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Writer's Block

Last June, I came across the announcement on SheWrites calling for submissions to their new press.  In June I had two jobs that I loved and the thought of all that money coming in made me giddy with planning. Doctor’s appointments! Haircuts! New clothes! And, now, possibly, a dream come true! Without any of the traditional guilt (spend that much money? On me??)…

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My Education

Thirty-four years ago, after two semesters at tiny St. Ed’s University and one semester at giant University of Texas, I decided to leave school. My course choices made about as much sense as if I had chosen them from slips of paper drawn from an empty mayonnaise jar.  Radio, Television, Film and Swedish.  Psychology and Photography. I did an internship at a crisis call-in center led by a large, bearded man named Hobbit. I tried out for the school modern dance company and had a French IV…


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Near-Death Experiences

Near death experiences are pretty simple; they end one way…or the other. It’s the “near” part that one gets to live to tell and that part is what I am going to tell you about now.

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My Alter Ego

I am Sasha Fierce. No, that one has already been taken.

Pop singer Beyoncé Knowles' alter-ego is "Sasha Fierce". Sasha Fierce is the fun, more sensual, more aggressive, more outspoken and more glamorous side that comes out when she’s onstage. Beyoncé says, "I've created an alter ego: things I do when performing I would never do normally. I reveal things about myself that I wouldn’t do in an interview. I have out-of-body experiences [on stage]. If I cut my leg, if I fall, I don’t even feel… Continue

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Virtual Fitness

There were many, many people in attendance at my daughter’s wedding a year and a half ago. Very few were from our side of the family and the many many were from Tony’s side; his friends, his family. One young

woman who was there was in the middle of a competition to be declared the most Fit

Person in America
. She and I were not mistaken for each other. It

is with that clarification that I report what happened to me…


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Live Thanks

Around this time of year everyone starts to think about giving. Food banks and other charities count on the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas for a large part of their income. The Salvation Army has landed on the shores of grocery stores and shopping malls everywhere and I even received a Black Friday flyer over a week ago. (That was disorienting – I thought I had completely missed Thanksgiving!) Throughout the holiday-festooned months of November and December, there is always the… Continue

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Losing It

I’m dieting. Again. Both my husband and I are, but I’m clearly the expert. He’s only had to start watching his weight in recent years, as he grew up thin and lanky, never to be bothered by the number of calories or the latest diet. (The Ice Cream diet was one of my early favorites.) It’s only aging that has him keeping an eye on his intake—damned aging—otherwise he’d be scarfing down pasta unregulated by those pesky portion sizes or calorie counts. I, however, have been dieting since I was… Continue

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Main Entry: id·i·ot

Function: noun

Date: 14th century

usually offensive; a foolish or stupid person

Often, when I was doing a workshop or class on technology, I would open with a joke. I would tell the assembled technology novices that, “Most all computer problems are caused by an I-D-ten-tee error.” Some of the rapt class would nod and murmur knowingly. Then I would write it out on the whiteboard - “I-D-10-T”. And I would turn and smile…and hopefully there would be a… Continue

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Polibrity? Celetician?

Politician - a leader engaged in civil administration

Celebrity - a widely known person; “he was a baseball celebrity”

I’ve never claimed to be in the know about politics. I can identify most of the current players by sight on TV, but I leave most of the complaining and analysis to my high school list serv and Cokie Roberts. (Also, sadly, Daniel Schorr, but not anymore. RIP.) I tend to vote with my heart – with the other Democrats – and I’m usually pretty satisfied with… Continue

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Destined to Fail

I was looking at a portrait the other day that my grandmother, Helen Russell Cogger, painted. It is a painting of a young, dark-haired girl playing a cello. The portrait captures the smooth wooden grain of the instrument, the crispness of the girl’s white blouse and the seriousness with which the girl was playing her music. Helen was a talented artist and, besides amusing us grandchildren with her doodles of roses and poodles and clever drawings in the margins of short letters to us, she also… Continue

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The Most Important Day of My Life

The day that I walked into my new apartment, I clutched the keys in my hand, creating small red ridges on my fingers, as if releasing them might make my new home disappear. My Volvo station wagon was still packed to the gills in the driveway, but I had no desire to start hauling my meager possessions up to the second floor - yet. First, I had to go inside and look around. It had only been a few days earlier that I had found it, briefly spending minutes inside before rushing back to the real… Continue

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Work, Work, Work

I need a job. I know that that is a familiar cry these days, but the fact is that although I need a job, I don’t really want a job. Don’t get me wrong - it’s not that I don’t want to work. I love to work. I work all the time, but the work I do doesn’t really afford me the benefits that I have come to know and love. Like insurance. Or an income.

Here’s what it does afford me, though. Over the last year and a half I’ve had the freedom to do just about anything I want to. And as long as… Continue

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Pets as Children

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited over to have a glass of wine with some new friends. After a quick tour of their home, we settled in on the sun porch with several platters of tasty cheese, veggies and bread and several glasses of wine. Our hostess took the wicker loveseat - by herself - because one of the two cats they own was asleep, taking up half the cushion. That's okay - there was plenty of seating. Naturally, after we took the obligatory toll of who has how many kids and where they… Continue

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It's a dirty job...

It’s the first mild and sunny day of the year and I thought I’d take my coffee out on the porch. It was nearly perfect – except for the cacophony of buzz saws and woodchippers across the street. My neighbor is taking down some of the trees in her yard that have either grown too big and dangerous or have just simply died. (I’m also being dusted by a flurry of minuscule wood chips, but it’s not enough to drive me inside – yet.) And let me clarify – my neighbor – a dance teacher – is not doing the… Continue

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On Love and Other Related Illnesses

What’s the big deal about romantic love? Entire books, magazines, college courses, holidays and lives are dedicated to its study, dissection, promotion and understanding. So why don’t we understand it? Love has its silky stranglehold on our psyches at any given moment. When we’re in it, we’re singing its praises; we’re angels with our own set of wings. When we’re out of it we cynically heave sour grapes at anything remotely resembling a love affair and consider hiring a hitman. Which is better… Continue

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I nominate...

Gina Barreca to edit the Best American Essays. A SheWrites member, experienced editor, respected teacher, provocative speaker and all-round fine person.

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Back By Popular Demand!

Okay — it was one person and she didn’t so much demand as let me know she had found a copy of the following when it was published in the Waterbury Observer almost 13 years ago. It was enough for me! I dug out my old copies of my short-lived career as a newspaper columnist and thought I’d republish some of them over the next few months. (You know…when I can’t think of anything else to write!) So, without further ado - my inaugural column for the Waterbury Observer in March 1997……


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Dinner For Two

I think it might have been several years ago, right about the time when our nest emptied out, that my husband and I started eating dinner in the living room, in front of the TV. There were several factors, really. One of them had to do with the fact that we didn't have a kitchen table anymore. We had just moved into our new home and along with all of its wonderful features, it also…

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Found Time

Every once in awhile, a phenomenon occurs that I’ve heard referred to as “found time”. This supposedly means that all of a sudden, a period of time becomes available that was previously booked. Like when a meeting suddenly cancels and you get to go food shopping. Or one day you look up and there are no children at home – like that. Found time.

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