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Stoking the Creative Fire

The creative fire can be like a fever–a burning, thrashing furor that you can’t stop–what you’ve started has taken off, unraveling in brilliant pulsing light–and you are overtaken by the desire to keep up, to capture every spirited piece of this enchanting flurry unfolding before you.…


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The Four Core Journalism Courses

Photo by Ana Luisa Pinto

It doesn't particularly matter which university you attend. For the overwhelming majority of schools, a major in journalism will either require or strongly recommend the following four courses in order to graduate.

These courses will cover basic media and news information, the first amendment rights and ethical issues that journalists face in the field, alternative story formats such as photography, and actual reporting…


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After the Degree: What Journalism Students Can Do

When starting out in the academic journalism field, many students aren’t entirely sure where their degree can take them. Throughout their college careers, they encounter several different methods of reporting and writing, each of which serve a different purpose in the working world.

As we’ll discuss below, there are various opportunities for journalists today. Though print media is facing extinction,…


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Five Rules of Journalistic Writing

If you’re just starting out in the journalism major, you probably aren’t familiar with the five major rules of journalistic writing. These are the golden rules; the ones that will follow you throughout your time in school and continue into your career. In fact, you probably won’t get rid of them until long after you retire.

These laws are so ingrained in the curriculum of journalism students that they…


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Transferring Word Count to Pages

  Here are some general word-count ranges that you can work by when writing your book. Depending on the genre of your book and age group, the word count will be different, as each genre has a specific word count requirement.

Adult novels are roughly 80,000 - 90,000 words in length.

Young adult novels are roughly 50,000 - 80,000 words in length. Even 80,000 is kind of pushing it so I would keep it a bit lower than that.

Middle Grade is 20,000 - 55,000 words,…


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How to Improve Your Writing Skills and Be A Great Author

You have the talent, you have the zeal, and you are more than willing to put all the time it takes to write a book. But you also want to ensure that your work is convincing, perfectly structured, and speaks to your audience.


Being skilled in your writing is a continuous…


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To Pitch or Not to Pitch: Lessons from the Jewish Book Council

Have you ever found yourself struggling to make an important decision that could be a potential game changer, but money is the one thing getting in your way? 

When I started writing my memoir, I struggled believing I could  write the damn thing. Every day, voices of self-doubt crept in but at the same time, telling my story motivated me to the finish line. Now, that the book is on the track to be published, I freak out every time I have to…


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The Hybrid Author: Why So Many Novelists Make the Leap to Self-Publishing


Most authors walk a financial tightrope.


Hey, don't take my word for it. In a September 2015 an article on a recent Authors Guild survey of its…


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Forced into writing

I know you always have a choice. Or so they say.

I wonder if anyone has been more or less forced or pushed into the literature world?

Since they may have exceeded all their other options to support themselves and earn an income?

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Freelance Work and Where to Find It

Journalism students are like workers bees. They’re always buzzing around campus and doing something interesting. But, believe it or not, there are some students who prefer staying at home. They prefer working from their computer, making their own schedule, and writing in a whole different ways. These students are called freelancers. And, if you want to join them, you might face some challenges, some accomplishments, and quite a bit of money. You’ll also improve your writing.…


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Campus Resources: Make Your Writing Memorable

Learning how to write isn't a singular experience. You need to be willing to learn from the people around you , in order to better yourself and your work. When you live on a college campus, opportunities to improve are everywhere you look.

You can meet with a professor or your teaching assistant. You can visit the writing center. You can get advice from readers of your personal blog. You can also take part in the education of your friends, and…


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Writing and Editing Up a Storm

As far as my writing career goes, I'm inclined to believe there's nothing quite so satisfying as writing, "The End." I finally finished the second book in my Paradise Pines series, SUMMER DREAMS. Whooooppeeeeee! BIG SIGH of relief!

I got that one officially submitted. It was way late, after our move to Texas, my broken kneecap and the subsequent surgery...but it's finished and in the hands of my editor. Actually, I just received the first edits back…


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What I Wrote/Published in Early Fall 2015

I've been writing quite a lot of articles both on literary topics, as well as business subjects. In case you don't know, my Geyer Editorial Services blog features regular posts on a variety of marketing, editorial, and startup-related topics. Here's a quick look at my most recent articles and posts.

Literary Related:

"With All of Your Senses," WOW! Women on Writing blog, October 2015  …


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Taking Your Leave (Poem)

Posted new poem, 'Taking Your Leave':

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Writing when SAD

I’m more than two-thirds through an edit that I hope will make my young adult novel ready for the final round of submissions to agents and publishers. It’s been a hard, slow slog, but I like the changes I’ve made. The world I’ve created feels more tangible, the plot more plausible, and…


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Monday Muse: New York's New Poet Laureate

Posted Monday Muse profile of Yusef Komunyakaa, New York's recently named Poet Laureate:

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Thought for the Day

Posted Thought for the Day, a quote from an Image interview with writer Phil Klay:

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Building a Relationship with Your Characters

   Characters are one of the most important things about a book, so it's important to connect with the people you've created in your head so they seem real to your readers.

 I thought that was a good opening line *pats self on the back* so now, let's get down to it!

 Basically, if you can't connect with your characters; how can you expect your readers to? Get comfortable with them, know them, describe them and their actions. You will need to have some sort of…


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