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Alone in Paris Book Trailer

   Here is the book trailer for Alone in Paris!

  I know it is just a slideshow but…


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a writers folly...

a writers folly...


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Can You Improve Your Writing Skills by Doing Your Homework?

How often do you ask yourself "why do I do my homework - it's no sense to do". But there is and if you are a responsible person, you will see a great impact on it in your future. 

In an overtly digital world where social media and…


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Creative Essay – A complete Guide.

Every time when students think of essays, they imagine the five to six paragraph style of essay that has been practiced during their grade school or written by any custom essay writing service. On the other hand, not all essays have to be so strict and structured. When it comes to creative essays, the writer gets to choose how to layout his unique point of view or ideas to the readers.

Creative Essays are written to express author’s views, thought and feelings rather than to simply…


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Three Writing Tips for Aspiring Authors

Every author has a different way of getting to the finish line, but is there a best way? Expert Anne Janzer, who wrote a book called The Writer's Process, says the path to publication includes researching, thinking deeply,…


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The Advantages of Self-Publishing

   I have self-published 2 books now and I wanted to share some advantages of self-publishing with you guys now that I feel that I have enough experience. Sometime down the line, I will write disadvantages to self-publishing as well so you can decide the best route for yourself.

 You basically have total say in the book cover. This does come out of your own time and pocket. I would not recommend making your own unless you have experience and can make the cover look…


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Alone in Paris - Chapter One: The Romantic Streets of Paris

   This is the first chapter of Alone in Paris. Enjoy!

Chapter One: The Romantic Streets of Paris

 The streets of Paris are crowded. Because of this, I don’t want to stay long.…


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Alone in Paris BLOG

   Hey guys! I have some news. Not big news, but news.

 I started an Alone in Paris blog so you guys have one place to go to look at anything involving Alone in Paris. Here is the link,

 And now I'm going to tell you a little bit about it. So I came up with the idea to start a blog for Alone in Paris about 4 hours ago, while I was procrastinating. I'm supposed…


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What I Do When I Can't Write...

   What I do when I can't write.... I'm going to be telling you guys a lot today.

 I don't like it when I can't write. Now, I'm not talking about not being able to write because to every writer's good ol' pal writer's block. And I'm not talking about when you have to miss a day or two of writing because of a busy schedule.

 Oh no. I'm talking about not being able to write for weeks - sometimes months. Yeah, I know you cringed too.

 I'm a college…


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The Creative Kick in the Pants You Need (You're Welcome)

On a recent drive to Michigan, I passed the time by listening to author Elizabeth Gilbert being interviewed on the podcast “On Being.” She was talking about the creative process and said the same words that I’ve read on the back cover of her new book, Big Magic:

“The work wants to be made, and it wants to be made through you.”

I admit, I teared up. I’ve heard this quote from her before, but it had never hit me so…


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How a Writer to Deal with Readers' Criticism

Criticism may become a great tool for your text improvement. However, unprofessional criticism may only lead to the situations where you feel frustrated and disappointed because of your writing, but do not know why exactly you feel like that. That’s why, for a writer, it is crucially important to know how to deal with criticism and how to take the most out of it.

As a writer, you should always remember that everyone has their own opinion, but there are some people who always…


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Editing Too Much Can Hold You Back

Do you spend hours tinkering with a single paragraph to get it just right? I used to do that too. When you're not sure what to write next, do you go back and polish what you've already written? Same here. When I was writing my first novel, Perfect on Paper, I spent a lot of time tweaking every little…


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Fiction vs Nonfiction Book Blurbs

Hi. I wanted to clarify the difference between Fiction and Nonfiction back cover copy. They serve different purposes and need to be treated differently.

To be sure we're on the same page, this is the copy also known as the book description, not to be confused with "blurbs" which come from reviewers.

Nonfiction Back Cover Copy

The nonfiction back cover copy is about the destination. The reader wants to know what they are going to get…


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One Scene, Three Places

The place in which a scene in a novel is set has a tremendous effect on how the story’s characters will feel and react. The place can also affect how your reader will understand and respond to the scene.


In order to understand how place affects a scene, let’s look at a simple dialogue between…


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What Do Solid Writers to Create Excellent Resumes

One of the worst things – apart from lying of course – to do on a resume is to write it poorly. Actually, recruiters and hiring managers alike have gone on record complaining about the tons of poorly-written resumes that are forwarded to their desks.

Whether you are a writer or you have hired a professional resume writer, the following are some of the things solid writers…


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How to Keep Your Resume Formatting Consistent

Writing a resume could be exciting or boring, stressful or fun, or maybe even anything in between. It’s difficult to downplay the significance of a resume when you know that it’s you telling a hiring manager all the reasons why you are the one. However way you choose to think about it, the point is that a resume is a marketing document that is designed to make whoever reads it want to meet you. For this reason it would be great to use a professional…


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Enroll Now: Reading and Writing from Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life

Class Title: Reading and Writing from Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life

Instructor: Rachael Beaty

Class Term: January 30-March 6, 2017

enroll in this class


One of the classic books on writing is Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life. We will read this book over 5 weeks and also write from prompts inspired by the…


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Why We Can't Stress Highlighting Your Acheivements Enough in Resume

Your resume's job is to spread the word about what you can do and how well you can do it. In many cases it's your only chance to get an interview for a job and therefore in order to give you a competitive edge, it should represent the best version of you and as such, it should be riddled with your achievements.…


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Why Your One-Size-Fits-All Resume Isn't Getting You Noticed

When applying for a job vacancy, a resume should reflect the needs and wants of the position you are applying for. A one-size-fits-all resume is a general resume and can sometimes be vague. If you are doing your job hunt with such kind of resume, you are wasting your time and energy. It’s recommended that you don’t send a general resume in a specific job listing since employers are looking for someone who can take a specific role. For example, if you are applying for the position of a…


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My book died last week.

The funeral was this morning; it was a sombre affair, everybody dressed…


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