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Sex and The Writer

Iconic: The camera was used to take this picture of a sailor kissing a nurse in New York's Times Square

(Iconic: Photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt's image of an impulsive sailor kissing a woman he did not know in New York's Times Square to celebrate Japan's surrender in 1945, became one of the most iconic of the 20th century. The Leica IIIa rangefinder he used sold for…


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Romance Writing Tip #15

Should You Design Your Own Romance Novel Covers?

If you've been reading my romance writing tips, you know that my background is as a non-fiction, how-to business writer. I've written over 50 ebooks did most of my own ebook covers.

When I first started writing romance, I outsourced the covers but recently started to do them myself. Why? Well really it was a time…


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When is it time to stop reading about writing and just write?

These are interesting times to be a budding writer. Thanks to the boom of self-publishing and the Internet, it is more than easy to research how to write, how to get published, how to self-market, etc. There is barely a writing-related topic that doesn’t have a good few articles written about it.

The wisest of new writers and aspiring authors will take advantage of this and allocate some time for reading about writing, reading about publishing--basically just learning about their…


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Romance Writing Tip #14

Should You Use Your Own Love Life as Material for Your Romance Novel?

In yesterday's post, we discussed one of the easiest ways to write your first romance novel quickly -- and that is to use your own experiences. So yes, I think using your own love life is an excellent…


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What Would Diane Lockhart Do? And Why It Matters to Writers

Last week I had a few bad days. A conflict at work was niggling at me. Things weren’t going well with an editor. Work on my latest book was dragging. The stress turned into a giant migraine, making me cancel my classes for a day—something I detest doing.

I spent Thursday nursing my headache and feeling sorry for myself, saying dumb things like, Why is everything going wrong? Then I asked myself a question:…


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Monday Muse: Auden Documentary

Monday Muse offers a peek at the documentary "Wystan: The Life, Love and Death of a Poet":

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Five things that stop you writing

Is it procrastination-ville where you live? These are some of the top things that stop me writing:

5. Family members and pets! There is always someone demanding my attention in some way if I am writing. I can’t lock myself away in another room (the cats try to break the door down), so I try to occupy them with a nice warm fire or computer games (for the OH, not the cats), before I start.

4. TV! The call of trashy TV or Big Bang Theory is hard to resist. “I’ll just watch one…


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Query Burn Out

Last year I finished the manuscript for my first novel. Through the process of writing it  I had several readers and hired an editor. Things didn't work out with the editor so I trudged onward on my own. I also workshopped the book several times in professional writer's groups.

I read the…


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Daphne's Dilemma

Recently one of the book reviews I wrote All The Birds, Singing resulted in a comment asking to hear more of my own story.

So over the last two days I share a short story, which is true, called Daphne's Dilemma.

It happened when I was 11 or 12 year's old, a child confronting life, birth and death. I would love you to read it and let me know what you…


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O is for Openings

Grand openings, opening day at the ball park, opening presents Christmas morning, opening the door of your first home and opening that acceptance letter: What could be more exciting than opening something new?


And these moments should be exciting.  As writers we…


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Romance Writing Tip of the Day: #12

When Short Previews Sell Better Than Long Previews

In the last post here, we discussed whether short or long previews help you sell more. Today, we're going to look at when -- based on my experience -- short previews are just fine.

One word -- series, as in, when you publish more than one book featuring the same characters.

For example, I'm in the middle of a three-book series right now. The first two parts have been published (…


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Turnkey Construction (Poem)

Posted 'Turnkey Construction', new poem:

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The 5 Things Resilient Writers Avoid

Transform your writing life one week at a time. Free right here

A few months ago, published a post by Cheryl Conner on the 13 things mentally strong people…


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Romance Writing Tip of the Day: #11

How Much of a Preview Should You Give Readers of Your New Romance Novel

In the last post, we discussed One Simple Way to Sell More Copies of Your Romance Novel. I just want wanted to expand upon this tip a bit, which was all about letting readers know what you're working on from one novel to the next.

My previews  are short…


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Monday Muse: 'Life of a Poet' Series

Monday Muse looks at the "Life of a Poet" series presented by the Poetry and Literature Center at the Library of Congress.

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[BODY, MIND & SPIRIT] Why Writing Isn’t Selfish Navel-Gazing

Recently, in my writing class, one of my students apologized because she’d spent her thirty minutes of writing time scribbling what she described as “nothing worth reading.” This woman is a wonderful poet, fiction writer, and English Department Chair at one of the most prestigious private schools in Los…


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Thought for the Day

Today's quote is from Gabriel Garcia Marquez, from a Paris Review interview:

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Send more snail mail for National Letter Writing Month

Readers of my blog know all about how much I adore writing and receiving letters. I love it so much that I’ve had two mini campaigns (here and …


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Some Lessons I've Learned Since I Started Self-Publishing

This entire self-publishing journey I’ve been on since 2012 has been frustrating, cathartic, satisfying. When I first started, I had no clue what I was doing–I just jumped in and hoped for the best. Now you can take classes and learn the ‘right’ way to do it. I kind of like learning by…


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John Siddique's 'Whirlpool'

I've posted John Siddique's beautiful new videopoem "Whirlpool":

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