The most challenging part about writing – especially for aspiring writers – is simply finding the time to do so. For those with an exhausting daily grind, the key to carving out those precious creative hours is scoping out the out of the ordinary times to do it. Here are five brilliantly creative ways to find more time to write – and trust us, you’ll want to add these to your schedule.


Make it a Date

Usually us writers view writing time as a luxury, not as a necessary daily activity. The greatest way to make that time often escapes our imaginations – make it a date.  We have date nights for our partners, family time with the kids and even carve out monthly dates for our in-laws – so why don’t create a few windows per month that you dedicate soley to writing? Use those dates and create the perfect writing setting of your dreams. Like a fall-scented candle. Brew coffee. Turn on any music that gets your creative juices flowing and make your writing time an occasion.


Disconnect Entirely

One of the most common reasons writers can’t find time to write is simply because when they do have the time, they get distracted. Set aside a couple hours in the day where you disconnect from your computers, phones, tablets and even turn off your WiFi. When you don’t have the constant need to be a slave to social media and emails, you’ll be surprised how much time you have to write.


Let Your Emotions be the Clock

When you’re feeling happy and joyful, it isn’t exactly easy to write out the more dramatic and emotionally heavy parts to your prose. Channel those inevitable moments of frustration and sadness that happen during day-to-day into the more riveting, thrilling or powerful parts of your book. If you’re feeling elated and bursting with happiness, channel that into writing your more jovial chapters. Let your emotions carve out the time to write when you simply can’t.


Trade in Wasteful Habits for Writing Time

One of the worst habits writers have is surrounding themselves with pop culture distractions – whether it’s watching the Bachelor s or a bit too much time spent on that Sudoku puzzle, is that really worth more than creating the book of your dreams? Analyze the forms of entertainment in your life and cut back where it’s not directly contributing to your dreams and quality of life.


Go on a Writer’s Retreat

One of the best ways to jumpstart into a healthy writing routine is to set the creative reset button at a writer’s retreat. Not only will being surrounding by like-minded wordsmiths inspire you to reach your dreams, the time spent developing healthy and productive writing habits will become addictive. From Hemingway’s Paris to a rural retreat in Bali, there is a writer’s retreat with your name on it. Treat yourself.


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Comment by Melissa Gween Meek on March 21, 2017 at 3:06am

Distractions are huge and once they are streamlined, so much opens up....


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