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Submission Call

Hi Everyone! Not sure how many people are reading this...I haven't been very active lately. Anyhow, I'm editing an anthology of mystery short stories for Elm Books, and if anyone would like to submit, here are the details.


Jess Faraday



Elm Books ( is now seeking short stories (max 15,000 words) for Cold Knives at…


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Submission Mission's monthly chat is next week

Ladies, come share your experiences and get some advice on the submissions process at the next monthly chat. We're meeting from 230-330 CST on Friday, 4 May. Share your contacts and warnings, fears and questions about literary mags, publishers, contests, fellowships, etc. This info-packed chat helped me get my first literary piece accepted! Come see what it does for you. 

Until then, don't forget about the Hope Clark Funds For Writers and Poets & Writers for updates on quality…


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Tea Poetry by Rachel Hoyt

I am honored to say that TEA A MAGAZINE recently selected three of my poems for publication on their website: "I'm a Steam Pot" is a parody of the childhood tune by a similar name, updated to reflect the complexity of adulthood, "Taste Bud Travels" inspires the reader to allow…


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Need a Sample Query/Submission Cover Letter?

If you need help on how to write a query or submission cover letter, stop by my blog Zetta's Desk and see the sample we used as part of our submission guidelines.…


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Cover Your Eyes and Press ‘Submit’

Regretsy: I turned five marked-up drafts into a fun photo shoot! How's that for DIY?

Submitting your writing is kind of like applying to all the best colleges and then waiting on pins and needles for six or more…


Added by Kerina Pharr on February 15, 2012 at 1:00pm — 4 Comments

The Manila Envelope seeks your writing and artwork submissions!

Hi, All:

Just started an online literary and art magazine, The Manila Envelope.  Check it out an submit your work!…


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The Submission Mission: Online Literary Journals

During the October live chat, we talked about the pros and cons of print publication and online publication. The discussion raised questions and concerns, and we shared some approaches and resources.

We generally think that online submission systems might help us build regular submission habits, and we couldn't think of any online journals that didn't use online submissions systems.

We also see possibilities for quicker response and publishing…


Added by Anna Leahy on October 28, 2011 at 6:30pm — 8 Comments

Self-Publishing as Submission

The Submission Mission had an interesting discussion about self-publishing during the September Live Chat. I’m no expert of self-publishing, but here’s a quick follow-up to that conversation. My take-away was that self-publishing looks like an easier route but actually demands that the author put in a lot of time beyond the writing itself.

Perhaps the easiest way to self-publish is to set up a blog. I…


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Lots of updates!

My small press, Rozlyn Press, has released its first novel, A Long-Forgotten Truth by Rachel Ballard. We're also editing our second novel, The Galveston Chronicles by Audra Martin D'Aroma, due for release in early 2012. AND we're accepting submissions for Novel #3! Visit for more information!

Added by Alayne Bushey-Fiore on September 13, 2011 at 9:57am — No Comments

The Submission Mission: IDEA #3 FOR SUMMER

She Writes has changed its interface since the last live chat about The Submission Mission. To participate in a live chat, you must log in at She Writes (that’s not new). Then, look for the box partway down in the left two-thirds of the webpage—the box has tabs: Features, Community Blog, Events, Live Chat, Ask a She Writer. Just click on the Live Chat tab, and the chat window will…


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The Submission Mission: IDEA #2 FOR SUMMER

IDEA #2 FOR SUMMER: Define Submission Widely

            When I sit down, choose a few poems or a story to submit, and double-check the guidelines for a few literary journals, I’m in the process of submitting. Each envelope that goes out and each attachment to the online form or email counts as a submission. I’m sure we can all agree on that.…


Added by Anna Leahy on July 15, 2011 at 10:50am — 6 Comments

The Submission Mission: IDEA #1 FOR SUMMER

Idea #1 for Summer: BOOK REVIEWS

One way to get some publications under your belt while you’re finishing your novel or waiting for the responses to your poems from journals is to write book reviews. Here are some of the advantages:

  • If you review a book, you have to read it. That keeps you engaged with what’s being published right now and, therefore, allows you to understand the literary context your own creative work is entering.
  • If you’re going…

Added by Anna Leahy on July 5, 2011 at 10:47am — 4 Comments

Where To Submit!

On June 3, 2011, THE SUBMISSION MISSION (click HERE to join the She Writes group) had its second live chat. Out of that discussion and other posts since, we’ve developed some specific ideas about where to submit our writing. Here are some links! (The urls are live links, but I've posted the links as urls just in case you want that info.)

LET'S GET OUR WORK OUT THERE before the next live chat on July…


Added by Anna Leahy on June 18, 2011 at 4:47pm — 8 Comments

Tips for Developing Submission Habits (Tip #5)


Our second chat about submissions is THIS FRIDAY, June 3, at 3pm ET (noon for me in CA). We'll focus on "Where to Submit."

To read all the Tips for Developing Submission Habits, here are the links:



Added by Anna Leahy on June 1, 2011 at 10:30am — 2 Comments

Tips for Developing Submission Habits (Tip #4)


A lot of journals and literary agents have moved to doing everything electronically. Indeed, some of my post-chat submissions were accomplished by attaching a file to an email message or by using a submissions manger. But I was surprised that most of my submissions in this round—8 or 9 out of 13—were by regular postal mail.

Even if you think most of your submissions will be electronic, don’t put yourself into the situation of finding an…


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Tips for Developing Submission Habits (Tip #3)

These TIPS for developing positive submission habits emerged from the first live chat and The Submission Mission group: Join us for the next chat on June 3.

Tip #1:

Tip #2: …


Added by Anna Leahy on May 19, 2011 at 6:58pm — 1 Comment

Tips for Developing Submission Habits (Tip #2)

To start with Tip #1:

On Friday, May 6, The Submission Mission had its first live chat among SheWriters. Out of that conversation emerged some tips, which I'll post as we prepare for our second chat on June 3.


One great list of calls for creative work of all kinds is Creative…


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Short Story Synopsis Step I

Just posted on my blog, The deadline for submission is May 4.  Join in!

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Rants of a Shackled Egyptian

How badly can you want something? What would normally be the thing to do when you are placed with someone who has authority over the thing you want so much and withholds it from you? Would you walk your talk, confront them and live up with the consequences? Would you speak with fear of being denied your thing and so you acknowledge the authority lest you wake the beast?

My story today may not be that dramatic, but little violations of my rights everyday can turn me into… Continue

Added by Arwa Salah Mahmoud on November 1, 2010 at 12:00pm — No Comments


Finally got my web/blog up: Opinion Ink--so log in and sound off.
This is where we can share our never-to-be-humble opinions on art and life.
We have sections for poets to showcase, thughuggers to opine(those who love, live with, or work with felons) and all opinionated women to let 'er rip. We also have a location for calls for submissions: add one or take one.

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