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Business and Career Improvements for Women

In the not so distant future we see tremendous enhancements on ladies strengthening over the globe. While I concede the occupation business sector is a long way from impeccable, sex balance and ladies' impact (and force) on the planet economy show noteworthy changes since the 70s.

Here are simply a couple...

Littler Gender Pay Gap

For a considerable length of time, ladies contended energetically to get equivalent pay with their male partners.…


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Footwear Industry Facts and Statistics [Infographic]

Did you know?

In Europe pointed toes on shoes were fashionable from the eleventh to the fifteenth centuries.

The first lady’s boot was designed for Queen Victoria in 1840.

This amazing visual representation, brought to you by Cocorose London, revolves around some of the less known facts and statistics about UK footwear industry.…


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Disbelief is coming ...

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It's a Nightmare

It's a Nightmare blog…


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On Death and Driving Lessons

I was two weeks shy of my 27th birthday when I moved back to my parents’ Toronto home after living away for nearly a decade.

Returning home was as hard a choice as it was an easy one. Hard because the idea of coming full circle felt like a failure to me; easy because I needed somewhere familiar to crash (and a warm bed and good food didn’t hurt, either).

What exacerbated matters, though, was my lack of a driver’s license. While I traveled via subway and cabs in New York City…


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On the Street: The Faces of Women

Posted a brief look at Tatyana Fazlalizadeh's ongoing public art project "Stop Telling Women to Smile". Learn how, through this project, women are empowering themselves to respond to gender-based street harassment.

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In today's world involving countless parmasuticals For women who live minor alternative as soon as considering contraceptive. In that respect isn't really many choices along the market for spermicide accessory. If substance spermicides are generally in opposition to your own opinions or even you might have allergic reactions to these after that Contragel Environmentally friendly may be your answer.

In regards to be able to Healthy Spermicide with industry, Contragel Environmentally…


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New Artist Watch Feature at Escape Into Life

I've posted a new Artist Watch feature at the online arts magazine Escape Into Life. Today, I present the fabulous assemblages of Page Turner.

My introduction is here:

Direct Link to EIL: …


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Single Women

So, you hate being single and you don’t understand why you can’t find the right man to share your life with. Every time you think you’ve found “the one,” he ends up being just like the others you’ve had before. You’ve questioned yourself, “Why do I keep attracting the same kind of man? What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I find a man that will respect and love me? Why do I attract men that like to cheat, lie, abuse me, and treat…


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She Writes/She Reads: Women and the New World of Publishing

The question of who gets to be a storyteller and of whose stories are read and acknowledged is crucial—not just for women, but for men and for the way civil society as a whole is constructed.

The “She Writes” in my title alludes to two things—my publisher, She Writes Press, and…


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The Beautiful World of Women's Shoes

Women are fond of fashion accessories. They want to keep their wardrobe updated with latest shoes and clothing. An average woman buys 3 pairs of shoes every year.

This infographic, created by Cocorose London, highlights some of the astonishing facts about women's shoes and their buying habbits. …


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Keeping this Menopausal Woman in Mind - Stormy Weather

Do not do unto others as you would have them do unto you—they might have different tastes.

George Bernard Shaw

This past week began with rain in Phoenix, so much rain that for the first time since I emigrated here, the weather forced me to stay home from work and my daughter to miss school. Even my mother called from her sunny kitchen in rural Derry, where the weather is cooperating and will hopefully stay dry for the …


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Open Letter: We must take action now to preserve Net Neutrality and protect women’s and girls’ voices online

The FCC’s current attempt to eviscerate Net Neutrality is a direct threat to our work and could have disastrous consequences for women & girls. With the public comment deadline looming, and a final decision from Chairman Wheeler and the FCC coming soon after that, it’s time to take…


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Women Write Out of the Binders

When I was young I had the hardest time learning to tie my shoes. My mother assured me with the wise words of “you know, you could eat an entire bear by yourself. Just take one bite at a time.” Her words helped me leave Velcro behind long ago, but I also thought of them again recently, in relation to my writing life.…


Added by Cynthia Manick on August 12, 2014 at 6:00pm — 2 Comments

If I told You

If I told you how beautiful you are,

Would you believe me?

Your inner beauty is truly incomparable.

Total beauty from the inside out.

One of a kind, without a doubt.…


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Claiming the Name of Writer

I did not consider myself a writer until I started working for Hedgebrook.


I was an actor who wrote occasionally, a theatre major who had gravitated toward non-profit communications, but not a writer.


When I was introduced to new people, the conversation would often go something like this:…


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John Siddique's 'End of Mango Season'

I've posted a video of a poetic meditation, written and read by John Siddique, that honors the memory of two girls who were raped and hanged in India.

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Writing Strong Women

Last year, I read “The Sandoval Sisters,” an award winning historical fiction book by Sandra Ramos O’Briant and enjoyed it so much that I…


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Saturday Short

Today's short is a stop-motion animation of drawings by Karina Puente of women's faces.

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Chicks Versus Dicks

"Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”—that is the age-old phrase that best explains the seemingly endless battle of the sexes. And while we technically aren’t from different universes, this mantra indicates a truth that we have learned to accept: we differ in more ways than not.

They say opposites attract though, right?


The differences between sexes are some of the first things noticeable at birth because of our telling…


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