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So I Robbed A Few Banks-- memoir excerpt

With Shelley out of the way, it might be possible for me to pick up a friend or two. I had gained some celebrity at our High School through osmosis because she was the main drug supplier.  But when word got out that she had been shot up full of Thorozine and shuffled off to eat mashed…

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Broke at the Gate

“The past is never dead. It’s not even Past”  Faulkner
Life was never very good and neither was I.
I will never feel safe. You can’t when your biggest fear is losing your mind. Instead you mimic behavior of people that seem fearless, successful and…

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Why I can’t stop watching The Help--Mrs. Lipsky 12/11

I’m 10, have 5 siblings, an absent mother that yanked us out of our predictable home and away from my father whom I adored.  However, she did not.  At 28, with 6 kids, all she could understand was how she was robbed of her youth. She did not want to go…


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Boil the Playboy Bunny Suits...


It’s impossible to not notice all the signs, billboards and ads for the upcoming show featuring Playboy Bunnies. This has caused me a great deal of stress, not just because it seems the entire world is going backwards, but because it dredges up memories I really would rather forget.

Walking to my local village yesterday, there it was, the shiny bus ad, with scantily clad girls wearing onesies, bunny ears and poofy rear-end tales, smiling like it was fun being pawed by…


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"Imagination is more important than knowledge" Einstein




When I was eight-years-old, my young mother handed me a slip of paper with an Einstein quote, “He who joyfully marches to music rank and file, has already earned by contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice.”


Why she gave this to me and not her other 5 children remains unclear. Perhaps she saw in me my disillusionment with the rat a tat, airless echo of school, the Catholic Church, the…


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Bridesmaids Revisited-Truth Revealed


Mirror-mirror on the wall, who is the phoniest of them all.


I never dreamed of being a bride, never gave it any thought at all frankly. Maybe because my mother told me when I was seven that marriage sucks and so do men.

After seeing the movie Bridesmaids, I was inspired to share my own experience.




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Hide Your Bunnies!!!!



I have the greatest kids...my little 8-year old twin Things. For mother's day, they bring flowers, cards, paintings, all this stuff, but I know partially this has to do with my allowing (okay I was ambushed) into letting them get a floppy eared rabbit; which explains the Rube Goldberg contraption their dad has been building in the yard.


Bunny: Fudge, is adorable. Even more so when right side up.



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For Poet Month.....

These were published by my surprise last week in LA Examiner...



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20 Years if More Hard Labor!

When in doubt, or I should say riding some kind of mini-breakdown, I call my semi-alcoholic mother.  Over the years I have figured out perfect timing before she goes in for the kill--"utter disappointment" is her nickname for me after say, 5 minutes on the phone. But until that point I find a kind of comfort, the imaginary mommy/cookies kind. Not that she was ever that person.

Despite my 15 years of wanting to live in a lovely white house on the beach, instead I have lived those… Continue

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Breaking Bad to Shucking Corn


My birthdays are never typically. And never planned; or I should say if there was a “said” plan it goes awry so what is the point.

To start things off this year, I had the great pleasure of meeting one of the most talented actors working today and who also stars on my favorite show Breaking Bad. Genius level talent- check, charming- check, incredibly kind and gracious-check, handsome-check. I could go on but I might come off looking odd. Oh wait. I forgot, someone told me…


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7 Year Old Outwits Tooth Fairy


I need to start out by saying I had no idea my husband kept a Blair Witch cigar box in a secret desk drawer in his office. In this empty cigar box, where one might find say, actual cigars, or old-school, something like pencils, his has various remnants of the Things. For example, Thing One and Thing Two have now lost a number of baby teeth. (They are 7.) Not only are they in the box, but tucked inside baggies, dated and named per which Thing. There was also a baggie of blonde hair.…


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Tiger Mom Bitchslap!

I've by now heard all this silly controversy over Amy Chau's book Tiger Mom, or whatever it's called.  I happened to be at Yale for a book signing so thought I would go meet this woman.  I was wearing one of my typical but awesome outfits; straight tight jeans, a very hard to find, but perfect fitting white T, high, black boots, and a black leather jacket.



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A Life Hangs in Balance

When young girls grow up without a father, they are prey. Men sense this. At 13 I was acutely aware of this and always on guard. My sister, Shelley, 14, was not. My intuition by this point had become strong, my guide, something Shelley had not developed, a way to stay in the dark. Since my mother was never home, working, putting herself through school, neglecting her 2 other younger girls, I felt it my duty to be in charge, to protect this fractured family.

Shelley was already a drug… Continue

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My Lesbian Radar Has Always Malfunctioned...

All of my life, for whatever reason, I have attracted lesbians. Men too, but often I didn’t notice or care. Until I did. But I am not writing that story. So, as early as 20, my first lesbian, Patty, entered my life at our workplace, a company I started with just after college graduation. I had no clue her sexual preference and never thought about it, but I adored her and we became great friends and in fact, still are. She had a “roommate” and I assumed that is exactly what she was, despite the… Continue

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Where is My Deployment Shoot?

I have never understood why parenting isn’t in the “let-me-dump-on-you-service business” category. Certainly parents reach the end the their rope, put up with insults, rude behavior, monumental stress, disrespect, back talk, humiliation, a complete lack of appreciation for the non-stop hours that goes into parenting, constant demands, being taken for granted, as in “you’re the mom and I can treat you anyway I want. It’s not MY fault you had me.”

Parenting is a customer service job,… Continue

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Flattery Will Get You Everywhere And Me Nowhere....

Anatomy of a Pitch That Never Happened

Though no stranger to writing books, short stories, or screenplays, I not yet written a half hour comedy for TV and had an idea that seemed to only lend itself to this venue.

I asked an agent friend for a decent half hour so I could look at the format, 5 days later I had my own.

I gave it to her; she loved it and wanted to “take it out.” But first she needed to attach some strong TV elements since I had no TV… Continue

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Love is a Barrel of Apples 8/2010

I happened across an article the other day that really blew me away, mostly because it got published. It was a mother’s musings on this incredible epiphany she had and is now at complete and utter peace raising her ONE child. First, she was stoned, but let’s not nitpick.

“After I had my child, I was so overwhelmed I had to seek out a spiritual counselor.” Okay, this is where I had to continue because I am already howling. She continues, “It was soooooo hard and overwhelming. I was at wits… Continue

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Surpassed by my 7-year olds....

(I can't seem to add pictures, which is relevant to this story, so I attached link where they are. Thanks!)



I have never claimed to be an artist, that is, drawing, painting, sculpting and so on. Though I grew up surrounded by oils, turpentine's, canvases,… Continue

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