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Take A Class With She Writes: Change Your Writing Life.

“Friends don’t let friends write alone.” -- Deborah Siegel, cofounder of SheWrites.com.

Writing is a lonely business. It’s one of the most well worn clichés of the writing life, but with good reason. It’s hard to do something that nobody else cares whether you do or not. Debbie Siegel and I started She Writes together because we knew that having a community can be one of the most game-changing things in a writers’ life. But community is only one piece of the puzzle.  The…


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Five Reasons She Writes Is The Place Every Writer Should Call Home

Why should you make She Writes your online writerly home? As the founder of She Writes and as a woman who spends a lot of her time with writers and in the world of publishing, I have seen a lot of online offerings for writers. Here are five things that set She Writes apart from the rest. 

1) Community. Most websites for writers provide information and tips, but have not created a community where you can get to know other…


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Three Writerly Resolutions For 2017

2016 was quite a year, and in many ways, it's a year I would like to forget. But what will 2017 bring? In the new world order that will be ushered in this January 20th, what can we as women writers resolve to do to meet our obligations both to the wider world and to ourselves? How can we nurture those around us while nurturing our writing, as well?

I have three resolutions for 2017 to share. Feel free to post your own in the comments, or in a post on your own blog here on the…


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Need An Author Platform? Use Ours!

We've all heard it: authors need platform. This word was new to the authorial lexicon in the mid-aughts, when my vision for She Writes was just coming into focus, but I knew that it meant trouble for writers. How could authors, whose true job (and true nature) is to devote themselves to their writing, possibly write AND put in the endless energy and time needed to create online "followings" sufficient to impress…


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Last Chance To Give To The Girls!

Imagine if, in high school, you had had a mentor working with you every week on your writing, thoughtfully reading your words, providing feedback and encouragement, and supporting you on on your journey as a writer through high school to college and beyond.

How life-changing would it have been for you?

Now imagine you are a girl of color in one of New York City's five boroughs, living in a low-income neighborhood, attending an underfunded, overcrowded school, and facing…


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The Blank Page: 3 Tips for Starting Something New

My first novel, Wishful Thinking, came out in late April, but as any of you who have published books traditionally know, that…


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What Is A Book Worth? (And Three Reasons I Am Deeply Discounting Mine)

A few months ago, I had drinks with the publisher of a major imprint at Hachette. We were discussing the matter of ebook pricing, as fraught and contentious an issue as there is at the moment in the publishing world. As a party to the Hachette deal with Amazon, he wasn't free to discuss the terms of their…


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Publishing First-Time Fiction Over Forty: I Did It, And You Can, Too.

SheKnows.com recently asked me to write about being a debut fiction writer over forty -- a distinction that puts me in good company, as Randy Susan Meyers pointed out…


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Why We Need She Writes Press. (Just The Facts, Ma'am.)

I had coffee recently with a woman who founded a literary organization. I'd been looking forward to it for a while: two writerly founders, getting together, talking shop. We had an enjoyable round of getting-to-know-you, and then she asked me, with a look of only faintly concealed, puzzled disdain, why…


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How Long Is The Life Of A Book?

I am on the mailing list for She Writes Press author Kelly Kittel, and on May 17th of this year I got a newsletter with the heading, "Breathe is One!" It was a wonderful celebration of Kelly's first year as an author (…


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If She Writes Has Meant Something To You, Please Support Me Today.

Dear She Writers,

Six years ago today, June 29th, Deborah Siegel and I opened the virtual doors of this community, She Writes. Our vision was simple: in the rapidly changing, head-spinningly complex world of publishing, writers--and women writers in particular--needed a place to come together to share…


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Who's Going to BlogHer? I've Got A 30% Discount For You.

In a month, I'll be attending one of my favorite conferences on earth, BlogHer, right here in New York City. If you aren't familiar with it, check out the agenda for this year and have your mind blown. This year, I'll be attending…


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Has She Writes Had An Impact On Your Writing Career? Tell Us How!

In just a few weeks, on June 29th, it will be six years since Deborah Siegel and I opened the doors of this virtual community. We started with forty founding members, including Gretchen Rubin, Francine Prose, Amy Sohn, Hope Edelman, and Christina Baker Kline, just to name a few, and we are now more than…


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Do Bookstore Events Sell Books? Who Cares. They're Awesome.

Last Wednesday, I took a 6:40 a.m. flight home from San Francisco. Why so early? So I could land in New York in time to have dinner with my kids. (This month, I really needed the in-two-places-at-once time travel app I gave the main character in my novel!) In just four weeks, I'd been to…


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Meet Other She Writers: Join the SWP Spring Tour

The night before my official pub date, I joined She Writes Press authors Hollye Dexter and Jo Ivester for the first official event of my book tour and of the She Writes Press tour at large. We were in Phoenix, home of SparkPoint Studio (the parent company of She Writes Press), at the big, bustling, fabulous indie bookstore Changing Hands. The three of us read from…


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The Most Personal Thing I've Ever Published

You'd think I'd bared it all: In 2006, I published a book about my wedding, and the rocky, tumultuous and sometimes painful journey I took as a bride. But when my publicist for…


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Writing About Your Life: It Doesn't Have To Be (And Sometimes Shouldn't Be) A Memoir

Everyone has heard the expression, "Write what you know." The real question is, write what you know...how? For some writers this isn't a difficult question. If you are writing fantasy or historical fiction, you write what you know by drawing from your life experiences with love, loss, and conflict to give your…


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Tell Me Three Things (About Your Book).

In the first post I wrote for my author website blog, I decided to tell readers three things about three of the main themes in my book; first a quote from the book itself, then two more things on the same subject that are more general, link-tastic fun. (If you want to check out the format I used for…


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Five Tips On How To Ask People For S*** So They Will Say YES.

Even as I was typing the subject line for this post, I was wondering if I was qualified to write it. I thought about calling it "Five Tips On How To Ask People For S***...From Someone With A Moderate Success Rate." But asking people for things is like batting in the major leagues:…


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In Praise of Indies: They're Baaaaack!

I'm still swooning. On February 10th, I was one of eighty-some-odd authors who had the great good fortune to appear at the American Booksellers Association's Annual…


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