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Daphne's Dilemma

Recently one of the book reviews I wrote All The Birds, Singing resulted in a comment asking to hear more of my own story.

So over the last two days I share a short story, which is true, called Daphne's Dilemma.

It happened when I was 11 or 12 year's old, a child confronting life, birth and death. I would love you to read it and let me know what you…


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O is for Openings

Grand openings, opening day at the ball park, opening presents Christmas morning, opening the door of your first home and opening that acceptance letter: What could be more exciting than opening something new?


And these moments should be exciting.  As writers we…


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Romance Writing Tip of the Day: #12

When Short Previews Sell Better Than Long Previews

In the last post here, we discussed whether short or long previews help you sell more. Today, we're going to look at when -- based on my experience -- short previews are just fine.

One word -- series, as in, when you publish more than one book featuring the same characters.

For example, I'm in the middle of a three-book series right now. The first two parts have been published (…


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Turnkey Construction (Poem)

Posted 'Turnkey Construction', new poem:

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The 5 Things Resilient Writers Avoid

Transform your writing life one week at a time. Free right here

A few months ago, published a post by Cheryl Conner on the 13 things mentally strong people…


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Romance Writing Tip of the Day: #11

How Much of a Preview Should You Give Readers of Your New Romance Novel

In the last post, we discussed One Simple Way to Sell More Copies of Your Romance Novel. I just want wanted to expand upon this tip a bit, which was all about letting readers know what you're working on from one novel to the next.

My previews  are short…


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Monday Muse: 'Life of a Poet' Series

Monday Muse looks at the "Life of a Poet" series presented by the Poetry and Literature Center at the Library of Congress.

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[BODY, MIND & SPIRIT] Why Writing Isn’t Selfish Navel-Gazing

Recently, in my writing class, one of my students apologized because she’d spent her thirty minutes of writing time scribbling what she described as “nothing worth reading.” This woman is a wonderful poet, fiction writer, and English Department Chair at one of the most prestigious private schools in Los…


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Thought for the Day

Today's quote is from Gabriel Garcia Marquez, from a Paris Review interview:

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Send more snail mail for National Letter Writing Month

Readers of my blog know all about how much I adore writing and receiving letters. I love it so much that I’ve had two mini campaigns (here and …


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Some Lessons I've Learned Since I Started Self-Publishing

This entire self-publishing journey I’ve been on since 2012 has been frustrating, cathartic, satisfying. When I first started, I had no clue what I was doing–I just jumped in and hoped for the best. Now you can take classes and learn the ‘right’ way to do it. I kind of like learning by…


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John Siddique's 'Whirlpool'

I've posted John Siddique's beautiful new videopoem "Whirlpool":

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Monday Muse Asks Did You Know

Posted Monday Muse, another in an occasional series offering something about poets and poetry or writing more generally that you might not know:

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What Editing Taught Me About My Own Writing

I thought that overseeing my writing group’s anthology as a self-published book would interfere with my own writing. Instead it made me a stronger writer. 


Two years ago I proposed to my group the Write On Mamas that we self-publish an anthology of our essays. To sweeten the deal, I…


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The Importance of Creativity Playdates

If you’re a writer and a parent (I am) you probably schedule or once scheduled many playdates for your children. When was the last time you booked one for yourself? I’m not talking about hanging out with your friends, (although you could include them in this adventure) I’m talking about a creativity playdate. This is time you set aside…


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[NETWORKING FOR INTROVERTS] Should You Get a PhD in Creative Writing? The Pros and Cons

While networking at AWP in February, I attended a panel titled "What's a PhD in Creative Writing Worth?" Following are answers from four writers with PhDs in Creative Writing from various universities:


Will Donnelly

MFA from…


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'NotFilm', Beckett Documentary

Samuel Beckett wrote a screenplay for a 24-minute motion picture starring Buster Keaton. That film is the subject of Ross Lipman's in-production documentary, 'NotFilm', for which I've posted a trailer. The clip includes a rare audio recording of Beckett.

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Hello, nice to meet you all.

I’m Elizabeth Isadora Gold. I’m a writer, a teacher, a mother, and a wife, in no particular order. About two months ago, after over a decade of “being a writer,” I sold my first book. The Mommy Group: Freaking Out, F**king Up, and the First Two Years will be published by Atria Books in early 2016.…


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Sex and the Single Writer

Here's something funny. The cover quote on Erica Jong's groundbreaking Fear of Flying calls it "the most uninhibited, delicious, erotic novel a woman ever wrote." That was in 1974 and the praise came from John Updike.

Fast forward thirty-four years to when Updike - no stranger to erotic writing – won a…


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Is This a True Story?

When you sit down to write, how much is truth and how much fiction? If you’re writing a personal story, should you call it a memoir or a novel?

Or, to put it differently, what constitutes truth in creative writing?

I gave this matter some thought after completing a…


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