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This is a three for one deal plus extras...

I am going to tell you about some books I have been reading lately that you might actually like. I also have an interview with a author of a very interesting book and you can win prizes.

The Bellman Chronicles by Robert Hookey…


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Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

Okay I caved and actually read this book. Have you heard the expression 'curiosity killed the cat'?

Christian Grey. Where do I start? Fifty shades of mental illness. How on earth this guy ever got around to making $100,000.00 an…


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The Angry Woman Suite

The Angry Woman Suite is an unexpected novel. Most authors shy away from having more than one protagonist. Lee Fullbright has three.

This different take actually works which I found surprising, as I have rarely come across a book where that tactic doesn’t lead to confusion and chaos for the…


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Self publishing or self indulgence ???

Lately I have been receiving e-mails from authors requesting that I review their books.

Sounds good so far…free books.

But let’s look at the last three books that have come my way.

Corpalism by Arun D Ellis: The first two parts of the book were wordy, with too much exposition and seemingly unrelated to each other. There were too many to note, but the book was full of spelling,…


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There are vampires...and then there are vampires.

I fell in love with vampire mythology when Anne Rice dreamed up the best vampire that had ever existed in Lestat.

I must also say that Tom Cruise being a couch jumping,…


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Teenagers – A Generation Apart

Being a teenager is often a bewildering and complex time in a person’s life, as much today in the 21st century as when I experienced it in the 1970s. There are new experiences to make sense of, hormones to deal with, and boundaries to test and expand. It can be a time of immense fun with parties, concerts (good music being a pre-requisite, of course) or just hanging out with friends, on the other hand, dealing with personal safety, sex and drug issues can be perplexing and difficult.…


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Writing is hard !!!

I was watching my favourite TV show and one of the recurring characters is a writer. He uttered a line that made me smile.

“Writing is hard,” he said.

At the moment I agree with him. I am in the middle of chapter 6 of my first novel, and I am stuck.

I know what is going to happen in the next chapter, and the ones that follow, but I can’t get through this one to get there. No matter how many times I try to get the main character to do what he needs to do to get…


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Welcome to my world...


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Oh but their weird and their wonderful…

I came across some of these and well…I can’t stop laughing.

I’m not sure if I am laughing at the product – or the idiot that came up with it.

1. The Hands Free Pump Bra – seriously.

Because we all would have worn this around the house while doing chores.

When you are ready to pump, just slip in the pumping horns (that’s really what they’re called) add your bottles, hook up your pump and – there you go.

Easy peasy……


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Aethelfrith - An Epic Poem

At Degsasten, under a cloud-murk sky

Aethelfrith’s force-at–arms lay quartered on the fens.

Each brave man slept deep.

It was widely understood that on the morrow,

they faced a full company of men-at-arms.

Outnumbered ten-fold on the field they would,



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Her brown eyes stare at the Y fork in the road.

As he turns the car left, she’s back

in the taupe coloured room,

looking down past her legs spread wide,…


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concealed in the

reflection, shattered faces

my broken self…


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47 days and counting...

My birthday is coming up. For me it’s an important one.

I’ll have reached 53. (For those of you who didn’t know – I share my date of birth with Madonna, who, on the face of it looks better than I do. BUT, I do not have millions to hire a chef and…


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Jo Buckshot Bryant

Joanne “Buckshot” Bryant was a notorious bank and train robber and is possibly best-remembered as the Queen of the Rustlers in the American West of the 1800′s. It could truly be said that this queen came from a family of outlaw aristocracy. Her parents ran the infamous Bryant Gang in Australia and may have even known the outback bandit…


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The world is much more than us...

We share this world with so many amazing creatures – and take for granted that they are here for us. When in truth we should be there for them.

This beautiful little film is a timely reminder of all we have to lose if we don’t remember…


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Piece of War

December 23rd



Hello mate,



Wow, it is almost Christmas. I used to think what a stupid saying it was – about time flying, but I sort of get it over here. One minute it’s here, then it’s there, and it’s hard to remember how you got from one to the other. Sorry, odd way to start, but I was staring at the paper for a long time, and just, thinking. I hope everything is fine back home. I like to think about it being summer there now, because it’s…


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Black Like Me

It was the summer I turned fourteen that I wandered into a dusty book shop in Maroubra.

The shop itself was almost hidden in a small dingy mall. The windows were grimy; a fag hung from the mouth of the shop assistant as she sat on a stool behind the counter.

Her eyes were…


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Leaps of faith...

Leaps of faith can be hard to take.


I know – I’ve tried to take a few at different times in my life.


Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn’t.


It’s not always easy to continue to take those leaps once you’ve ended up on the floor after one.


Writing (the way I see it) is all about leaps of faith.


You approach a white piece of paper or computer screen, believing that you will find the words to turn it into much…


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Living With Words

I started writing before I became a teenager. Anything – a journal, poetry, lyrics for songs, stories. Then I grew up and put aside writing. Marriage, children, they pushed aside the pen and paper.

Somewhere in those years I lost the imagination that took me riding on the backs of unicorns, or leading a battle on a white stallion. The only words in my life were those of others.

Now the children are out in the world, writing has found its way back into my life. The words that I…


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