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Follow Up on the call for White Ambassadors

Fellow She Writer Amy, who blogs at The ManyShadesofLove sent me this message in response to my Call for White Ambassadors post. I've already raised the call for a Shelf Elf Revolution to combat "segbookgation" at the book stores and libraries, but Amy's post makes me think I still have a lot to do. But I am not giving up. I've received fabulous reviews of Substitute Me… Continue

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Countdown to Publication:Welcome to the Morning After

Hi She Writers,

Yesterday, August 24, I officially became a novelist. I made it to Pub Day. The book made it to store shelves and was released from download embargo.I received more than 45 emails of congratulations, a bunch of Facebook 'likes' and a whole lot of Tweets wishing me a happy Pub Day. By the end of the day, after I disseminated my first "From the Desk of Lori L. Tharps" newsletter (for those of you new to email marketing check out MadMimi.com) I'd also received two new… Continue

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Countdown to Publication: Focus on the Good

Hi She Writers,

I’m writing to you from a quiet part of the world where I’ve come for a spiritual retreat. I needed to get away from real life for a few days so I could mentally prepare myself for the upcoming school year, transition to a new school for my kids, oh, and the official launch of Substitute Me next week.

Right before I left, I was simultaneously trying to figure out where to hold my release party, convince my publisher to send me to Miami in October, and… Continue

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Countdown to Publication: Other Venues

Once upon a time, soon after I’d left the protective walls of my single-sex college in New England, I became a publicist in Manhattan. I worked for a high profile, multinational company that boasted several different divisions. My client list included a major candy company, a family friendly cruise line and a podiatrist who wanted to give Dr. Scholl’s a run for his money. I hated my job but I learned a lot about running a successful publicity campaign.

Almost twenty years later I’m… Continue

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Countdown to Publication: Every Writer Needs a Goal

Not too long ago, my writers’ group invited a publicist to come and speak to us about creating and managing our own publicity and marketing campaigns. The first thing she told us we had to do was write down our goals. Did we want to sell one million books? Did we want to garner reviews in five major magazines? Did we want to win literary awards for our writing? Did we want to sell just enough books to secure another book contract? Knowing what you want is the most important part of your plan,… Continue

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Countdown to Publication: Moving On

After last week’s column and the 50 plus comments I received, I was very, very tempted to write a follow-up post on the topic of race and racism, reader habits and the publishing industry. But instead, I’ve decided to move on. Not because I don’t have more to say, but because I think there is probably a better forum to have this discussion, considering this column is really supposed to be about the publicity and marketing campaign for my debut novel, Substitute Me. If people do want to read… Continue

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Countdown to Publication: Wanted: White Ambassadors to Help Me Cross Over

Hi SheWriters,

Let me just start out by saying, I love White people. Many of my closest friends are White. I have a favorite auntie who is White and my Uncle Harry is White too. And people, even my husband is White. Actually, he’s Spanish, but if you saw him walking down the street, you’d definitely peg him for a White guy. So, believe me when I say, I love White people.

But I’m still in a bind. I am in the unique position of being a Black author who is about to launch her… Continue

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Countdown to Publication: Negative Press

Hi SheWriters,

I just received a Google alert mentioning my last book, Kinky Gazpacho:Life, Love & Spain. I clicked on the link and found an absolutely glowing review of my memoir by a random blogger. She loved my story, loved my writing and even mentioned that she couldn’t wait to read my next book. It was the kind of unexpected review that makes us writers feel like we must be doing something right. But before I could even take the time to bask in the warm, fuzzy… Continue

Added by Lori L. Tharps on July 14, 2010 at 8:14am — 16 Comments

Countdown to Publication: Lights, Camera Action: The Book Trailer

Hi SheWriters,

I believe I am a creative person. I’m a writer after all. I’ve written three books. I dabble in poetry. I have penned a couple of songs for my guitar. Heck, I even took a Zumba class this morning at the gym. But how in the name of holy heaven am I supposed to add filmmaker to my resume in order to create a trailer for my novel?

Just two years ago when my memoir, Kinky Gazpacho came out, nobody told me I had to create a trailer for the book. And that… Continue

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Countdown to Publication: Building the Buzz

Hi SheWriters,

So most of you know that the real reason we spend so much time blogging and tweeting and writing about our books before they even come out is to build the buzz. We’re trying to create this frenzy of desire for our particular book, such that people will feel incomplete unless and until they have a copy of the book in their hot little hands. I kind of liken it to (I’m dating myself) the Cabbage Patch Kid craze of the mid-1980s. That’s the kind of excitement I’d like to… Continue

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Countdown to Publication: My PR To Do List

Hi SheWriters,

Today I promised to present my master plan for publicity for my debut novel, Substitute Me. The book comes out on August 24, which gives me just over two months to lay the groundwork for its arrival. Before I start planning however, I have to wrap my mind around what a book launch really is and what it is not. These are lessons learned from my two previous books. For example:

1. August 24 is the day Substitute Me officially becomes available on store… Continue

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Countdown to Publication: 70 Days & Counting

Hi SheWriters,

My name is Lori L. Tharps and I am so thrilled to be the next Countdown to Publication Columnist. But I’ll be honest, I’m also a wee bit terrified. Why? Because by putting down in print my pre-pub journey, then all of you of you can (and should) hold me accountable for what I promise to do. And I hate looking bad in front of other people. So that means when I talk about hosting an awesome launch party and the book… Continue

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