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Writing: The Enemy of Mindfulness?

I meditate, but only for 10-minute stints, and I don't do it every day.  I’m a very sporadic and inconsistent yogi. I've never been to an ashram and probably never will.


Yet, I claim to live a (sorta) mindful life.   I can sit in traffic or get horribly lost and…


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Monday Muse: Interview with Poet Fred Foote

Posted Part 1 of my three-part interview with poet Fred Foote:

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Summer WIP - Getting my Baby Ready for School!

Off to school!

Off to school!

Families throughout the country are preparing for back to school. Continuing with my birthing a book and raising it to adulthood theme, I’m now preparing my book for school.

One of the first things you do when you have a baby is name it. I had a working title,…


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Envy and Ambition: The Writing Life.

Some time ago when I was an actor, a dear friend got a dream part, that of a strong, successful creature, a woman with a woman's sexuality, not a man's fantasy versions of it. Plus, she got to age 40 years without the benefit of makeup. 

She was…


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My Writing Journey

   I started writing when I was 14 and it changed everything. I can't even begin to describe how much it changed my life, and me.

 I started my first novel in a notebook until I got my first computer. Typing was so much faster than writing with a pen. I was amazed by how many words I could write in a day--and amazed that my computer kept up with how many words I had. My first complete novel wasn't good. In fact, it was horrible. My writing had no structure and no…


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Inside Ship Windows (Poem)

New poem composed of word found among TweetSpeak Poetry's 'Top 10 #DipIntoPoetry Lines':

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Writing Tip: Be Careful, Don't Overuse Uncommon Gestures and Actions

I recently read a novel in which multiple people winked at the protagonist in the opening pages. I found this quite odd. When was the last time someone winked at you? When was the last time more than one person winked at you? I don't think anyone has ever winked at me. 

As I read on, the winking continued, and soon it was joined by a lot of giggling, which also jumped out at me because everyone in the story was an adult, and I don't know many adults who giggle. But on it…


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Literary Mentors: Who are Yours?

I’ve been thinking about literary mentorship. I have just gotten back from the incredible Room of Her Own Foundation's week long writing retreat held at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico.

A Room of Her Own's mission is: To inspire, fund, and champion works of art and literature by women.

Over 100 women:…


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Writing Memoir: Pacing

When we speak of pacing in fiction, we are talking about the interweave of narrative, description, dialogue, and conflicts and decisions. The plot pulls the story along and keeps the reader turning the pages. In some ways, how much or how little of these elements you use is subjective. Consider what you like when you read. For example, I prefer limited amount of dialogue and enjoy intricate descriptions of the characters’ inner workings, what he or she is thinking and feeling and why they…


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How to Get Over the Fear of Writing and Publishing

"The brave are simply those with the clearest vision of what is before them—glory and danger alike—and, notwithstanding, go out to meet it."

—Leopold (Hugh Jackman), Kate and Leopold


It takes a certain amount of bravery to be a…


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How to Avoid Stress while Fulfilling Assignments

Creating an essay is a difficult assignment, especially if you do not have considerable writing skills. The situation worsens if you lack time or cannot gather relevant information for conducting detailed research. Hence, do not become upset, because there is a correct solution to your problem. If you require an exclusive, a well-structured and non-plagiarized paper, it is advisable to contact a trustworthy paper writing agency.

Though the Internet is overwhelmed with agencies…


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[THE WRITER'S LIFE] Think Differently

Think different.

You just edited me didn't you?

I did the same thing each morning I walked into the computer lab in which I helped the upcoming generation navigate the dangers of the Internet and the vagaries of Microsoft Word. Those Apple Think Different posters hung on the…


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Monday Muse: Writers' Apps

Posted Monday Muse: a look at writers' apps.

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Thought for the Day

A quote from Jane Hirshfield's poem 'Runner' is the Thought for the Day:

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How Do You Know If You’re Good? 3 Ways to Get Validation for Your Writing

Writers struggle with their inner critics more than most artists, I think. But they suffer from outside criticism more than most artists, too. I get asked nearly every week some variation of this question: How do I know if my writing is good? Good enough? Worthwhile? If readers will like it? If readers…


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Before Starting Your First Book

    Deciding to write a book is the easy part, everything gets difficult from there on, but I thought I'd share some tips with you before you get started on writing your first book.

 First, you will need to decide whether you will be writing in present, past, third person omniscient, third person objective, or third person limited omniscient. Research what these mean before starting.

 Main character. You don’t have to have his/her personality figured out entirely--you…


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A year after Ferguson (Poem)

Posted 'A year after Ferguson', new poem:

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Memoir: how to deal with emotional overload

When writing memoir, it is inevitable that emotions will rise to the surface as we describe both happy and sad memories. Sometimes writing memoir stirs the caldron of unresolved emotions. Rage, guilt, shame, hurt, and fear can all surge back immediately, even if we have done everything we can to heal, from therapy to moving on to a new life. While sifting through the details of the past, we may suddenly have revelations that shed new light on our motivations and personalities, and on others…


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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

decisions (picture courtesy of Flickr, Scott McLeod)

As part of a 40 hour video summit, I heard Joanna Penn speak about how exhausting it can be to write because you are constantly having to make decisions: What is my character like? What job do they hold? Where do they live? What do they do each day? What are their favorite foods? It’s endless.

That’s why writing a series can be easier than writing a stand alone book. At least once you get your characters in place, you don’t…


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[Body, Mind & Spirit] What Happens To Your Journals When You Die?

Last week I read a passage in Shelter Us, a novel by She Writes Press author Laura…


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