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4 Essentials You Won't Learn in Writing Class

I am a big fan of writing classes. Despite some people’s doubts about MFA’s, I consider my time at Vermont College of Fine Arts well spent—and every class I’ve taken since has offered me something useful. But writing classes can’t teach everything, and there are certain essentials they universally miss.

Here are four things writing classes don’t cover—four things I believe can make the difference between a fulfilling and successful writing life and one that runs off…


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Ugh, I'm an idiot!

While Ella was editing Lucas Story, I began prewriting the third book in my Trihune Series. I was in the midst of detailing Sarid’s character with my handy, dandy character sheets (see post here) when inspiration hit.

For months, in the back of my mind, questions had prowled regarding a new character’s power. I had no idea what his power would be, just that it had to be strong and undetectable.

Suddenly it hit. I figured it…


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On Labor Day: Does Your Work as a Writer Make You Happy? Stephen King Thinks It Should

Seven years ago, a student of mine recommended Stephen King's book, "…


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Pool Rescue on Writing Now


I promised that here on Writing Now I would talk about my writing life and today I have a story to share. I was at one of those ugly places. You know, where you know where you want to go with your writing but are clueless as to how to get there? In frustration, I turned…


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[SWP: Behind the Book] Write Through This

Wow. I’ve been working on this post for a few weeks and I have to say: reliving the creation of my book? Not as easy as I thought it would be.  Probably because while writing a memoir about losing my brother to suicide was incredibly healing, it was also slow and raw and painful, like digging glass…


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Learn How to Make Money Writing Romance: New Ebook -- Step-by-Step Details to Earning $2,000/Mo (Or More!)

I earned almost $2,000 within the first couple of months that I started writing romance regularly.
And this is with practically no marketing; no name recognition as a romance writer; and again no experience writing in this genre before May ...…

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Second Issue of My Newsletter Is Out!

Today marks the second issue of my new bi-weekly newsletter. Still experiencing growing pains and design decisions, but this issue is full of tips, links to articles, a grammar tip and news. If you're still pondering another newsletter in your inbox, don't wait too long because complimentary copies will soon expire.

For those who are already subscribed and new subscribers from here on out, my free e-book on the healing benefits of writing is announced in this issue. Sign up now to be…


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In the last 30 days, I've earned $3,146.73 on Amazon selling mostly romance novels ...

In the last 30 days, I've earned $3,146.73 on Amazon from my ebooks. Of the over 400 recorded transactions, 17 were non-fiction* titles. The rest were ... you guessed it, romance novels, like my latest, …

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A Q&A with Kelly Sundberg, Author of “It Will Look Like a Sunset”

On the day I was finalizing my review of Kelly Sundberg's essay, "It Will Look Like a Sunset," I searched for her on LinkedIn and Facebook, found her both places, and sent her private messages. I identified myself as a fan, told her I was reviewing her essay, and asked if she'd be willing to answer a few…


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Have You Ever Been Pregnant?

Akashic Books (a terrific indie press out of Brooklyn, NY) just published a new short of mine as part of their web series dedicated to flash fiction. This story is about being 44 and having a first baby... check it out...

"Little Bear's Apgar Score" is now live on Akashic's website, and can be found here:…


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Content Marketing via Hannah Montana

“I’m in love with a girl and her name’s Miley.” Hannah Montona. Achy Breaky Heart: Season Two, Episode Nine. (2007)
Miley Cyrus was destined to be a star, and so was her hit Disney …

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Help Octavia Get to the Callaloo Workshop in London

                                                            The new school year is upon us, which often makes me think of the movie To Sir With Love and Sidney Poitier’s character and his  unrelenting energy and commitment to transform the lives of his students. This is what we all want! To Sir With Love was based on the…


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When Rejection Makes You Mad--And What NOT to Do About It

Being evaluated sucks. Whether it’s by a teacher, an editor, your boss, or the client whose hair you just styled, having …


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Is Content Really Queen?

Even though I can feel heard on my blog, I am not physically heard or seen. This is a common problem for writers: we live in a visually stimulated culture, and the decline of books seems to only support the argument for a new publishing alternative to books and blog posts. Of course, the ultimate coup d’état would be if the writer finally owned the tools i.e. publishing platform instead of merely making money off advertising or product endorsements. If content truly is king, or…


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They All Fall Down (Poem)

Posted new poem, 'They All Fall Down':

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Online LitReactor erotica writing class runs October 16-November 13

Often, when I announce my erotica writing workshops (click here for details on upcoming ones in Seattle, Los Angeles, Portland (Oregon), Portland (Maine), Chicago, Milwaukee and New York), people ask me when I'll be offering an online class for people not in any of those cities. The answer is: now! Through the wonderful LitReactor, I'll be teaching an in-depth 4-week online class,… Continue

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Thought for the Day

Posted Thought for the Day: Fanny Howe on revision:

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Coursework Can be Difficult When There is a Deadline to Meet


It pays to have someone write your work for you once, but if one continues with the approach of outsourcing writers all the time to get the homework done, chances are one can lose the plot. 

Meeting the Closing Date Can be Real Difficult

Kids today have it rough with loads of homework that they need to churn and deliver at the allotted time. If they…


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Unveil the Ways of Fulfilling Targets without Fear of Losing

Lack of self-confidence is the biggest cause of everyone’s downfall in life. The way you handle out things is directly related to your confidence level and if you lose your confidence level you might become unsuccessful.  Positive self-image is essential to carry out each task…


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Dialogue with Annie Dillard on "The Writing Life"

I read Annie Dillard’s book “The Writing Life” years ago and reread it recently.

It was a huge inspiration to me then as now, full of practical advice about the craft of writing—its how and why and what–as well the thrill of writing, and the mystery that lies at its heart.

Below, you will find a “dialogue,” if you will, between Dillard and me on the practice and art of writing. Mind you, it will be a dialogue between master and novice. While I’ve been writing all my life, I…


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