrooms. The width of this modish car is quite identical to Ferrari which is estimated to be around 458 Italia. The car has breathtaking looks. The perfect height and width of this…


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Jaguar F Type – Cannons on Road Tracks

The letter “F” in name of jaguar F type does not bear any kind of resemblance with the word family as seen in the case of previous sports car launched by the company. In case of this model it appears no less than the son of cool Jaguar c type which had won the award on LeMans in the past. If you mount the large hood of V-engine along with an intercooler and supercharger, you may require adding up a layer of protection by pedestrian. The lofty beltline and huge hood avail the model…


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Anonymity and Misogyny online and How It's Pushing Us Out

As young, emerging writers, it is vital for us to take chances, putting ourselves out there for the world to see our work. The internet provides potential for us to do so, with online contests, boards, and blogs that connect us with an international community of sayers and doers. On that hopeful note, I entered a tournament-style short story contest called “…


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What to Expect of Image Galleries of Online Printing Websites?

Online Printing Websites are a new idea in internet shopping. Since last 10 years or so, internet shopping industry has made visible progress. Many of the small and large businesses have diverted their attention towards marketing and selling online. The reason is most definitely the reach to the customers. There was a time when print media and TV media were the only way to market a product. Small or large businesses used these medias to market their product and showcase it in there showroom…


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Welcome to our V-Day Blogapalooza!

Hi Singles & Daters as well as people in a Relationship!

We have a number of great contributors from around the world joining me on my blogfest in the lead up to Valentine's Day. All posts are dealing with the ever intriguing topic of love : how to find it and how to keep it, dating, expectations, commitment, and relationships. It's all happening on…


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[NETWORKING FOR INTROVERTS] Social Networking for Social Good

                     Get Water, the game

Although the holiday season is a wonderful time, full of friends, family, food, gifts and get-togethers, it’s also an important time to reflect on how fortunate we are and how we can help those who are less fortunate. If…


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Buy cheap human hair wigs online at wigs online shopping store

Medical Wigs

Generally applicable to the head undergone surgery or chemotherapy hair loss customers. So they normally choose to buy cheap human hair wigs online.

Such customers are more comfortable wig requires first , because the shading in direct contact with the scalp , so the wig more demanding fabrics used are generally applicable in contact with the skin of a Class A material . Soft…


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Online vs Paper: What is R-E-A-D-I-N-G?


In recent years I've heard teachers…

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5 Inexpensive Yet Effective Book Promotion Techniques For a Budding Author

Are you a…


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How books are Instrumental in Enhancing Children’s Imagination and Development

Books are our best companions, right from our childhood days. They are popular as basic resource of knowledge and development. Even in the modern world, which is dominated by digital entertainment, books have not lost their significance even a bit. You will find plenty of books in any play schools to make…


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8 Reasons that compel you to self publish your upcoming book

Have you spent months in researching, planning and writing your masterpiece and all set for publishing? Publishing and promotion of a newly developed book are very important factors from an author’s point of view. However, most of the writers find this task daunting as they find it difficult to grab the attention of a good publisher to convince them to publish their book.…


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ZenPen e-course begins on September 30!

I am excited to be offering my second session of ZenPen: Body-Based Writing for Healing, Personal Growth, and Transformation -- the six-week online course!


The summer session was illuminating in so many ways, and I look forward to the Fall session. Autumn is a great season for getting cozy with our journals and digging deep. Sip some cider or tea, listen to your throat and gut and heart and soul and even your spleen and write without judgment and self-criticism.…


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7 Fantastic Tips for Effective Online Book Marketing

Are you looking for the best way to promote your upcoming book release? Online book marketing can be considered as one of the best techniques to promote you book effectively in the market. Spreading a word regarding your new book release is an essential step to let the people know regarding the existence of your book. If you succeed to attract a large number of people to read your book,…


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How To Publish Your Book Effectively

Are you done with writing a book and planning an effective publishing of it? If this is the case, then you need to have knowledge of every detail of the current publishing industry. This will help you to boost the sales of your book and get recognized. Some of the crucial steps are mentioned here.

  • Set your publishing targets: Prior to begin with the publishing process you need to set your targeted audiences. You should be clear whether you wish to publish your book…

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[NETWORKING FOR INTROVERTS] How Much Should You Share on Social Media Networks?

The leak of the NSA’s Prism program has everyone thinking about online privacy. In addition to wondering whether your emails to your grandmother are being monitored by the…


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Do You Have Realistic Expectations

Porn...yes, I'm talking porn.

Every adult has seen some form of it - whether it be a movie (bow-chicka-bow-wow), read it (super hot paperbacks) or you see photos in magazines and on the internet. We are all exposed. I'm not just talking about the obvious porn, but photos of overly-half naked men and women posted everywhere in our everyday life. Advertisements are full of them (Calvin Klein ads were famous for it).

You see these images. Now look at your mate. Are…


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No Stress

I've meantioned before that I had tried a dating site. Well...I'm no longer on that one. I moved to a different one and have found the free portion of the site much more user friendly. I have also discovered that dating can be a bit overwhelming.

Why? Because I have so many other things going on. I work a full time job, write (I have a book I so need to finish and get to my publisher), spend time with my girlfriends who are like sisters to me, and, of course, there's my…


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What Are You Trying To Say

Ok, ok, I know this will freak you out...I know it did me, at first. I signed up on a dating sight.

I know, don't say it. I couldn't help myself. My writer/blogger friend, Aurora Morealist, mentioned it in the interview I did with her last month and I couldn't help myself. I was curious. Could I  really meet someone on that kind of site?

Well, let me just say, perusing the site is very entertaining. I know the site gives instructions on how to pick a good…


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Online Price Comparison - The Best tool for online Shoppers

With the passage of time, online shopping trend is also growing rapidly. People’s shopping habits has improved with the arrival of online shopping. Earlier, buyers used to visit different stores for buying a certain item and finding items within your range was very irritating because of their high prices and time consuming. Now, shopping has become an enjoyable activity, thanks to comparison shopping.


Price comparison sites have now the facility to compare millions of…


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[NETWORKING FOR INTROVERTS] Social Media: How to Avoid Burnout

Happy Holidays!

Something we don't talk about very often in the world of online networking is the importance of taking a break. We hear a lot about the value of posting to our blogs, Facebook and Google+ pages, and Twitter accounts frequently and consistently. We read about the necessity of blogging on a schedule. The most successful bloggers will tell you they "have never missed a scheduled post." But what few people talk about is the importance of setting your social media…


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