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HSE issues new construction dust guidelines

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has recently released guidelines informing employers how to protect their staff from construction dust. The information sheet aims to enable employers to control the risks posed by construction dust exposure, while advising workplace safety representatives and construction workers themselves about how to protect their wellbeing.

Construction dust can cause a range of respiratory disorders, including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder,…


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How I Learned to Type



In high school, I earned an A in Mr. Finn’s typing despite the fact that at the end of the year I was still using the hunt and peck method. My mother, who had worked as a secretary until my younger sister’s birth, typed all my papers starting in fourth grade through high school. When I…


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Schoolgirl Wins Multi-Million Compensation Claim After Brain Injected With Glue

A schoolgirl who suffered devastating brain injuries at Great Ormond Street Hospital is to receive a multi-million pound personal injury claim.

Maisha Najeeb was ten years old when she went to the hospital in June 2010. Although she suffered from a medical condition that caused veins and arteries to become tangled and bleed, she was a healthy young girl at the time.

She had previously been treated with embolisation, which…


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[NETWORKING FOR INTROVERTS] Six Ways to Build Your Author Platform

Tuesday night, I had the privilege of attending Sin and Syntax author Constance Hale’s class The Book Biz from A to…


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Teacher Advice Bans Sex Offenders From Teaching

New guidelines should improve the health and safety of children in the classroom and potentially reduce the number of child abuse claims involving students and teachers.

'Teacher Misconduct: The Prohibition of Teachers' was published on January 17th by the Department for Education on behalf of the National College for…


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What Health And Safety Risks Do Birthing Livestock Pose To Pregnant Women?

Some personal injury claims involve pregnant women who have come into contact with animals, such as sheep or other livestock, that are giving birth or have just given birth. These animals can carry infections, which can put the health and safety of pregnant women and their unborn children at risk.

Accordingly, a number of organisations, including the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), Public Health England, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the…


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Written About Nancy

My grandmother’s Armenian Bible is falling apart—its cardboard covers are worn, the spine is broken, the first 48 pages are missing, and until recently it was held together by a thick rubber band. When the rubber band cracked and crumbled, I tied a bright satin ribbon around it to hold it…


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Webinar: Pay Off Holiday Debt

January 29th 6pm PST

Free Webinar: Pay Off Holiday Debt

Register now

Shay Olivarria is a financial education speaker and the author of Amazon best seller Money Matters: The Get It Done in 1 Minute Workbook. She's worked…


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ZenPen: Write your way into a brand new year!

What a tremendous way to start a new year: by writing! The ZenPen e-course begins on January 6, 2014!

Are you ready to write your way into a new year of what YOU are wanting for YOURSELF? Enrollment is open now.

Get on the ZenPen Om Train and feel the transformation!

Watch this video below and visit my website for more…


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Last day of Early Bird Price for Black Mesa Writers' Intensive with Julia Cameron and Natalie Goldberg

Hello SheWrites Community,

Some of you came to my last event, the Wild Mountain Memoir Retreat and I wanted to let you know about my next one.  Early Bird pricing ends tonight at Midnight. Here's the scoop:

Black Mesa Writers' Intensive is a one-day exploration into the craft and possibilities of personal narrative at Bishop's Lodge in Santa Fe, NM on Dec. 6th. Faculty: Julia…


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A Song To Remember

Thinking of you,I waited and waited into the stillness of the night,

Until dawn came and covered me with a mantle of golden light

It washed away all my wishes,hopes and prayers of last night

 Along with a hundred things I wanted to confide.

I walked.I walked for miles.

Although I tried but in vain, your thoughts gently swept in.

All those moments, all those memories-

Flashed across my mind.…


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ZenPen e-course begins on September 30!

I am excited to be offering my second session of ZenPen: Body-Based Writing for Healing, Personal Growth, and Transformation -- the six-week online course!


The summer session was illuminating in so many ways, and I look forward to the Fall session. Autumn is a great season for getting cozy with our journals and digging deep. Sip some cider or tea, listen to your throat and gut and heart and soul and even your spleen and write without judgment and self-criticism.…


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Interview with Tanye Masse, Author of ‘Stairway to Awesomeness’

Please welcome my special guest Tanya Masse, also known as Comic Strip Mama. Tanya is the author of the Amazon bestseller, Stairway to AWESOMENESS! – 30 Fundamental Steps to Living a Life of Awesomeness!

“Internet famous” for her humorous and inspirational…


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Heal Your Self with Writing launches Aug-Sept 2013

Having your book published is a little like putting a message in a bottle then tossing it into the ocean.

Heal Your Self with Writing launches this week, so here goes!!! Have been doing several radio interviews organized by the publicist. The only problem is…


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Art Defined: Emotional Experience or Audience Reception

“Do you define your art

by audience's reception

or the way it makes you feel?"

Flowpoetry asked.…


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Personal Injury: Untreated and Uninsured

The Foundation for Medicare

Not to be confused or considered one of the same as the Medicaid program, Medicare is the United States government mandated nationwide program that mainly exists to provide medical coverage to American citizens over the age of 65. Since the program launched in 1965, it has since been revised to extend coverage to few more of the nation's residents that meet the necessary requirements. The additional qualified groups include…


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4 Buyer-Friendly Upgrades That Can Help You Sell Your Home Fast

There are specific upgrades that make your home more attractive, speeding up the sales process. To gain useful market information, prospective sellers should visit other homes for sale in the neighborhood to understand what the competition looks like. Sellers must keep in mind that selling a home is competitive and that their house must measure up quality-wise in that neighborhood.

Curb appeal is the first impression

Given that the first impression a potential…


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Inspired by Dane Golden's guest post on YouTube videos, I have begun a new series of YouTube videos, the second of which answers the question "Should all authors (published or not) blog?" Check out the video below for my answer. Also, one announcement: Litquake, San Francisco's literary conference, is introducing Digi.lit, a one-day digital publishing conference that will take…


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[NETWORKING FOR INTROVERTS] How to Avoid Becoming a Self-Publishing Failure

An essay that ran in Salon Tuesday titled “I’m a self-publishing failure” recounts how one writer, John Winters, spent countless hours and dollars promoting his book online only to sell a handful of copies. Where did John go wrong? How can you avoid becoming a self-publishing failure?

1. First of all, start early.



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Motivation, where are you?

You know those type of people that say they're going to do something, multiple times, like, "Oh yeah I'm going to start exercising tomorrow" or "I'm totally planning to get into sewing" but then that day never actually comes? I'm one of those people. I start hobbies - lots of them - and I never seem to follow through with any of them. It is my greatest flaw, to be a jack of all trades but none of which I am a master of. 

Why is technically why I'm here at SheWrites. I desire to be a…


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