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As a woman you need to prioritize

As someone running a small, successful and well-known business in the town where I live, I often have young and older women alike coming up to me and asking me the secret of my successful work-life balance. I feel good that these women consider me as someone who can dispense them with good advice but many times it becomes a bit overwhelming too. I feel like telling them, “It’s heart-warming that you are sharing your troubles with me, but I can assure you that I still haven’t figured out life…


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To the avid reader

WDA Publishing has several good books now available on Amazon. Go and see for yourself. There is something for every avid reader.

Thanks for all the support. Remember to leave a review when you are done.

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SAMSON – Young adult

MANSCAPES – Women’s Fiction…


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5 Habits You Should Adopt to Become a Financially Successful Woman

Just like empires, wealth cannot be built in one day. It requires days of discipline, sacrifice and determination to reach where financially successful women have reached today. These women are not just worthy of admiration but they also invoke the envy of other women who have not been able to gain their levels of…


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10 Inspirational Quotes from World's Influential Women

Gone are the days when women only stay at home, take care of the housework, do the cooking, laundry, raise and teach their children. Gone are the days wherein the main purpose of a woman is become a helpmate to her husband. Times have changed and so as the role and impact of women in the…


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Embracing Evolution

Only the embrace of a single breeze will reveal such a heavenly secret  . 

The essence of her soul is forever evolving  . 

A continuous cycle circling around all planets of her solar system …


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The Myth of the Female Voice

Over the past two years, I have been working on establishing my identity as an emerging female writer. Some of the challenges have been professional - submitting my first manuscript, receiving letters of rejection, and learning to meet the tough deadlines set by Trust Essays - one of the most competitive writing companies I have ever worked for.…


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Author Karen J. Hicks Announces Book Signing In Las Vegas, NV

November 3, 2014 (Las Vegas, NV) – Author Karen J. Hicks announced today that she will be signing copies of her novel The Coming Woman at Books or Books in Las Vegas, NV on November 15, 2014 at 1:00PM.


The Coming Woman is a novel based on the life of feminist Victoria…


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The Coming Woman by Karen J. Hicks

The Coming Woman, by Karen J. Hicks, is a novel based on the life of feminist Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to run for U.S. President, 50 years before women could even vote!

Running for President wasn’t Victoria’s only first as a woman. She was also the first to own a successful Wall Street firm,…


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If I told You

If I told you how beautiful you are,

Would you believe me?

Your inner beauty is truly incomparable.

Total beauty from the inside out.

One of a kind, without a doubt.…


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From To-Do to Ta-Dah!

What color is YOUR cape?

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Yesterday a good friend of mine shared that her week was more than overwhelming. On top of having to help one child with a project, she was trying to get a few things started to break into a new career and still manage to "make life work" by doing what she always expected of herself: taking care of the shopping, cleaning the house, kids, and of…

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Yesterday a good friend of mine shared that her week was more than overwhelming. On top of having to help one child with a project, she was trying to get a few things started to break into a new career and still manage to "make life work" by doing what she always expected of herself: taking care of the shopping, cleaning the house, kids, and of…

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All Art Friday

Today's new edition of All Art Friday spotlights "post", a new online newsletter from the MoMA, Melissa S. Armstrong's inventive use of unusual art materials (video included), Matina Marki Tillman's prints, prints and drawings of Lesley Dill, Paperblog, and the Art Institute of Chicago's "Picasso and Chicago" exhibition (video included).

The roundup highlights exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (Theaster Gates), Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (Jennifer…


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Jennifer Priester, author of the Mortal Witch series interviews Robin Donovan

Interview with Robin Donovan

Posted on May 10, 2013 by animalsandmagic

What is your name, your books name, genre, age level, and what is it about?

I am the author of the Donna Leigh Mystery series, my name is Robin Leemann Donovan. The first book in this cozy mystery series is entitled Is It Still Murder Even If She Was a Bitch?

Book display

Although Donna Leigh, the protagonist of…


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AROHO Announces the Winner & Finalists of The 6th $50,000 Gift of Freedom

Celebrate & Share the News of Women Winning
As AROHO's 5th Gift of Freedom winner Barb Johnson says, "when one woman wins we all…

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Book Trailer for Murder & Mayhem In Goose Pimple Junction

Thanks to Patti Roberts for designing book trailer for my mystery, Murder & Mayhem in Goose Pimple Junction.

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I'm a Complicated Read


I’m a graduate seminar

in existentialist

Jungian Black woman being


the colored girls version of Finnegan’s…


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I can think of few things that throw me into a rabid dissertation like ‘the other woman’ scandals.  And here is yet another.

Our revered CIA Director, General David Petraeus, another victim of RDS (restless dick syndrome) will rise above and probably run for public office; check under the bus and you’ll find Paula Broadwell.

There is no masculine word counter-part for ‘mistress’ and I’m wondering why the National Organization for Women hasn’t offered one up to the Urban…


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Coping With Criticism - Guest Post with author Cindy Vine

I am so happy to introduce you to a wonderful author, blogger, mommy, and teacher - Cindy Vine. Cindy is currently touring with her latest release - C U @ 8. She's been receiving wonderful reviews during her tour, and I know you're just going to love her!

Welcome Cindy!

Coping with criticism


Critical Friends

Wherever in the world you live, there will always be someone around who feels it…


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Five writerly lessons learned at Hedgebrook's VORTEXT

First published as "Women Writers Find Inspiration, Mandate to Create, at VORTEXT Retreat" on Feminist Wire.


The first ever VORTEXT event, Hedgebrook’s weekend retreat for women writers, began with Bastard out of Carolinaauthor Dorothy Allison growling from the keynote podium as though a preacher at a pulpit for the…


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