Your author page on Amazon is a prime opportunity to sell yourself to a new potential reader, induce them to indulge in your book or enlighten a potential new publisher to exactly who you are – so you best make it as enticing as possible. In a literary sea of life stories and a superfluous universe of author platforms, being the stand out author isn’t always an easy feat, but She Writes is on your side. Here are five quick ways to improve your Amazon author page so every reader has you mentally bookmarked.  

Be Inspired

There is nothing criminal about being inspired by other author pages. Digest the pages of several of your favorite authors and note what you admired and what you didn’t. Gravitate toward the areas that wowed you and allow that inspiration to fuel your own author page.

Complete Book Listings

Be sure to list all your current published works with full details – editorial reviews, fantastic blurbs, high-res book covers, celebrity endorsements, complete synopsis and any extraordinary extras. Your Amazon author page should be the full scope of your writing career and paint the full, vivacious and no-detail-left-behind literary picture of your artistic style.

Lead Your Bio With Your Greatest Accomplishment

Obviously we’re not all #1 New York Times bestselling authors (or at least not yet), but pinpoint the writing accomplishment you brag about most to your mom and lead with it. Whether it’s your most blush-inducing literary award or graduating with an MFA from your dream school, shout it from the rooftop of your Amazon author page.

Remove The Fluff From Your Bio

With shouting your achievements from the rooftop there comes a second rule: don’t overdue it. There is no need to detail every last literary achievement on your belt. Stick to the greatest golden trophies on your shelf and artfully showcase it without going overboard – be assured that you’re accomplished without justifying it ad naseum.

Make Your Bio a Touch Relatable

Detail those golden trophies but don’t stop there – people remember authors when you’re authentic, not another run-of-the-mill author with an MFA living in a coastal destination with their two golen retreivers. While that’s amazing and admittedly a great aspiration, go beyond basic.

Brand and Socialize Yourself

You aren’t just an author. Chances are you have some other noteworthy professional endeavour on the side or irresistible social platforms which set you apart from your peers. Perhaps you are a Twitter expert, star blogger or the creative genius behind a hot new podcast series. Whatever it is, mention it and link your Amazon author page to all your social channels.

Induce Curiosity and Action

After reading your bio, your potential new reader should do one of three things: buy your book, follow your Amazon author page or go to your social platforms to learn more. Create your Amazon author page with the goal of capturing the imagination of a precious new reader and converting that interest into action.

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