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Claiming the Name of Writer

I did not consider myself a writer until I started working for Hedgebrook.


I was an actor who wrote occasionally, a theatre major who had gravitated toward non-profit communications, but not a writer.


When I was introduced to new people, the conversation would often go something like this:…


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30 Deadly-Effective Ways to Free Up Bits, Drips & Gimungously Vast Swaths of Time for Writing

This post originally appeared on my blog, Madam Mayo

Where do you find the time? (Was it hiding in the crawlspace?) It’s not so much finding time as it is prying your physical presence and attention away, either permanently or for a spell, from someone, something, someplace less valuable to you—if you really do want to…


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Are These Four Beliefs Keeping You from Starting Your Novel?

Few endeavors are as complex, challenging, exciting, terrifying, joyful, exhausting, frustrating, and just plain fun as writing a novel. Few bring as many tears—or as much fulfillment. And very few are as hard. For many new writers, the biggest challenge is getting started. First-time novelists…


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Monday Muse: Mahmoud Darwish Film

Posted Monday Muse, a look at a new documentary about Palestinian national poet Mahmoud Darwish: 'Write Down, I Am an Arab':

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Guide to Owning a Basic Beauty Kit for Under $25

Women love fashion and writing about beauty and fashion is always a cup of tea for female writers. So let’s discuss something about beauty kits. Many of us who own a beauty kit know that when it comes to fashion and style, nothing comes cheap. Try buying branded eyeliner and you will be asked to fork up a cool $10, at the least. The same is the case with other beauty products, and by the time you have your kit in place you would have spent somewhere upwards of $100. Now that is not a small…


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Thought for the Day

Posted Thought for the Day, a quote from William Stafford's poem 'You and Art':

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Romance Writing Insight: Why I Prefer NOT to Have a Best Seller

My newest multicultural romance, A Lover for Beth, is one of my best-selling short stories to date. It's shot up the Amazon charts, ranking in the Top 100 in three separate categories (as the accompanying graphic illustrates). Of course, I'm thrilled. But it's also thrown me for a loop. How/why?…


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Importance of Hiring Content Writing Service

For a website, content plays an important role that allows readers to attract towards the service and understand what the service is all about. With internet marketing rising up to be one of the best ways to promote any product, website or service in the online realm is by content. From social media marketing and blogging to PPC marketing, plenty of ways have come up for online marketing. Hiring content writing service is the…


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Syntax of Distancing (Poem)

Posted new poem, "Syntax of Distancing":

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Monday Muse: North Carolina Poet Laureate

Monday Muse provides an update on the outcome of North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory's announcement of a new Poet Laureate:

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TGIF basic thoughts on Writing

It's one of those summer Friday afternoons when I feel like I should keep writing but instead am just thinking of writing... so here's my top 10 basic TGIF writing tips...

1) Write on a regular schedule.(Doesn't have to include Friday afternoons!) 

2) Finish a first draft of what you write. 

3) Re-write. 

4) Share it with someone who reads a lot.

5) Re-write and look at plot…


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Learn Something New Every Day! Explore the Best Educational Websites!

The online world offers educational games, videos, worksheets, lesson plans, project ideas, graphic organizers, academic writing assistance, and anything else you could think of. However, not everything is relevant in that sea of information. It can be difficult to navigate throughout the crowded online environment, which is why we decided to make a list of the most outstanding educational websites that everyone should start exploring. …


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Magnolia (Poem)

Posted a new, three-line poem: 'Magnolia':

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7 Habits that Will Help You Keep Writing When Writing Gets Tough

I’ve said it before and I don’t mine repeating it: The # 1 thing you need if you want to make it as a writer—and I’ll leave it to you to define “making it” for yourself—is not talent, training, connections, or luck. It’s perseverance—the ability to keep your fingers to the keyboard or your pen to the page whether your writing is soaring or slumping.

Perseverance isn’t magical. It isn’t bestowed on us by the gods. We’re not born with it. It’s something we can choose. It isn’t always…


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Planning a book launch: Four months out

(Sixth in a series.)

Four months to go! In the month of June (which was four months pre-pub for me), the days get longer, the children’s bedtimes starts shifting as we linger at the dinner table outdoors amid the smells of neighborhood…


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When Friends Become Freexes: How to Break Up With a Friend

All right, I admit it: my breakup rate is pretty high. I’ve got a lot of exes. Make that, frexes. Frexes, of course, meaning friends who are no longer the keepers of your secrets, your amigos, your dawgs.

Time and distance was a factor for some, while other breakups were the result of, well, life. Just like a romantic relationship, if the two people involved are not growing together, they are inevitably growing apart. But unlike a romantic partnership in which we routinely throw the…


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Thought for the Day

Posted Thought for the Day: Robert Pinsky on arts education.

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Thursday's Three on Poetry and Literature

Today's post offers a trio of interesting calls for literary submissions:

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Cirrostratus (Poem)

A new poem, 'Cirrostratus', is up:

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Why No Woman Should Ever Be Scared of Turning 30

When I was a teenager, I couldn’t see myself past the age of 30. In my diary, I routinely recorded that I would win my first Oscar by 23 years old, be married by 27 (either to Ben Affleck or David Duchovny) and push out my first baby by 29.  Beyond that was just darkness; a horribly scary void that meant the end of supple skin, a high metabolism and acceptable irresponsibility masked as “just bein’ young, son.”

Well, I’m 31 now (actually, I’m writing this to you on my…


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