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Cancer - A rude word

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Summer in Israel 2011

It has being a month in the holy Land; it has being a very long and exhausting month. When we got here our house was supposed to be ready, our kids were supposed to know which school they are going to go to on September first, but instead we found out that the house was far from being ready, and schools were still a mystery.


Life is Israel is not easy. We had bombing in the south, and also shooting in the border between Egypt and Israel. 8 people were killed, while driving to…


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Snow in Israel in August?

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A very unusual day

It was a usual Seattle morning for most people, but not for our family. The sky were grey, and it was a little cool, as we took three of our kids, one little dog and tons of luggage and drove to the airport. We boarded on the airplane that will take us to Atlanta; there we would switch planes and board to Israel. We have decided to give it a chance, and try living back there. Planning was complicated whereas preparing for this move, and even now we are not sure yet things will work out for our… Continue

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This old comfi fence


It is a beautiful

Wednesday night in Seattle area.  I love

summers here, it is the best season. The sun is shining still at 8:00 pm,

everything around is green and beautiful, I even have nice herbs at my backyard  for tea, and  strawberries that keeps coming back and even

expending each year.

I love the

NW in the summers. The biggest and a very well-known joke about Seattle is that

A new neighbor asks a seven year old…


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Will you be there?

Next week I am invited to give a lecture about my book in Berkley. Giving a lecture always makes me very nervous, and I always think about people who are preforming in front of millions of people. How do they do that? Do they get nervous like I do? Standing in front of people in any quantity, exposes you. I remember when I used to teach I had a similar feeling every single day. I loved teaching, and I taught many levels and actually even many subjects, from Geography to University students,… Continue

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A beautiful day

Life is good

today. After such stressful couple of months, and after sending my oldest son

to his adult independent life, and yes, I did cry at the graduation ceremony,

but not for the reasons you would think. I cried because he left home a couple

of days later, so I cried because I knew that life won`t be the same again in

our house. When I cried, my seven years old son, who saw me crying, asked why I

cried, and when I told him the reason he started crying…


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A very special day

Today is my

father`s 80 Birthday. My dad was born in Iraq at “Shavuot” Holiday; this is

what my grandmother used to say, since it was never documented, so they always

celebrated my dad`s birthday with traditional dairy Iraqi special dishes. “Shavuot”

is a Holliday of the harvest; it is a Holiday that celebrates in Judaism the

day that the Bible was given to Moses. “Shavuot” is also considered as the Holiday

of visiting, and in Arabic “Id al Ziarah”, people would… Continue

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Oh boy, Or how to start blogging...

If I had to

start writing a blog what would I write about? You see, I am an

Israeli-American woman, who is never sure where she should be living, in the US

or in Israel. It seems that my feelings are always divided, influenced by the

politics (sometimes like it here, sometimes there), the time of the year (I

vote for winters over there, while summers definitely for the Northwest), Holidays

(definitely like it there. Oh wait, I just remembered how I hated…


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