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[THE WRITER'S LIFE] Christmas Presence

While I don’t have facts or figures for this statement, I will bet that writing about writing, and specifically making time for writing, is one of the top writing topics. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting somebody’s essay, blog…


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5 Practical Ways to Generate Creative Ideas

For many artists loosing creative ideas is their greatest fear. The scarier part is even professional artists experience this. It leads to frustration and eventually affects their lives. But artists should know that creative idea may come and go but it will never run out. If you do not have any good idea yet, to turn into a magnificent work of art, you can always take a break. Do something else and hope that your muse will finally come by to help your mind into thinking and…


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How a 13-Year-Old Writer Was Affected by the Patriarchy

Almost an entire decade ago, a young girl of thirteen years was struck by the conscious realization that she wanted to be a writer. She had always known she was attracted to the art; she wrote her first story at the age of five, devoured every book within sight, and at the age of six won a contest at her local library that resulted in her book report being printed in the town newspaper. Finding an American Girl notepad, this young writer placed the pen to the page, and…


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Short Romance Novels: Do They Sell? Following is Some Insight

I've been writing short romance novels since the spring of 2013. To date, I've written over 20. And yes, they do sell, BUT ... following are some things you should know if you decide to write this type of fiction. See all of my titles on Amazon at

Before we go any further, let me define short.

What is a Short Romance…


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Electrical Charge (Poem)

Posted the poem 'Electrical Charge':

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A Grateful Writing Life

I am waiting. It’s a common activity for writers. You work on a piece of writing. You finish it. You send it somewhere. You send it to a reader for feedback, you send it to a literary journal for possible publication, or you send it to a literary agent for possible representation. And then you wait. Ideally you work on more writing while you wait.…


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My 4-week online LitReactor erotica writing class starts February 12th

This year I had the pleasure of teaching an online erotica writing class for LitReactor. I learned so much, the best part being how much an online classroom can foster community and learning. As a teacher, I loved that I could log in any time, had the flexibility to add new lessons, Q&As and discussions, and could both give quality feedback and see students' work progress over time. That class has already produced one short story sale, and I know many others are submitting to anthologies…


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Some Gestures (Poem)

Posted new poem, 'Some Gestures':

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4 Rules for Writing about a “Foreign Subject”

As a freelance writer, there will come a time when you have to write about something that’s totally out of your comfort zone. This is a good thing. It’s a chance to learn something new, to grow, and to become versed in an industry that just might be a lucrative one. However, that does little to comfort you when you’re staring down a deadline and have no idea what mobile readiness or sleep apnea is all about.

There are a few fields which are highly technical but also quite lucrative.…


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Monday Muse: A Writer's Courage and Wisdom

Monday Muse posts a video of the wonderful speech writer Ursula K. Le Guin gave on accepting a lifetime achievement award from National Book Awards.

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Joan Didion Documentary

A preliminary peek at the documentary about writer Joan Didion:

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7 Ways to Be Happy with Your Writing Career

Many professionals have changed careers to pursue their calling in the writing realm. Although, it's difficult to penetrate the writing industry they took the risks and fulfill their dreams, in spite of receiving little or no pay at all. Are these writers happy with what they do? Some would answer that they are happy while others might say they're working on it.

There are glorious days wherein writers cannot contain their happy hormones. They enjoy more their writing projects…


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Monday Muse: Margaret Atwood on Writing

Posted Monday Muse, a video in which Margaret Atwood talks about her creative process:

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Thought for the Day

Posted Thought for the Day, a quote from Christian Wiman's poem 'Love's Last' from his collection 'Once in the West': ;

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The Soggy Middle Troubleshooting Guide

Last weekend at the Suffolk Mystery Authors Festival, I spoke with several writers who have gotten stuck in the middle of their books. They’ve got their plot points and character sheets. They start strong–love their hook, establish their characters and story, and then…nothing. Something…


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Slant Sun (Poem)

Posted 'Slant Sun', an ekphrastic poem.

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Loving What You Write

I was walking around my yard in a bit of a daze. The day before I had finished the novel revision I’d been working on for months. Like the crazy woman I am, instead of resting I was trying to organize my thoughts for the next novel. But I felt like I didn’t know how to steady myself in the real world after being in my previous novel’s world…


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A Perfectionist's Guide to Crappy First Drafts

A Perfectionist's Guide to Crappy First Drafts | Jeni Chappelle Hi NaNo-ers and non-NaNo-ers. I was all set to write a post this week about how it’s okay to write a crappy first draft because you can always revise it…yada yada yada. I started writing it several times before I realized the problem: even I don’t believe that. See, this advice about writing crappy first drafts came about because…


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Setting up for success with Scrivener

I went though a lot of of drafts when I was working on my memoir Before the Revolution (due out 2016 from Random House Canada.) And I mean, a lot.  Although my book is short, it was challenging on a traditional word processor to keep track of timelines, references, pseudonyms. My weird childhood story with its communal living and complicated relationships needed all the organizational help it could get!

I used index cards, heading styles, sticky notes and foot notes to try and track…


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Monday Muse Asks Did You Know

Posted a new Did You Know column offering poetry-related information that may be new to you.

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