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“Living Thanksgiving”

I’m conflicted every year when this holiday season rolls around. The holidays are predictable, as sure as my next breath, something solid you can count on. Both Thanksgiving and Christmas/Hanukkah help to break up…


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“My new best friend…Brad Pitt!”


Well, in my dreams, that is. I…


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“A Twist(er) of Fate”

The recent damage to some regions of the Gulf Coast, brought on by Hurricane Isaac, has spurred memories of a day long ago full of great fury and fear. As I watched the sky and ocean in earnest last week for the predicted torrential wind, storm surge, tornados and floods, a great feeling of relief washed…


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Bye-bye Baby Tooth

The past couple of weeks I’ve been struggling with a loss in my life that many cannot relate to, which makes it even more difficult to get a good handle on. I’m an adult of a “mature” age who just lost one of two baby teeth I’ve managed to keep possession of for several decades. I don’t know…


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“Scaling New Heights”


At times when in the process of navigating the landscape of my life, it feels like I am on a treacherous slope, or painstakingly climbing a deep crevice forged within a towering mountain, a foot on each side of a wall of rock, imperative that I not make an error in footing or surely I would plummet…


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Holiday stress-even Gingy feels it!

Holiday stress is everywhere, the season seems to have become more overwhelming, hectic, and excessive with each passing year. Gingy, the beloved gingerbread man from the engaging Shrek movies, has also appeared in two delightful holidays shows. But alas, half the time poor Gingy seems…


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The Reverend and the Rainbows:


For as long as I can remember, I have believed in the existence of signs from loved ones who have passed away. Certainly on a cerebral level, but much more so on an emotional and spiritual level. Maybe it is because I do believe in messages from those who have exited this life that I am…


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My Sugar Addiction: A Bittersweet Story

I admit it! I am powerless over my addiction, and need to turn my obsession with all-things-sweet over to my higher power. Does anyone know if there is a 12-Step program for those with a dangerously out-of-control sweet tooth?? My love story with sugar started when I was a child. Back when I was a…


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"Death ends a life, not a relationship."


I must hold dear this thought, as my mother would have wanted me to. To me, this quote by the late writer, Robert Benchley, succinctly states the sum of all love. Fortunately, it is what many of us accept as truth, whatever one’s religious or personal beliefs about death. When love…


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Practical Advice Blog # 2: Beware of Power Pirates

It is of great importance to beware of “power pirates” in your life. Power pirates move about in the general public, often without notice, and can crop up anywhere or anytime. The havoc they create can be slow and steady, or it can spread quickly with might…like a wildfire that is almost…


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The Consummate Thief


The slick intruder tiptoed into my mother’s apartment three weeks ago and stole her away- just like that - as we stood nearby, too dumbfounded to fight, no handy weapon with which to do battle. My mother fell before going to bed, her feet just a tad too wobbly, that’s all it…


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Monkeying Around


It has become painfully obvious (to myself and I assume to others) for far too long that I haven’t been as easily amused, and slacking in the goofing around department, with daily minimal enjoyment and chilling out. I somehow forgot about the significance of monkeying around- aka,…


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Practical Advice Blog #1 "These are the good old days."


1. Luxuriate in a steaming bathtub for a couple of hours reading a book, water up to your neck. Step out and examine your skin, head to toe. You’ll be more than grateful that the very puckered skin you’re eyeing is temporary, but realize, those senior years come quicker…


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It's True- Writing the book is the easy part!


Well, maybe I wouldn’t go that far, but it feels as though that became my truth once I typed the last sentence of my first novel. It is an incredible feeling that rushes at you when you’ve actually completed a full-length manuscript and finalized the finishing touches. You put…


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Zoe the Muse


The third page of my book is an abbreviated autobiography, the last sentence stating, “Ms. Arnold lives on the water in sunny Clearwater, Florida, with Zoe, her toy poodle muse.” I’ve had sundry comments about labeling my little doggie a muse, a title often assigned to lofty individuals,…


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A Leap of Faith


I easily recall the initial struggle that I experienced as I shored up mentally and emotionally to undertake the immense task of publishing my first novel. I am sure in this regard I am not too unlike most writers when they begin such an enterprise. Trying to embark on…


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Finding Inspiration

Definition: The act or power of moving the intellect or emotions


Some days, inspiration is nipping at my heels, like my toy poodle begging for attention. On others, I couldn’t unearth an ounce if I overturned every cushion in my house. It dodges…


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Art Imitating Life


When you hear the phrase “Life imitating art,” the reversal of this oft-debated ‘chicken or the egg’ quote hits the mark as it relates to the main themes and personalities in The Resurrection of Hannah. In this second blog, I wanted to focus on the protagonist…


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The Seed is Planted

 I am often asked about the “roots” of my writing and what inspired me to begin a novel.

What fueled my imagination long enough to be able to write a full-length story? This

isn’t a simple question, but I’ll do my best to answer how The Resurrection of…


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