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Thought for the Day

Posted Thought for the Day, quoting writer George Saunders on revision:

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Creating Non Fiction

Far from the excessive energy I have always noted in my belly whenever moved to write poetry, creating a non fiction book required thinking, strategy and patience. 

The thinking part compelled me to make lists and lists upon lists of what I wanted to cover in the book. Since the book was meant as a seam between Neuroscience (just the pedestrian kind available in fabulous books like Norman Doidge's The Brain That Changes Itself and…


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Becoming Present Here

So writing is supposedly a solitary venture,eh? You sit in a room, build worlds inside your head, spill it out onto the page and reach people with your profoundities. ( I love to make up words, it drives the editor in some people insane. I figure they'll just write me off - har har - and stop reading. 's ok. lots of blogs out there --) Oh, and as long as I'm blog-riffing, I hate grammar also. There are great apps to correct these things yes, but, should they always be corrected? Bad…


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[SWP: Behind the Book] Remembering the Small Stuff--a Challenge of Writing Memoir

Yesterday a fellow Peace Corps alum who had just started reading my memoir asked, “How did you remember so many details from the Peace Corps?”

I laughed because I needed lots of help.

We all know that details make our writing more vivid, but what do you do when you just can’t…


Added by Eileen Flanagan on April 27, 2015 at 5:30am — 14 Comments

Oh revision you tricky b$@!h...

And yes, I mean that as in revision is like a cunning canine adversary (like a female fox, the most cunning and intelligent of all foxes).

There are a lot of pitfalls for writers when it comes to revising your work. So many traps to fall into, or be led into by a red and white tailed huntress... It's easy for a writer to finish a first, second, or third draft of something and think, "Yeah, I nailed it. Everyone will love it," and then balk when it turns out people don't. It's…


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Thought for the Day

Posted Thought for the Day, quote from poet Carl Phillips's 'The Art of Daring: Risk, Restlessness, Imagination', part of Graywolf Press's 'The Art of' series on the craft of writing.

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Thought for the Day

Posted Thought for the Day: Fanny Howe on revision:

Added by Maureen E. Doallas on August 24, 2014 at 10:49am — No Comments

Honoring the Unfixables

Over the years, I've written dozens and dozens of things that simply didn't work. Pallid poems, awkward stories, novels that got started then stuck. I'm not talking about drafts that could be shaped and polished, but pieces that seemed immune to revision, that weren’t going to get better no matter what I did.

These are the unfixables. They remain, rough and incomplete, in external hard drives, old floppy disks, even typed pages I hammered out before the days of personal…


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Tough Love for Writers: Learning to Kill Your Darlings

The email from my agent was tactfully worded. She didn’t say there was something wrong with my novel. She didn’t say it was flawed. She didn’t even say it needed revisions. She asked a question: Would I be willing to discuss making some changes?

She’d been pitching the book for a few months by then…


Added by Jill Jepson on June 2, 2014 at 3:00pm — 12 Comments

Ten Minute Craft Lesson: Story Too Short?

A student of mine is preparing her applications to an MFA program and she is trying to write a story of about fifteen pages or so.  Her stories tend to be short-- in the eight or ten pages range-- and she is trying to expand.  Expand-- not stretch.  This is about adding more chicken and vegetables to the soup, not just…


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What Readers Need to Know

“But you never say whether you found your brother’s bear. Readers will want to know,” my mother emailed me after reading “Silos,” a chapter from my book, A Bushel’s Worth: An Ecobiography. “Mom,” I wrote back, “that would be a different narrative arc, the ‘Did…


Added by Kayann Short, Ph.D. on August 25, 2013 at 10:30am — 6 Comments

[SWP: Behind the Book] Muses Male and Female

I have always been fascinated by stories of artists and their muses, many of which are about male painters inspired by female models.  In the first chapter of my novel The Geometry of Love, to be published by She Writes Press in spring of 2014, Julia, a poet with writer's block, reflects:



Added by Jessica Levine on August 3, 2013 at 5:30pm — 1 Comment

Pulling Up the Weeds

At about this time last month, I planted my first garden since moving to South Dakota, and my second garden in my whole life. My first garden was almost 100% neglected, and I still got some vegetables at the end of the summer, which taught me that cucumbers and zucchini are the best veggies for a negligent gardener.

This year, I resolved to do better. Except.

I let the whole month pass with very little weeding.

The lack of weeding was, admittedly, partly due to laziness.…


Added by Lacey Louwagie on July 8, 2013 at 12:00pm — No Comments

Aw cr*p! My English Teacher Was Right: Analyzing Books as a Writer


I hated English class in high school.  I hated tearing books apart, analyzing characters, themes, tone, pacing, yadda yadda yadda.  My petulant teenage self adamantly proclaimed the injustice in a war cry: “I love reading but all this analysis tears the souls of books!”  …My poor English teachers.  When I have a conviction, the world – or at least anyone within barking distance – will hear about it.

But no, my abhorrence of…


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Make the Decision To Do the Hard Work Before You Start to Write a Book

I’m sure you’ve heard this before. But I need to tell it to you again. Book revision and editing are harder and take longer than the actual writing of your book. So be prepared to stay with it for the long haul before you start.

Here’s a true story. After I wrote the first draft of my memoir I hired an editor who helped me prepare it for submittal to interested agents and presses. This took about a year. Then once I had a book contract, my…


Added by Madeline Tasky Sharples on June 3, 2013 at 8:00am — 13 Comments

Revision for the Rest of Us: Five Strategies for Writers

In prepping for a stint at the Kachemak Bay Writers Conference next month, I came across this from author Katherine Paterson: “I wish for every writer in the world an editor like Virginia Buckley.”

I was among the lucky ones; Virginia Buckley edited …


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So I finished Campnanowrimo. I am now left with 10 great picture book stories that need to be cleaned up and shown some love. Also, my NA Scifi is back from another round of CP's (critique partners). It needs to be shown more love as well. May is super busy for me. My plan is to do revisions on both novels during the month of May. I have a tentative day of May 15th which I recognize is CRAZY!

Clearly, I like crazy:)

Here is my revision…


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Scrivener: My New Writing Toy

Recently, I've begun playing with a new writing toy: the software program Scrivener. It's a tool developed for the brainstorming and drafting stage of longer writing projects, whether novels, screenplays, or dissertations. It allows you to keep your research, various media files, and notes all in one program. And my favorite part? It allows you to tag each…


Added by Lacey Louwagie on January 14, 2013 at 12:21pm — 2 Comments

Revision Tips From The Writing Community

For anyone currently working on a revision or for those of you who, after November, will be launching into the revision phase, you don't want to miss reading this post.

I posed the following question to the LinkedIn group, Let's Talk About Writing, to my great NaNoReviMo group members and also to the great…


Added by Julie Luek on November 12, 2012 at 6:04am — 2 Comments

A Method for Revising "Flash"

On this final day as guest editor at SheWrites, I’d like to suggest a method for revision, a process you must undertake if you eventually want to publish your “flash” fiction and nonfiction. This comes from an excerpt of an article in The Rose Metal Press Field Guide for Writing Flash Fiction ( entitled “Editing and Revising Flash…


Added by Helen (Len) Leatherwood on May 26, 2012 at 4:09pm — 1 Comment

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