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Monday Muse: A Writer's Courage and Wisdom

Monday Muse posts a video of the wonderful speech writer Ursula K. Le Guin gave on accepting a lifetime achievement award from National Book Awards.

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Joan Didion Documentary

A preliminary peek at the documentary about writer Joan Didion:

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7 Ways to Be Happy with Your Writing Career

Many professionals have changed careers to pursue their calling in the writing realm. Although, it's difficult to penetrate the writing industry they took the risks and fulfill their dreams, in spite of receiving little or no pay at all. Are these writers happy with what they do? Some would answer that they are happy while others might say they're working on it.

There are glorious days wherein writers cannot contain their happy hormones. They enjoy more their writing projects…


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Monday Muse: Margaret Atwood on Writing

Posted Monday Muse, a video in which Margaret Atwood talks about her creative process:

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Thought for the Day

Posted Thought for the Day, a quote from Christian Wiman's poem 'Love's Last' from his collection 'Once in the West': ;

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The Soggy Middle Troubleshooting Guide

Last weekend at the Suffolk Mystery Authors Festival, I spoke with several writers who have gotten stuck in the middle of their books. They’ve got their plot points and character sheets. They start strong–love their hook, establish their characters and story, and then…nothing. Something…


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Slant Sun (Poem)

Posted 'Slant Sun', an ekphrastic poem.

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Loving What You Write

I was walking around my yard in a bit of a daze. The day before I had finished the novel revision I’d been working on for months. Like the crazy woman I am, instead of resting I was trying to organize my thoughts for the next novel. But I felt like I didn’t know how to steady myself in the real world after being in my previous novel’s world…


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A Perfectionist's Guide to Crappy First Drafts

A Perfectionist's Guide to Crappy First Drafts | Jeni Chappelle Hi NaNo-ers and non-NaNo-ers. I was all set to write a post this week about how it’s okay to write a crappy first draft because you can always revise it…yada yada yada. I started writing it several times before I realized the problem: even I don’t believe that. See, this advice about writing crappy first drafts came about because…


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Setting up for success with Scrivener

I went though a lot of of drafts when I was working on my memoir Before the Revolution (due out 2016 from Random House Canada.) And I mean, a lot.  Although my book is short, it was challenging on a traditional word processor to keep track of timelines, references, pseudonyms. My weird childhood story with its communal living and complicated relationships needed all the organizational help it could get!

I used index cards, heading styles, sticky notes and foot notes to try and track…


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Monday Muse Asks Did You Know

Posted a new Did You Know column offering poetry-related information that may be new to you.

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Thought for the Day

Posted Thought for the Day, a quote from Wesley McNair's 'Mapping the Heart':

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Saturday Short

Today's short is a video introduction to the inaugural digital editions of 'The Complete Prose of T.S. Eliot':

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On Death and Driving Lessons

I was two weeks shy of my 27th birthday when I moved back to my parents’ Toronto home after living away for nearly a decade.

Returning home was as hard a choice as it was an easy one. Hard because the idea of coming full circle felt like a failure to me; easy because I needed somewhere familiar to crash (and a warm bed and good food didn’t hurt, either).

What exacerbated matters, though, was my lack of a driver’s license. While I traveled via subway and cabs in New York City…


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When I Was Unemployed And Starving, I Worked For A 1-800-Psychic Hotline

Throughout my teenage years, I spent many hours at the local occult store where I would purchase healing crystals, runes, pendulums, dream catchers and sage (lots of sage), and eventually my own deck of tarot cards.

Fortune-telling quickly became a favorite pastime among me and my friends. Anything and everything that could unlock the secrets of what our futures held—tea leaves, dream interpretation, palmistry—immediately held our attention until the next thing…


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Calculation (Poem)

Posted 'Calculation', new poem:

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Answers to Your NaNoWriMo Questions

A lot of you have been emailing me to ask for NaNoWriMo advice posts. So much has been written about this topic that I’m not sure I have much to add.

Instead, I’m going to answer some of the questions that multiple writers have asked me.

Q: What’s…


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31 Things Every Girl Should Learn From Online Writing Experts

Though some girls are sure they know…


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What Parts of The Writing Life Scare You?


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How to Write Comparative Essays?

How many times did it occur to you that comparing one thing to another in academic writing is not a piece of cake? In fact, the incapability of doing a profound research to put two phenomena against each other might throw the quality of the whole dissertation in the question.  Therefore, conducting a fluent comparative…


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