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Writing Style (Finding Your Voice)

   It's important as a writer to find your voice. But it can be a challenge.

 Writing style refers to the manner in which an author chooses to write to his or her audience. A style reveals both the writer's personality and voice, but it also shows how he or she perceives the audience. The choice of a conceptual writing style molds the overall character of the work.…


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How do I find my voice?

Voice: How does memoir writing differ from fiction? How do I find my voice?


The difference between fiction and memoir is not only the structure that the writing takes, but the fact that your readers have to resonate with you as a character. Your voice must reflect who you are, not a persona, and yet at the same time, you are the protagonist. You have experiences, adventures, struggles and revelations, insights and self-awareness leading to transformation, healing or…


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4 Simple Ways to Create Joy in Your Writing Life

As a writer, writing teacher, and coach, I have long been interested in joy. In Writing as a Sacred Path, I come back to this question again and again: What brings joy to the writing…


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Writing is about Showing Up

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Infographic: Unusual Jobs of Famous Writers

 In the infographic below, Unplag plagiarism checker dives into big-name writers and their extraordinary jobs.

 You might think all big-­name writers became famous at once. However, this is far from the case. Many of big­-name authors had unbelievably weird jobs not related to their writing careers at all.…


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Writing Memoir: secondary characters, how do we handle writing about people we know?

We know that the stories we are compelled to write are the stories that haunt us, the ones that won’t let go. For many of us, these stories are based on memories. We write memoirs in order to reflect on our past and make sense of it, to share our experiences and the insights gained, and to capture those moments of joy or terror that make us who we are. I believe every one of us has a powerful and engaging story to tell.


“What would happen if…


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My Weird Writing Habits

   All writers are weird. We're usually awkward and would rather sit at our desks and type away all day rather than exposing ourselves to the great outdoors. I guess we're also like vampires...

 All writers have different ways of writing, and ways of how to write. Some of us sit at our computers for hours on end every day, while others can only write so many words a day, or week, etc. Every writer is different and has their own way of doing things as they write the stories they…


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Monday Muse: Poets on Poetry

Posted Monday Muse column highlighting interviews or features in which poets speak about poetry:

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Re-Learning Character Development

My latest book taught me so many things about writing, but the thing I was surprised by the most was the character development.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written a story with these characters.  It’s not even the fifth or ninth time.  Their first story sparked an idea in my brain almost ten years ago and, while the story, their world, and the relationships have changed, many…


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Understanding the Basics of Writing Your Grant Proposal

Whether a business, institution, or organization continuously applies for grants or only has use for occasional funding, knowing the keys to grant writing may increase the likelihood of getting one. Grant administrators can be very specific with regards to the projects they choose to fund, so it's important to plan ahead and allow enough time to put together a stunning application that will be appealing upon review.…


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How I wrote my first novel.

I still have the book of Grimm fairytales my parents bought me when I was a toddler. It is a well worn treasure. Reading or listening to stories has always had a special magic for me. I am fascinated with how authors tell their tales or how they describe what is happening. In first grade I…


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Against Guilt

Writing mothers feel guilty. We shouldn’t. Here’s why.

Last week, I packed my laptop and hit the road Thelma-and-Louise style with fellow She Writer Christine Wolf. We were leaving our families and heading for…


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Progress Report: Breakthrough! Do you have a place you go when you are stuck?

Lake St. James cropped (View from deck of cottage)

For me, that place is my brother’s cottage on Lake St. James. There’s something about getting away from my daily responsibilities and routines, something about quiet, nature and water, that heals and opens up the creative channel within me.

Summer doesn’t really begin until I spend time up north. This used to be at my parents’ cottage and now is…


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Thursday's Three on Art

Posted Thursday's Three on Art: a trio of quotes from a memoir and two biographies of artists.

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Get The Darkest Light for Free

Right now until July 31st, you can get my novel, The Darkest Light for FREE at! Get your free copy by using the promo-code, SW100 at check out!…


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Storytelling as Ceremony and Homage (Letter to a Creative Friend)

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your lovely letter and questions about my creative process, questions that have asked me to ponder matters which, if I’m being honest, I have for some years now left,…


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Writing a Novel is Like Eating an Elephant: 10 Tips for Better Writing

Photo by: Tambako The Jaguar.

Just how does one eat an elephant? Of course, I would never consider eating such a majestic creature, but if I did, the process would be…


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Writing a Book (Writing Your First Book)

   Writing a book can be a wonderfully difficult experience.

 I have a few tips to help you get started:

 Start small. You don't have to sit down and write a full chapter in the one day that you decide to write a book. Maybe just a few words to get you started, or you can write down all the ideas you have for the book. That's where my second tip comes in.

 Have an outline. Have a relative idea of what you want to write about? Good. You should…


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[THE WRITER'S LIFE] Writing as Nourishment

I once wrote about writing as compared to a long, cool drink of water:


“Writing [now] is like taking a long cool drink of water after a walk down a hot dusty road--revitalizing.  I often forget to do that--take a long cool drink of water, literally. When I’m tired or stressed I look to some…


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Literary Bean Dip: Layering the Story

One of the things I learned writing my last project was layering it.  Like when you’re at a party and want that seven layer taco bean dip thing that is the ultimate dip to end all dips.  In stories the layers don’t come together on the first try, though.  Sometimes they don’t all come together even by the third or fourth try.

Layering a…


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