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Romantic Cozy Mystery On Audiobook

 Audiobook Giveaway Feb 4 - 14: To enter this contest, you must comment why you like listening to audiobooks. To listen to this audiobook, you must have an Amazon or Audible account. You must also have the Audible App on your smartphone or device.


Some people love to read books and others enjoy listening to them on their way to work or when they’re exercising. The narrator brings the story to life. It’s entertainment at its best as…


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Buy Wholesale Strapless Dresses From To Earn Great Profits with the Services As An Online Retailer

Today the classic styles, strapless style dresses have become the most favorite item to a large amount of women. It is the one style that brings out women’s femininity appropriately. Typically strapless dress dashes women having toned upper body, but can beautify others also if worn in a…


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Whitney McVeight's 'Birth: Origins at the End of Life'

Posted information about and trailer for 'Birth: Origins at the End of Life' by American artist Whitney McVeigh:

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Millennial Entrepreneurialism: Narcissism or Practicality?

I have never been happier professionally since I began to work for myself. I have worked for others in my life; I babysat when I was young, worked in restaurants as I was in high school and college, and worked in an office setting after graduation. While I never experienced any single event or endured a…


Added by Lisa D. Meyers on December 8, 2015 at 4:30am — 1 Comment

Thanks and Love to the Men Who Have Broken my Heart.

This meditation on love, heartbreak, and gratitude was written originally about ten years ago; it was edited and updated for Thanksgiving this year.

I'm convinced that love, a right-brain function, drives much of our…


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Mystery on the Bayou is a Fun New Cozy

Book Giveaway Nov 23 – Dec 7: You have a chance to win an e-book of a Cozy Mystery, Mystery on the Bayou. To enter the contest, make a comment about the interview and tell me why you enjoy mysteries.


It’s time to get cozy once again with the Amelia Moore Detective Series. Louisiana, the land of bayous and gumbo! Crawdads, jambalaya, swamps, alligators, and plenty of Spanish moss hanging from the trees! Mystery on the Bayou, book six, blends a nice…


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Guilt: As Charged…

Guilt is an inside job. It is as insidious as it is crafty and it is a creature of many disguises, showing up in many different forms.

I liken guilt to a ‘black tar, seeping down the back of your throat’ feeling. For some people, over time, this tar…


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Such a Shame…

Noun – A painful emotion resulting from an awareness of inadequacy or guilt.

This little creature lives in your mind as a neural pathway of your brain. Its effect on you as a person is in direct correlation with whether this emotion has been fostered in you, or not. Not many…


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Can I See You?


Exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.

To be vulnerable, by that definition, is hard to see as a good thing. The word exposed is not always one that people…


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In the Pursuit of Perfection…

Let me allow you in a little to a side of my nature I don’t often speak about – I am a born perfectionist. Yes siree! I like being efficient, I get pleasure out of knowing I have tried my hardest to get the results. For example, when I am creating a new brochure, if the…


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Is keeping busy really only veiling the loneliness?

There seems to be quite the glorification of busy in these times. If we can’t moan to our friends about how tired we are, how run down, how stressed, how very busy, it seems we don’t have much to say to each other sometimes. Even when it is positive busy-ness; building success,…


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Excerpt from "How Women Succeed - Inspiring Women to Create Their Own Success"

Dear She Writers,

I'm new here, so I thought I'd share an excerpt from my book to give you a bit of an impression who I am and what I do. The book is a spin-off of a women's empowerment initiative I've been running here in the Middle Eastern emirate of Qatar since 2009. I hope you enjoy the below excerpt.  


Success: It’s all about Empathy, Empowerment... and…


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Forgive But Don't Forget

Forgive But Don’t Forget


Please don’t forget. Forgive and forget are not synonymous, although my background would suggest they are. All my life it was “forgive and forget,” which, when you think about it, makes perfect sense – if you’re my parents. Forgetting was the same as pretending it,…


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Coming Out as a Novelist

I've been lurking around SheWrites for a long time ... almost since its inception, I think? I've never been quite sure how to best use this community, though I have routinely found others' posts about writing, editing, publishing, and all of the craziness of the process helpful. 

Now, I'm at the beginning of a year-long sabbatical from teaching (religion and gender & women's studies, Illinois College) for  which a major goal is moving my next book toward publication. It's not…


Added by Caryn Riswold on August 28, 2015 at 9:30am — 8 Comments

Literary Mentors: Who are Yours?

I’ve been thinking about literary mentorship. I have just gotten back from the incredible Room of Her Own Foundation's week long writing retreat held at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico.

A Room of Her Own's mission is: To inspire, fund, and champion works of art and literature by women.

Over 100 women:…


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She Writes the Sisters - Meg Waite Clayton

I've been eagerly anticipating the release of Meg Waite Clayton’s The Race for Paris, a novel in the same WWII genre of historical fiction as my novel Even in Darkness. While waiting, and in celebration of Meg's many contributions as a literary citizen, particularly to other writers, I recently indulged in the pleasure of re-reading The Wednesday Sisters, Meg's earlier novel about five women who formed a writer's group and then became best…


Added by Barbara Stark-Nemon on August 13, 2015 at 1:53pm — 6 Comments

Todd and Clare - the online dating by cell phone

I wanted to push some love towards a San Francisco couple, one Todd and Clare, who have helped my little sister find love, using her smartphone…

Warning: This is kind of therapy for me writing this, so feel free to bail if it’s too long and you’re not in for the extended read.

My 15-years-younger-than-me little sis, Taylor, had been looking for a truly nice (as in decent) guy - truthful, thoughtful, kind to others… for over 2 years since she left college. She was…


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'The Lady Lifers'

Posted a video performance of 'The Lady Lifers':

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Saturday Short

Posted Saturday Short, about Tori Murden McClure, who rowed into a hurricane:

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New Artist Watch Feature at Escape Into Life

Posted new Artist Watch feature at Escape Into Life. Today's column spotlights the stunning portraiture of Louise C. Fenne.

Introduction at Writing Without Paper:

Direct EIL Link:…


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