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Girl Power: Celebrating Women's History Month

For me, it's about girl power 365 a year and during March my fanaticism- eh, my passion is deemed appropriate. I wanted to put this up earlier but life with a female teen is uh, well, let's say, requires spending less time here.

With the exception of the adult sisters in the first title, the others have girl leads. Some show how girls from different… Continue

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Sweet, Hereafter: A Reader's Response

sweet, hereafter

Angela Johnson

Simon & Schuster


Having read the other titles in the trilogy, I think Sweet, Hereafter is a deft closing. This final installment is about Sweet, a young girl we meet through Marley in Heaven. Sweet is odd; she wears knee high rain boots, isn’t obsessed with ipods or Facebook, drives a truck dubbed Alice and likes feeding ground hogs apple peels. She doesn’t fit in with her perfect, beautiful… Continue

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Honoring Women in History: On Fire For The Revolution

On Fire For The Revolution

Roya and her sister were young college students when the Islamic Revolution swept their country. They had been part of history, rallying alongside their brothers for the overthrow of the Shah. On the day of victory, they took flowers to the Ministry of Justice where they interned. That’s when… Continue

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A Wish After Midnight Release Giveaway!

Amazon Encore launches A Wish After Midnight nationally of February 16th and to celebrate, Color Online is hosting a giveaway. You must enter at the… Continue

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A Mother's Letter To Bloomsbury

Dear Bloomsbury:

It has taken me several days to compose this letter. It took time to stop reeling from your latest whitewashing incident. I was so affected by this abhorrent act that my rage constricted my throat but silence doesn’t serve us. I have given considerable thought to what I want to express here. I want my message to be clear. I’m a woman on a mission. I am a parent who has been stunned by the emotional and psychological assault you have waged on my children. Whitewashing… Continue

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2010 Reading Challenge Update

I realize given the economy I should not complain about my job but it is seriously putting a cramp in my blogging life. The upside is that I ride the bus to work so I am reading. Here's a rundown of what I've read for my challenges. With an any luck, I'll spend the remainder of the weekend writing reviews and other blog posts in advance.…


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Mama Lockdown: Black Literature Beyond the Historical

Minutes ago, yes, minutes. The outcome of the Cybils 2009 shortlist distressed me enough to write about it now. Here's the good news:

From our database: * Total eligible… Continue

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Color Online Holiday Giveaway for teachers and librarians

In my recent CORA Diversity Roll Call post, I shared that I always give my daughters books for Christmas. You all know my commitment to literacy, supporting educators and how strongly I feel about getting books into the hands of readers.…


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Diversity Roll Call: Celebrating the Holidays

Twice a month, we host a meme at Color Online. For the month of December, knowing how busy everyone will be, we’re only going to have one CORA Diversity Roll Call For December. To recognize all holidays celebrated during this time of year, we're asking you to share on one or more of the following:

1) Favorite children holiday books from your childhood

2)… Continue

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Sunday Salon

Community news: We have lots of winners to announce. In order to simplify my life and hopefully to increase your participation, at the end of each month I'll post a single listing of monthly winners. We exist to support writers and that means among other things, reading and reviewing their work. We provide ample opportunity for you to acquire books. If you haven't been participating in our giveaways, the quizzes or memes, I strongly encourage you to do so. Winning is as simple as commenting or… Continue

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Ash: Love, Empowerment and Happiness


Malinda Lo

Little, Brown


A fresh, imaginative retelling of a classic fairy tale, this is how most reviews lead off, but this lead falls short of what a fantastic, modern tale of resilience, growth, loss and love this is. In the classic tale, Cinderella is… Continue

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"Don't Dismiss YA! Top Ten YA Books Written by Women of Color"

Recently I visited a blog that was hosting a reading challenge for 2010. The challenge focuses on a particular ethnic group. When I asked about writers who write YA, the host responded that she preferred writers of the specific ethnic group but not YA authors.

I replied that I was disappointed that Young Adult literature was not welcomed. I view the response as the slight it is. If I’m being oversensitive, I’m not without reason. The host tried to smooth things over, but… Continue

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Color Me Brown Links

Every week you will find Color Me Brown Links. This feature grew out of our Color Me Brown Challenge.

I'm back with more reviews from participants in the… Continue

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Color Online Holiday Greeting Card Exchange

Color Online's Greeting Card Exchange

November 15-December 5th

I was waffling on this idea but today I saw a post and got all sentimental and decided to go with my heart and not my head (which is screaming, "You… Continue

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Making Progress: Supporting Women Writers

You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.

~Shirley Chisholm

The following is my response to Alicia Suskin Ostriker's article regarding Publishers Weekly list.


My surprise comes when I talk to women who when asked who they read and who their favorite authors are, their lists are dominated… Continue

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Morality And Young Adult Literature

The following is my response to Lea's article on the main page. I was able to edit my off-the-cuff post here though that doesn't mean this piece is error-free.

Let me open by saying I'm a vocal, very active literacy advocate and I focus on YA literature. I founded and ran a real life group for teens as well as built a library collection and ran the library for years so when I speak… Continue

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