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In the Company of Women.

Yesterday morning, I took a shuttle and a ferry boat to Whidbey Island--the home, for twenty-five years now, of the Hedgebrook Writers' Colony, a retreat for women writers. I am here for a pre-AWP pow wow with Brooke Warner, the publisher of She…


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Kill Your Darlings. All of Them.

Recently JK Rowling made an admission that had Harry Potter fans all atwitter (and a-Twitter, too): Hermione should have ended up with Harry, not Ron. Why didn't the more obvious--and frankly more believable, to my mind--romantic pairing happen?  According to Rowling, it was "for reasons that have very little…


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Holiday Book Buying Guide, By...YOU!

Hi all! I know that the super-organized among us may have already taken care of the holiday shopping, but I am such a book-buying addict that I find I will still buy books for people even when I've already bought somebody (for instance my mom) a gift certificate to Talbot's. (I just bought her…


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Please Help The Girls of Girls Write Now Become the Women Writers of Tomorrow

Like some of you, I have been outraged, moved, inspired and deeply saddened by the series by Andrea Elliot in The New York Times this week, "Invisible Child." Elliot spent a year with a young girl named Dasani, homeless like 22,000 other children in one of the wealthiest cities on the planet, and told her story. Reading this series, however, also renewed my deep commitment to one of the…


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Contest! She Writes and JukePop Serials Want You.

Hi everybody! First of all a belated thanks, here on my blog, for all the good wishes and warm words on Brooke's and my trip to Nashville last week to meet with our distribution team at Ingram Publisher Services for the very first time. The sales reps were energized and excited by our cutting-edge…


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Stop, Fellow Authors! Before You Take That Book Deal, Please, Read This.

Five Questions for the Traditional Book Deal

As any of you who have read my recent blog posts…


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Rally Around She Writes Press! (We Need Your Help!!)

Hi everybody! Brooke Warner and I will be traveling to Nashville next week to meet our team of sales representatives from Ingram Publisher Services, and tell them all about the fabulous books coming out next spring from She Writes Press. We will be introducing ourselves to these critical people for the first time, and telling the story of She Writes.com and the press. A big part of that story has to do with the power, engagement, and enthusiasm of this community, and we need YOU to take two…


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Thanks but No Thanks, Big Five. I'd Rather Be At SWP.

As any of you who have read my recent blog posts know, I finished my first novel a few months ago, and, a few weeks ago, my agent submitted it to a fairly heady list of some of the biggest editors in the business.  And guess what? I got a deal! A good…


Added by Kamy Wicoff on October 21, 2013 at 9:00am — 39 Comments

What About the Criticism You Really Should Listen To?

A few weeks ago, I posted here about my struggle not to obsess over one piece of critical feedback about my novel, an obsession that almost prevented me from being able to…


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Have the Best Writing Day of Your Life -- and Contribute to an Amazing Cause

Hi everyone! This coming Saturday, September 21st, I will be participating in one of the coolest writing-related events in the country: the New York Writers Coalition's annual Write-A-Thon.  The concept is simple, and powerful: dedicate to yourself to your writing for a full day as you would to…


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I Had To Do It. I Hope You'll Understand. (And Stay Tuned.)

Dear She Writers...

As you know, at the end of July (on July 24th to be exact), I finished a pretty-polished draft, or so I hoped, of my first novel. On August 16th, I shared my anxiety as I…


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Surviving Feedback, One Step At A Time

A few years ago, my son played in a music recital at the school where he took guitar lessons. At age seven, he was playing a Pink Floyd song with fingering so complex it made my head spin just watching his little fingers attempt it.  He played incredibly well, though there was a stretch where he got lost.…


Added by Kamy Wicoff on September 2, 2013 at 5:30pm — 24 Comments

Waiting, Wondering...And Freaking Out. (Just A Little Bit.)

Just before I left for a summer "vacation" with my boys (in quotes because sometimes I feel that when we are on "vacation," the boys have the time of their lives while I exhaust myself playing card games in airports and trying to remember I have a name other than Mommy), I did it.  I took the leap, I…


Added by Kamy Wicoff on August 16, 2013 at 10:30am — 23 Comments

Decisions and Revisions Which A Minute Will Reverse

As I was so proud to share two weeks ago -- I have a draft!  After letting it rest for two weeks, however (like a cooked turkey), I have spent the last week marking it up. It is a strange experience, reading your own book with a critical eye. At one point I found myself frozen, pen hovering over the paper, about to…


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I FINISHED! A draft. Time for a modest celebration.

While writing my first novel has been an adventure extraordinaire (who knew that characters would sometimes appear to be writing their own stories, while this author was left to catch up), there came a moment last week when I was glad this wasn't my first rodeo.  I wrote the last sentence of my book.…


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Ads on She Writes

When I started She Writes with Deborah Siegel almost four years ago, we had some pretty grand plans. I hoped to raise venture capital to build a publishing platform for writers that would be what Flickr is to photographers, or what Etsy is to the makers of handicrafts. (Someday I may still try to do that.) We offered you, our members, services like webinars and editorial help--two things you can now find at…


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Did You Have A Mentor In Your Life?

A few weeks ago, Girls Write Now held its first-ever annual benefit and awards.  It was a perfect evening--as authentic, inspirational and moving as the organization, and worthy of the girls and the wonderful…


Added by Kamy Wicoff on May 17, 2013 at 1:07pm — 6 Comments

What's In A Name? (Or, "Right Ho, Jeeves!")

Have any of you read P.G. Wodehouse?  I am devouring the Jeeves books right now (on "The Inimitable Jeeves" and just finished "Right Ho, Jeeves"), and one of the most delicious things about these books, which are like crack if you are a fan of British humor, is the names.  Gussie Fink Nottle.  Bingo Little.  G. D'Arcy…


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How Do We Write What We DON'T Know?

Back in January, I had a bad fall.  I broke my collar bone so badly, in fact, that it was smashed into three pieces, and when the orthopedist looked at it, he walked out of the room, whistled to the x-ray technician and said, "Wooh, that's a nasty injury!"  Surgery, right away, was the only way to fix it.…


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Battle For The Title: Do Authors Know Best?

Last night I attended a cocktail party (an event designed to raise the profile of the charity I chair, Girls Write Now, with women in publishing), and fell into conversation with one of my favorite leaders, innovators and prognosticators in the publishing…


Added by Kamy Wicoff on April 5, 2013 at 12:39pm — 25 Comments

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