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Six Months, Give or Take

James and his twin brother John were the best of friends. They weren't identical, James was broader shouldered, taller. John was lithe of limb, his hair lighter. But they were brothers, as close as boys could be.

From their earliest days, they were inseparable. Nobody could understand them as well, share as much compassion and empathy. They were two halves of a coin.

But it was a troubled life they shared. Their father, a barber, was strict and demanding. John…


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Wealth, The Mommy Wars, Some Family History, and the Nature of Parental Stress

My granny is the little girl on the…

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Marijuana as Medicine and Illegal Parenting

What feels like an extremely long time ago, I wrote a post about women's health issues and marijuana.

I didn't write that post because I'm some sort of enormous pot head.  I didn't write it because I had been looking for an excuse to be stoned my whole pregnancy with the girls.  I wrote it because the information I found about cannabis as medicine was utterly fascinating.  And learning…


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And doggone it...

To whom it may concern,

I know this is probably tacky and inappropriate, but I'm having one of those weeks (which, if I gave you the details for, you would sit down and eat this box of caramel filled chocolate covered toffee dusted marshmallows with me- yeah, you read that right).

I'm nominating myself.

Why?  Why would I do that?

Because I'm freakin' awesome, that's why.  Because I have weeks like THIS week, and instead of eating the whole box of…

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In Honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month

At thirteen, I found myself one evening marching in a "Take Back the Night" rally, megaphone in hand and leading a horde of chanting women through the University of Michigan campus.

I've been thinking about that experience a lot the past few days.

This is an unsafe world.  There are so many dangers we can protect ourselves from, and so many we can protect our children from, but not all.  Not nearly all.

That rally was misguided.  The idea was to protest… Continue

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My Husband, The Comedian

M as Thor
My husband M has an unofficial motto.  "He who gets the… Continue

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Amy Chua's Hubris- Where the Tiger Mother Fails

SuperMommy and her Super Sisters as small…

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