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[BREAKFAST WITH THE MUSE] Falling in with What Your are Given

"Always fall in with what you're asked to accept.Take what is given, and make it over your way." — Robert Frost

This is one of my favorite quotes, something I try (often falteringly) to adhere to. It has helped me deal with…


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Writing Tip: Keep a Synopsis As You Go

When you first begin working on a book, it's easy to go back and read from the beginning to refresh your memory about key plot points, timelines, character insights, etc. The deeper you get into the writing process, however, the more unwieldy and time-consuming it becomes to read the entire thing. To avoid getting derailed by that habit, I suggest creating a chapter-by-chapter synopsis that you update as you progress. That way you can quickly reference the synopsis as needed instead of…


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I Can't Write in the Countryside

For years I've had visions of a residency in a bucolic setting, where I would sit in an antiquated room, with my computer as the only sign of modernity, and write my Great Novel. As a devotee of Austen I've nurtured fantasies of long walks, pensive hours of writing and close observation. And I want to have this experience, but recently I've discovered a problem. 

In this setting, no story will get written. Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "How could you not…


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Me As a Writer

    I have a lot of different quirks as a writer. Here is to name a few:

 1. All writers have different experiences with writing, but I think we all have this general need to write. It's like a craving. You can't just eat just one potato chip; just like writers can't write a sentence to make the craving go away. We write because we love it, and once we start, we can't stop. I am one of those people that will not stop writing for anything. Sometimes not even for food…


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I was going to write that

The other night I sat in my living room skimming through social media, plucking at a few pieces by writers I was excited to become familiar with through a workshop a year ago. A sour jolt of agitation slipped into my gut when I saw the title of one particular column - not because its content was upsetting - but because in my folder of unfinished writings, things I had convinced myself nobody else would relate to, was an almost identical title.

Reading further, I had to force myself to…


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Saturday Short

Posted Saturday Short, the lovely animation 'The Darkest Truth About Love', inspired by Alain de Botton's writings on the subject.

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How Not To Write... a few thoughts on how to actually get started...



-Listen to that voice that pounds the back of your skull with,“Not today. I can’t do it. I’ll start on Monday morning at 6 a.m., no, at 5 a.m.”


-Oversleep on Monday morning until 7 a.m. and decide it’s way too late to start.…


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How to Become a Better Writer Ever; Write to Educate

I have been writing for my whole life or if nothing else for whatever length of time that I can recall and I would not set out say that I know everything there is to think about composing. In any case, I do know a couple of things about improving as a writer because this is a trip that I have additionally been on for my whole life. As an expert writer, I do not trust I can ever learn all that there is to learn about composting. As a writer, I do not imagine that I can ever accomplish the…


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Storytelling (Poem)

Posted new poem, 'Storytelling':

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Interview with Jane Tesh, author of ‘Butterfly Waltz’

Jane Tesh had the great good fortune to be born on the very last day of 1949 into a wonderful Southern family whose idea of a good time was to gather on the front porch and tell jokes and stories. She was also blessed with a detailed fantasy life and a host of imaginary friends who developed into characters for her books.

For thirty years, her day job was elementary…


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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with 'Latina Authors and Their Muses'


I'm thrilled to announce that the ebook version of Latina Authors and Their Muses has just been released and is now available on Amazon at:

Special introductory price of 99…


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Try Something New

We’ve all been there: stuck. The pages seem flat; we don’t know what comes next.  And what’s worse, writing is a lonely business, so there’s no team, or department, not even any customers to get ideas from. Before a lack of inspiration becomes full-blown writers block, and even after it does, how can we get out of our own way and back to writing? Here are three tips that work for me:

Try on a new voice: If you are a writer, you have books on your shelves. Probably a full…


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Summer WIP - Time to Put Baby in Bed!

by Patricia Robertson…


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Writers on Wellness

Happy to share I'm featured on Colleen M. Story's 'Writing and Wellness' site:

Book tour, golf selfie, cupcakes, and Lulu pics included!



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5 Ways Authors Become Scribezillas, and What To Do About It

It seems to be a law of the universe that otherwise rational people get a little wacky leading up to their publication date; and this can continue well into post-publication too. Becoming an author is an angsty life event, and even the most grounded among us can become unglued. A lot of the authors I’ve…


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Ten Years is Okay

I have been working on my memoir for at least ten years. Actually, longer than that considering I sent my first draft to a professional editor in 2005.

I deemed it ready for a professional read after wearing out the “spelling and grammar” button and knowing there was nothing left in me to express what I hadn’t already done in my…


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The Documentary 'Why Doctors Write'

Posted trailer for in-production documentary, "Why Doctors Write" (Ken Browne Productions):

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Monday Muse: New Louisiana Poet Laureate

Posted Monday Muse profile of Peter Cooley, new Poet Laureate of Louisiana:

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Thought for the Day

Posted Thought for the Day, a quote from Mahmoud Darwish's 'This Is Forgetfulness':

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My Ideal Writers’ Group – Seven Ways to Make It Work

I bet we each have an idea of what a perfect writers group should be. Many an article has been written on the topic.  After hanging out with writers groups from coast to coast for nigh on to thirty years, I offer yet another view – my own. Spoiler:  the slant is decidedly toward publishing everything written.



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