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ASK AN EDITOR: Miscellaneous

Dear SheWriters,

I’ve missed you! I’m finally back in the Northern Hemisphere. It was bizarre to spend the days leading up to Christmas in a hot climate—the sunny weather didn’t keep natives from spraying fake frost on their windows. Now I’m in Rhode Island, where there’s so much snow, my dog needs a snorkel to explore the backyard.

This column isn’t a travelogue, but in… Continue

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ASK AN EDITOR: On Hiatus and a Request

My Dear SheWriters,

I am off to New Zealand to commune with the sheep. My passion--other than books, that is-- is knitting, and I will be learning to shear, card, and spin wool on a ranch on the Coromandel Peninsula on New Zealand's North Island. Then I will be touring wine country and exploring Auckland. I'm not sure how often I will have access to email, and Sarah Saffian, Editorial… Continue

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ASK AN EDITOR: Giving Thanks for Women Writers

Dear SheWriters,

I must admit that some of the writers I thank below are friends. Whether your favorite authors are the sort you meet regularly for lunch or the sort who manage to lift your spirits by their written words alone, they are true friends.

Michelle Maisto: Michelle’s gorgeous memoir of food and love, The Gastronomy of Marriage, was the first… Continue

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ASK AN EDITOR: Men, Women, Books 2

Dear SheWriters,

Last Saturday I had dinner with one of my favorite people, who also happens to be a Senior Publicist at one of the largest American publishing houses. We talked about the PW Best Books list as we strolled through the quiet of DUMBO, and he said that there were two possible issues. Perhaps the list was biased against women. Or perhaps the books women wrote this… Continue

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ASK AN EDITOR: Men, Women, Books

Dear SheWriters,

I’m sick of hearing how hard men have it these days. They still earn more money than we do, they still dominate most professions, and women are still the default cookers, cleaners, and care-givers. But women are creeping slowly closer to equality, and men are suddenly wringing their moisturized hands at the slightly smaller—though still vast—gap between… Continue

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ASK AN EDITOR: Morality and Young Adult Books

Dear SheWriters,

This week I began my career as a public speaker. Just kidding—I gave two speeches, and other than presentations at work and oral reports at school, these are the only two talks I’ve ever been asked to give. I was terrified; more so, I think, by the seventh graders than the college kids. But I ended up having a great time and left each presentation inspired and… Continue

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ASK AN EDITOR: Hello Neighbours!

Dear SheWriters,

Now that I’m working for myself, it’s wonderful not to have to drag myself to a corporate office every morning. But without a set routine, sometimes I lose track of what day it is—I almost forgot to post this column (and, um, write it)! I’ve been in and out of New York for the past few weeks, and most recently I was in Denver, the Mile High City. I got to… Continue

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ASK AN EDITOR: The Book Jacket

Dear SheWriters,

We’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but we do. A cover featuring a man and woman embracing, in various stages of undress, screams “romance novel!”; something pink with a curvy font and a pair of shoes should immediately activate your chick lit radar; and a graphic jacket with bright, punchy colors often indicates a health/fitness/diet title. Think… Continue

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ASK AN EDITOR: The Process

Dear SheWriters,

So today was the last sail of the year (my first, because things have been so busy this summer) and I'm thinking about traveling. A lot of authors see a contract with a publishing house as the final destination, but that’s just not true! Here’s a roadmap to the journey ahead.

Travel safely,…


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ASK AN EDITOR: Resending Projects and Raising Expectations

Dear SheWriters,

Thank you for your wonderfully supportive comments last week! I’ve reread them whenever I need a boost, and each time, I feel inspired. I am so grateful to be a part of this community.

This is my second week as a self-employed employee and I couldn’t be happier. I have time to sit outside in the sun, to join my brother and his girlfriend at a baseball game, to… Continue

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ASK AN EDITOR: Colorful Parachutes

Dear SheWriters,

On Friday, I was an employee at one of the largest publishers in the world, and now, by choice, I am my own boss. I was expecting it to be bittersweet, but so far it’s only sweet (though I’m sure some bitterness will seep into my days when this stops feeling like a vacation and I put my only employee—me--to work). Yesterday I spent the day in a sort of slothful… Continue

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ASK AN EDITOR: Niche Presses and Submission Tactics

Dear SheWriters,

Hope all is well with you as we slip into fall. I love the slightly cooler weather and the wonderful inspiration of new beginnings.

Forgive me for the short column this week; things are a little crazy—in an exciting way—and I will share my news soon. In the meantime, help me ensure that next week’s column will be full of information—send me your… Continue

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ASK AN EDITOR: Self-Publishing, Self-Promotion

Dear SheWriters,

On the agenda today: self-publishing and publicity. What else are you dying to know about?

All the best,

Lea Beresford

The Girl with the Red Pencil

Q: I’ve been wondering about the publicity end of it. I understand that a willingness to be proactive with book promotion makes agents and publishers happy, but how much of that “willingness” needs to come out of…

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ASK AN EDITOR: Contract Nitty Gritty

Dear SheWriters,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write comments and questions. I can’t answer all of your questions in one post, but I’ve got quite a list going.

Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend that included time for both writing and fun (maybe even at the same time, since they’re hardly mutually exclusive!).

Back to reality,


The Girl with the Red… Continue

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ASK AN EDITOR: All About the Money, Honey

Dear SheWriters,

I haven’t heard from any of you this week! I’d be really proud if that meant my first two columns were so informative and comprehensive, there were no questions left to be answered, but I’d miss writing to you each week—I’m really enjoying it!

I’ll be hoping for a very full mailbox this week, but in the meantime, let’s talk money.

Publishing is an odd industry. As far as I know, there’s no other product that a retailer can return… Continue

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ASK AN EDITOR: Memoirs, Agent Relationships, Agent Qualifications

Dear SheWriters,

Wow, you memoir writers are really keeping me on my toes! What a wonderfully active group you are. And thank you all—memoirists, novelists, essayists, etc.—for your thoughtful questions, kind comments (I’ll be thankful for the constructive ones, too!), and steadfast passion for the written… Continue

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ASK AN EDITOR: Do I Need an Agent?

Dear SheWriters,

I’m sorry I haven’t been returning your calls. Since my first day at one of the largest publishing companies in the world, I've been getting dozens of queries a day from aspiring writers. It's difficult to get my work done when I'm fielding calls every fifteen minutes, and I must admit, during an especially busy day (or an exceptionally cranky one), I ignore the calls. (I'm sorry!) But now I'm here on shewrites.com, ready and willing to tackle any question… Continue

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