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Emotionally Needy Friends: Where Do You Draw the Line?

Friendship is one of life’s greatest gifts. It is a fulfilling relationship that is shared by two people who care about each other, trust each other, and want only the best for each other. A good friendship is honest, loyal, and truthful; good friends understand and accept each other in ways no one else can.  

A healthy friendship feels good to both parties. It is positive, supportive, and…


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Thanksgiving: A Time to Be Grateful

With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, I find myself reflecting on all I have to be grateful for; I have much to acknowledge.

Each day I open my eyes to the morning light, look out into my lovely bedroom, and am reminded of how far I have come in…


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Mother Fights System, Saves At Risk Children

In my March 17, 2011 article, Synchronicity: Life’s Amazing Signs and Meanings I discuss the common expression, “There are no coincidences.” “Coincidental” experiences happen to us more frequently than we…


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Life After Death: Where Do We Go From Here?

Transcript Excerpt from the  September 22, 2011 episode of my radio show, A Fine Time for Healing 

Death is one of the greatest mysteries of life.  Haven’t we all thought about what…


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Moment to Moment

We steal if we touch tomorrow. It is God's. ~ Henry Ward Beecher

Life is a journey, a path we take to self discovery and higher learning.  Our dreams, wishes, and goals place us on this path and keep us moving forward.  Everyone…


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Little Child

Little child I've dreamed of you coming to this world.

A part of me I've left reserved for that darling boy or girl.

It's never even mattered just who and what you are,

For you and I have lived before on a distant star.


A place removed by time and space, the heavens…


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Therapy is Best When Self Help and Mind Over Matter Techniques Fail


Self-improvement advice on virtually any topic that interests us, written from endless points of views, is right at our fingertips. Most of the articles I write are of this genre, often with a New Age slant. Websites like…


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What I Know To Be True On This Birthday 2011

I started a Love Your Life tradition last year on my birthday with a list of What I Know to Be True on This Birthday.  This being my 2011 birthday week, I have written a new list of twenty “What I Know to Be…


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Healing the Emotional Pain of a Broken Heart

An excerpt from A Fine Time for Healing upcoming Aug. 25,2011 show, “ How to Heal a Broken Heart: Life After a Breakup

If you’ve ever been in love, chances are that you have suffered the devastating feelings of at least one relationship break up.  Immediately…


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Relationship Codependency: Everything You Need to Know

Excerpted from the  April 21,2011 episode of my radio show, A Fine Time for Healing 

Roughly 100 million Americans suffer the effects of codependency today. Relationship codependency is often referred to as the “White Knight” syndrome, because the codependent tends…


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Spirituality: The True Essence of Our Being

This article is excerpted from my blog talk radio show, A Fine Time for Healing,  April 30, 2011 episode: Faith and Spirituality: The Foundation of a Fulfilling…


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Shine Your Spiritual Light to Overpower the Darkness of Others

As I discuss many times in my memoir, Fine…ly, I’ve been a creep-magnet far too often in my life.  I share a lot of stories in regard to this odd phenomenon in my book, but I couldn’t possibly share them all or my book would have lost its focus. There have been several…


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What is Our Purpose In Life

Do you remember being a child and asking your teacher or parent why you had to learn something that you’d never use in life? 

A child’s world is small; their limited perspective is based on the quality of love they receive, what their senses tell them, and what they have experienced in their young life. Busy playing, experimenting with interpersonal relationships, and discovering how the world…


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How to Get What You Want

Excerpted from 5/31/11 Blog Radio Talk Show A Fine Time for Healing ,  How to Attract What You Want in Life: Gratitude and Abundance

We cannot possibly realize the immense power that comes from our thoughts. What we focus…


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Nothing Personal


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Laugh at Yourself, Laugh at Life

Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can; all of them make me laugh ~ W. H. Auden  

A few days ago I went to visit my ex-mother-in-law,…


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Just Call Me Boobs – Chapter Nine


Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself. ~ Harvey S. Firestone

My first…


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The Memoir Whisperer: Voices From Beyond

One would think that by the time we reach our fifties, our abilities and hidden talents would have already…


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Picking Up Good Vibrations

The attraction we have to other people is often felt immediately upon meeting them.  Think about the people you know or have met in your life who seem to naturally draw people to them with an unexplainable magnetism.  These people give off a vibe that makes us feel, comfortable, happy, and energized in…


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Unspoken Words of Every Child

Many of us, myself included, have suffered through difficult childhoods.  It is with greater clarity that we are able to evaluate our past from an adult perspective.  Though we may be cognizant of the root of our pain, our childhood experiences were tightly woven into the cloth that made us who we are today; they are imbedded in the…


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